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[6425] johnjamesjacoby Users: Introduce `bbp_allow_forums_of_user()`. This filter-only function will be used to remove private & hidden forums from being excluded in queries, for users who are explicitly allowed forums that they would not otherwise be able to access. See #2593.
[6424] johnjamesjacoby Admin: in list-tables, if no parent forum/topic, show `—` instead. Also make sure a few strings are escaped, and dropdowns are using correct parent text.
[6422] johnjamesjacoby Users: move user relationships functions into `engagements.php`.
[6421] johnjamesjacoby Users: move Engagements API into its own `engagements.php` file. `/users/functions.php` is getting a bit gnarly.
[6420] johnjamesjacoby Settings: remove directory path from option text.
[6419] johnjamesjacoby Settings: General improvements: * Use escaped equivalent for gettext output * Update settings-integration away from `bool` to allow future flexibility * Stash settings fields in a static variable to speed up registration
[6415] johnjamesjacoby `in_array()`: be strict whenever possible. Use `wp_parse_id_list()` on certain array values to ensure proper results.
[6414] johnjamesjacoby Forums: Audit private/hidden forum ID exclusion: * improve performance of `bbp_exclude_forum_ids()` * Use `bbp_exclude_forum_ids()` where duplicate code existed * Make sure `$forum_ids` are passed into `bbp_exclude_forum_ids` filter * Prefer arrays over imploded strings (also with post statuses)
[6413] johnjamesjacoby Users: Admin sub-headings are now `h2` tags.
[6412] johnjamesjacoby Tag 2.5.13.
[6411] johnjamesjacoby Bump 2.5 branch to 2.5.13.
[6410] johnjamesjacoby Queries: Deprecate `bbp_query_post_parent__in()` in the 2.5 branch. 4.7 is the minimum WordPress version, so we can support `post_parent__not_in` directly. See #2832.
[6409] johnjamesjacoby Templates: remove box-shadow styling on avatars and links. Improves styling with Twenty Seventeen theme.
[6407] johnjamesjacoby Moderators: Another performance optimization in `bbp_is_user_forum_moderator()`. Use `bbp_is_object_of_user()` directly, and clean-up local variable reassignments.
[6406] johnjamesjacoby Moderators: Performance optimization in `bbp_is_user_forum_moderator()`. Rather than query for all forums a user can moderate, query for the users that can moderate the forum. This data is likely already hot in the meta-data cache from forums being loaded previously, and eliminates the need to query for forum IDs that are unrelated to the one being checked.
[6402] johnjamesjacoby Stickies: Improved algorithm for merging stickies to queried posts * Separate into overloadable function * Tighter, less wasteful loops through existing query * Improved sort-ordering of topics by their most recent post activity * Also separate pagination base URL into new function, out of `bbp_has_topics()`
[6401] johnjamesjacoby Stickies: Update forum/topic meta early in `bbp_update_topic()` * Makes meta-data available earlier for downstream functions * Removes ineffective assumption of forum-topic-id when empty This fixes a situation where trying to stick a new topic to a forum would look for the `_bbp_forum_id` meta-data before it was updated. Fixes #3103.
[6400] johnjamesjacoby Anonymous: Improve `$anonymous_data` implementation: * Always treat it as an array, handling for `false` values was never used * Introduce `_sanitize_` and `_update_` partner functions for the existing `_filter_` function * Ensure that cookies and meta-data values are stripped of invalid characters in the same way that anonymous comments are, to prevent inconsistencies between anonymous forum and commenter cookie data * Update surrounding documentation blocks * Prefer strict type-casting and `is_array()` comparisons
[6399] johnjamesjacoby Anonymous: Clean-up `bbp_set_current_anonymous_user_data()`: * Make sure cookies are secure when SSL * Only call `time()` once to avoid potential delays * Cast cookie lifetime to `int` after filtering * Inline docs
[6398] johnjamesjacoby Parenthesis clean-up.
[6397] johnjamesjacoby Admin: Update row action toggle methods to be a bit more flexible. This should improve support for custom toggle actions in `wp-admin`.
[6396] johnjamesjacoby Replies: Invert the `$show_none` comparison, to fix the default drop-down text. Props SergeyBiryukov. Fixes #2617.
[6395] johnjamesjacoby Credits: Add "Project Emeriti" section, and add Sergey & Brandon as Contributing Developers. Also update the tagline.
