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[6109] johnjamesjacoby Favorites/Subscriptions/Moderators: Introduce metadata API for linking multiple users to multiple forums/topics. Previous to this, connections were stored in `usermeta`. We knew this would not scale, but bbPress 1 had a friendlier database schema & we expected WordPress's taxonomy/relationship roadmap would be farther along by now. By storing user ID's in `postmeta` instead, we gain an ability to query for connections from both directions without custom MySQL, while also leveraging persistent caching in a more sane way. This commit includes several new helper functions for low-level relationship management, as well as modifications to existing functions to allow them to continue to work as they always have. See: #2959.
[6108] johnjamesjacoby Roles: Improve performance of `bbp_get_dynamic_roles()` with a local static variable. Previously, it rebuilt the multidimensional array of role keys & strings each time it was called, which may be several depending on the page being loaded. See: #2452.
[6107] johnjamesjacoby Roles: Modify `bbp_add_forums_roles()` to accept a `WP_Roles` object as a parameter. This allows dynamic roles to be initialized on each call to `wp_roles_init` (for WordPress 4.7) rather than relying on the guesswork of blog-switching, option-sniffing, or user init'ing (none of which have ever been good indicators of roles being initialized.) See: #2452.
[6106] johnjamesjacoby Roles: Introduce `bbp_roles_init` subaction, and use this for future dynamic roles initialization. See: #2452;
[6105] johnjamesjacoby User: Remove `_doing_it_wrong()` notice from `bbp_setup_current_user()`. The current user is always bootstrapped early in WordPress 4.7, so this notice is no longer valid. An update for bootstrapping dynamic roles is imminent. See #2309.
[6104] netweb Build Tools: Update `autoprefixer` to v6.5.1 See
[6103] netweb Build Tools: Update `grunt-check-dependencies` to v1.0.0 See
[6102] netweb General - Administration: Add i18n text domain missed in [6101] See #2246.
[6101] netweb General - Administration: Introduce bulk actions to spam and unspam topics and replies in wp-admin This Friday #yolo changeset comes care of the upcoming WordPress 4.7 release via #WP16031 / wp:changeset:38647 Props jmdodd. See #2246.
[6100] netweb Build Tools: Switch stylelint Grunt task from `grunt postcss:lint` to `grunt stylelint` This changeset switches the stylelint task from using the `grunt-postcss` to `grunt-stylelint` NPM module. This new Grunt module supports stylelint's native formatters and allows for improved task error reporting. This change also splits the CSS and SCSS lint tasks in preparation for a future `stylelint-config-wordpress` SCSS update. See also: Props netweb. See #2924.
[6099] netweb Topics: Revert [6098] This doesn't work, on many levels, when testing a patch make sure the patch your testing matches the same site you're testing with. Antiprops netweb. See #2587.
[6098] netweb Topics: Call `bbp_move_topic_handler()` when moving a topic to a new forum in the back end. This changeset ensures that both the source and destination forums meta is updated when a topic is moved. Fixes #2587.
[6097] johnjamesjacoby Common: Improve title output strings for friendlier i18n. Props @SergeyBiryukov. Fixes #2852.
[6096] johnjamesjacoby Replies: use `appendChild` vs. `insertBefore` for inline JS replies. Fixes #2971. Props r-a-y.
[6095] johnjamesjacoby Only show reply-to drop-down when editing an existing reply.
[6094] johnjamesjacoby Format `bbp_get_reply_title()` like `bbp_get_topic_title()`.
[6093] netweb Build Tools: Update stylelint to v7.2.0 and bump `.stylelintrc` to `stylelint-config-wordpress` v9.0.0
[6092] netweb Bump alpha version in bbpress.php to latest revision.
[6091] netweb Tools: Running the "Reset Forums" tool now deletes bbPress' custom post type revisions from the database. This changeset adds support for deleting forum, topic, and reply post types revisions to `bbp_admin_reset_handler()`. Fixes #2945.
[6090] netweb Tests: Remove the "reply only" test from `test_bbp_update_topic_last_active_id()` This changeset reverts a test added in r6088 that passed only the reply id to `bbp_update_topic_last_active_id()`, the test passed locally but failed on every Travis CI job except HHVM. Further investigation is required, but not today.
