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[7135] johnjamesjacoby Repair Tools: rebuild forum forum IDs. This commit adds back the `_bbp_forum_id` meta data for Forums that was previously deleted inside the `bbp_admin_repair_forum_meta()` repair function. Props ikovalyov. In branches/2.6, for 2.6.6. See #3310.
[4740] johnjamesjacoby Reorder topic and reply content code filters to fix entity issue inside code blocks.
[2858] johnjamesjacoby Rename topic_id, forum_id, and reply_id global vars to _post_type to more accurately describe what they are. Include template functions to retrieve those values, and use them through-out the project. Normalize component updater functions and remove surplus calculations from them. Temporarily unhook filters from split/join/deletion actions until new routines can be created to handle forum and topic recounts.
[2935] johnjamesjacoby Rename the 'ignore_sticky_topics' flag to 'show_stickies' and reverse logic to default to true instead of false. This is more natural behavior in the logic that we are turning something off with the word 'false' rather than ignoring stickies with the word 'true'
[2704] johnjamesjacoby Rename sticky option keys
[2558] johnjamesjacoby Rename single topic_reply template file to match new post_type ID
[3376] johnjamesjacoby Rename remaining functions prefixed with an underscore.
[2626] johnjamesjacoby Rename private functions and fix themes url.
[5071] johnjamesjacoby Rename link class to match function and output, and remove some duplicate escapings. See #2090.
[3223] johnjamesjacoby Rename just-in-time filters for editing topics and replies. Copy pasta. See r3222.
[2485] johnjamesjacoby Rename files and directories from bb- to bbp-. Add topics loop functions. Fix forum/topic post row columns. Add functions and filters files.
[3726] johnjamesjacoby Rename bbp_reset_post_data() to bbp_theme_compat_reset_post_data() to properly separate it from other functions.
[4808] johnjamesjacoby Rename bbp_pre_get_posts_exclude_forums() to bbp_pre_get_posts_normalize_forum_visibility(), to better describe what it does. bbp_pre_get_posts_normalize_forum_visibility() is a dual purpose function, responsible for normalizing the post_status and post_parent scopes of bbPress related forum queries, against the current users capabilities. This means it must include forums for capable users, and exclude them for incapable users. See #2221.
[2494] PeteMall Rename bbp_get_topic_forum_ID to bbp_get_topic_forum_id for consistency.
[2722] johnjamesjacoby Rename bbp_get_modified_date function to bbp_convert_date since we no longer use the modified_date for freshness.
[2602] johnjamesjacoby Rename bbp-templatetags to bbp-template
[2753] johnjamesjacoby Rename bbp-filters.php to bbp-hooks.php, and move a majority of actions/filters into it. Introduce ability to edit topics/posts from front-end of theme, and consequently introduce page-bbp_edit.php. Also includes various phpDoc clean-up. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[6508] johnjamesjacoby Rename `base_dir` to `basepath` for consistency.
[3049] johnjamesjacoby Rename _unset_queries to _unset_globals in BPP_Shortcodes, and ensure shortcodes that use custom queries are unset before and after they run.
[5065] johnjamesjacoby Rename Walker class parameters to prevent PHP5.4 E_STRICT warnings.
[5323] netweb Rename PHPUnit config file from phpunit.xml to phpunit.xml.dist * PHPUnit supports config files with both these names, but will use phpunit.xml over the .dist version. * Renaming our file lets users add/edit their own phpunit.xml without editing a bbPress core file. * Hattip djpaul via [BuddyPress:r8098] * Props netweb. See #2542
[5045] johnjamesjacoby Rename 'template-tags' files to 'template' to match core conventions. Also rename BuddyPress Groups extension from 'group' to 'groups'.
[3283] johnjamesjacoby Rename 'general' component and related files to 'common'
[2977] johnjamesjacoby Rename $wp_query param in bbp_pre_get_posts to $posts_query to avoid conflict with $wp_query global. Use $posts_query->get() in place of get_query_arg() to prevent errors in rare cases where $wp_query global is not set. Fixes #1493 again.
[3302] johnjamesjacoby Rename "no" template parts to "feedback" and add new "Already Logged In" feedback part. Add login, register, and lost password shortcodes. Rename single tag shortcode to prevent conflict with all-tags shortcode.
