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Defects Awaiting Review, reported against latest stable branch (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#3576 Prepare bbPress for BuddyPress 12.0.0 Extend - BuddyPress normal defect (bug) 11/24/2023 trunk has-patch
#3587 param Should Add After global as per as per PHP Documentation Standards Extend - Akismet minor defect (bug) 11/17/2023 trunk has-patch
#3583 Updates to support PHP 8 General normal defect (bug) 09/13/2023 trunk has-patch
#3435 Please use _n() in order to handle plural forms correctly Extend - BuddyPress normal defect (bug) 08/19/2021 trunk
#3360 Conflict in bbp_unsubscribe action with Buddypress API - Subscriptions normal defect (bug) 03/27/2020 trunk needs-patch

Defects Awaiting Review (95 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#3585 Function utf8_encode() is deprecated since PHP 8.2 Tools - Warnings/Notices normal defect (bug) 11/28/2023 2.6.9
#3524 Search is not working in the profile's engagement. Component - Search normal defect (bug) 11/25/2023 needs-patch
#3588 Registered meta values for bbPress forum and topic post types not properly defined, causing problems with REST updates General - Administration normal defect (bug) 11/25/2023
#3580 delete_orphaned_spam_meta() has a bug that causes it to loop forever whenever it runs Extend - Akismet major defect (bug) 11/24/2023 2.6.9 has-patch
#3355 Forum Pagination links are broken General normal defect (bug) 11/23/2023 needs-patch
#3579 $author_id in bbp_get_*_revision_log() not respected API normal defect (bug) 11/18/2023
#3416 bbPress Date Issue on Search Results Component - Forums major defect (bug) 11/17/2023 2.6.6 needs-patch
#3431 Twenty TwentyTheme Causes bbPress Main Forum Page to Display Text Component - Forums critical defect (bug) 11/17/2023 2.6.6
#3582 Responsive design for Site - major defect (bug) 11/17/2023
#3425 Conflict with All in One SEO General - Administration major defect (bug) 11/17/2023 2.6.6 needs-patch
#3457 bbp_get_total_users is wrong on multisite API normal defect (bug) 11/17/2023
#3586 Topics aren't hierarchical but still treated this way General normal defect (bug) 11/14/2023
#3584 In Responsive view, Content is going out of table(not proper layout) General - UI/UX normal defect (bug) 10/19/2023
#3568 Hamburger Menu icon should be toggle in responsive Site - normal defect (bug) 08/17/2023 needs-patch
#3569 Container Spacing in all devices. Site - normal defect (bug) 08/17/2023 needs-patch
#3572 Links Heading Design is not proper Site - normal defect (bug) 08/17/2023 has-patch
#3573 Content overflow issue Site - normal defect (bug) 08/17/2023 needs-patch
#3574 Content overlapping issue in Desktop and Mobile both devices Site - normal defect (bug) 08/17/2023 needs-patch
#3575 Responsive page design boken. Site - normal defect (bug) 08/17/2023 has-patch
#3578 `$topic_author` may be incorrect after the 'bbp_new_topic_pre_insert' filter API - Actions/Filters minor defect (bug) 08/03/2023
#3577 The iframe's overflow is causing issues in responsive design. Site - normal defect (bug) 07/31/2023 needs-patch
#3555 Need to removed unused variable. General normal defect (bug) 06/30/2023
#3563 The coloumn design is not proper Site - normal defect (bug) 06/20/2023 dev-feedback
#3571 Check PHPcs Coding standard not having proper escaping function General normal defect (bug) 06/16/2023 has-patch
#3570 Check PHPcs Coding standard Extend normal defect (bug) 06/16/2023 has-patch
#3494 Bump "Tested up to" version to the latest WordPress version General normal defect (bug) 06/09/2023 has-patch
#3566 When click on the feeds sub menu it redirect to code. Site - normal defect (bug) 06/08/2023 needs-patch
#3565 There is an issue with the space in the feature list section on the mobile device. Site - normal defect (bug) 06/08/2023 needs-patch
#3562 Content overlaps issue on mobile device Site - normal defect (bug) 05/24/2023
#3561 The text is not visible properly Site - normal defect (bug) 05/23/2023 needs-patch
#3560 Spacing issue in **bbp-about-links** section. Site - normal defect (bug) 05/19/2023 needs-patch
#3558 BBPress iframe does not responsive on mobile device. General normal defect (bug) 05/18/2023
#3557 Text Overlap Issue Site - normal defect (bug) 05/15/2023 needs-patch
#3556 Docs: Improve various globals documentation, as per docblock standards. General normal defect (bug) 05/09/2023
#3553 Page inner scroll functionality not working proper and extra arrow display in left Contents section. Site - normal defect (bug) 05/04/2023
#3552 Gravatar name is little bit visible in small device Site - normal defect (bug) 05/03/2023 needs-patch
#3550 Page scrolling issue in mobile devices Site - Codex normal defect (bug) 05/01/2023 needs-patch
#3549 Content overflow issue Site - Codex normal defect (bug) 05/01/2023 needs-patch
#3548 Footer spacing issue in iPad and Mobile devices Site - normal defect (bug) 05/01/2023 needs-patch
#3547 Mobile menu button design break in responsive devices Site - normal defect (bug) 05/01/2023 needs-patch
#3546 Spacing issue in nav menu in mobile device. Site - normal defect (bug) 04/28/2023 needs-patch
#3545 Spacing issue in Showcase section in iPad device. Site - normal defect (bug) 04/28/2023 needs-patch
#3487 bbPress block theme support Appearance - Theme Compatibility major defect (bug) 04/17/2023 2.6.9 has-patch
#3543 RSS Feed: use bbpress functions for post and reply authors General normal defect (bug) 03/30/2023 has-patch
