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[5585] netweb
[4407] johnjamesjacoby !BuddyPress Group Forums: * Suppress hierarchical group forums for now, for feature parity with existing !BuddyPress forums. * See #1669.
[4409] johnjamesjacoby !BuddyPress: * Add note to the top of !BuddyPress loader.php. * See #1669.
[4393] johnjamesjacoby !BuddyPress: * First pass attempt at repairing !BuddyPress group forum relationships. * Includes new tool for looping through converted forums and updating group meta. * See #1669.
[4402] johnjamesjacoby !BuddyPress: * Only rename 'Default Forum' if name matches old bbPress default forum title. * See #2025, #1669.
[4397] johnjamesjacoby !BuddyPress: * Remove component.php, and consolidate into loader.php. * Introduce members.php, for modifying bbPress profile links. * Rename loading class and references where appropriate. * See #2020.
[4394] johnjamesjacoby !BuddyPress: * Split buddypress.php up into more manageable parts. * Props jmdodd. * Fixes #2020.
[4410] johnjamesjacoby !BuddyPress: * Update BBP_BuddyPress::setup_title() to use more verbose and filtered !BuddyPress functions. * Use bp_is_user() check to only set title for displayed users. * Props paulgibbs. * Fixes #2027.
[4401] johnjamesjacoby !BuddyPress: * Update group-repair tool to update the group forums root. * Also rename the 'Default Forum' to 'Group Forums' since it's part of the sitewide forums now. * See #2025, #1669.
[4396] johnjamesjacoby !BuddyPress: * Use !BuddyPress singleton wrapper where applicable. * Include helper buddypress() function if using versions prior to 1.7.
[2758] johnjamesjacoby "...pursuing a career in the custodial arts." phpDoc fixes and code clean-up. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[3243] johnjamesjacoby "Exit" if accessed directly, not "Redirect" - all included php files
[4270] johnjamesjacoby "topic" instead of "forum" in admin helper text. Props !DanielJuhl. Fixes #1995.
[3428] johnjamesjacoby 'Right Now' metabox tweaks for WordPress 3.2 dashboard styling. Fixes #1599. Props !GautamGupta.
[3646] johnjamesjacoby 'suppress_filters' audit: * Revert part of r3645 * Rename bbp_pre_get_posts() to bbp_parse_query() and hook to 'parse_query' * Move forum post_type check out of bbp_pre_get_posts() and into bbp_pre_get_posts_exclude_forums() where it makes more sense * Update documentation for above changes * See #1698
[5450] netweb * Alphabetize grunt tasks and tweak inline docs in `Gruntfile.js` * Automatically reload the `grunt watch` task when changes are made to `Gruntfile.js`
[4073] johnjamesjacoby 2.1: * Update readme.txt * Update versions in bbpress.php and bbp-twentyten.
[6586] johnjamesjacoby 404: Use `! empty()` over `isset()` to only account for `true` values in `bbp_is_404`. This fixes broken `/edit/` theme-side URLs, that will redirect otherwise.
[4729] johnjamesjacoby A picture is worth a thousand words. Hat tip netweb. See #2183.
[4549] johnjamesjacoby AJAX: * Add 'bbp_do_ajax' action to 'bbp_template_redirect' action. * Update AJAX in theme compat to use new AJAX handler hooks.
[4548] johnjamesjacoby AJAX: * Introduce common/ajax.php, along with new AJAX handlers and helpers. * Move bbp_ajax_response() into it. * Include new file in bbpress.php.
[6871] johnjamesjacoby AJAX: always use `defined()` before setting an environmental constant. This avoids a notice/warning if something has already set the the `DOING_AJAX` constant.
[6021] netweb API - Feeds: Use `feed_content_type( 'rss2' )` for RSS feeds. This changeset updates the RSS 2 native mime type `application/rss+xml`, previously `rss-http` used `text/xml` which was removed from WordPress in [WP36230] and [WP32468]. (2.5 branch) Props thebrandonallen. Fixes #2901.
[5969] netweb API - Feeds: Use `feed_content_type( 'rss2' )` for RSS feeds. This changeset updates the RSS 2 native mime type `application/rss+xml`, previously `rss-http` used `text/xml` which was removed from WordPress in [WP36230] and [WP32468]. Props thebrandonallen. Fixes #2901.
