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[4989] johnjamesjacoby Practice late escaping in bbp_get_dropdown() to make it more clear that attributes are escaped.
[7276] johnjamesjacoby Posts: strip "Protected/Private" for bbPress post types This change prevents post title hints from being prepended to titles of Forums, Topics, or Replies, which was happening as a consequence of calling `get_the_title()` which assumes every protected/private post title needs it. It does this by including the following code changes: * introduce the `bbp_no_title_status_hints()` filter function, which hooks into 2 WordPress filters and maybe overrides the return value * replace a few `get_the_title()` calls with `get_post_field( 'post_title' )` to bypass the above filters when they would never be desirable Committer note: this could be considered a small back-compat break (because it alters long-standing theme-side output) but ultimately it is a design decision to output all of the forum content as it was saved by the community members. Forums that prefer the old behavior can unhook `bbp_no_title_status_hints` and continue to customize child template parts to insert custom forum status hints. Fixes #3602.
[4509] johnjamesjacoby Posting: * Fix bug causing forum/topic/reply content not to be retained when an error occurs. * Fixes #2057.
[6850] johnjamesjacoby Post Types: replace literal post type strings with functional wrappers. This fills in a few gaps where filtered post type names would not be used.
[4158] johnjamesjacoby Post Time: * Use new post-time template-tags in appropriate bbp-twentyten templates.
[4157] johnjamesjacoby Post Time: * Use new post-time template-tags in appropriate bbp-theme-compat templates.
[4156] johnjamesjacoby Post Time: * Introduce template tags for topic and reply post time. * Includes param for auto-humanizing. * Fixes theme-compat issues with core date/time template-tags by always supplying a trusted post ID. If one is not available, something has gone horribly wrong now.
[7191] johnjamesjacoby Post Statuses: Audit forum/topic/reply, new/edit handlers. This change normalizes the approaches between post types and actions, to ensure predictable behavior and avoid PHP notices from undefined status variables in certain situations. It also adds a capability check to the `bbp_topic_status` condition, so that it is not engaged when the UI was not exposed in the posted form. Props dd32. In trunk for 2.7.0. See #3420.
[7192] johnjamesjacoby Post Statuses: Audit forum/topic/reply, new/edit handlers. This change normalizes the approaches between post types and actions, to ensure predictable behavior and avoid PHP notices from undefined status variables in certain situations. It also adds a capability check to the `bbp_topic_status` condition, so that it is not engaged when the UI was not exposed in the posted form. Props dd32. In branches/2.6 for 2.6.7. Fixes #3420.
[4265] johnjamesjacoby Post Ancestors: * Cast return value of get_post_ancestors() as an array. * Check if results of get_post_ancestors() are empty before attempting to iterate through them. * Fixes issues with looping through orphaned forum content. A rare, but possible occurrence.
[3850] johnjamesjacoby Port r3737 and part r3750 into 2.0 branch. * Cast parent as integer in bbp_get_forum_ancestors() * Remove forum ID from hidden/private arrays when setting to public
[3847] nacin Port [3794], [3795] from trunk to branches/1.1.
[5610] johnjamesjacoby Port PHPUnit testing setup from BuddyPress. More to clean up here later. Also adds 1 test to check for `bbpress()` function availability. See #2542.
[5248] johnjamesjacoby Port Dashicons support from trunk to 2.5 branch, for 2.5.3. Includes updated color schemes.
[4969] johnjamesjacoby Pluralize user settings ID to match existing naming conventions.
[3833] johnjamesjacoby Pinking shears on bbpress.php.
[3800] johnjamesjacoby Pinking shears on bbp-extend-buddypress.php. See #1669.
[5434] johnjamesjacoby Phpdoc corrections to topic dropdown functions.
[5574] netweb Phorum importer: Include Subscribed Topics Props netweb. See #2668
[6853] johnjamesjacoby Permalinks: merge root-slug usage into whichever is shown on root. This change removes the double-archive juggle of having both forums and topics available as archives at the same time, which is traditionally not desirable.
[5954] netweb Performance: Replace direct SQL queries with `WP_Query()` objects in the following functions: * `bbp_update_forum_topic_count()` * `bbp_update_forum_topic_count_hidden()` * `bbp_update_forum_reply_count()` * `bbp_get_public_child_last_id()` * `bbp_get_public_child_count()` * `bbp_get_public_child_ids()` Props johnjamesjacoby. See #1799.
