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[3858] johnjamesjacoby Number format fixes: * Introduce bbp_number_format_i18n * Clean up number format filters * Allow empty $number values to be passed safely
[4258] johnjamesjacoby Number Formatting: * Introduce $integer parameter to template-tags to switch filter for integer usage. * Use absint() where appropriate when getting counts. * Smarter int type casting. * Fixes bug where calculations were being done against formatted strings. * Fixes #1974.
[4739] johnjamesjacoby Now that mentions are in bbPress core, remove the extra mention code in the BuddyPress activity extension. Fixes #2185.
[3996] johnjamesjacoby Notifications (1.1 branch): * Check post_status before notifying subscribers, in bb_notify_subscribers(). * Fixes #1479. * Props jkudish.
[7185] johnjamesjacoby Notices: correct string type checking of "loggedout" $_GET parameter. This commit stops checking for a boolean and starts checking for a string, allowing for the "You are now logged out." notice to correctly appear as intended. In trunk for 2.7.0. See #3414. Props dilipbheda, isabel104.
[7186] johnjamesjacoby Notices: correct string type checking of "loggedout" $_GET parameter. This commit stops checking for a boolean and starts checking for a string, allowing for the "You are now logged out." notice to correctly appear as intended. In branches/2.6 for 2.6.7. Fixes #3414. Props dilipbheda, isabel104.
[4991] johnjamesjacoby Normalize topic and reply admin method names. Some of them were still prefixed from back when all admin methods were in 1 mega-class.
[3233] johnjamesjacoby Normalize the user template files. Add wrapper around user.php template content.
[2863] johnjamesjacoby Normalize tag management files. Use bb_die() where applicable. Swap out destroy_tag verbiage to comply with boolean delete_term results.
[4733] johnjamesjacoby Normalize svn props for .php files, and add missing index.php to /includes/search/ directory.
[5399] johnjamesjacoby Normalize metabox UI across Forums, Topics, & Replies. Hat-tip netweb. Fixes #2463.
[5060] johnjamesjacoby Normalize forum, topic, and reply dropdown form fields and associated functions. Includes several new functions with _get_ equivalents to replace incorrectly named _select() functions. First pass at adding custom topic status handling. Props jkudish. See #2187. Also replaces $wpdb->update() calls with wp_update_post() in associated functions. Fixes #2351.
[2810] johnjamesjacoby Normalize bbp-twentyten theme files. Introduce bbp_tab_index functions for forms. Rename some page- files to action- since they are not page templates. Introduce bbp_login and bbp_register place-holders in bbp-twentyten theme.
[2812] johnjamesjacoby Normalize bbp-includes directory. Mostly documentation fixes. Introduce bbp-shortcodes placeholder.
[3312] johnjamesjacoby Normalize archive pages and include content-archive template parts for topics and forums.
[2905] johnjamesjacoby Normalize all post_meta values by removing the _forum, _topic, and _reply prefixes off of them where appropriate. There is no point in having them be unique to the post type as it only duplicates the code needed to perform requests. Future trimming to follow. Introduce bbp-update.php file, which is used to update existing installations to the new meta_key names from this revision.
[5403] johnjamesjacoby Normalize Favorite and Subscribe links for Forums and Topics so they are visually linear to the breadcrumb. Hat-tip netweb. Fixes #2575.
[4024] johnjamesjacoby Nonces: * Use bbp_verify_nonce_request() to prevent the awkward wp_die() experience in forums. * Add nonce checks to subscriptions and favorites. * More aggressive returns on edit/new forum/topic/reply nonce and capability checks. Prevents surplus processing when we already know nothing more should happen. * Bail early if bbp_has_errors() rather than wrapping around it. * Fixes #1863.
[4023] johnjamesjacoby Nonces: * Introduce bbp_verify_nonce_request() to check nonces on theme-side requests. * See #1863.
[6012] johnjamesjacoby Nonce functions are part of the `common` component.
[4050] johnjamesjacoby Non Scriptio Continua.
[2845] johnjamesjacoby No follow on all user links, and follow up with stripslashes for good measure.
[4672] johnjamesjacoby Nicename Usage: * Introduce template tags for getting and displaying a user nicenames. Helpful for themes that want easier access to @mentions data. * Improve mention filters to use 'slug' instead of 'login.' Fixes possible mismatches when login and nicename are different.
[3746] johnjamesjacoby Next pass at BuddyPress Group Fourms integration: * Filter forms to prevent fields from appearing * Output new field data where needed on above forms * Better integration with group create and edit screens * Tweak forum/group ID functions to return arrays when needed * Flesh out display_forums() method * See #1669
[5043] johnjamesjacoby New approach to content replacement for theme compatability. Rather than juggle the post global and post content around in two procedures, set post_content via bbp_theme_compat_reset_post(). This reduces some complexity, avoids nested shortcodes, and fixes shortcode and the_content filter conflicts. See #2343.
[3936] johnjamesjacoby Narrow the scope of .bbp-topic-permalink styling in bbp-theme-compat.
