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[6915] johnjamesjacoby Stickies: make sure unapproved topics are unstuck also. This commit removes a hard coded call to `bbp_unstick_topic()` and hooks into the neighboring `bbp_stick_topic` action, while also hooking into the `bbp_unapprove_topic` action. A small bit of code clean-up and inline documentation additions accompany this commit, to improve a bit of the surrounding relevant code. Fixes #3246.
[6914] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: always show user avatars in subscription/favorite metaboxes. This commit introduces a helper function (to reduce code duplication) responsible for looping through queried users and outputting avatars and profile links. A developers note is included in the function docs discouraging third-party plugin developers from using it, as future iterations of bbPress may modify its output without notice. Fixes #3272.
[6913] johnjamesjacoby Admin: Correctly register scripts & styles before enqueing them. This commit moves style/script registration to dedicated admin-area actions, separating them from their relative enqueing actions. It also deprecates the singular (incorrectly named) "bbp_register_admin_style" action and replaces it with the correctly named plural "bbp_register_admin_styles".
[6912] netweb Styling: Updade styles and stylelint config per latest coding standards
[6911] johnjamesjacoby Bump dev dependencies.
[6910] johnjamesjacoby Appearance: Use right-to-left suffix in default template pack. Fixes #3263. Props GDragoN.
[6909] johnjamesjacoby Tools/Repair: add missing `MAX()` in `bbp_admin_repair_freshness()`. This commit allows the freshness repair tool to correctly query for the maximum topic ID. Fixes #3261. Props GDragoN. For 2.5.x.
[6908] johnjamesjacoby Tools/Repair: add missing `MAX()` in `bbp_admin_repair_freshness()`. This commit allows the freshness repair tool to correctly query for the maximum topic ID. Fixes #3261. Props GDragoN. For 2.6 (trunk.)
[6907] netweb Coding Standards: Add missing trailing semi-colon from [6893]
[6906] johnjamesjacoby Tools/Repair: add missing apostrophe in `bbp_admin_repair_user_favorites()`. This commit allows the favorites repair tool to correctly query for chunked results. Fixes #3259. Props GDragoN. For 2.5.x.
[6905] johnjamesjacoby Tools/Repair: add missing apostrophe in `bbp_admin_repair_user_favorites()`. This commit allows the favorites repair tool to correctly query for chunked results. See #3259. Props GDragoN. For 2.6/trunk.
[6904] johnjamesjacoby Subscriptions: ensure special characters in author names are encoded properly. This commit copies the approach used on the content, and applies `wp_specialchars_decode()` and `strip_tags()` to author names in subscription emails. (HTML tags are not usually allowed in usernames, but we strip them anyways in the event a filter allowed them. Better to keep emails legible than include unintended tags?) Fixes #3256.
[6903] johnjamesjacoby Search: add support for `fs` query-arg to search forums list: * Introduces `bbp_sanitize_search_request()` to encapsulate duplicate code across forums/topics/replies * Introduces `bbp_get_search_type_ids()` to stub out future enhancements (tags, users, etc...) * Use these new functions where intended * Update `bbp_get_search_terms()` to loop through known search-type IDs This commit also fixes debug notices that would happen when these query arguments were not explicitly strings. Fixes #3245.
[6902] johnjamesjacoby Locale: update post type labels to include recent additions to WordPress. This commit adds several new label keys to the arrays for the Forum/Topic/Reply post types. It also removes some duplicated keys that have slipped in over time. Props GDragoN. Fixes #3250.
[6901] johnjamesjacoby Upgrades: add `empty()` checks to untrusted variable values to avoid debug notices. This change ensures that menu manipulations are not attempted via admin-area requests where they are not necessary (AJAX, shortinit, etc...) and fixes debug notices under those circumstances.
[6900] netweb Docs: Correct descriptions for various admin settings.
[6899] SergeyBiryukov Docs: Correct description for `_bbp_topics_per_page` setting.
[6898] johnjamesjacoby Subscriptions: do not send subscription emails during WordPress imports. This change adds checks to the `WP_IMPORTING` global constant inside of forum & topic subscription notification functions, to prevent sending emails during the import process. Because hooks still fire during imports, this sanity check avoids a potentially hugely annoying situation for users during forum migrations by any import tool that obeys the use of this core constant. Fixes #3248. Props danielbachhuber.