[6544] johnjamesjacoby Performance: Last pass at 2.6 performance tuning. * Keep a local cache of non-options that aren't in the database, to avoid multiple database misses for options we know aren't in the database after `wp_load_alloptions()` is called * Stop getting all favorite IDs and subscription IDs when checking if a user has favorited or subscribed to something, because these queries are expensive joins that are difficult to cache & invalidate * Consolidate forum/topic favorites & subscriptions logic back into central routers, to make it easier to handle taxonomy term subscriptions in the future, and remove nested filter calls that make the call-stack confusing * Informally deprecate some forum & topic specific fav/sub functions * Rename one of the engagements remove functions to better match existing naming pattern * Typo fixes & general code quality improvements * Bump slow tests threshold up to `500` for now, and we can bring back down later (my 12" MacBook runs this pretty slowly, so I'd like to play with this more) * Unit tests are all passing, and more quickly, maybe surprisingly This should result in around 20 fewer database hits on non-persistent-cache sites, on average. When viewing single topics & replies, this will result in more than 25 fewer database hits.
[4061] johnjamesjacoby Performance: * Filter 'posts_request' to allow use of FORCE INDEX when replies are queried that should include the topic post also. * See: #1885, r4059.
[4059] johnjamesjacoby Performance: * Add 'numeric' to applicable meta-queries to avoid casting as char. * Remove meta-queries, and use post_parent where possible. * Introduce _bbp_has_replies_where() filter, attached to 'posts_where' which is responsible for adding the lead topic to the results. This avoids having to use a costly meta-query, potentially resulting in full table scans. * Audit meta-queries, and tweak where needed. * Fixes #1885. * Props vibol for investigation.
[3431] johnjamesjacoby Perform correct cap check in bbp_forum_enforce_private(). See #1576 and r3430.
[4262] johnjamesjacoby Paths: * Remove "bbp-" prefixes on root level directories. * Rename 'themes' to 'templates' to discourage clever people from putting "themes" in there. * Update paths and URLs in bbpress.php.
[6558] johnjamesjacoby Passwords: Upgrade the user-edit experience to use the new'ish password generator. * Introduces new `form-user-passwords.php` template part to encapsulate the more-elaborate password mark-up * Removes `user.js` from the default scripts, and enqueues `user-profiles` instead * Requires tweaks to the default template pack styling to accommodate the password generator being theme-side This change will also allow bbPress to more easily keep-up with changes to the password generator code that comes with WordPress going forward. Huzzah!
[3113] johnjamesjacoby Pass topic-tag as array for compliance with shortcode attributes. Add topic-tag tax check to bbp_has_topics() before resetting post data.
[3011] johnjamesjacoby Pass the forums current visibility through to the functions responsible for changing them. This prevents querying post_meta and object cache for current visibility state, helpful for removing from private and hidden forum site meta.
[3781] johnjamesjacoby Pass param to bbp_get_template_locations() to allow locations to be filtered based on templates being queried. See #1766.
[4515] johnjamesjacoby Pass more variables into freshness link filters. Props jbobich. Fixes #1983.
[4789] johnjamesjacoby Pass complete content into activity stream items. Create excerpt on output rather than input. Fixes #2237.
[4915] johnjamesjacoby Pass an empty array into bbp_parse_args() in bbp_search_query().
[6552] johnjamesjacoby Pass `$type` into favs & subs link arguments. Missed in r6551.
[5486] johnjamesjacoby Pass `$topic_id` and `$forum_id` to relevant favorites and subscriptions filters. Hat tip DJPaul. Fixes #2651.
[5391] johnjamesjacoby Pass `$reply_id` into calls to `bbp_validate_reply_to()` and remove `reply_query` references in `BBP_Walker_Reply_Dropdown`. Fixes invalid `bbp_reply_id` value output in `form-reply.php`. See #2617.
[3548] johnjamesjacoby Pass $reply_id correctly into bbp_get_reply_id() in bbp_notify_subscribers()
[4775] johnjamesjacoby Pass $r instead of $args in ending filters. Ensures correct array of arguments is available to filters. These were skipped as part of #2056. Props alex-ye. Fixes #2218.
