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  • Ticket #1937, comment 5

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    1313* we need to store either read flag or unread flag associated to user/topic. The most natural way is to store a read flag. To be more specific, we probably need to store a last_visited flag such as the bbp-unread-posts plugin is doing, so we can mark a previously read message as unread without deleting a record, by setting its last_visited date to less than the post_last_activity flag (or to 0 simply). So we'll have one DB record per user/topic/last_visited state. Since this obviously can grow with the user base and number of read messages, I would suggest the following:
    1414  - do not use post_meta or user_meta to store the read flag, use a separate table, bbPress specific (need to design this more precisely).
     15  - if we wish to use the post_meta, then we would need to make a new DB index on the user, as a performance issue there is that a single post meta will have lots of users associated. However we need to dig into the way this table is maintained in Wordpress I do not know much about this yet.
    1516  - in the admin options, let the admin do maintenance and clear the read flag of topics older than n months (say 12 months by default).