[6897] johnjamesjacoby Upgrades: append upgrade count to "Tools" if there are pending upgrades * Add function and method to tweak the `$menu` global * Add styling for count in `nav-tab-wrapper` UI This change adds a `span.awaiting-mod` wrapper around the pending upgrade count in a few strategic locations around the WordPress Admin UI. See #3244.
[6896] johnjamesjacoby Upgrades: change skipped upgrades to pending upgrade * Add functions for managing pending upgrades * Use IDs instead of strings for active tools tab * Add classes and `hr` for related H1's * Update registered option key name * Add skipped upgrades to pending upgrades array * Add `span` to allowed tags in notices These changes are necessary to bring adimn pages up to speed with WordPress Admin UI mark-up, in relation to the database upgrade notice. See #3244.
[6895] johnjamesjacoby Upgrades: add "Version" column to upgrades list table. See #3244.
[6894] johnjamesjacoby Upgrades: add support for "Version" filter & links in list table. * Adds functions for outputting in a table row and select dropdown * Adds a function to allow special translating of version numbers * Adds numerous improvements for PHP 7.3 compat * Adds escaping and formatting in several places where it was previously omitted * Adds `—` to empty columns * Adds functions for getting the current page ID See #3244.
[6893] johnjamesjacoby Upgrades: add column width styling to tools list tables. This ensures that columns are usually wide enough to fit their anticipated contents. See #3244.
[6892] johnjamesjacoby Upgrades: add `version` and update strings to repair tools. This change adds a version property to the relevant upgrades, and removes some redundant information from each description. See #3244.
[6891] johnjamesjacoby Upgrades: remove duplicate `wp_cache_flush()` call. From `bbp_admin_repair_reply_menu_order()`, since repair tools flush the caches anyways, this is not necessary here. Found during work on #3244.
[6890] johnjamesjacoby Upgrades: add support for `version` key in repair tool registration. This will get used by individual tools, to provide a UI for routines that need to be run between version upgrades. See #3244.
[6889] johnjamesjacoby Rewrites: use `property_exists()` on `$wp_rewrite` global touches. This makes sure that bbPress defaults are preferred, and avoids fatal errors if class properties are unset. Also relocate `bbp_use_pretty_urls()` to better group it together with other `bbp_rewrite()` wrappers.
[6888] johnjamesjacoby Parser: revert error control operator change from r6887. See also r6633 for original change.
[6887] johnjamesjacoby Parser: Fix PHP 7.3 warning ("continue" in "switch" is equal to "break") Fixes #3242.
[6886] johnjamesjacoby Subscriptions: Do not add or remove subscriptions when editing via WordPress admin. This change passes the current post ID through to `bbp_is_user_subscribed()`, ensuring that admin area subscriptions are saved to the correct topic ID (not revisions, etc...) while also not changing the subscriptions status. Fixes #3235.
[6885] johnjamesjacoby Formatting: update `bbp_make_clickable()` to better handle spaces in `href` attributes. This change updates the included regular expression to avoid returning broken (or at least unexpected) HTML and allows spaces in `href` attributes to be encoded as expected. Props dd32. Fixes #3237.
[6884] johnjamesjacoby Topic Tags: remove extraneous `span` tag from topic-tag titles when theme-compat is employed. This change removes a `span` tag that was originally required before support for topic-tag-edit templates was added. Props mechter. Fixes #3236.
[6883] johnjamesjacoby Styling: Remove unused `row-actions` CSS. This used to be necessary for BuddyPress theme compatibility, but is no longer. See #3238, for trunk (2.6)
[6882] johnjamesjacoby Tools: update npm package dependencies.
[6881] johnjamesjacoby Titles: add comment about `8bit` mode usage of `mb_strlen()` to provide extra context. (After looking at this again, I wasn't confident it was correct. It seems to be, given how it's being used.) See #3189.
[6880] johnjamesjacoby Subscriptions: replace hard-coded, single-use strings with `no-forums` template part.
[6879] johnjamesjacoby Tag 2.6 RC 7.
[6878] johnjamesjacoby Bump trunk to 2.6-rc7.
[6877] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: demystify strategy sanitization. This change ensures that invalid/unavailable strategies are never used, and also allows for custom strategies to exist (custom table, etc...) without requiring strategy registration. See #3211.