[6394] johnjamesjacoby Credits: Remove superfluous `alt` text for project leaders and contributors. Props mercime. Fixes #3099.
[6393] johnjamesjacoby Tools: User `and` over `&` for easier translation. Props casiepa. Fixes #3096.
[6392] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: Missed the skipping of groups tests. Proprs thebrandonallen. Fixes #3089.
[6391] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: Switch activity action back to `$this->component` and skip groups tests. Proprs thebrandonallen. Fixes #3089.
[6390] johnjamesjacoby Clean-up `bbp_current_author_ua()`.
[6389] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: Simplify `bbp_is_user_engaged()`. * Remove `$engagements` gathering & return in filter * Remove topic verification dance (no reason to re-get or guess at the topic) * Add `$user_id` validation Props thebrandonallen. FIxes #3090.
[6388] johnjamesjacoby Replies: Add `role="button"` to reply-to links. Also normalize surrounding "Reply" text escaping. Fixes #3092. Props alexstine.
[6387] johnjamesjacoby More graceful handling of the `$post` global in `bbp_get_global_post_field()`.
[6386] johnjamesjacoby Add original function parameters to `bbp_get_global_post_field` filter.
[6385] johnjamesjacoby Topics: Fix recursive call from find/replace. See r6384.
[6384] johnjamesjacoby Moderation: Allow per-forum moderators to edit topics & replies inside of forums they have moderation control over. This feature require the following changes: * Prefer `read_forum` capability check over `read_private_forums` or `read_hidden_forums`, and include a `$forum_id` parameter to assist `map_meta_cap` filters * Prefer `edit_others_topics|replies` over `moderate` where appropriate, to ensure capability mappings work as intended * Introduce `bbp_get_public_topic_statuses()` to replace several duplicate occurrences of the same array usage (also allow these to be filtered) * Introduce `bbp_is_topic_public()` (not to be confused with `bbp_is_topic_published()`) to provide parity with `bbp_is_forum_public()` and also utilize `bbp_get_public_topic_statuses()` from above * Add local caching to `bbp_exclude_forum_ids()` as a performance optimization to reduce the depth of `current_user_can()` calls when private & hidden forums are in use * Add `user_can( 'moderate' )` capability checks to various mappings, to ensure forum moderators can read/edit/delete content inside of the individual forums they are moderators of * Use `bbp_get_user_id()` where appropriate, rather than casting as `int` * Various surrounding code clean-ups See #2593.
[6383] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: Bail if in a feed. Props r-a-y, netweb. Fixes #2745.
[6382] johnjamesjacoby Mentions: Add tests for square and round brackets. See #2963.
[6381] johnjamesjacoby Mentions: Move topic/reply content filters into the same section of `filters.php`. Also add `wp_make_content_images_responsive` filter, to match core content areas. See #2963.
[6380] johnjamesjacoby Mentions: Balance tags before making things clickable. Then, make mentions clickable without "requiring" prepending whitespace. This allows other types of characters to be immediately before the `@` control character. See #2963.
[6379] johnjamesjacoby Tests: Add XSS tests for topic titles. These are in addition to post-title tests already present in WordPress core, for cases where theme-side, user-generated content is more likely to be targeted by less-trustworthy users than Editors or Administrators.
[6378] johnjamesjacoby Formatting: Add rel-nofollow to tests. See #2963.
[6377] johnjamesjacoby Formatting: More tests for at-mentions. Props netweb. See #2963.
[6372] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: Dynamic activity for topics & replies, part 2. * Filters for activity action functions * Tests for the new activity filters Props thebrandonallen. See #2794.
[6370] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: Dynamic activity for topics & replies, part 1. * Functions for activity action filters Props thebrandonallen. See #2794.
[6369] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: Move engagement count updates to action hooks. Props thebrandonallen. Fixes #3068.
[6368] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: Update inline doc for group-forum filter. See #2974.
[6367] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: Filter `bbp_is_single_forum` for group forums. Props r-a-y. Fixes #2727. See #2974.
[6366] johnjamesjacoby General: Remove end-of-file `?>` tags from extra templates. These templates are theme drop-ins, and apparently were missed in previous clean-up efforts. Props milindmore22. Fixes #3078.
[6360] johnjamesjacoby Trash: Cast `_pre_` post-meta values to an array. Prevents notices & warnings in the event 0 or 1 replies exist. Props SergeyBiryukov. Fixes #3053.