[6089] netweb Locale - i18n/l10n: Differentiate the noun and verb "Reply" string. "Reply" can be used as both a verb and a noun, this changeset adds this context to instances of the "Reply" string thus allowing the different contexts to be translated accurately. Props ocean90. Fixes #2977.
[6088] netweb Tests: Improve `test_bbp_update_topic_last_active_id()` tests. This changeset adds a passing reply id only test for `bbp_update_topic_last_active_id()`
[6087] johnjamesjacoby Moderation: Skip moderator query if per-forum moderation is not enabled. Props jmdodd. Fixes #2988.
[6086] netweb Topics: `@uses` not `@yses` PHPDoc in `bbp_update_topic()`
[6085] netweb Moderation: Include topic and reply post content with and without HTML in `moderation_keys` and `blacklist_keys` checks. This changeset ensures users cannot bypass the moderation word checks by wrapping parts of the word or term in HTML, e.g. `bannedword` could previously be bypassed using `<em>banned</em>word` Fixes #2986.
[6084] netweb Tests: Add user email, URL, IP, moderator, keymaster `bbp_check_for_moderation()` and `bbp_check_for_blacklist()` tests
[6083] netweb Tests: Initial `bbp_check_for_blacklist()` tests
[6082] netweb Tests: Initial `bbp_check_for_moderation()` tests
[6081] netweb Build Tools: Add WordPress 4.6 to Travis CI build matrix
[6080] netweb Tests: Following r6078 update tests in `::BBP_Tests_Users_Template_User` to use single user slug `users` See #2983
[6079] netweb Rewrite Rules: Update search permastruct in `bbPress::add_permastructs()` to `$search_id` This changeset fixes copy pasta introduced in r4930, and updates the search rewrite to use the `$search_id` and not the `$user_id` as the permalink structure name. Props offereins. Fixes #2984.
[6078] netweb Options: Set the default value of `bbp_get_user_slug()` to `users` This changeset updates the default single user slug from `user` to `users`. The `bbp_get_default_options()` function defines the default as `users` and this is used when installing and activating bbPress. This fixes a scenario where bbPress options have not been saved which would cause the single user slug to use the unexpected slug `user` rather than `users`. Props ocean90. Fixes #2983
[6077] netweb Tests: Add `test_bbp_forum_query_last_reply_id()` See #2972
[6076] netweb Build Tools: Fix `BBP_UnitTestCase::go_to()` for `WP_Network`. This changeset is via buddypress:changeset:10125 Props boonebgorges. Fixes #2981
[6075] netweb Build Tools: More targeted cleanup for multisite unit tests. This changeset is a subset of buddypress:changeset:9980 and removes a previous heavy-handed workaround for deleting the first multisite user. This also resolves a fatal error `Object does not implement ArrayAccess` when running the tests on HHVM. See #2962, #2981
[6074] netweb Build Tools: Upgrade to the latest HHVM version with Travis CI using Ubuntu Trusty Fixes #2980.
[6073] netweb Build Tools: Add PHP 7.1 to Travis CI and "allow to fail" This changeset adds explict PHP 7.1 for testing bbPress, see also #WP37625 See #2980.
[6072] netweb Options: Fix `bbp_show_on_root()` copy pasta PHPDoc description
[6071] netweb Tests: Update forum/topic/reply post type assertions for the `WP_Post_Type` class introduced in WordPress 4.6 Fixes #2962.
[6070] netweb Settings: Fix `_bbp_user_favs_slug` copy pasta `bbp_form_slug_conflict_check()` slug check in `bbp_admin_setting_callback_user_favs_slug()`
[6069] netweb Fix Subscriptions slug setting field PHPDoc block copy pasta
[6068] johnjamesjacoby Use `length-zero-no-unit` over `number-zero-length-no-unit` in `.stylelintrc`. Deprecated in 7.0 of stylelint.
[6067] johnjamesjacoby Bump stable tag to 2.5.10.
[6066] johnjamesjacoby Tag bbPress 2.5.10.
[6065] johnjamesjacoby Bump `bbpress.pot` in 2.5 branch.
[6064] johnjamesjacoby Bump bbPress 2.5 branch version to 2.5.10.
[6063] johnjamesjacoby Escape `display_name` field usages in `bbp_get_author_link()`. (2.5 branch)
[6062] johnjamesjacoby Escape `display_name` field usages in `bbp_get_author_link()`.