[6876] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: next pass at back-compat for pre-2.6 `user` strategy. * Renames `BBP_User_Engagements_Back_Compat` to `BBP_User_Engagements_User` so the approach is more clear. * Fill in `get_query()` method, left todo from r6844. * Move active strategy into a preloaded option, default to `meta` * Set active strategy to `user` on failed auto-upgrade to 2.6 to maintain backwards compatibility * Introduces sub-actions to assist with abstracting the engagement strategy setup Fixes #3211.
[6875] johnjamesjacoby Forums: protect against a missing/malformed `forum_id` value when listing subforums. Fixes #3232.
[6874] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: allow "trusted" users to bypass spam `post_status` enforcement. * Adds `bbp_bypass_check_for_spam` filter ahead of the HTTP request * Adds `bbp_bypass_spam_enforcement` filter ahead of `post_status` switch * Adds `current_user_can( 'moderate' )` check to bypass spam enforcement * Adds `parse_response()` method to `BBP_Akismet` class for future abstraction This allows for 2 different ways to short-circuit Akismet: * Before the HTTP request happens * After the HTTP request, but before the status change bbPress will now trust users that pass the `moderator` capability check (including per-forum moderators) even if Akismet thinks the content is spammy. The Akismet history will still reflect the catch; the status will just not be enforced. This addresses issues we've seen on,, and, where trusted moderator posts would be caught in the spam queue, even when they have privileges to enter the queue and unspam their own posts. Fixes #2917. Props tharsheblows for the original patch!
[6873] netweb Styling: Use double quotes Fixes #3228. Props jrf.
[6872] johnjamesjacoby Forums: revert part of r6860. Go back to `ul` and `li` to avoid breaking CSS for existing installs, and use a CSS separator instead to address the original invalid markup issues. This might show an extra separator in circumstances where filters or template-overrides are targeting very specific things, but that's better than breaking mark-up changes. See #3217.
[6871] johnjamesjacoby AJAX: always use `defined()` before setting an environmental constant. This avoids a notice/warning if something has already set the the `DOING_AJAX` constant.
[6870] johnjamesjacoby Update function docs for functions introduced in r6869.
[6869] johnjamesjacoby Edit Locking Improvements: * Refactor to avoid doing unnecessary computations * Invert default return value from false to true, requiring time to pass validation as opposed to assuming * Improve obviousness of math computations for easier debuggability * Update variables passed into the end return filter * Add 6 unit tests for before/on/after, plus support for "0" as infinite * Fix bug causing "0" values to return the opposite value * Ensure only gmt/utc values are compared * Add optional flag to use WordPress time instead * Improve inline and function documentation Fixes #3222. Props wpdennis.
[6868] johnjamesjacoby Accessibility: Avoid back-to-back author links. This change ensures that avatar and display-name links are wrapped in a shared anchor, instead of each with their own. Includes a few test changes to better suit our intentions of verifying valid & accessible HTML output. Fixes #3220. Props dcavins.
[6867] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: send sanitized string values for referer and user-agent. Avoids issues with huge/invalid strings. and ensures that `_wp_http_referer` is used.
[6866] johnjamesjacoby General: unslash IP and user agent strings. These are only used in ways where slashed values are undesirable.
[6865] johnjamesjacoby Templates: call `bbp_get_post_types()` when parsing query args and setting template args. Fixes #3221. Props scmsteve.
[6864] johnjamesjacoby General: update `bbp_get_post_types()` to accept arguments to parse before calling `get_post_types()`. This avoids other manual calls to `get_post_types()` in other places. See #3221.
[6863] johnjamesjacoby Login: Updates to `bbp_logout_url()`: * Removes Apache-only `REDIRECT_URL` usage * Defaults to the Referer (for smart redirects) * Adds a filter to the redirect_to string * Validates the redirect_to after being filtered * Falls back to `bbp_get_root_url()` if invalid * Ensures that custom `$redirect_to` values are preserved Fixes #2188.
[6862] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compat: introduce `bbp_locate_enqueueable()` and `bbp_urlize_enqueueable()`. These functions are used to help make locating enqueueable assets easier, and use `bbp_locate_template()` interntally, now accepting an array of files. In addition, `bbp_locate_enqueueable()` also internally juggles minimized file variations, and stacks them according to the `SCRIPT_DEBUG` constant. This ensures that both minimized and unminimized file variants are in the array in the preferred order. This fixes a regression between bbPress 2.5 and 2.6 caused by the bundling of minimized assets in theme compatibility, and ensures that sites with their own `bbpress.css` files in their own locations will continue to get loaded, regardless of the `SCRIPT_DEBUG` setting. Fixes #3218.