[6749] netweb API - Importers: WordPress capital_P_dangit for Xenforo importer. Props @1naveengiri. Fixes #3183.
[6001] netweb API - Importers: Xenforo: * Adds support for "soft deleted" topics and replies imported as "pending" status * Add support for YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion BBCode conversion * Add quotes BBCode conversion Fixes #2927
[6333] netweb API - Installation/Upgrade: Fix copy pasta inline doc in `bbp_admin_upgrade_user_engagements()`
[6059] netweb API Feeds: RSS `<pubDate>` element in `bbp_display_topics_feed_rss2()` shouldn't be translated. This changeset brings this RSS `<pubDate>` element inline with other instances in bbPress feeds. Props thebrandonallen. Fixes 2961.
[3505] johnjamesjacoby API adjustments: * Refactor _status_ vars into callable functions. * Audit usage of $bbp global. * Perform get_class() checks on extensions to avoid errors if global $bbp is overloaded. * Bump DB version to 175.
[5659] johnjamesjacoby API: Add more context to`bbp_redirect()` documentation. See #2778.
[5658] johnjamesjacoby API: Introduce `bbp_redirect()` * Wraps `wp_safe_redirect()` & `exit()` calls * Prevents errors from potentially empty `wp_get_referrer()` results * Replace `wp_safe_redirect()` usages with `bbp_redirect()` Fixes #2778.
[4622] johnjamesjacoby Aaaaand use array_reverse() correctly. See #2124.
[5133] johnjamesjacoby About Page: * On activation, check that current user can access About page before redirecting to it. * Once activated, only add About & Settings links if current user can access those pages. * Before making the current user a Keymaster, make sure they do not have a previous forum role, preventing role escalation if the current user was previously demoted. * Fixes #2443.
[4391] johnjamesjacoby About: * Add "Codex Rockstars" section. * Fix Gravatar URL and duplicate ID. * See #2018.
[4388] johnjamesjacoby About: * Add missing mapped cap to BBP_Admin::map_settings_meta_caps(). * See: #2018.
[4382] johnjamesjacoby About: * First pass at "What's New" text. * Props jmdodd. * See #2018.
[4469] johnjamesjacoby About: * RTL styling for bbp-badge. * Fixes #2049 (2.2 branch)
[4470] johnjamesjacoby About: * RTL styling for bbp-badge. * Fixes #2049 (trunk)
[6345] netweb About: Fix Gravatar URL
[3563] johnjamesjacoby Abstract Forum metabox dropdown builders into template tags to be used in front-end editor.
[2907] johnjamesjacoby Abstract forum updating code out of bbp_update_topic_walker and into bbp_update_forum. Use that new function in the new bbp_move_topic_handler function, which handles the moving of a topic from one forum to another and makes sure the forum counts stay accurate.
[5408] johnjamesjacoby Abstract new topic-transition reply helper-functions onto action hooks for easier testing and replacement/extension by third party plugins. See #2494.
[5827] johnjamesjacoby Abstraction: Use `bbp_db()`, `bbp_rewrite()` & friends, introduced in r5823 & r5826. This commit improves the stability of bbPress in the WordPress environment by reducing global variable exposure. It also comes with minimal opcode improvements in some circumstances where `$GLOBALS` is preferred over defining via `global` statements. Some additional surrounding cleanup directly related to functions & methods being altered is also being performed here. Fixes #2786.
[6734] johnjamesjacoby Abstraction: abstract site switching functions to include an `is_mulitsite()` check. This allows functions that are traditionally hook-only to be called directly, regardless of the installation type, and without littering the codebase with several `is_multisite()` switches. Fixes #3179.
[2994] johnjamesjacoby Abstracts the add/remove capability functions to remove duplication. Removes 'edit_users' capability from Forum Moderator role as it's reserved for admin/super admin respectively. Fixes #1488. Props !GautamGupta for initial patch.
[6352] netweb Accessibility: Add accessible hidden headings and text for Forums, Topics, Topic Tags, and Replies list table views. Props mercime, netweb. Fixes #2899.
[6868] johnjamesjacoby Accessibility: Avoid back-to-back author links. This change ensures that avatar and display-name links are wrapped in a shared anchor, instead of each with their own. Includes a few test changes to better suit our intentions of verifying valid & accessible HTML output. Fixes #3220. Props dcavins.