[6061] netweb General - Administration: Update "change forum role" dropdown This changeset resolves an issue introduced in WordPress 4.4 ( [WP:changeset:34636] / #WP27743 ) which caused bbPress "change forum role" dropdown to only work using the "bottom" user list table dropdown, for WordPress versions < 4.6 the "change forum role" dropdown is now only shown at the "top" of the user list table. This changeset also adds a new parameter `$which` to `user_role_bulk_dropdown()` which was added in WordPress 4.6 ( [WP:changeset:37422] / #WP35307 ) to pass the location of the extra table nav markup for the "top" or "bottom" "change role" dropdown, and in turn fixes bbPress' "change forum role" dropdown to once again work at the "top" and "bottom" of the user list table. Props ocean90. Fixes #2906.
[6060] netweb Tools - Unit Tests: Use `get_sites()` for muiltisite PHPUnit testcase in `BBP_UnitTestCase::tearDown` WordPress 4.6 deprecated `wp_get_sites()`, switch to the replacement `get_sites()` via #WP36994 / [wp:changeset:37653] Fixes #2962.
[6059] netweb API Feeds: RSS `<pubDate>` element in `bbp_display_topics_feed_rss2()` shouldn't be translated. This changeset brings this RSS `<pubDate>` element inline with other instances in bbPress feeds. Props thebrandonallen. Fixes 2961.
[6058] johnjamesjacoby Core: Revert accidental removal of r6054 from r6056.
[6057] johnjamesjacoby Users: Revert accidental removal of r6051, r6052, from r6056.
[6056] johnjamesjacoby Moderators: Refactor per-forum moderators to use meta-data instead of mocked taxonomy terms. If the future of Forums is a taxonomy (vs. a custom post-type) then a per-forum Moderator taxonomy for a Forum taxonomy won't work very well, for a few reasons: * Scalability * Taxonomies for taxonomies is a bit more inception than should be required for this simple feature * Forum moderators do not require much of what taxonomy objects provide (permalinks, visibility, metadata, etc...) * User taxonomy terms matching nicenames works okay for something like Automattic's P2 theme, but bbPress requires a user ID based solution to avoid data synchronization issues between nicenames & term slugs So... the future of per-forum per-user capability mappings is in meta-data using `map_meta_cap`. This commit: * Removes the `forum_mod` taxonomy and surrounding code additions introduced in the first pass in r5834 * Renames `forum_mod` functions to `forum_moderator` to be more explicit * Adds CRUD wrapper functions for per-forum moderator meta data * Adds administrative interfaces for assigning moderators to forums for `wp-admin` and forum `edit` pages * Adds helper functions for getting user nicenames & IDs Note that this feature has now been refactored to no longer be forum specific (I.E. object agnostic) -- it's possible for any user access to be mapped based on the object type using any meta-data key. While this is currently useful for per-forum moderators, it may be user for per-topic blocking, per-topic-tag moderation, etc... See #459.
[6055] netweb General - Administration: Add pending status topic and reply statistics to `bbp_get_statistics()` Following the introduction of "pending" status topics and replies in bbPress 2.6, `bbp_get_statistics()` now includes these count statistics in the hidden topic and reply statistics. Fixes #2958.
[6054] netweb Cache: Allow a second parameter to be passed to `bbp_clean_post_cache()` Following [5774] WP's `clean_post_cache` hook can pass both post ID and the post object, this changeset allows that second parmeter to be passed to `bbp_clean_post_cache()` and updates our `add_action` call to send both parameters. Props thebrandonallen. Fixes #2813.
[6053] netweb Tests: Introduce tests for the cache functions. Props thebrandonallen. See #2813
[6052] netweb Administration: Only display bbPress users role in bbPress' "Forum Role" list Since WordPress 4.4 users with multiple roles are displayed in WordPress' "Site Role" list, this changeset ensures bbPress' roles are only displayed under the "Forum Role" list and not duplicated in the "Site Role" list of the users list table. Props johnbillion, tharsheblows for initial patches Fixes #2874
[6051] netweb Introduce `bbp_get_major_wp_version()` function to help checking against WordPress versions See #2874
[6050] netweb Moderation: Add new `bbp_moderation_keys` and `bbp_blacklist_keys` filters This changeset allows external plugins to filter the list of moderation and blacklist keyword terms, IP, URLs, words, etc. Also cleans up `bbp_check_for_moderation()` to bails early if there are no moderation keys inline with `bbp_check_for_blacklist()` Props thebrandonallen, satollo. Fixes #2861.