#3542 Image width issue in mobile devices Site - normal defect (bug) 03/30/2023 needs-patch
#3541 Content over issue Site - Codex normal defect (bug) 03/23/2023 needs-patch
#3539 Content overlapping issue in mobile devices. Site - normal defect (bug) 03/12/2023 needs-patch
#3538 blacklist_keys deprecated General normal defect (bug) 03/10/2023
#3537 User name getting cut off in 768 pixel screen size. Component - Users normal defect (bug) 03/03/2023 needs-patch
#3535 Text over wrapping issues in the responsive design. Site - normal defect (bug) 03/03/2023
#3534 Lists of table items are flowing out of the table. Site - normal defect (bug) 02/20/2023 has-patch
#3532 page in Create a new ticket button design breaking issue. General normal defect (bug) 02/15/2023
#3531 "Get this plugin" section is out of the container in the responsive design Site - normal defect (bug) 02/14/2023 needs-patch
#3530 Search functionality is not working properly while searching any word. Site - normal defect (bug) 02/13/2023 needs-patch
#3529 Mobile menu does not proper manage padding on the page. General normal defect (bug) 02/09/2023
#3526 Even after clicking on the home page, the active menu is not getting removed in the "Support" menu. Site - normal defect (bug) 02/06/2023 needs-patch
#3522 In mobile size, content is being cut off. General - Content Creation normal defect (bug) 02/03/2023
#3521 After Search result, text is overlapping on the searchbar in bbpress site Site - normal defect (bug) 02/03/2023 needs-patch
#3518 bbPress blog images are not responsive Site - normal defect (bug) 02/01/2023 needs-patch
#3516 The search functionality only works for single words Component - Search normal defect (bug) 01/31/2023 needs-patch
#3515 Due to a lack of padding in the titles on the right side, the design is deteriorating. Site - normal defect (bug) 01/19/2023 needs-patch
#3509 Needs to padding or margin in the page some of the section. General normal defect (bug) 01/16/2023
#3514 Text is touching the border not having proper padding and margin. Site - normal defect (bug) 01/06/2023 has-patch
#3512 Hamburger menu is not working as expected Site - normal defect (bug) 01/06/2023 needs-patch
#3511 Need to add spacing in about us page sidebar General normal defect (bug) 01/06/2023 has-patch
#3510 bbpress site mobile menu is not working General normal defect (bug) 01/06/2023
#3507 home page design break issue in mobile devices. General normal defect (bug) 12/20/2022
#3505 Need to wrap text in footer section General normal defect (bug) 12/09/2022 has-patch
#3504 Spacing is missing in responsive. General normal defect (bug) 12/08/2022
#3502 & mobile menu does not close after second time click. General normal defect (bug) 12/01/2022
#3501 home page content overlapping issues. General normal defect (bug) 12/01/2022
#3499 Content overflow issue because of footer Site - Codex normal defect (bug) 11/25/2022 has-patch
#3500 Top Header navigation menu content & site footer content sticky in mobile responsive devices Site - normal defect (bug) 11/15/2022 dev-feedback
#3498 bbPress logout links point to the previous page by default General normal defect (bug) 11/11/2022
#3429 bbp_increase_user_topic_count incorrect for first user post Component - Topics normal defect (bug) 10/27/2022 has-patch
#3491 The content that is in the support topic in mobile size is not being displayed properly. Component - Topics normal defect (bug) 10/18/2022
#3485 Logo is not coming proper in IPad Pro Site - normal defect (bug) 10/03/2022 has-patch
#3484 The login user's image is not in the proper circle shape on a mobile screen size. Site - Codex normal defect (bug) 09/28/2022 has-patch
#3454 Unsubscription action does not work when used with BuddyPress Extend - BuddyPress normal defect (bug) 09/23/2022 needs-patch
#3482 The contributor's link is missing in the Article Contributors Site - Codex normal defect (bug) 09/22/2022 needs-patch
#3483 Titles are getting overlapped in mobile size Site - Codex normal defect (bug) 09/21/2022 needs-patch
#3481 Headline section is not updated Site - normal defect (bug) 09/07/2022
#3479 BBPress password reset form doesn't display any error message when left blank Tools - Warnings/Notices normal defect (bug) 08/30/2022 2.6.9
#3476 Ui issue in responsive. Site - minor defect (bug) 07/26/2022
#3475 content overflow issue in responsive. General normal defect (bug) 07/21/2022
#3474 Subscriptions don't trigger for moderation-held topics/replies API - Subscriptions normal defect (bug) 07/19/2022
#3472 Iframe Issue in Responsive Site - normal defect (bug) 06/22/2022 has-patch
#3471 in responsive issue with the page headers. General - UI/UX normal defect (bug) 06/15/2022
#3470 User Profiles don't display the user description General normal defect (bug) 06/13/2022
#3469 Spacing is missing in whole site in the main container General normal defect (bug) 06/08/2022 needs-patch
#3468 table overflow issue in responsive. Site - normal defect (bug) 06/03/2022
#3467 Left - Right padding is absent. General normal defect (bug) 06/03/2022 needs-patch
#3466 Missing padding and Horizontal scroll in smaller devices General normal defect (bug) 05/27/2022
#3465 Need to add spacing bbpress about links box Site - Codex normal defect (bug) 05/26/2022 has-patch
#3464 Design looks messy in responsive. Site - Codex normal defect (bug) 05/26/2022
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