[6359] johnjamesjacoby User Options: Clean-up favorites & subscriptions from options,
[6358] johnjamesjacoby Fix teh typohs.
[6354] johnjamesjacoby Hidden: Revert part of r6303, and improve some surrounding code: * Tiny function-call optimizations * Use integers for `_n()` and formatted strings for output * Type casting, phpdoc, and code formatting improvements Fixes #3077.
[6353] johnjamesjacoby Core: General core function clean-up. Mostly odds & ends, formatting, type-casting, etc...
[6350] johnjamesjacoby Admin: Avatar margins on user relationship meta-boxes.
[6347] johnjamesjacoby Formatting: Filter out mention classes in unit tests, and remove `rel="nofollow"` on mention URLs. Also improve array handling of `bbp_make_mentions_clickable_classes` filter, in the event something weird gets filtered through it. See #3074.
[6346] johnjamesjacoby Mentions: Add classes and basic styling to mention clickable callback. Fixes #3074. See #meta-2542.
[6344] johnjamesjacoby Moderation: Implement theme-side edit-lock interface. * Edits to defaut theme javascript to interact with alert UI * Add `alert-topic-lock.php` template part * Add topic functions relating to edit-lock functionality * Modify single-topic and topic-edit template parts to include the alert part * Add CSS to Default template pack to stylize edit-lock alert like a modal (could be pretty much anything) Props pippin for inspiration. See #3074.
[6343] johnjamesjacoby Templates: Localize topic ID and forum ID.
[6342] johnjamesjacoby Moderation: Clean-up from r6341. Props netweb.
[6341] johnjamesjacoby Moderation: Use the appropriate `_edit_` post meta when editing a forum/topic/reply. This first pass does not introduce any theme-side edit-locking interface, but it will warn any user within `wp-admin` if another user is editing something theme-side. See #3073.
[6340] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: Improve efficiency of upgrade & repair tools. Props thebrandonallen. See #3068.
[6339] johnjamesjacoby Bump trunk to 2.6.0 beta 3
[6338] johnjamesjacoby Add `bbp_rel_nofollow()` to `bbp_get_cancel_reply_to_link` filter. Also clean-up `bbp_get_cancel_reply_to_link()` a bit. See #3067.
[6337] johnjamesjacoby Use `bbp_rel_nofollow()` in deprecated `bbp_mention_filter()` for the sake of parity & coverage. See #3067.
[6336] johnjamesjacoby Use `bbp_rel_nofollow()` in `bbp_make_mentions_clickable_callback()`. See #3067.
[6335] johnjamesjacoby Add missing `sep` argument to `bbp_get_author_link()` function, to match topic & reply equivalents.
[6334] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: Integrate the `user_query` into favorites, subscriptions, and engagements. * Add to admin metabox avatar loops * Fix a few bugs in `BBP_User_Query`, and include a custom constructor to set the loop counter See #3068.
[6332] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: First pass at a `user_query`, which will be used for looping through users. * Introduces `BBP_User_Query` which extends `WP_User_Query` * Includes functions for use within template parts See #3068.
[6331] johnjamesjacoby Bootstrap: Split `setup_globals()` up into 2 methods: * `setup_environment()` to handle directories, paths, urls, etc... * `setup_variables()` to handle queries, rewrite rules, bbPress specific "globals", etc... This will allow us to use included functions as default variables later.
[6330] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: Updates existing functions & unit tests: * Correct tests so that `post_author` of 0 does not get included in the overall count * Add user IDs to all topics & replies where voice counts are being tested * Update voice-count update function to use the new user-relationships API * Clean-up topic merge code to more efficiently migrate favorites, subscriptions, and engagements See #3068.
[6329] johnjamesjacoby Core: Allow custom post authors for initial content (forum/topic/reply).
[6328] johnjamesjacoby Common: Remove `nofollow` from tests. See #3067.
[6327] johnjamesjacoby Engagements/BuddyPress: Add `@since` for changes in 2.6.0, and a bit more clean-up. See #3068.
[6326] johnjamesjacoby Engagements/BuddyPress: Finish integration, and clean-up favorites & subscriptions support. See #3068.
[6325] johnjamesjacoby Upgrade: Update PHPDoc of `bbp_setup_updater()`, to reference correct `@uses`.