[6861] johnjamesjacoby Formatting: update `bbp_get_time_since()` to accept MySQL formatted string in older & newer dates. Also cast values to int using `intval()` to ensure math always works, without notices or errors. This change adds a bit more validation on potentially untrusted values. See #3216.
[6860] johnjamesjacoby Forums: revert default mark-up back to div's and span's in `bbp_list_forums()`. This fixes potentially invalid mark-up from attempting to use list elements instead of spans. Also includes changes to CSS selectors to make them more flexible with different child elements. See #3217.
[6859] johnjamesjacoby Tests: Remove unused variables from a few tests.
[6858] johnjamesjacoby Moderation: add author-specific keymaster & moderation checks. This fixes a regression where Moderators were allowed to skip strict moderation rules. Moderators are held to the same standard that regular users in the forums are. See #3215.
[6857] johnjamesjacoby Moderation: allow custom keys to be passed in via the `$strict` parameter. See #3215.
[6856] johnjamesjacoby Docs: fix typo, and update function reference for `_blacklist()` deprecation. See r6855, #3215.
[6855] johnjamesjacoby Moderation: remove references to blacklist/whitelist verbiage. This change combines 2 functions into 1, merging `_blacklist()` checks into `_moderation()` checks. A new `$strict` parameter is added, when set to `true` will continue to check against the WordPress `blacklist_keys` option name. * Tests updated * `bbp_check_for_blacklist()` deprecated * Error response keys renamed (non breaking - nothing relies on them) * Some docs updates Fixes #3215. For 2.6.
[6854] johnjamesjacoby Revert r6853. This breaks pages with matching slug paths. Will revisit this more thoroughly in a future version.
[6853] johnjamesjacoby Permalinks: merge root-slug usage into whichever is shown on root. This change removes the double-archive juggle of having both forums and topics available as archives at the same time, which is traditionally not desirable.
[6852] johnjamesjacoby Admin: rearrange admin sub-action registrations. Also fix a bug causing `custom_menu_order` to not be filtered, resulting in hidden admin menus for some users.
[6851] johnjamesjacoby Tools: bump package-lock.json.
[6850] johnjamesjacoby Post Types: replace literal post type strings with functional wrappers. This fills in a few gaps where filtered post type names would not be used.
[6849] johnjamesjacoby Tests: revert accidental test group change from r6848. (I need unit tests probably more than most, but this is neither the time nor the place for that.)
[6848] johnjamesjacoby Tests: get all post type/status counts using `bbp_get_child_counts()`. * Fix a broken test, and improve a few others * Update several `count()` instances that were doing expensive `_ids()` counts * Strategically bust the `bbpress_posts` query cache group on updates This change improves general performance and count reliability by ensuring the accuracy of forum/topic/reply relationship totals.
[6847] johnjamesjacoby Tests: unset meta data from `$args` in factories. This just keeps the arrays a bit more clean, and makes it clear these keys are not used.
[6846] johnjamesjacoby Tests: use correct post type and factory in `test_bbp_clean_post_cache()`.
[6845] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: use `$reply_id` instead of `$topic_id` so `bbp_get_reply_url()` works correctly. This change ensures that notification links go directly to the reply, not the topic, and not a 404. Fixes #3213. See #3214.
[6844] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: first pass at back-compat for pre-2.6 subscriptions and favorites Introduces a `BBP_User_Engagements_Back_Compat` class with the necessary inverted methods to add/remove engagement relationships. Needs testing, and `get_query()` left todo. See #3211.
[6843] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: documentation improvements to various strategy classes. See #3211.
[6842] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: move common classes out of abstraction.php. See #3211.
[6841] johnjamesjacoby Users: use returning variant of anonymous data functions (instead of echo'ing) This change makes sure that anonymous user data (name & url) is not prematurely put out to the page when a topic or reply was authored by an anonymous user. (See r6741 where email was similarly corrected.) Props wpdennis. Fixes #3212.
[6840] netweb Build Tools: Add a `.npmrc` file, and move `node-sass` to `devDependencies` The `.npmrc` file configures NPM to save exact versions
[6839] johnjamesjacoby General: Bump to RC6, and related unimpactful changes * Docs & whitespace * Update packages * Update stable tag * Add changelog section for 2.6 (TBD)
[6838] johnjamesjacoby Anonymous: Don't use `esc_html__()` in combination with HTML tags. Props wpdennis. Fixes #3210.
