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{33} Commit Messages, Current Release (4788 matches)

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Changeset Author Message
[2574] johnjamesjacoby Fix function names. First pass at reply and topic forms. Variable type cast fixes. Introduce current_user functions. Rename bbp_post template part to bbp_reply. Rename pagination functions to fit context. Lots of other tweaks.
[2966] johnjamesjacoby Fix hard coded post_type in bbp_admin_menu_order, and prepate separator skip routine for possible multiple separators.
[2674] johnjamesjacoby Fix html doc
[5670] netweb Fix i18n `_n()` plurals placeholders missed in r5668 in `bbp_admin_repair_closed_topics()`
[3157] johnjamesjacoby Fix incomplete inline doc
[2624] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect $_POST reference; props ryangannon
[5291] netweb Fix incorrect `bbbpress` text domain used `bbp_get_topic_pagination_count`. Props netweb. Fixes #2549.
[2629] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect cap check
[3441] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect class on lostpass link in login widget.
[2642] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect doc
[2936] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect field name in form-bbp_user_register.php in bbp-twentyten. Props Nightgunner5.
[4984] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect filter name in bbp_get_user_profile_edit_link().
[2849] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect filter name on bbp_get_subscriptions_permalink
[2498] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect filter names. props GautamGupta
[2953] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect inline documentation in bbp_new_reply_admin_handler()
[3257] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect parameters in bbp_query_post_parent__in(). Props mouratidis.
[5331] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect phpdoc in users functions.
[3196] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect reference in last active recount walker
[2562] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect return value
[3385] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect sanity check in bbp_edit_user_handler()
[2483] PeteMall Fix incorrect screen_icons on default post_type pages.
[2551] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect template comment
[3524] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect text in subscription label when editing a post. Fixes #1462. Props dimadin. (trunk)
[3128] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect topic voice count routine, causing all topics to only show 1 voice. This will auto correct existing topics as new replies are created in them.
[3176] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect variable check on reply post_content when editing a reply
[3276] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect variable declaration, causing anonymous replies to fail.
[5557] netweb Fix incorrect variable name in `SMF.php` callback `callback_html()` * This caused the regular expression for BBCode `[list]` and `[list type=decimal]` to not be included in the `callback_html()` callback. Props netweb. Fixes #2715
[3062] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect variable reference in bbp_load_template()
[3175] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect variable reference in bbp_template_include() when editing a topic and theme supports bbPress.
[2979] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect variable returned in bbp_has_topics() filter, and improve inline documentation.
[3237] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect variable usage in topic merge portion of bbp_replace_the_content()
[3457] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect variable usage in topics widget. Also clean up code so it's easier to understand. Fixes #1606. Props !GautamGupta for original patch.
[2988] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect variable used in bbp_update_reply_forum_id() causing _bbp_forum_id meta value to be set to incorrect value in certain conditions.
[4620] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrectly floated topic tags page content. See #2062.
[3110] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrectly located forum description in single forum shortcode.
[3234] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrectly located reply-form template part in single-topic.php.
[3235] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrectly located topic tag list and single topic description in single topic shortcode.
[6259] xknown Fix infinite loop on xmlrpc.
[2465] johnjamesjacoby Fix inline docs
[3278] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue causing admin post row nonce checks to fail due to incorrect load order. Add Akismet support to core, which will take advantage of the Akismet plugin for WordPress if it is activated. Props Nightgunner5 for original Aksimet concept.
[3587] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue causing sub-forum lists not to appear. Fixes #1674.
[3347] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue in form-topic-tag.php where tag slug was appearing in name field.
[3168] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue in single-forum.php where the forum_id was incorrectly retrieved in certain situations.
[3501] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue when topics and replies are flagged as spam/trash where they would still update last active data for ancestors. Fixes #1631. Fix issue when trashing and deleting a topic, replies may not be properly queried and updated. Fixes #1629.
[3503] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where BuddyPress activity stream items could still be created for non-public forums when using sub-forums. Fixes #1630.
[2693] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where adding as favorites or subscribing would error if user did not have existing favorite or subscription
[3843] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where bbp_get_time_since() can show "5 months, 0 days ago"
[3323] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where bbp_is_user_home() would always return true, due to improper type casting.
[3374] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where bbpress.css styling could bleed into pages it does not belong in. Introduces 'bbp_enqueue_scripts' hook as needed for dependencies.
[3366] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where closed forums and topics still allowed new replies to be created in certain situations.
[3365] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where closed forums still allowed new topics to be created in certain situations.
