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Changeset Author Message
[6697] johnjamesjacoby Admin: prefer `implode()` over `join()`.
[6852] johnjamesjacoby Admin: rearrange admin sub-action registrations. Also fix a bug causing `custom_menu_order` to not be filtered, resulting in hidden admin menus for some users.
[6709] johnjamesjacoby Admin: run `admin.css` through `grunt commit` routine. This adds a missing Webkit CSS shim for how the bbPress logo is vertically aligned in the new database upgrade notice.
[6750] johnjamesjacoby Admin: split reset handler into 2 functions (handler and logic) This change improves compatibility with future WP CLI initiatives, specifically allowing removing all bbPress data. Fixes #3173. Props espellcaste.
[6776] johnjamesjacoby Admin: update `esc_notice()` usage to map `WP_Error` content. See r6775.
[6775] johnjamesjacoby Admin: update forum/topic/reply toggle notices to use `bbp_admin()->add_notice()`. This changes the source hooks so notices are created earlier (and not just-in-time as toggles occur.) It also introduces an `esc_notice()` method to restrict the allowed HTML tags in notice messages down to a very finite set (completely avoiding all types of hi-jacks at a lower level.)
[6773] johnjamesjacoby Admin: update some inline docs from r6772.
[6233] netweb Administration: Initial pass updating contributors and props list for 2.6 release.
[6052] netweb Administration: Only display bbPress users role in bbPress' "Forum Role" list Since WordPress 4.4 users with multiple roles are displayed in WordPress' "Site Role" list, this changeset ensures bbPress' roles are only displayed under the "Forum Role" list and not duplicated in the "Site Role" list of the users list table. Props johnbillion, tharsheblows for initial patches Fixes #2874
[6235] netweb Administration: Remove duplicate props entry for 2.6 release.
[6234] netweb Administration: Second pass updating contributors and props list for 2.6 release.
[5583] johnjamesjacoby Administrative support for for un/approving topics. Props netweb, thebrandonallen. Fixes #2645.
[5509] johnjamesjacoby Administrative support for un/approving replies. Props netweb. See #2645.
[4511] johnjamesjacoby Ajax: * Remove call to wpList.process(). * Fixes duplicate ajax requests on topic subscriptions and favorites. * Props MZAWeb. * Fixes #1905 for !WordPress 3.4.
[6581] johnjamesjacoby Ajax: in `bbp_do_ajax()` use `wp_die()` instead of `die()` so any custom handlers are used.
[6758] johnjamesjacoby Ajax: introduce `bbp_ajax_headers()` abstracted from `bbp_do_ajax()`. This change makes it possible to send the proper & expected headers in custom theme-side AJAX implementations.
[6755] johnjamesjacoby Ajax: send a proper `400` response when nothing happens. This change adds nocache and noindex headers to theme-side AJAX handling, adds support for pre-sanitized `$action` parameters, and checks that the action-hook actually has actions hooked to it before attempting to execute it. Similar to `admin-ajax.php` a `400` response is now returned when an AJAX request is attempted that does not have a handler.
[3939] johnjamesjacoby Akismet * Allow $post_data to be manipulated in BBP_Akismet::check_post(). * This opens the door to overriding the Akismet result based on any other criteria later (for third party plugins.)
[4091] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: * Check response before assigning value. * Fix bug with Akismet request faliing.
[4813] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: * Introduce and use improved BBP_Akismet::get_user_roles() method. * Includes proper type-casting, cleaner logic, and allows for easier dynamic role debugging.
[4042] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: * Pass additional post information on topic/reply edit, to prevent Akismet from nooping it. * Revert part of r4041; put actions back before bbp_is_error() calls. * Replace some missing revision numbers. * Fixes #1869.
[4017] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: * Run topic and reply edits through Akismet, to thwart editing spam during the edit window. * Fixes #1860.
[4243] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: * Set a default message if there is no response from Akismet servers. * Prevents debug notices and polluted Akismet results in post meta.