[6888] johnjamesjacoby Parser: revert error control operator change from r6887. See also r6633 for original change.
[6212] johnjamesjacoby Parser: PHP 7.1 compatibility fixes to `parser.php` Props xknown. Fixes #2973. See #2987.
[6418] netweb Parser: PHP 7.1 compatibility fixes to `parser.php` Props xknown. See #2973, #2987. Merges [6212] to the 2.5 branch.
[6887] johnjamesjacoby Parser: Fix PHP 7.3 warning ("continue" in "switch" is equal to "break") Fixes #3242.
[6398] johnjamesjacoby Parenthesis clean-up.
[6300] johnjamesjacoby Pagination: prefer `intval()` for numeric values, and always format numbers used for display.
[6680] johnjamesjacoby Pagination: abstract and normalize common functionality. This change introduces a few new helper functions, and audits the links generated where loops of forums, topics, and replies are made visible. It addresses a number of edge-cases in the pagination code, including: * `view=all` state not carrying over * Total-page boundary maybe using the wrong value to calculate the total number of available pages * Inconsistent output of values across post types and shortcodes * Inability to filter pagination arguments in certain use cases * Reduces code repetition and increases general happiness Trunk, for 2.6.
[6228] johnjamesjacoby Pagination: Use `preg_replace` to find & remove `page=1` query arguments. Fixes #2702. Props thebrandonallen, tharsheblows.
[4322] johnjamesjacoby Pagination: * Fix bug where topics started, favorites, and subscriptions pagination would link to the root of a users profile.\ * Fixes incorrect filters on topics and replies URL's.
[5515] netweb PHPDdoc corrections for topic and reply pending status approve and unapprove functions. See #2645
[7254] johnjamesjacoby PHPCS: correct return var types in Revisions functions This change fixes PHPCS/Intelephense warnings. In branches/2.6, for 2.6.10.
[7046] netweb PHPCS: Use Parenthesis when instantiating a new object. Props jrf. See #3294. For trunk.
[7047] netweb PHPCS: Use Parenthesis when instantiating a new object. Props jrf. See #3294. For branches/2.6.
[7048] netweb PHPCS: Pinking shears. Props jrf. See #3294. For trunk.
[7049] netweb PHPCS: Pinking shears. Props jrf. See #3294. For branches/2.6.
[7253] johnjamesjacoby PHP8: define dependency injected components in BBP_Admin This change prevents debug warnings in modern versions of PHP (8.0 and higher). In branches/2.6, for 2.6.10.
[3829] johnjamesjacoby PHP5'ize bbp-core-classes.php.
[7112] xknown PHP 7.4 compat: Replace the deprecated each call
[7113] xknown PHP 7.4 Compat: remove deprecated functions.
[7110] xknown PHP 7.4 Compat: Use square brackets and remove create_function calls.
[7116] xknown PHP 7.4 Compat: Replace the deprecated create_function calls with anonymous functions.
[7111] xknown PHP 7.4 Compat: Remove the create_function calls. They are deprecated, and they seem to be removed in PHP 8.0.
[7114] xknown PHP 7.4 Compat: Remove deprecated functions.
[7115] xknown PHP 7.4 Compat: Don't use curly braces for array/string access
[5089] johnjamesjacoby PHP 5.4+ E_STRICT improvement to BuddyPress Groups display_forums() method. See #BP5108.
[5048] johnjamesjacoby PHP 5.4 compat and related sanity checks and clean-up. Props boonebgorges. Fixes #2731.
[6451] johnjamesjacoby Où mettre!
[3429] johnjamesjacoby Override canonical redirect when editing topics and replies. Fixes #1594.
[4872] johnjamesjacoby Overload the code tag in the fancy editor, and use backticks instead. Props mzaweb. (trunk)
[4871] johnjamesjacoby Overload the code tag in the fancy editor, and use backticks instead. Props mzaweb. (2.3 branch)
[2496] johnjamesjacoby Output value, not array
[6694] johnjamesjacoby Options: set default database version to `0`. This change avoids race conditions with the updater when no version exists in the database. This would cause the database version to not be bumped, resulting in rewrite rules being needlessly flushed on each visit to `wp-admin`. (Also tweak some nearby array values to make them easier to read.)
