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Ticket Summary Owner Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#3235 admin area update puts a subscription on a revision post (RC7) johnjamesjacoby API - Engagements high normal 2.6 defect 06/20/2019
#3260 Incompatibility between notifications with lots of bcc headers and third-party email services API - Subscriptions high normal 2.6 defect 08/01/2019
#3251 Minus/hyphen character incorrectly escaped in display name, topic & forum titles johnjamesjacoby API - Subscriptions normal normal 2.6 defect 02/09/2019
#3249 User IDs filter to be notified should pass the reply ID ad the topic ID johnjamesjacoby API - Subscriptions normal normal 2.6 enhancement 09/11/2019
#3223 Update screenshots Appearance normal normal 2.5.15 enhancement 10/14/2018
#3255 Wrong constant used for loading scripts and styles johnjamesjacoby Appearance - Theme Compatibility normal normal 2.6 defect reporter-feedback 05/01/2019
#2646 TinyMce Reply Issue Component - Replies normal normal defect 08/30/2018
#3246 Unapproved stickies still listed in forums johnjamesjacoby Component - Topics high minor 2.6 defect 09/11/2019
#3244 Upgrade UI/Flow for large installs General - Administration high normal 2.6 defect commit 01/29/2019
#2649 Repair tools should also repair/recount sub forum count meta Tools normal major defect 08/10/2019
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