[6049] netweb Build Tools: Update `grunt-patch-wordpress` to 0.4.0 This update adds two main features for your WordPress development happiness. 1) GitHub URL support. You can now use `grunt patch:` with any copy of bbPress on GitHub. No longer will you need to download the patch manually. 2) Upload patches directly from the command line. No longer will you need to create a patch and manually upload it to trac. `grunt upload_patch:20000` will upload a patch to the appropriate ticket after a user enters a username and password. This is limited to users with the appropriate XML-RPC privileges in trac (right now, that is just bug committers). You still need to manually add the `has patch` keyword. Full changelog: Props jorbin, ericlewis, michaelbeil, netweb
[6048] netweb Tests: Add `test_bbp_get_do_not_reply_address()` common functions reply email address test Props thebrandonallen Fixes #2822
[6047] netweb Strings: Switch from "Freshness" to "Last Post" in the admin screens. This changeset follows on from [5867] where these couple of strings were missed in the original commit. Props Robkk, thebrandonallen Fixes #2031
[6046] netweb General: Add debug trace to `bbp_setup_current_user()` notice. Previously, the `bbp_setup_current_user was called incorrectly` notice would not output any useful info for developers. This commit adds a debug trace so developers are able to determine whereabouts in the codebase this notice is originating from. Props r-a-y Fixes #2932
[6045] netweb i18n: Avoid using HTML tags in translation strings (includes/admin/replies.php) Props ramiy, thebrandonallen Fixes #2912
[6044] netweb i18n: Avoid using HTML tags in translation strings (includes/admin/topics.php) Props ramiy, thebrandonallen Fixes #2911
[6043] netweb i18n: Avoid using HTML tags in translation strings (includes/admin/forums.php) Props ramiy, thebrandonallen Fixes #2910
[6042] netweb i18n: Avoid using HTML tags in translation strings Props ramiy, thebrandonallen Fixes #2881
[6041] netweb Importers: In `BBP_Converter_Base::convert_table()` method use `isset()` rather than `! is_null` Props Offereins Fixes #2733
[6040] netweb Admin: Escape `$file` variable for importer filenames in `bbp_converter_setting_callback_platform()` Props xknown Fixes #2792
[6039] johnjamesjacoby Core: pass the original text into `bbp_make_clickable` filter.
[6038] netweb Widgets: Use `$this->get_field_id()` in `BBP_Topics_Widget::form()` method to correctly create the widget id form attribute Props alex-ye Fixes #2758
[6037] netweb Replies: Fix `@param` PHPDoc in `bbp_insert_topic_update_counts()` See #1799
[6036] netweb General Performance: Introduce increase/decrease helper count functions Previously when a new topic or reply was created, a bunch of queries to recalculate the topic and reply counts for topics and forums were ran. Now these have been replaced with more efficient increase/decrease helper functions to get the current value and just "bump" the count based on the action (new topic-reply/split-topic/move-topic/spam-trash-topic/etc...) Props thebrandonallen, tharsheblows, netweb See #1799
[6035] netweb Build Tools: Update `stylelint` to v6.5.1 and bump `.stylelintrc` to `stylelint-config-wordpress` v7.1.1 See #2924
[6034] netweb Subscriptions: Update `bbp_new_reply` action to to use `bbp_notify_topic_subscribers` over deprecated `bbp_notify_subscribers`. Previously in [5643] this was added to the 2.5 branch but was overlooked for `/trunk`, this changeset fixes that. Props thebrandonallen Fixes #2946, see also #2618
[6033] johnjamesjacoby `WP_Screen::post_type` is always set since WordPress 3.3.0, so remove superfluous checks in `bail()` methods.
[6032] johnjamesjacoby Moderators: pass current forum/topic/reply ID into `moderate` capability checks, providing additional context about what's being moderated so more targeted decisions can be made. See #459.