[6695] johnjamesjacoby Options: break `Features` out from `Settings` section. This change makes it easier to discern which options are features, and which are settings for those features. Also updates the inline descriptions for several array items.
[6762] johnjamesjacoby Options: allow default option cache strategy to be filtered, without causing an intercept. This change brings filter behavior back that was unintentionally removed in r6751.
[6761] johnjamesjacoby Options: Use new `$intercept` value in place of old `$strategy` value. This change fixes an undefined variable debug notice introduced in r6751.
[6078] netweb Options: Set the default value of `bbp_get_user_slug()` to `users` This changeset updates the default single user slug from `user` to `users`. The `bbp_get_default_options()` function defines the default as `users` and this is used when installing and activating bbPress. This fixes a scenario where bbPress options have not been saved which would cause the single user slug to use the unexpected slug `user` rather than `users`. Props ocean90. Fixes #2983
[6072] netweb Options: Fix `bbp_show_on_root()` copy pasta PHPDoc description
[4208] johnjamesjacoby Options: * Wrap some options loops in array_keys() to prevent making unnecessary $value variables.
[4193] johnjamesjacoby Options: * Visually section off user slugs in bp_get_options().
[3949] johnjamesjacoby Options: * Pinking shears on bbp_get_default_options(). * Remove db_version duplicate description.
[3476] johnjamesjacoby Only use at_name filters when BuddyPress activity component is active.
[2616] johnjamesjacoby Only show topic admin links if user has caps
[6095] johnjamesjacoby Only show reply-to drop-down when editing an existing reply.
[4960] johnjamesjacoby Only show allowed tags when not using the fancy editor or user does not have unfiltered_html cap. Also remove function_exists() check for wp_editor().
[4681] johnjamesjacoby Only show BuddyPress Group settings section when viewing bbPress settings for a BuddyPress root blog. Note that using bp_is_root_blog() includes support for BuddyPress's Multiblog mode.
[4880] johnjamesjacoby Only remove filters if bbp_use_wp_editor() is true. See #2317. (trunk)
[4879] johnjamesjacoby Only remove filters if bbp_use_wp_editor() is true. See #2317. (2.3 branch)
[3381] johnjamesjacoby Only overload global access caps if user does not have existing caps.
[5132] johnjamesjacoby Only filter the `bbpress` textdomain with the `bbpress_locale` filter. Clean up surrounding phpdoc.
[3930] johnjamesjacoby Only filter shortcode queries if query is not already set. Also, use correct filter names.
[3806] johnjamesjacoby Only exclude private/hidden forum content in feeds when not viewing a single forum. Fixes #1782.
[3849] johnjamesjacoby Only enqueue parent theme CSS if parent theme is twentyten.
[3597] johnjamesjacoby Only bail if forums are installed correctly.
[3879] johnjamesjacoby Only apply borders to top of elements in theme compat, for consistency sake.
[3880] johnjamesjacoby Only allow users that can edit other users to change a users role.
[3881] johnjamesjacoby Only allow users that can edit other users to change a users role, and do not allow them to change their own role.
[5081] johnjamesjacoby Only allow topics to have an archive when the forums archive is showing forums (not topics). Fixes SEO concern where it was possible to have duplicate forum-archives at two different URL's.
[5510] johnjamesjacoby Only allow direct modification of reply forum meta when there is a mismatch with the topic forum. This prevents moderators and keymasters from creating mismatches and leaves the tool available only for repairs (usually after a migration from a different platform.) Fixes #2270.
[5467] johnjamesjacoby Only add the `s` argument to queries if `rs` or `ts` are set in their respective topics & replies queries. See #2607, #WP11330, [WP28623] [WP28612], [WP28804].
[5468] johnjamesjacoby Only add the `s` argument to global forum search queries if search-terms exist. See #2607, #WP11330, [WP28623] [WP28612], [WP28804].
[4723] johnjamesjacoby On single forum view, do not check for forum count when trying to query sub forums. Fixes #2085.
[3447] johnjamesjacoby Obey the blacklisted keys in discussion settings when creating or editing topics or replies. Introduces bbp_check_for_blacklist() function in bbp-common-functions.php, and bbp_current_user_ua() in bbp-user-functions.php.
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