[2523] johnjamesjacoby Mute the wphead border just a bit
[5385] netweb Multiple strings in .editorconfig sections should be wrapped in curly brackets Props treyhunner. Fixes #2614
[2471] chrishajer Multiple fixes for email subscriptions. Note the template changes in kakumei. Probably fixes #1268. Big props to dimadin and !GautamGupta
[4784] johnjamesjacoby Multibyte support for excerpts and breadcrumbs. Hat-tip alex-ye. Fixes #2232.
[4933] johnjamesjacoby Move user base setting into new Users section. Tweak some verbiage to be more succinct. See #1500.
[3653] johnjamesjacoby Move trash status background color to wrapper div.
[3190] johnjamesjacoby Move theme compatibility code out of bbp-general-template.php and into bbp-core-compatibility.php. Swap out require_once() usages for require() through out project where appropriate.
[3734] johnjamesjacoby Move theme compat template files out of bbp-themes and into bbp-theme-compat folder. This avoids confusion with complete bundled theme also acting as the fallback.
[3065] johnjamesjacoby Move theme compat message into dashboard widget
[3345] johnjamesjacoby Move the topic tag form template part out of bbp_has_topics() check, and rely normal 404 handling if tag does not exist.
[2692] johnjamesjacoby Move special query_vars into dedicated functions
[3143] johnjamesjacoby Move shortcodes into object variable, and add php5 constructor. This allows bbPress plugins to filter existing shortcodes, and/or add new ones.
[4593] johnjamesjacoby Move root template check to below reset_post blocks. Fixes incorrect 404 and corrects header statuses when using root templates. See #1478.
[2952] johnjamesjacoby Move revision log updaters from -template files to -function files with other updaters. Update phpDoc in functions that previously ran sanity updates if fields did not exist. Mark @todo's in places where sanity meta updates still exist, and mark for investigation for eventual removal.
[3713] johnjamesjacoby Move return values into variables for easier debugging in bbp-user-template.php.
[4782] johnjamesjacoby Move new topic sticky-check after 'bbp_new_topic' action, to ensure forum ID meta is saved via bbp_update_topic(). Also move sticky-check in edit-topic handler, so correct forum ID is used when moving a sticky topic. Props imath. Fixes #2230.
[2599] johnjamesjacoby Move loader functions out of needless class, and whitespace fixes.
[3284] johnjamesjacoby Move loader functions into bbp-core-hooks. Add bbp_new_site action, which is used to create roles, caps, and options when a new site is created on a multisite installation. Remove is_site_admin() check from bbp_allowed_themes() to ensure bbp-twentyten is available for all sites.
[3728] johnjamesjacoby Move is_super_admin() checks to allow return values to be filtered in bbp-user-template.php.
[2593] johnjamesjacoby Move included files into bbp-includes. First pass at meta caps (hat tip greenshady)
[2644] johnjamesjacoby Move hooks and actions into _setup_actions
[2690] johnjamesjacoby Move hidden form fields on edit user page into bbp_edit_user_form_fields()
[5178] johnjamesjacoby Move filter adding higher up in `filters.php.` See #2291.
[3561] johnjamesjacoby Move favorites and subscriptions handlers off of template_loader action and on to bp_actions in BuddyPress extension.
[2752] johnjamesjacoby Move excerpt functions under reply_content functions.
[2608] johnjamesjacoby Move capability add/remove into bbp-caps.php
[5544] netweb Move callback `callback_check_anonymous` from individual importers to `BBP_Converter_Base` in `converter.php`. * Allows us to lean on `callback_userid` to determine multiple anonymous or guest topic and reply authors during import and reduces code duplication Props netweb. See #2347
[3433] johnjamesjacoby Move bbp_pre_get_posts_exclude_forums() to bbp-forum-functions.php.
[2594] johnjamesjacoby Move bbp_loader.php into includes. Rename run-file to bbpress.php. Remove references to 1.2 version and replace with 'plugin'
[4404] johnjamesjacoby Move bbp_load_textdomain() onto 'bbp_init' - was loading too early on 'bbp_loaded' -> 'plugins_loaded'.
[4773] johnjamesjacoby Move bbp_add_forums_roles() to 'bbp_after_setup_theme' action. Fixes issues with role names not being translated in some areas. Fixes #2219.
[3389] johnjamesjacoby Move bbp-twentyten JS and ajax into proper hook. Make topic.js aware that favorites can be disabled.
[3078] johnjamesjacoby Move bbp-css and bbp-images into bbp-admin folder, since they only contain an admin style and the admin icons.
[3077] johnjamesjacoby Move bbp-css and bbp-images into bbp-admin folder, since they only contain an admin style and the admin icons.
[2613] johnjamesjacoby Move bbp-admin.php into /bbp-admin/ directory. Also introduce bbp-tools page for performing recounts, and bbp-functions.php to stash admin specific functions in.
[3104] johnjamesjacoby Move all theme compat functions to the bottom of bbp-general-template.php
[2659] johnjamesjacoby Move ajax handling of favorites into theme. Clean up other favorites related code. More to do.
[2658] johnjamesjacoby Move ajax handling of favorites into theme. Clean up other favorites related code. More to do.
[3812] johnjamesjacoby Move admin action setup lower in file. See r3811.