[6202] netweb Accessibility: Bump headings for BuddyPress group forums. Props mercime. Fixes #2968.
[5948] netweb Accessibility: Include input labels for field titles in bbPress settings This changeset aligns bbPress input label fields with current WordPress standard for improved accessibility Props ankit-k-gupta, thebrandonallen Fixes #2866
[6732] netweb Accessibility: Update the `screen-reader-text` CSS class via wp:changeset:41622 This changeset merges the latest #a11y updates from WordPress Core for screen readers. Props ashokrd2013. Fixes #3172.
[4095] johnjamesjacoby Actions/Filters: * Add filter to bbp_get_displayed_user_field(). * Fixes #1910. * For 2.1 branch. * Props iamzippy.
[4094] johnjamesjacoby Actions/Filters: * Add filter to bbp_get_displayed_user_field(). * Fixes #1910. * For 2.2 branch. * Props iamzippy.
[6779] johnjamesjacoby Actions: consolidate `bbp_template_notices` actions into a group.
[3421] johnjamesjacoby Activation Fixes: * Remove activation/deactivation hooks in favor of more robust updater logic * Introduce functions for catching activation/deactivation from the plugins screen(s), bumping the DB version, and detecting the version change * Add more verbose explanation of plugin dependant hooks in bbp-core-hooks.php * Remove extra call to flush_rewrite_rules() in bbp-settings.php * Bump DB version to 155 * Bump plugin version to RC 3
[4390] johnjamesjacoby Activation: * When activating bbPress, redirect to the "What's New" page. * Replaces incomplete code in /admin/functions.php with update action and activation hook helper. * See #2018.
[6781] johnjamesjacoby Activation: Use a user-option instead of user-setting or transient. User settings won't trigger without a proper page redirect, which plugin activation does not do (yet.) Also update docs to be less about the API and more about the intention of the code.
[6823] johnjamesjacoby Activation: avoid creating initial content more than once. This change adds an `_bbp_flag_initial_content` option key to check against, to avoid creating the starter content more than one time. It also stores `bbp_get_default_options()` in a local static variable to avoid recreating the same array multiple times. Because of the way plugin activation and site creation work, `is_multisite()` checks are used to avoid fatal errors.
[6780] johnjamesjacoby Activation: improvements to activation procedure. * Replace transient usage with a user setting. This removes 1 additional query from through-out WordPress admin. * Use `bbp_admin()` helper function when referring to `bbpress()->admin` to take advantage of magic loading * Move activation redirection off of general `bbp_admin_init` hook and onto the relative `activate_` hook, which reduces some useless processing - we only ever want to redirect in from a predictable user flow * Move some admin-only functions back into the core component, to ensure they are available when bbPress is activated for the very first time * Introduce wrapper for `bbp_create_initial_content()` to avoid action argument pollution * Juggle some action-hook orders to make initial content creation work again * Add more checks to current user when automatically changing or assigning roles, including keymasters on fresh installations Overall, this results in a more predictable activation experience, and makes things easier to unhook or extend later.
[2486] johnjamesjacoby Actually add files mentioned in r2485
[3024] johnjamesjacoby Add !is_user_logged_in() check to bbp_allow_anonymous() check in form-topic.php
[3318] johnjamesjacoby Add "Empty Spam" buttons to admin area topics and replies list tables.
[3079] johnjamesjacoby Add "Hidden" post status for future use with forums.
[4979] johnjamesjacoby Add $filter parameter and supporting phpdoc to bbp_displayed_user_field() && bbp_get_displayed_user_field() to allow more accurate sanitization of displayed user field values. Remove superfluous isset() check. Use 'edit' parameter in form-user-edit.php. See #1999.
[2867] johnjamesjacoby Add $post_id param to bbp_is_ checks in bbp-general-template.php
[3004] johnjamesjacoby Add '_bbp_private_forums' and '_bbp_hidden_forums' to list of autoloaded site metas. These will be used later to assist in visibility based topic and reply queries.
[3692] johnjamesjacoby Add 'bbp_after_setup_actions' action to bbPress::setup_actions() to allow class actions to be manipulated. Fixes #1730.