[6324] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: Prefer `bbp_admin_upgrade_user_engagements()` over the old repair tool. See #3068.
[6323] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: Fix copy/paste error in r6322. See #3068.
[6322] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: Add `bbp_is_engagements_active` to default options array. See #3068.
[6321] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: Allow engagements to be toggled on/off, for forums that have not run the upgrade routine yet. Also missed a spot in the BuddyPress integration. See #3068.
[6320] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: First pass at: * User profile section * Template parts changes * Rewrite rules support * Repair & upgrade tools * BuddyPress support * `engagement` slug setting See #3068.
[6319] johnjamesjacoby Correct typos in User Template phpdoc blocks.
[6318] johnjamesjacoby Feeds: Run for it, Marty! Props thebrandonallen. Fixes #3066.
[6317] johnjamesjacoby Replies: Ensure hierarchical replies are correctly wrapped & concatenated into their output buffers in the correct order. This updates the walker class to not immediately echo it's contents, and wraps it in an `ul` element. Fixes #2757. See #2830.
[6316] johnjamesjacoby Replies: Check for reply hierarchy before assuming topic-title in reply-to. Fixes a bug causing malformed output when creating a reply via `wp-admin`. Props tharsheblows . Fixes #2617. See #2844.
[6315] johnjamesjacoby Forums: Introduce `bbp_list_forums_subforum_classes` filter, to allow filtering of sub-forum links. Props gordielachance. Fixes #2760.
[6314] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compat: Revert part of r5470, causing user profiles to output comment sections. Fixes #3050. See #2545.
[6313] johnjamesjacoby Common: Update `bbp_rel_nofollow_callback()` to match latest approach in WordPress. bbPress continues to have its own version to support this on output vs. pre-save. Fixes #3067.
[6312] johnjamesjacoby Moderation: Maybe add `view=all` query-arguments to view links in row actions. Fixes #2938.
[6311] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: First pass at engagement user functions. Also update favorite/subscription documentation where inaccurate. See #3068.
[6310] johnjamesjacoby Voices: Only update voice counts when saving or deleting. Prevents overzealous recalculations of voice counts when it's not necessary or applicable. Props thebrandonallen. See #1799.
[6309] johnjamesjacoby Favorites/Subscriptions: Pagination & `redirect_to` clean-up. * PHPDoc & inline doc * Prefer `urlencode()` over `esc_url()` for `redirect_to` query argument * Corrections to forum & topic subscription loop logic, since they're both listed on the same page See #3065.
[6308] johnjamesjacoby Favorites/Subscriptions: Add paged data to permalinks when in the loop. Also add`redirect_to` parameters to links if passed in. Fixes #3065.
[6307] johnjamesjacoby Favorites/Subscriptions: Add `redirect_to` parameters to links if viewing relevant user profile pages. See #3065.
[6306] johnjamesjacoby Feeds: Call `get_wp_title_rss()` in replies feeds. See #3064. Missed in r6304.
[6305] johnjamesjacoby Favorites/Subscriptions: Look for a `redirect_to` destination in handlers. See #3065.
[6304] johnjamesjacoby Feeds: Allow feed titles to be filtered (using the WordPress filter name.) Also removes redundant conditional in replies feed. Props SergeyBiryukov. Fixes #3064.
[6303] johnjamesjacoby Hidden: Remove "+ " string portion from output from hidden content. This is a carry-over from bbPress 0.x, is superfluous in the given context, and previously could have presented misleading results if a negative value was presented. Fixes #3059.
[6302] johnjamesjacoby Common: Introduce `bbp_number_not_negative()` and use it in the following ways: * Register the relevant meta-data keys for posts & users, so updated values can never be invalid * Filter return values for existing database values that might be invalid on existing installs * Use in place of `intval()` or `(int)` casts where negative values should not exist This has the added benefit of introducing the `bbp_register_meta` hook, for future meta-data registrations (of which bbPress has much of.) We'll concentrate on counts for 2.6, and integrate IDs and timestamps in future releases. See #3059.
[6301] johnjamesjacoby Common: Switch from `absint()` to `intval()` to avoid integer inaccuracies. See #3059.
[6300] johnjamesjacoby Pagination: prefer `intval()` for numeric values, and always format numbers used for display.
[6299] johnjamesjacoby Common: prefer `intval()` over `absint()` for reply IDs in form fields.
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