[2982] johnjamesjacoby Rename "#reply" ID to "#post' for easy backwards compatibility with stand-alone permalinks.
[3819] johnjamesjacoby Remove whitespace before get_header() calls in bbp-theme-compat root files.
[3393] johnjamesjacoby Remove unused user-posts.php template file from bbp-twentyten.
[3310] johnjamesjacoby Remove unused bbp_new_forum_admin_handler() function, and move $parent_id check into metabox_save(). Fixes #1555. Props DJPaul for original catch.
[3211] johnjamesjacoby Remove unused archive slugs from bbp_add_options()
[3296] johnjamesjacoby Remove unused admin topic save handler function. See r3295
[5255] johnjamesjacoby Remove unused admin area binary assets, including about page badges, top level menu icons, and retired icon32's. This is all handled by Dashicons going forward. Fixes #2513.
[3555] johnjamesjacoby Remove unused $is_edit param in anonymous user data function, and clean up some whitespace.
[3593] johnjamesjacoby Remove unused $bp global in bbp_filter_user_id()
[4799] johnjamesjacoby Remove unnecessary capability check for post-status trash fix. Props alex-ye. Fixes #2255.
[2647] johnjamesjacoby Remove typo from r2646 props nacin
[3039] johnjamesjacoby Remove tr:hover styling from moderation links as it doesn't play nicely with all themes in compatability mode.
[3749] johnjamesjacoby Remove topic_ prefix from topics admin methods.
[2995] johnjamesjacoby Remove thumbnail and excerpt from custom post type supports arrays, and add revisions to forums. Topic/reply thumbnails and excerpts will make great plugins for themes that support this in the future.
[5172] johnjamesjacoby Remove theme-compat `head_scripts` and move JS into separate files for each condition. Fixes #2454.
[3783] johnjamesjacoby Remove theme setup action from bbp-core-actions.php, as it's now in the bbPress class. * Tweak inline doc for bbp_load_theme_functions action * Trust bbp_setup_theme_compat() to set the theme compat regardless of what's there * See #1766
[3072] johnjamesjacoby Remove the tr:hover style as it conflicts with certain themes and theme compatibility.
[5307] johnjamesjacoby Remove the now-empty `includes/admin/images` directory. Props netweb. See #2542.
[4848] johnjamesjacoby Remove the global cache group, and update existing cache group keys to be more descriptive. Fixes issues with cached queries stomping each other on multisite installations. Fixes #2294.
[3301] johnjamesjacoby Remove the create topic form from view shortcodes.
[3596] johnjamesjacoby Remove the PHP4 constructor helper in main bbPress class. (2.1)
[5364] johnjamesjacoby Remove text-zoom override from default responsive theme-compat styling (themes should have this covered.)
[3729] johnjamesjacoby Remove tertiaries in gettexts in revision_log template tags. Fixes #1735. Props jmdodd.
[3122] johnjamesjacoby Remove td specific class fix from r3120 so styles also apply to th's.
[3092] johnjamesjacoby Remove table td styling for theme compat
[3121] johnjamesjacoby Remove table cell padding from r3120 as it conflicts with theme compatibility.
[3645] johnjamesjacoby Remove suppress_filters check and update inline doc in bbp_pre_get_posts()
[3202] johnjamesjacoby Remove superfluous h2 tags. Props ramly. Fixes #1529.
[5330] johnjamesjacoby Remove stray semi-colon.
[3570] johnjamesjacoby Remove stray quote from login widget. See #1644, r3542. (2.1)
[3542] johnjamesjacoby Remove stray quote from login widget. Fixes #1644. Props markmcwilliams.
[3907] johnjamesjacoby Remove some overly descriptive inline doc from bbpress.php.
[3760] johnjamesjacoby Remove slug variables from bbPress class and rely on options and object cache going forward. * Net performance and memory usage win * Removes class variables that are already in object cache * Reduces code duplication * Fixes #1760
[3742] johnjamesjacoby Remove slashes from bbp_get_template_locations(), update doc for bbp_add_template_locations(). See r3739.
[3757] johnjamesjacoby Remove single-site 'Update Forum' menu, as single sites are updated automatically. * @todo - Automate multisite installs per site if needed
[2897] johnjamesjacoby Remove selected code from bbp_get_dropdown as it's no longer needed.