[5225] johnjamesjacoby Move admin CSS and JS out of `admin_head` and into proper enqueues. New `admin.css` replaces top level icons with Dashicons, introduced in WordPress 3.8. Fixes #2396. See #2463.
[3192] johnjamesjacoby Move a few theme compatibility helper functions out of bbp-general-functions.php and into bbp-core-compatibility.php
[5274] johnjamesjacoby Move `includes` and `templates` back into `/src` directory. See #2452.
[4570] jmdodd Move `bbp_notify_subscribers` to priority 11. * Fixes #2038.
[3217] johnjamesjacoby Move _bbp_include_root option into single slug area, to more accurately mirror the order of the settings page. Include more detailed description of what it does.
[3559] johnjamesjacoby Move BuddyPress extension loader to bbp-core-hooks.php.
[3282] johnjamesjacoby Move 'bbp_user' and 'bbp_view' into bbPress global vars, so they can be referenced by external plugins more easily and require less maintenance to change if needed later.
[4826] johnjamesjacoby Move 'bbp_template_redirect' action to priority 8, giving bbPress precedence over network activated plugins hooked to 'template_redirect' at priority 10 (like BuddyPress). Fixes #2225.
[3439] johnjamesjacoby Move 'bbp_setup_updater' action to 'bbp_admin_init' so update only runs when accessing wp-admin. See #1569. Props nacin.
[3427] johnjamesjacoby Move 'bbp_setup_updater' action off of 'bbp_init' and late onto 'bbp_ready' to ensure alterations to the permastruct have settled. Fixes issue where a bbPress update would flush the rewrite rules too early on bbPress update. See #1569.
[3689] johnjamesjacoby Move 'bbp_setup_current_user' action off of 'bbp_init' and onto 'set_current_user.' See #1722.
[3012] johnjamesjacoby Move 'bbp_register_textdomain' to priority 2 on 'bbp_init' action. Fixes #1497. Props !GautamGupta for original patch.
[4988] johnjamesjacoby Move $postarr arrays into their respective calls to wp_update_post().
[3672] johnjamesjacoby More verbose descriptions and whitespace clean-up in bbp-core-hooks.php.
[3424] johnjamesjacoby More useful phpDoc for bbp_sanitize_val() and bbp_get_sanitize_val()
[5091] johnjamesjacoby More updated "About" text for 2.4.
[3147] johnjamesjacoby More tweaks to the readme.txt
[3091] johnjamesjacoby More tweaks to avatar styling. Revert r3089/r3090 in favor of something specific to bbPress templates and widgets that guess at container ID's, since some themes are very specific about their avatar positioning.
[4641] johnjamesjacoby More thorough regex for pre and code tags and HTML entities. Props Corey Worrell. See #1967.
[5335] johnjamesjacoby More specific CSS selector on closed topics to only target lists of topics, not single topic views. See r2962.
[3136] johnjamesjacoby More security sweep and final code clean-up on bbp-topic-functions.php. See #1514.
[3180] johnjamesjacoby More security sweep and code clean-up through bbp-topic-functions.php. Also fix incorrect variable usage in bbp_update_topic_reply_count() and bbp_update_topic_last_active_time(). See #1514.
[2879] johnjamesjacoby More renaming of last_active to last_active_time, this time in bbp-wdigets. Also use enhanced bbp_reply_author_link function to include user gravatar.
[2885] johnjamesjacoby More renaming of last_active to last_active_time, this time in bbp-admin.php
[4590] johnjamesjacoby More precise list-item CSS. See #2113.
[5031] johnjamesjacoby More improvements to responsive CSS. Props mercime. Fixes #1933.
[5333] netweb More grunt updates: * Include bbPress version via `package.json` in the 'banner' of minified CSS & JS files * Include current date and time (UTC) in the 'banner' of minified CSS & JS files * Props netweb. See #2542
[5326] netweb More grunt updates: * Add `grunt-patch-wordpress` to `package.json` * Adds grunt task `grunt patch` to `grunt build` and `grunt build-release` * Requires fresh `npm install` to update dependencies * Full instructions * Props jorbin. See #2542
[5289] johnjamesjacoby More grunt updates: * Add RTL, minified and `SCRIPT_DEBUG` support for bbPress admin CSS. * Add RTL, minified and `SCRIPT_DEBUG` support for bbPress default theme-compat CSS. * RTL bbPress CSS is now compiled with cssjanus. (`bbpress-rtl.css` file removed) * Props netweb. See #2542.
[6387] johnjamesjacoby More graceful handling of the `$post` global in `bbp_get_global_post_field()`.
[5040] johnjamesjacoby More esc_url() improvements, and practice late-escaping where we were otherwise passing around escaped URL variables. See #2367.
[2971] johnjamesjacoby More clean-up to bbp_pre_get_posts. Fixes #1450.
[2509] johnjamesjacoby More bbp_loader.php cleanup. Move activation/deactivation/uninstall sequence functions into loader class.
[3852] johnjamesjacoby More aggressively check private and hidden forums when changing forum status. (plugin branch)
[3851] johnjamesjacoby More aggressively check private and hidden forums when changing forum status. (2.0 branch)
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