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Changeset Author Message
[3432] johnjamesjacoby Change hidden post status from protected to private, as we are now handling forum privacy scope manually. Fixes #1576.
[2645] johnjamesjacoby Change phpDoc and rearrange functions in the order they are called
[3360] johnjamesjacoby Change size of metabox input boxes from 38 to 25, to prevent them from being wider than the parent element.
[2911] johnjamesjacoby Change subscription checkbox text if the post is the current users or someone else's. Fixes #1462.
[3650] johnjamesjacoby Change the default class in bbp_list_forums() so it does not conflict with non-list forums.
[3155] johnjamesjacoby Change the filter used on _bbp_root_slug from sanitize_title to esc_url_raw, to allow for a page path with slashes.
[4737] johnjamesjacoby Change topic and reply content filter order to move 'bbp_mention_filter' just behind 'make_clickable' since mentions are an extention of it. See #2185.
[3839] johnjamesjacoby Check $anonymous_data variable before assuming array index exists in bbp_check_for_duplicate()
[3326] johnjamesjacoby Check appropriate cap in bbp_get_forum_topics_link(). See r3325.
[2622] johnjamesjacoby Check caps on new topic and new reply forms
[3827] johnjamesjacoby Check for BBPRESS_LATE_LOAD constant to enable bbPress to be loaded on plugins_loaded action instead of inline.
[5611] johnjamesjacoby Check for `IXR_Value` class before including BackPress's version. Avoids collisions when deeply integrated with WordPress. For 1.1 & 1.2 branches.
[3562] johnjamesjacoby Check for active BuddyPress Group component before registering Forum extension.
[2969] johnjamesjacoby Check for bbp_show_lead_topic() and adjust verbiage from "Replies" to "Posts" and show favorites/subscription links if set to false
[4940] johnjamesjacoby Check for both forum/topic archives when setting 'bbp_show_topics_on_root' query arg. Fixes paged 404's in configurations where a !WordPress page is used in place of the normal Forum archive. See #1500.
[3148] johnjamesjacoby Check for different _get_meta_sql function names (since we are using it prematurely in WP 3.1)
[3199] johnjamesjacoby Check for subforum count in bbp_list_forums() before running expensive IN queries on each forum.
[2853] johnjamesjacoby Check for valid topic and reply ID's on topic_author functions.
[2765] johnjamesjacoby Check proper 'moderate' cap on topic/reply admin actions. Fixes #1432.
[3541] johnjamesjacoby Check query name in bbp_is_single_view(). Fixes #1651. Props !GautamGupta for original patch.
[3569] johnjamesjacoby Check query name in bbp_is_single_view(). See #1651, r3541. (2.1)
[3045] johnjamesjacoby Check that $post global exists to prevent errors and debug notices on genuine 404 pages.
[5077] johnjamesjacoby Check that 'bbp_topic_status' is set before comparing to available topic statuses. Also, use bbp_get_topic_statuses() instead of hardcoded array.
[5596] johnjamesjacoby Check that `user_url` exists before attempting to allow it in max-links.
[5189] johnjamesjacoby Check the `$author_id` before passing it into `bbp_is_user_keymaster()` in blacklist and moderation functions. Prevents accidental role escalation if `$author_id` is empty. See #2393.
[5186] johnjamesjacoby Check the `$located` variable to avoid trying to enqueue a style or script that was not found.
[5024] johnjamesjacoby Check the action in bbp_search_results_redirect(), and bail early if it's not a search request. Fixes regression causing topic merge/split/move actions to redirect to search page introduced in r4928.
[3584] johnjamesjacoby Check the post_content instead of post_title in forum & topic content form functions.
[2960] johnjamesjacoby Check the previous item for separation rather than the current item
[2796] johnjamesjacoby Check the topic_id and reply_id when appending revision logs
[2912] johnjamesjacoby Clarify subscription notification email text. Props designsimply, hanni, westi. Fixes #1472.
[4211] johnjamesjacoby Classes: * Clean up BBP_Walker_Dropdown::start_el()
[6692] johnjamesjacoby Classes: add more author & moderator related CSS classes to helper functions. This change adds classes to forums, topics, and replies where the respective author is also a moderator of the nearest parent forum. See #459.
[2922] johnjamesjacoby Clean up @todo's
[3828] johnjamesjacoby Clean up BBP_Component class methods. Pass $wp_rewrite in sub aciton.
[3026] johnjamesjacoby Clean up _includes() and add 'shortcodes' to the list of included files.
[5376] johnjamesjacoby Clean up `bbp_get_reply_to()` to improve code readability. (2.5 branch)
[5167] johnjamesjacoby Clean up `bbp_get_user_blog_role()` to avoid creating an unused variable.
[2479] johnjamesjacoby Clean up admin area code. Move actions outside of init. Add phpdoc to admin area. Rename a few functions for consistency sake.
[3343] johnjamesjacoby Clean up admin components and loader code.
[2724] johnjamesjacoby Clean up admin forum/topic/reply columns.
[5083] johnjamesjacoby Clean up admin settings fields attribute order: name, ID, type, value, others... See #2388.
[2742] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bb-login.php to prevent potential redirection exploit.
[3359] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bbPress::setup_actions()
[3096] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bbp-admin.php and bbp-users.php after recent separation
[3480] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bbp-twentyten/functions.php
[4238] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bbp_current_author_ua().
[4983] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bbp_get_displayed_user_field(). See #1999.
[2985] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bbp_get_reply_url() and fix issue where trashed replies and view=all would cause malformed URLs.