[5224] johnjamesjacoby Remove second, unused subscription parameters.
[3069] johnjamesjacoby Remove search_form() from no-topics, no-forums, and view templates, as it was causing conflicts in some themes.
[5439] johnjamesjacoby Remove rogue semicolon.
[3058] johnjamesjacoby Remove rogue inline php documentation.
[2709] johnjamesjacoby Remove rogue extra space
[2884] johnjamesjacoby Remove reply and voice count from single-bbp_topic.php. It will be moved into the topic description.
[5490] johnjamesjacoby Remove remaining 'Reply To' references in reply `post_title`'s. (Now that posts can have empty titles, this is no longer necessary. It also yielded undesired single reply slugs, though they are only exposed to moderators and keymasters.) Hat tip netweb.
[4247] johnjamesjacoby Remove references to post_category in theme compat. * Fixes #1952.
[3151] johnjamesjacoby Remove references to deprecated bbp_anonymous_ip meta key as IP address is now saved for all users topics/replies. Fixes #1505. Props Coolkevman.
[2795] johnjamesjacoby Remove references to 'the loop' in phpDoc in functions where the loop isn't required
[3081] johnjamesjacoby Remove reference to bbp_login_url() function
[3118] johnjamesjacoby Remove reference to $post global in bbp_replace_the_content()
[3200] johnjamesjacoby Remove read_forum meta cap check from bbp_user_can_view_forum(). Fixes bug where users with no role in a multisite installation could not read public forum content.
[2495] PeteMall Remove quick edit, add freshness column and utilize excerpt view on topics page.
[3638] johnjamesjacoby Remove query restriction from content-single-topic.php.
[2732] johnjamesjacoby Remove paged=1 from pagination links when default permalinks are set
[4804] johnjamesjacoby Remove outdated bbp_is_query_name() phpdoc references.
[4830] johnjamesjacoby Remove outdated bbp_get_user_id() phpdoc references. See #2284.
[5049] johnjamesjacoby Remove out of date wp_referer_field() phpdoc references.
[3263] johnjamesjacoby Remove old phpdoc comment
[3838] johnjamesjacoby Remove number_format_i18n phpdoc references. See #1810.
[3115] johnjamesjacoby Remove new topic form from forums index page template. Also add some actions to the front page templates to allow the form to be hooked back in. Fixes #1509.
[3067] johnjamesjacoby Remove nested ternary operator in bbp_get_dropdown()
[2852] johnjamesjacoby Remove needless (int) cast in bbp_get_forum_subforum_count
[6430] johnjamesjacoby Remove more debug cruft.
[2779] johnjamesjacoby Remove moderator caps on deactivation. Fixes #1445. Props cnorris23
[4805] johnjamesjacoby Remove meta query check from _bbp_has_replies_where(), add some brackets to improve readability. Addresses regression introduced in r4795. See #2221
[2798] johnjamesjacoby Remove logged_in and anonymous posting checks to prevent conflicts when anonymous posting is toggled after posts have been entered by anonymous users. Fixes #1367
[3105] johnjamesjacoby Remove links to topic tags from topic form.
[3303] johnjamesjacoby Remove legacy behavior for profile topics queries. Add filters to _is_ profile functions to allow profile queries to be customized.
[4876] johnjamesjacoby Remove kses filters with the correct priorities if user has 'unfiltered_html' capability. Props alx-ye. Fixes #2315 (trunk)
[4875] johnjamesjacoby Remove kses filters with the correct priorities if user has 'unfiltered_html' capability. Props alx-ye. Fixes #2315 (2.3 branch)
[3352] johnjamesjacoby Remove is_super_admin checks from edit topic/reply link functions. Fixes #1566.
[4747] johnjamesjacoby Remove invalid @uses for subforum count. See #2191.
[4561] johnjamesjacoby Remove inline doc references to extract().
[3900] johnjamesjacoby Remove indentation from bbp_get_user_favorites_topic_ids().
[3253] johnjamesjacoby Remove incorrect is_home from wp_query when viewing a single topic view.
[5824] johnjamesjacoby Remove incorrect `@global` tag in `BBP_Akismet::submit_post()`.
[5088] johnjamesjacoby Remove incorrect @uses bbp_is_user_keymaster() phpdoc reference.
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