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Enhancements Awaiting Review (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#3329 admin bbp-admin-css-css doesn't use https - insecure content warning General blocker defect 01/19/2020 trunk
#3328 BuddyPress activity update not working when editing topic or replies Extend - BuddyPress normal defect 01/18/2020 2.6.3 needs-patch
#3327 BUG: Threaded replies not working if WordPress adminbar is disabled General normal defect 01/17/2020
#3322 Login Widget: display issues with Twenty Nineteen/Twenty Themes Appearance - Theme Compatibility normal defect 01/14/2020
#3320 Coding Standard : Undefined Variable $r on src/includes/common/functions.php General normal defect 01/13/2020 2.6.3 needs-patch
#3318 Add rel="nofollow ugc" to links in topics and replies General normal enhancement 01/12/2020 trunk has-patch
#3311 Problem with custom fields for topics General major defect 01/02/2020 2.6.3
#3307 Add `` file to the project root General normal defect 12/21/2019 has-patch
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