[5828] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: Clean up potential accidental inline assignment in `BBP_Akismet::check_post()`. This commit moves a variable assignment out of a comparison to improve code clarity.
[6227] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: Improve pluralization of statistics strings. Fixes #2960. Props thebrandonallen, netweb.
[6226] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: Improve translatability of "(+ %d hidden)" strings. Fixes #3009. Props SergeyBiryukov.
[6225] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: Improve translatability of update-history strings. Fixes #3011. Props SergeyBiryukov.
[5654] netweb Akismet: Pass additional user and post information to Aksimet helping identify suspicious new posts * `comment_total`: Total user posts via `bbp_get_user_post_count()` * `comment_last_active_gmt`: Topic last active time via `bbp_get_topic_last_reply_id()` * `comment_account_registered_gmt`: User registered via `$userdata->user_registered` Props eoigal. Fixes #2591
[6874] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: allow "trusted" users to bypass spam `post_status` enforcement. * Adds `bbp_bypass_check_for_spam` filter ahead of the HTTP request * Adds `bbp_bypass_spam_enforcement` filter ahead of `post_status` switch * Adds `current_user_can( 'moderate' )` check to bypass spam enforcement * Adds `parse_response()` method to `BBP_Akismet` class for future abstraction This allows for 2 different ways to short-circuit Akismet: * Before the HTTP request happens * After the HTTP request, but before the status change bbPress will now trust users that pass the `moderator` capability check (including per-forum moderators) even if Akismet thinks the content is spammy. The Akismet history will still reflect the catch; the status will just not be enforced. This addresses issues we've seen on,, and, where trusted moderator posts would be caught in the spam queue, even when they have privileges to enter the queue and unspam their own posts. Fixes #2917. Props tharsheblows for the original patch!
[5933] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: include title with content. Props cfinke. Fixes #2858.
[6867] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: send sanitized string values for referer and user-agent. Avoids issues with huge/invalid strings. and ensures that `_wp_http_referer` is used.
[3340] johnjamesjacoby Alas, poor mdawaffe! I knew him, 1.0...
[3463] johnjamesjacoby Align the topic edit input fields with their labels. Rename duplicate tag-name form field to tag-existing-name. Fixes #1612.
[5676] johnjamesjacoby All: Update default values for `$args` parameters from empty strings to empty arrays. This is a micro-optimization to avoid unnecessary calls to `wp_parse_str()` inside `bbp_parse_args()`.
[5692] johnjamesjacoby All: ensure all URLs are escaped (2.5 branch)
[5691] johnjamesjacoby All: ensure all URLs are escaped (trunk) and cleanup some phpdoc Also introduce `bbp_dropdown` class for dropdowns.
[5693] johnjamesjacoby All: ensure all URLs are escaped part 2 (2.5 branch)
[3068] johnjamesjacoby Allow $none_found custom message in bbp_get_dropdown()
[5162] johnjamesjacoby Allow 'bbp_has_search_results' filter to still run even if no search terms were passed. This brings it inline with other component queries. Fixes #2356.
[3369] johnjamesjacoby Allow Akismet global key to be set. (trunk)
[3402] johnjamesjacoby Allow BuddyPress profile URLs to override bbPress profile URLs in an inexpensive way.
[3221] johnjamesjacoby Allow Topic Form shortcode to work on pages or any other single template. Fixes #1535.
[3251] johnjamesjacoby Allow WordPress pages to overload forum and topic archive pages. Introduce bbp_reset_all_filters() and bbp_restore_all_filters() functions to handle specific bypassing of the_content filter for theme compat. Introduce bbp_is_topic_archive() and bbp_is_forum_archive() functions to help with bypassing archive pages.
[5493] johnjamesjacoby Allow `class` attribute for `pre` tags in `bbp_kses_allowed_tags()`. Props netweb. Fixes #2657.
[6728] johnjamesjacoby Allow a custom redirect destination in the reply form. (Specifically for shortcode or third-party plugin usage.) See r3450.
[3674] johnjamesjacoby Allow additional anonymous data to be automatically saved on reply and topic update any prevent any possible debug notices with missing core values in the process.