[6031] netweb Tests: In PHPUnit bootstrap check if the `BP_TESTS_DIR` constant is first defined before attempting to load BuddyPress PHPunit `testcase.php`
[6030] netweb Tests: Following [6010] Add SpeedTrapListener to `buddypress.xml` and `multisite.xml` PHPUnit configuration files
[6029] netweb Build Tools: Update `grunt-sass` to v1.2.0 with `node-sass` > v3.7.x support See
[6028] netweb Build Tools: Update stylelint to 6.4.2 See #2924
[6027] johnjamesjacoby Statuses, Types, Visibilities: `bbp_get_topic_types()` usages were missed in r6026. See #2954.
[6026] johnjamesjacoby Statuses, Types, Visibilities: Pass the forum, topic, or reply ID into helper functions. These ID's pass additional context into respective filters, useful for fine-grained control over UI elements. This commit normalizes the way these functions work across all of bbPress where applicable, by ensuring all similar functions accept an ID and assume `0` by default. Note that there are currently 2 locations where no ID exists to pass context into, which is by design. Fixes #2954.
[6025] netweb Build Tools: Set a whitelist for PHPUnit code coverage This chageset adds a PHPUnit whitelist of files for use with code coverage tests analsyis tools. Hat tip jorbin. Fixes #2953.
[6024] johnjamesjacoby Forums: Updates to `bbp_list_forums()`: * Always run filter, even over empty output * Only wrap output if not empty * Ensure that `$count` related variables are accurately reset during each loop iteration * Surrounding code clean-up Fixes #2951.
[6023] johnjamesjacoby Tag bbPress 2.5.9.
[6022] netweb Tests: Add `@covers` annotations to `BBP_Tests_Common_Functions_Make_Clickable` tests
[6021] netweb API - Feeds: Use `feed_content_type( 'rss2' )` for RSS feeds. This changeset updates the RSS 2 native mime type `application/rss+xml`, previously `rss-http` used `text/xml` which was removed from WordPress in [WP36230] and [WP32468]. (2.5 branch) Props thebrandonallen. Fixes #2901.
[6020] netweb Forums: Overzealous type coercion caused `bbp_forum_query_last_reply_id()` to skip the database query in every instance (since 0 is never === false). As such, the resetting of `_bbp_last_reply_id` got short-circuted in some cases. This fix is for the 2.5 branch, `/trunk` fixed this inadvertantly in [5954] Props boonebgorges, mauteri. Fixes #2414.
[6019] johnjamesjacoby Update `bbpress.pot` for 2.5 branch.
[6018] johnjamesjacoby Bump 2.5 branch to 2.5.9.
[6017] johnjamesjacoby Bump stable tag in `trunk` to 2.5.9.
[6016] johnjamesjacoby Common: Use `bbp_make_clickable()` in `bbp_make_clickable()`. In r6014, changes to support faster, better @-mentions mistakenly continued to use `make_clickable()`. This fixes that regression, and allows for smaller chunks of large topics & replies to continue to use bbPress's internally optimized clickable API.
[6015] johnjamesjacoby Mentions: Refactor the way user mentions are discovered and linked. This is a port of r6014 (without unit tests) for the 2.5 branch. * Adds a filter to bbp_make_clickable * Adds filters for for previously hard-coded clickables * Adds new filter for at-mention clickable * Deprecates previous functions for finding & linking at-mentions For 2.5.9 (2.5 branch). Hat-tip to Daniel Cid.
[6014] johnjamesjacoby Mentions: Refactor the way user mentions are discovered and linked. * Adds a filter to `bbp_make_clickable` * Adds filters for for previously hard-coded clickables * Adds new filter for at-mention clickable * Deprecates previous functions for finding & linking at-mentions For 2.6 (trunk). Hat-tip to Daniel Cid.
[6013] johnjamesjacoby Common group.
[6012] johnjamesjacoby Nonce functions are part of the `common` component.
[6011] netweb Tests: Improve test performance by reducing the number of topics and replies created in `test_bbp_forum_trashed_untrashed_topic_counts()` and `test_bbp_forum_spammed_unspammed_topic_counts()` tests
[6010] netweb Tests: Add `SpeedTrapListener` to `phpunit/includes` and add the config node to `phpunit.xml.dist`. This changeset via wp:changeset:35214 adds a PHPUnit TestListener that exposes the slowest running tests by outputting results to the console.
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