[3063] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where jQuery dependency was not loaded properly when enqueueing theme compat topic.js
[2572] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where loop content could poison parent forum/topic function return values.
[2983] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where new replies were not updating '_bbp_last_reply_id' meta under certain circumstances.
[3386] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where pagination on topic tag page was not working. This uncovered underlying issues with how posts and globals were reset as part of theme compatibility. Fixes #1589.
[2976] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where post form values would disappear when editing or creating a new topic. Addresses topic portion of #1466.
[2917] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where profiles of user_login's with spaces or periods could not be viewed. Fixes #1475. Props Nightgunner5.
[3141] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where splitting a topic in half would result in the new lead topic post to be missing in some circumstances.
[2835] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where stickies and super stickies were overwriting the position of normal posts in the loop.
[2890] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where subforums were limited to 5
[3515] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where subscription emails were not being sent in some circumstances.
[2579] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where the_content would display on incorrect post_type's
[3443] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where topic pagination was not linking to topic when permalinks were unpretty. Fixes #1604.
[3346] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where topic tags could not be renamed or reslugged.
[2937] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where topics widget would only show topics created by the author when viewing that users profile.
[3368] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where wide pre tags would skew width of topic tables.
[3795] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue with 'Anonymous' appearing as username when first post is created by a bozo'ed user. (trunk/1.1)
[3796] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue with author of post_id 1 appearing as topic last poster when first post is created by a bozo'ed user. (trunk/1.1)
[3056] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue with editing replies via the admin area.
[4741] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue with user profile replies pagination. Props r-a-y. Fixes #2190.
[3794] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue with voices showing "Array" when user that posted topic is spammed or bozo'ed. (trunk/1.1)
[3295] johnjamesjacoby Fix issues with creating/editing topics and replies from within wp-admin. Fixes #1544.
[2675] johnjamesjacoby Fix list of topics when viewing a topic tag
[2823] johnjamesjacoby Fix login smart redirect. Fixes #1460, #1459. Props !GautamGupta
[3126] johnjamesjacoby Fix lost password page template and related functions. Fix duplicate template notices on theme forms. Fixes #1491.
[5424] netweb Fix missing @since phpdoc in `converter.php`
[5686] netweb Fix missing @since revision in `bbp_is_forum_visibility()`
[3256] johnjamesjacoby Fix missing @since revision, update phpdoc, and variable clean-up for bbp_author_metabox(). Props eagle-eyed duck_
[2588] johnjamesjacoby Fix missing global
[3177] johnjamesjacoby Fix missing hidden reply title field in bbp_reply_form_fields()
[3373] johnjamesjacoby Fix missing quotes in bbp_get_paged(). Fixes #1582. Props sorich87.
[4575] johnjamesjacoby Fix missing tab-index on topic-type select element.
[3364] johnjamesjacoby Fix missing textdomains in bbp-admin/bbp-replies.php. Fixes #1577. Props dimadin.
[3519] johnjamesjacoby Fix mixed line endings in interface.js. (1.0 branch)
[3479] johnjamesjacoby Fix mixed line endings in interface.js. (trunk)
[3697] johnjamesjacoby Fix more accidental inline assignments in bbp-user-functions.php (see r3696). Also use $wbdb in bbp_make_ham_user() and use array_keys() since we do not use any blog details here.
[2511] chrishajer Fix multiple anonymous posting issues. Fixes #1310. Props !GautamGupta
[2921] johnjamesjacoby Fix nested span on bbp_reply_admin_links() in loop-bbp_replies.php. Fixes #1455.
[5598] nacin Fix notice in bozo plugin.
[5606] johnjamesjacoby Fix notice in bozo plugin. For 1.2 branch. See r5598.
[4273] johnjamesjacoby Fix old bbp-includes references in phpdoc.
[2502] chrishajer Fix order of posts and remove duplicates, using a regex. Fixes #1301. Props Nightgunner5
[3361] johnjamesjacoby Fix pagination issues when using topics shortcode on front page. Also use pagination_base instead of 'page'. Fixes #1567, #1573. Props scribu.
[6247] johnjamesjacoby Fix pagination typo.
[6152] xknown Fix parse errors in PHP 7 The result of `new` can't be longer assigned by reference.
[3351] johnjamesjacoby Fix phpDoc and rogue whitespace. Props cnorris23. Fixes #1563.
[2487] johnjamesjacoby Fix phpDoc from r2485. Fix unclean arg type for option values.
[2857] johnjamesjacoby Fix phpDoc in bbp_get_forum_voice_count
[3606] johnjamesjacoby Fix phpdoc @uses in bbp_check_user_edit(). See #1664. (2.0)
[2513] johnjamesjacoby Fix phpdoc error
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