[4790] johnjamesjacoby Allow additional post-type CSS classes to be passed as a second parameter. Fixes #2242.
[3798] johnjamesjacoby Allow bbp_create_initial_content() to be filtered or provided an array of defaults.
[4951] johnjamesjacoby Allow both get and post requests in bbp_is_ajax().
[3270] johnjamesjacoby Allow breadcrumb separator to be translated. Remove spaces from separator and use str_pad instead.
[2691] johnjamesjacoby Allow capable admins to view other users' topic subscriptions.
[2784] johnjamesjacoby Allow capable users to mark topics as sticky/super sticky on creation/edit. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[5313] johnjamesjacoby Allow closed topics to be split and merged into. Props netweb. Fixes #1714.
[3450] johnjamesjacoby Allow custom redirects in login, register, and lost pass forms.
[3451] johnjamesjacoby Allow default options to be overloaded from within the $bbp->options array ala bbPress 1.x.
[3188] johnjamesjacoby Allow existing pages to override forum and topic archive slugs.
[3621] johnjamesjacoby Allow forum/topic/reply row classes to be filtered. Fixes #1664.
[3066] johnjamesjacoby Allow just-in-time filtering of forums/topics/replies queries
[3222] johnjamesjacoby Allow just-in-time manipulation of topic and reply data before creating or editing them. See #1477.
[3371] johnjamesjacoby Allow manually setting the offset and number of topics to retrieve. Props boonebgorges.
[4701] johnjamesjacoby Allow moderation and blacklist to be bypassed based on function parameters. Props tlovett1. Fixes #2154.
[4934] johnjamesjacoby Allow partial global/local .mo file loading in bbPress::load_textdomain(). Props strangerstudios.
[3387] johnjamesjacoby Allow previously set $redirect_to override in bbp_logout_url(). Fixes #1580.
[4961] johnjamesjacoby Allow registering of settings that don't need callbacks or titles. See #2340.
[3215] johnjamesjacoby Allow site options to pass a default value if none exists.
[4632] johnjamesjacoby Allow tabbing into and out of TinyMCE. Fixes #1917.
[4971] johnjamesjacoby Allow the search feature to be toggled on and off. Introduces new setting and supporting function to get and override the option easily in third party plugins. Fixes #2342.
[3507] johnjamesjacoby Allow theme compatibility to be extended more completely. Move contents of bbp-twenty-ten's functions.php into a class, which extends the new BBP_Theme_Compat class.
[5012] johnjamesjacoby Allow topic form shortcode to accept a forum_id attribute. Props netweb, GautamGupta. Fixes #1649.
[5310] johnjamesjacoby Allow topic-tag descriptions to be edited theme-side. Props netweb. Fixes #1613.
[4935] johnjamesjacoby Allow topics to replace the forum archive: * Add condition to bbp_parse_args() and add a specific query variable early, and use this variable in bbp_is_forum_archive(). * Add condition to display_forum_archive() shortcode, to output topics if set. * Add forum archive check to bbp_has_topics(), to ensure pagination links are correct. * See #1500.
[3856] johnjamesjacoby Allow user favorites and subscriptions to work per site on multisite installations. Props isaacchapman. Fixes #1818.
[5358] johnjamesjacoby Alphabetize grunt packages and update keywords in `package.json`.
[5802] johnjamesjacoby Always predefine `$args` as an array, for code consistency across all components.
[3579] johnjamesjacoby Always set defaults in bbp_theme_compat_reset_post().
[5231] nacin Ancient bbPress: Adjust error reporting to cope with PHP 5.4.
[6737] johnjamesjacoby Anonymous Users: improve styling for anonymous topic/reply author boxes. This change wraps anonymous author data in `span` elements where `a` elements would normally be used for registered users, and tweaks the default template-pack CSS to accomodate these new elements.