[6837] johnjamesjacoby Forms: include forum/topic ID in nonce checks. This change adds in missing object IDs, fixing a bug causing form content to be lost when an error had occurred. Props wpdennis. Fixes #3209.
[6836] netweb BuddyPress: Add a `for` attribute to the new forum form label improving accessibility Props mercime. Fixes #3208.
[6835] johnjamesjacoby Login: Do not prematurely escape `$redirect_to` in `bbp_logout_url()`. This change fixes a bug causing the redirect URL to be escaped before it's encoded. Props nevis2us. Fixes #3199.
[6834] johnjamesjacoby Converter: UX improvements to import experience: * Move Monitor to upper-right * Move actions into Monitor * Make database fields read-only when importer is running * Add a spinner See #3207 for inspiration.
[6833] johnjamesjacoby Converter: Remove unused argument in `clean()` method usage. See #3207.
[6832] johnjamesjacoby Converter: make a few `private` properties `protected` so subclasses can reach them. This change fixes a bug causing the e107v1 converter to fail. Props wpdennis. Fixes #3207.
[6831] johnjamesjacoby Build: update various out-of-date packages.
[6830] johnjamesjacoby Subscriptions: simplify edit logic for getting `checked()` value. Props wpdennis. See #3206.
[6829] johnjamesjacoby Subscriptions: cast function results to `(int)` so strict comparisons pass. This change fixes a bug where subscription checkboxes and UI elements could show/use incorrect values. Props wpdennis. Fixes #3206.
[6828] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: enforce `absint()` on function parameters in engagements API. Also fixes a bug causing an `array_search()` to erroneously fail. See #3206.
[6827] johnjamesjacoby Counts: Introduce a cacheable parent/type/status wrapper, filter helpers. This change introduces a common query function for totalling up all counts by type & status, and caching the results for later usages. By doing this, we can avoid running multiple queries for the same public or non-public counts. Also uses `bbp_number_not_negative()` in a few places where negative counts are never allowed.
[6826] johnjamesjacoby Replies: use existing `reply_to` value if none is passed. This change fixes a bug that would cause the reply hierarchy to be broken when non-moderator users would edit their existing replies within the allotted editing period. Props wpdennis. Fixes #3205.
[6825] xknown Define the `BB_URI_CONTEXT_BB_INSTALLER` constant to avoid PHP warnings.
[6824] johnjamesjacoby Search: update `bbp_get_search_terms()` to only accept a string. This change prevents non-string payloads from being encoded & trimmed.
[6823] johnjamesjacoby Activation: avoid creating initial content more than once. This change adds an `_bbp_flag_initial_content` option key to check against, to avoid creating the starter content more than one time. It also stores `bbp_get_default_options()` in a local static variable to avoid recreating the same array multiple times. Because of the way plugin activation and site creation work, `is_multisite()` checks are used to avoid fatal errors.
[6822] johnjamesjacoby Template: add `is_multisite()` check to `bbp_is_site_public()`. This change avoids a potential fatal error if this core function is used directly.
[6821] johnjamesjacoby Help: Update Forums & Topics help text. * Tweak action order * Grammar improvements * Add "Close" action to forums
[6820] johnjamesjacoby Converter: remove `safe_mode` check from `BBP_Converter::maybe_set_memory()`. This was deprecated in PHP 5.3.0 and removed in 5.4.0. Instead, this change employs the following: * Moves keys and values into a filterable array * Looks for disabled functions and avoids them * Adds error control operators as needed
[6819] johnjamesjacoby Prefer `sanitize_html_class()` over `esc_attr()`. This change uses the correct formatting function in places where potentially untrusted class strings are ran through `array_map()`.
[6818] netweb Appearance - Included Themes: Updated admin base SCSS styles: * `_admin.scss` via WP:changeset:43019 * `_mixins.scss` via WP:changeset:41984 See #2583.
[6817] johnjamesjacoby Users: make sure "Forum Role" is next to "Site Role" in User's List Table. This change comes with a CSS tweak to keep the role column at 15% width, and bumps the asset version accordingly.
[6816] johnjamesjacoby Intercept: return default value if an invalid number of args is parsed. Also pass a `$user_id` into favorites & subscriptions links functions. These changes together will prevent notices & errors in certain intercept conditions.
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