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[3508] johnjamesjacoby Add TextDomain and DomainPath to plugin header. Props !Viper007Bond for the reminder.
[3306] johnjamesjacoby Add UI feedback for possible slug and post type collisions.
[5288] johnjamesjacoby Add XML output logging for PHPUnit tests. Props netweb. See #2542.
[2904] johnjamesjacoby Add _bbp_db_version to autoloaded options, as we will need a method for future database updates.
[2909] johnjamesjacoby Add _bbp_forums_per_page option to autoloaded settings resulting in 1 less query per page load.
[2903] johnjamesjacoby Add _bbp_super_sticky_topics to bbp_add_options so it is autoloaded, reducing query count by 1 on each page load.
[4755] johnjamesjacoby Add _doing_it_wrong() feedback to bbp_setup_current_user(), to help debug role and capability issues when the current user is prematurely loaded.
[3349] johnjamesjacoby Add _insert_ functions for forums, topics, and replies. Audit (forum/topic/hidden) meta key and updater function names and and normalize them where needed. (Existing installs will need to run recounts, or let them adjust themselves naturally as new topics and replies come in.)
[5564] johnjamesjacoby Add `'suggest'` to `common` script prerequisites.
[5565] johnjamesjacoby Add `'suggest'` to `replies` script prerequisites.
[5772] johnjamesjacoby Add `.htaccess`, `.DS_Store`, and `.gitignore` to `.gitignore`, taking influence from WordPress core. Hat-tip netweb. See #2802.
[5909] johnjamesjacoby Add `@package` and `@subpackage` to file headers where missing; rename if inconsistent; move to bottom of PHPDoc blocks where appropriate. See #WP27262.
[5322] johnjamesjacoby Add `NUMERIC` type hinting to view queries. Props netweb. Fixes #2554.
[5793] netweb Add `autocomplete="off"` to password field on login widget, user login form, and converter form. Props pareshradadiya. Fixes #2772
[6338] johnjamesjacoby Add `bbp_rel_nofollow()` to `bbp_get_cancel_reply_to_link` filter. Also clean-up `bbp_get_cancel_reply_to_link()` a bit. See #3067.
[5727] netweb Add `bbp_rel_nofollow` and `wp_unslash` filters to `bbp_get_topic_reply_link` and `bbp_get_reply_to_link` topic reply links. Props netweb. Fixes #2515
[5282] johnjamesjacoby Add `build` directory to `svn:ignore`. Props netweb. See #2542.
[5586] netweb Add `grunt-banner` to replace deprecated banners in `cssmin`
[5301] johnjamesjacoby Add `meta_type` hinting to `bbp_move_reply_handler()`. See #2554.
[5299] johnjamesjacoby Add `meta_type` hinting to `bbp_update_forum_last_topic_id()`. See #2554.
[5300] johnjamesjacoby Add `meta_type` hinting to admin queries. See #2554.
[5298] johnjamesjacoby Add `meta_type` hinting to topics queries. See #2554.
[5297] johnjamesjacoby Add `meta_type` hinting to widget queries. See #2554.
[5302] johnjamesjacoby Add `meta_type` to extra page template: `page-topics-no-replies.php`. See #2554.
[5337] johnjamesjacoby Add `overflow-x: auto` styling to `code` and `pre` tags, to allow very long single lines of code to wrap without breaking outside of the bounding box.
[5329] johnjamesjacoby Add `separate_items_with_commas` string in `bbp_get_topic_tag_tax_labels()`.
[5446] netweb Add a full stop to bbPress' short description, improves plugin cards readability see #WP28785 Comment:40
[3273] johnjamesjacoby Add a global plugins variable to main bbPress global class. bbPress plugins can use this to store global information, rather than instantiating their own separate globals.
[5531] netweb Add a leading slash to `phpunit.xml` in `.gitignore` to only ignore `phpunit.xml` in the root folder
[6970] johnjamesjacoby Add a new line where there should be one.
[4749] johnjamesjacoby Add a note about bbcodes and smilies to welcome screen. Props netweb. Fixes #2192.
[2627] johnjamesjacoby Add a ton of template tags for last topic, last reply, and associated authors
[2860] johnjamesjacoby Add ability for capable users to edit anonymous topic/post user data. Fixes #1463.