[6399] johnjamesjacoby Anonymous: Clean-up `bbp_set_current_anonymous_user_data()`: * Make sure cookies are secure when SSL * Only call `time()` once to avoid potential delays * Cast cookie lifetime to `int` after filtering * Inline docs
[6838] johnjamesjacoby Anonymous: Don't use `esc_html__()` in combination with HTML tags. Props wpdennis. Fixes #3210.
[6400] johnjamesjacoby Anonymous: Improve `$anonymous_data` implementation: * Always treat it as an array, handling for `false` values was never used * Introduce `_sanitize_` and `_update_` partner functions for the existing `_filter_` function * Ensure that cookies and meta-data values are stripped of invalid characters in the same way that anonymous comments are, to prevent inconsistencies between anonymous forum and commenter cookie data * Update surrounding documentation blocks * Prefer strict type-casting and `is_array()` comparisons
[6742] johnjamesjacoby Anonymous: cleanup from r6741.
[6917] johnjamesjacoby Anonymous: delete meta key if value is empty. This commit ensures that editing a non-anonymous topic via WordPress Admin does not erroneously add empty anonymous author keys to post meta.
[6740] johnjamesjacoby Anonymous: remove `sanitize_comment_cookies()` call. This was causing repeated comment cookie sanitization on each subsequent page load.
[6741] johnjamesjacoby Anonymous: remove escaped placeholders from `$where` clause of duplicate check. This change fixes a bug for versions of WordPress 4.8.3 and higher, that was causing the anonymous email comparison to use the placeholder text instead of the raw email address, but only when an email address contained a `%` character. Also use the correct return variant, and make sure the output is escaped.
[6214] netweb Appearance - Included Themes: Update admin base SCSS styles: * Updated via upstream WordPress `_admin.scss` file via WP:changeset:38602, WP:changeset:38638, WP:changeset:38660, WP:changeset:39141, and WP:changeset:39249 See #2583
[6818] netweb Appearance - Included Themes: Updated admin base SCSS styles: * `_admin.scss` via WP:changeset:43019 * `_mixins.scss` via WP:changeset:41984 See #2583.
[6910] johnjamesjacoby Appearance: Use right-to-left suffix in default template pack. Fixes #3263. Props GDragoN.
[3203] johnjamesjacoby Apply editable_slug filter on form_options. Introduce bbp_form_option() functions to handle the output. Fixes #1526. Props ramly.
[6738] johnjamesjacoby Args: pass default parameters into filters in `bbp_parse_args()`. This change allows conditional filtering of parsed arguments based on the arguments originally passed in.
[3455] johnjamesjacoby Ask and ye shall receive. Remove the logged in user avatar from the topic and reply forms in bbp-twentyten. Tweak the textarea's of those forms to fill the width of the bounding fieldsets.
[6690] johnjamesjacoby Assets: Lint recent CSS & JS changes for password toggle. This change makes the build process work again. :)
[6261] johnjamesjacoby Assets: Remove `screen` restriction on default template pack styling. Improves styling when printing and third-party plugins (like Autoptimize.) Props thebrandonallen. Fixes #3012.
[6608] johnjamesjacoby Assets: Update admin CSS/JS to match lint rules, and update packages.
[3662] johnjamesjacoby Assorted forum template tag code improvements. * Pass $forum_id in filters where possible * Make sure echo functions pass all param's to return functions * Pretty code tweaks
[3663] johnjamesjacoby Assorted topic template tag code improvements. * Pass $topic_id in filters where possible * Make sure echo functions pass all param's to return functions * Pretty code tweaks
[2771] johnjamesjacoby Attempt to sort by menu_order rather than post_title.
[5020] johnjamesjacoby Attributes are optional in the display_topic_form() shortcode. Suppresses debug notice when no attribute is passed, introduced in r5012. See #1649.
[3267] johnjamesjacoby Audit checked() usage. Correct reversed logic, add usage to topic widget, and test all usages to ensure functionality.
[3837] johnjamesjacoby Audit count functions and add number_format_i18n filter to them. See #1810.
[3478] johnjamesjacoby Audit default usage value of '_bbp_forums_per_page'
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