[3733] johnjamesjacoby Add 'bbp_after_setup_theme' piggy back hook to bbp-core-hooks.php.
[3759] johnjamesjacoby Add 'bbp_request' piggy-back filter to WordPress's 'request' filter. * Maybe exclude private and hidden forums from forum post feed * Fixes #1758 * Props scribu
[3684] johnjamesjacoby Add 'bbp_save_forum_extras' action to 'bbp_forum_attributes_metabox_save' action. See r3683.
[3681] johnjamesjacoby Add 'bbp_save_forum_extras' action to new/edit forum extras. See #1669.
[3754] johnjamesjacoby Add 'bbp_setup_theme' piggy-back action to !WordPress's 'setup_theme' action.
[3826] johnjamesjacoby Add 'bump' functions for forum, topic, reply, and voice counts. * Functions not used yet * See #1799
[3018] johnjamesjacoby Add 'orphan' post status. See #1469.
[3492] johnjamesjacoby Add 'sep' argument to topic and reply author links. Pass line breaks in loops. Fixes #1610.
[5084] johnjamesjacoby Add 'show_none' to forum ID dropdown in form-topic.php template part. Fixes UX problem where a new-topic page would automatically select the first option in the list for topics to go in. Also escape output of 'show_none' in bbp_get_dropdown(). Fixes #2390.
[3328] johnjamesjacoby Add 'view_item' to Topic Tag taxonomy. Props cnorris23. Fixes #1556.
[5362] netweb Add .editorconfig file, see "EditorConfig helps developers define and maintain consistent coding styles between different editors and IDEs." Props netweb. Fixes #2598
[4422] johnjamesjacoby Add 2.2 to readme.txt changelog.
[2805] johnjamesjacoby Add @todo messages to admin forum/topic recounts, and minor tweaks to recount queries
[3818] johnjamesjacoby Add Akismet response to bb_ksd_pre_post_status(). Props westi. (branches/1.1)
[3817] johnjamesjacoby Add Akismet response to bb_ksd_pre_post_status(). Props westi. (trunk)
[4835] johnjamesjacoby Add BBP_Admin::show_separator variable, rather than doing repeated capability checks. Block access to admin areas for users without moderator capability. Until now, only the UI was hidden, but the URL was still accessible unless a third party plugin was used.
[2931] johnjamesjacoby Add BackPress svn:external to 1.0.3 tag
[3493] johnjamesjacoby Add BuddyPress 1.5 root slugs to settings slug conflict checker.
[3400] johnjamesjacoby Add BuddyPress activity stream styling to bbp-twentyten theme, and bump script version in functions.php.
[5935] johnjamesjacoby Add Composer support. Fixes #2712.
[3859] johnjamesjacoby Add GPL licensing and link to readme.txt.
[6157] xknown Add PHP 5.x style constructors. Keep also the PHP 4.x style constructors to avoid breaking code that depends on these methods. See #3033
[6153] xknown Add PHP 5.x style constructors. Keep also the PHP 4.x style constructors to avoid breaking code that depends on these methods. See #3033
[6164] xknown Add PHP 5.x style constructors. Keep also the PHP 4.x style constructors to avoid breaking code that depends on these methods. See #3033
[4582] jmdodd Add RTL CSS support for search introduced in #1575. * Props netweb. * Fixes #2109.
[3647] johnjamesjacoby Add RTL styling to bbp-twentyten tableless layout. Fixes #1703.
[3205] johnjamesjacoby Add RTL support to bbp-twentyten. See #1528. Props ramly. Also do not enqueue theme compat CSS when in admin area.
[3204] johnjamesjacoby Add RTL support to breadcrumbs. See #1528.
[2864] johnjamesjacoby Add Retro Gravatar option. Fixes #1468. Props !JohnConners.
[4774] johnjamesjacoby Add Search title to current_text in bbp_get_breadcrumb(). Props alex-ye. Fixes #2218.
[3508] johnjamesjacoby Add TextDomain and DomainPath to plugin header. Props !Viper007Bond for the reminder.
[3306] johnjamesjacoby Add UI feedback for possible slug and post type collisions.
[5288] johnjamesjacoby Add XML output logging for PHPUnit tests. Props netweb. See #2542.
[2904] johnjamesjacoby Add _bbp_db_version to autoloaded options, as we will need a method for future database updates.
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