[4504] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bbp_has_forums() and remove 1-time-use variable.
[4239] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bbp_make_ham_user() and bbp_make_spam_user().
[2950] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bbp_topic_notices() and add ability for custom notices to be filtered.
[3770] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bbpress.php phpdoc
[5500] johnjamesjacoby Clean up core `actions.php`. Props netweb. See #2645.
[2694] johnjamesjacoby Clean up favorites and subscription adding code
[2996] johnjamesjacoby Clean up forum type setting functions. Add function to support hidden forum visibility type. Remove unneeded $bbp global references. Fix incorrect variable name in bbp_update_forum_last_active_id().
[2998] johnjamesjacoby Clean up forum visibility template tags. Include functions for checking each visibility state, as well as retrieving the raw value.
[3448] johnjamesjacoby Clean up forum widget UI. Fixes #1521.
[3152] johnjamesjacoby Clean up functions.php of bbp-twentyten
[2802] johnjamesjacoby Clean up index.php. Number format friendliness. Add some comments. Fixes #1370 props !JohnConners
[3845] johnjamesjacoby Clean up inline doc for array elements in _has_functions to be more human readable.
[2655] johnjamesjacoby Clean up loop-bbp_topics code from adding favorites feature
[2837] johnjamesjacoby Clean up merge and split template files. Only show certain options if other topics exist within the current forum. Add class for general informational messages.
[4925] johnjamesjacoby Clean up overlapping default arguments in user_topics/replies_created functions.
[3460] johnjamesjacoby Clean up pagination count code and add notes for translators. See #1605.
[4605] johnjamesjacoby Clean up phpdoc block for bbp_kses_allowed_tags().
[4610] johnjamesjacoby Clean up phpdoc for bbp_get_total_users(). See #1799.
[3329] johnjamesjacoby Clean up plugins_url global and usages. Props cnorris23. Fixes #1557.
[2744] johnjamesjacoby Clean up post type registration code. Allow capable users to view trashed/spammed topics. Fixes #1346. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in.
[2697] johnjamesjacoby Clean up setting of current_user variable
[3144] johnjamesjacoby Clean up shortcode class phpDoc
[2949] johnjamesjacoby Clean up some @todo's and add some missing inline documentation to bbp-topic-functions.php.
[2701] johnjamesjacoby Clean up some old phpDoc
[2934] johnjamesjacoby Clean up the default topic status code in bbp_has_topics()
[3071] johnjamesjacoby Clean up the main bbPress and BBP_Admin classes. Add php5 constructors for future compatibility.
[3080] johnjamesjacoby Clean up the shortcode output buffer methods.
[3193] johnjamesjacoby Clean up whitespace and comment out Green admin UI styling since it will need a refresh when WordPress 3.1 ships anyways.
[3743] johnjamesjacoby Clean up whitespace and formatting in template loader functions. See r3739.
[3740] johnjamesjacoby Clean up whitespace and remove some cruft from r3739.
[6390] johnjamesjacoby Clean-up `bbp_current_author_ua()`.
[5016] johnjamesjacoby Clean-up admin ajax JS for Suggest methods. Fixes #2224.
[3704] johnjamesjacoby Clean-up bbp-common-template.php: * Remove unused globals * Use bbp_get_global_post_field() * Avoid accidental inline assignments
[4496] johnjamesjacoby Clean-up bbp_get_dropdown() so unsetting variables for get_posts() usage is not necessary.
[5014] johnjamesjacoby Clean-up to Example.php converter. Props netweb. Fixes #2134.
[2565] johnjamesjacoby Cleanup wp_debug errors. Fixes #1335, #1336, #1338, #1339, and #1340.
[4333] johnjamesjacoby Cleanup: * Move a few files out of /core and into /common. * Includes: widgets, shortcodes, classes. * Update bbpress.php to use new paths.
[4603] johnjamesjacoby Clear float for #bbp-topic-hot-tags in default CSS. Fixes #2062.
[5032] johnjamesjacoby Clearing CSS hack. Fixes content display issues related to hierarchical replies. Props mordauk. Fixes #2345.
[3967] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Add $Id$ Subversion keyword to bbpress.php. * See #1851.
[4505] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Add brackets to /forums/template-tags.php. * Remove duplicate variable assignments.
[4565] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Add brackets to some updater functions.
[4563] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Add some brackets to improve readability.
[3956] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Clean up bbPress::register_post_statuses() to not create variables.
[3966] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * First pass at updating subversion properties. * Remove text/x-php mime types. * Remove text/css mime types. * Remove invalid sv:mime-type property. * See #1851.
[3953] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Fix incorrect @since phpdoc (rxxxx placeholders)
[3964] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Lose EOF ?>. * Clean up EOF newlines. * Fixes #1850.
[4281] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * More politely cast arrays in settings sections and fields. * Use esc_html__() on some admin strings. See #1999. * Clean up bbp_converter_setting_callback_platform().
[4248] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Move bbp-admin into bbp-includes/admin. * Introduce includes_dir and includes_url bbpress() vars. * Adjust BBP_Admin include paths. * See: #1975.
[4249] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Move bbp-includes files into respective subdirectories. * Adjust include paths. * Remove superfluous inline file descriptions. * See: #1975.
[3951] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Move preset bbPress class variables into bbPress::setup_globals() action. * Introduce magic get/set methods to handle main bbPress class variables. * Keeps by-reference bbPress->current_user outside of bbPress->data. * Reduces code duplication in bbPress class. * Fixes #1847.
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