[2991] johnjamesjacoby Add ability to filter topics and replies on a per forum basis to match stand alone functionality.
[5833] johnjamesjacoby Add ability to use icons as column headers ala Comment bubbles (off by default.)
[5303] johnjamesjacoby Add actions before & after register template part fieldset fields. Fixes #2534.
[3417] johnjamesjacoby Add actions to bbp-twentyten template files for forums, topics, and replies. See #1538.
[3807] johnjamesjacoby Add actions to user- template parts in bbp-theme-compat. Fixes #1786. Props jaredatch for original patch.
[2833] johnjamesjacoby Add actions to user-edit.php in bbp-twentyten to allow customizing of the edit profile page. Fixes #1410.
[3474] johnjamesjacoby Add activity stream at-name mentions to BuddyPress extension when editing topics and replies. See r3473.
[3473] johnjamesjacoby Add activity stream at-name mentions to BuddyPress extension.
[4609] johnjamesjacoby Add additional form permissions to BuddyPress group forums, to prevent banned and non-members from posting to groups they are not part of. Props r-a-y. Fixes #2095.
[4592] johnjamesjacoby Add additional phpdoc note to _bbp_reinit_dynamic_roles(). See #2103.
[3438] johnjamesjacoby Add admin_dir var to $bbp->admin global, and use it in BBP_Admin class. Add filter to importer path to allow override. Fixes #1598. Props !GautamGupta for original patch.
[2840] johnjamesjacoby Add an extra 20px of width to the content area.
[3245] johnjamesjacoby Add an index.php file to every folder, with a note not to modify core files. In the languages and themes folders, include additional reminder that custom files will be lost during bbPress updates and where custom files should be located.
[2923] johnjamesjacoby Add ancestor walkers to update_reply functions for topic and forum
[2686] johnjamesjacoby Add anonymous posting option to forum settings
[2828] johnjamesjacoby Add anonymous user data editing ability to topics and replies. Fixes #1409. Props !GautamGupta
[3620] johnjamesjacoby Add another missing textdomain in topics widget. See #1661.
[3182] johnjamesjacoby Add archive pages to bbp-twentyten theme
[3183] johnjamesjacoby Add archive slug options to bbp-core-options.php
[3688] johnjamesjacoby Add attributes to forum/topic/reply contextual help. Props Mamaduka. Fixes #1699.
[2641] johnjamesjacoby Add author URI to bbpress.php
[4902] johnjamesjacoby Add authordata to topic/reply metabox. Props mzaweb. Fixes #2224.
[3753] johnjamesjacoby Add autoembed to topics and replies. * Includes admin setting to toggle on/off (default on) * Introduce option function to get the setting globally * Hooked into bbp_init so can be overridden as needed * Fixes #1752 * Props jaredatch for original patch
[2881] johnjamesjacoby Add avatar styling to topic revision log
[3484] johnjamesjacoby Add backwards compat for BuddyPress members component to strip_mentions_on_edit()
[2676] johnjamesjacoby Add bbPress logo to bbp-twentyten screenshot to help it stand out in the crowd
[3766] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp-actions.php to admin files to handle admin actions not in the BBP_Admin class. * Move admin actions out of bbp-core-actions.php * Include in bbPress class when needed * Add admin sub-actions for dependent plugins * Move Recount specific functions into bbp-tools.php
[2582] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp-admin folder and placeholders for settings and tools related code.
[3207] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp-form class to bbp-twentyten fieldsets, and simplify CSS for fieldsets and their elements. For theme compat.
[2786] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp-options.php to project for options specific code. Improve admin settings area, adding slugs, posts per page, and enable/disable favorites, subscriptions, and anonymous posting. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2505] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp-themes folder.
[3382] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_add_error() and bbp_has_error() functions to handle error adding and checking, and use through-out project. Rejig functions with early GET and POST checks to bail early rather than wrap routine in an if statement. Fixes issue where removing favorites and subscriptions from user profile pages would redirect incorrectly. Fixes issue where spamming and trashing topics and replies would not force view=all in some cases.
[3744] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_add_template_locations() filter to bbp_get_template_part() to allow parts to filtered too, and update bbp-theme-compat theme to use this. See r3739.
