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The next release after the current release. Features and dates are an estimate and subject to change.

  • bbPress for comments (johnjamesjacoby)
  • Performance improvements (johnjamesjacoby)

The next release after the next release. Features are still TBD.

This is the home for new tickets which have not yet been reviewed.

  • Once reviewed, tickets will be placed in an appropriate milestone for resolution.
  • This milestone will always be nearly empty, as the bbPress team likes to keep things tightly scoped.
  • For more information on the life of a ticket please read Reporting Bugs

Anything in the Future Release milestone is up for grabs.

This mainly consists of patchless things that are not scheduled for the next release.



For the 1.x branch of code.

Anything in the Future Release (Legacy) milestone is up for grabs and has a low priority.

A neverending milestone to act as a container for issues with the site rather than the bbPress software.

All tickets in this milestone should have the component set as well, except for importers (in the plugins repository) and previously bundled themes (in the themes repository), which should be in the Import and Themes components, respectively.

Note: See TracRoadmap for help on using the roadmap.