[2600] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_forum_dropdown to New Topic form when not viewing a specific forum.
[2891] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_get_public_child_ids function to retrieve an array of post_id's from any other post_id. Add 'bbpress' cache group to wp_cache_get calls so that cached values are actually returned.
[3254] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_is_forum_archive() check to bbp_has_topics() to prevent $in_forum from being set.
[3765] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_is_install() function which checks if raw DB version exists. Update bbp_is_install() logic to not create variables.
[4574] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_is_reply_edit() check to bbp_get_topic_id(). * Addresses bug where topic subscription status would show incorrect value. * Props ethitter. * Fixes #2093.
[2892] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_is_reply_trash function. Use bbp_is_topic_trash function in bbp_get_reply_admin_links to prevent manipulating replies from within a trashed topic, which greatly increases the risk of skewing topic and reply counts.
[4973] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_is_single_topic() check to topic pagination count, before using threaded count output. Fixes issue where threaded output would incorrectly appear on user profile replies. See #2340.
[3384] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_is_topic_tag() to is_bbpress() check. Fixes #1581. Props sorich87.
[2893] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_is_topic_trash function. Clean up sticky sql query in bbp_has_topics.
[2695] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_no_replies template page to list topics without replies
[2618] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_ready action to bbp-loader.php
[3051] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_set_404() function to bbp-general-functions.php for future use with theme compatability
[4939] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_settings_user_slugs section to mapped capabilities method. See #1500.
[2491] PeteMall Add bbp_topic_forum_ID and bbp_get_topic_forum_ID template tags.
[2638] johnjamesjacoby Add bbpress tag to theme, along with tags from Twenty Ten
[2518] chrishajer Add binary favicon.ico, not the HTML for the page (oops.) Fixes #1303
[3763] johnjamesjacoby Add body.rtl styling to bbp-admin.php inline CSS instead of brearking in and out of PHP to use is_rtl().
[3140] johnjamesjacoby Add body.single to fieldset clear for theme compat
[4649] johnjamesjacoby Add br tags to allowed array in bbp_encode_bad() function. Prevents existing line breaks from being encoded if ported from bbPress 1.1.
[5485] johnjamesjacoby Add brackets to comparison in `bbp_is_single_forum()`.
[5216] johnjamesjacoby Add brackets to improve code readability in `bbPress` class.
[3809] johnjamesjacoby Add caching to topic subscription queries. Props MZAWeb. Fixes #1794.
[5630] johnjamesjacoby Add capability checks to admin-area ajax methods, and port nonce checks & js from trunk. Props jdgrimes. (2.5 branch)
[5627] johnjamesjacoby Add capability checks to admin-area ajax methods. Props jdgrimes. (trunk)
[3048] johnjamesjacoby Add caps for hidden forums. Add read_private_forums and read_hidden_forums caps to moderator role.
[3670] johnjamesjacoby Add checks to bbp_pre_get_posts_exclude_forums() to prevent accidental override of wp-admin post_rows. Fixes #1719.
[2933] johnjamesjacoby Add checks to supplemental topic and reply actions to make sure those actions are only called on those kinds of objects. Also perform sanity check on $args['post_parent'] before attempting to unset it in bbp_has_topics()
[3932] johnjamesjacoby Add class to loop-single-topic.php template for single topic links to make themm easier to style independently. (bbp-twentyten/bbp-theme-compat)
[2473] chrishajer Add class to super sticky posts. Fixes #1309. Props mr_pelle
[3609] johnjamesjacoby Add class_exists check to BBP_Forums_Group_Extension to prevent errors if BuddyPress Groups component is deactivated.
[3831] johnjamesjacoby Add classes to bbp_get_forum_class(): * Add 'bbp-has-subforums' if forum has subforums * Add 'loop-item-%' for each item in the loop * Split code up into easier to grok chunks * Fixes #1803
[2506] johnjamesjacoby Add constants for themes dir and url
[3823] johnjamesjacoby Add context to 'Open' and 'Close' strings. Props daveshine. Fixes #1798.
[2531] johnjamesjacoby Add contexts to localized strings, fix verbiage, and fix missing fieldset close tag. Fixes #1324.
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