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[6854] johnjamesjacoby Revert r6853. This breaks pages with matching slug paths. Will revisit this more thoroughly in a future version.
[6853] johnjamesjacoby Permalinks: merge root-slug usage into whichever is shown on root. This change removes the double-archive juggle of having both forums and topics available as archives at the same time, which is traditionally not desirable.
[6852] johnjamesjacoby Admin: rearrange admin sub-action registrations. Also fix a bug causing `custom_menu_order` to not be filtered, resulting in hidden admin menus for some users.
[6851] johnjamesjacoby Tools: bump package-lock.json.
[6850] johnjamesjacoby Post Types: replace literal post type strings with functional wrappers. This fills in a few gaps where filtered post type names would not be used.
[6849] johnjamesjacoby Tests: revert accidental test group change from r6848. (I need unit tests probably more than most, but this is neither the time nor the place for that.)
[6848] johnjamesjacoby Tests: get all post type/status counts using `bbp_get_child_counts()`. * Fix a broken test, and improve a few others * Update several `count()` instances that were doing expensive `_ids()` counts * Strategically bust the `bbpress_posts` query cache group on updates This change improves general performance and count reliability by ensuring the accuracy of forum/topic/reply relationship totals.
[6847] johnjamesjacoby Tests: unset meta data from `$args` in factories. This just keeps the arrays a bit more clean, and makes it clear these keys are not used.
[6846] johnjamesjacoby Tests: use correct post type and factory in `test_bbp_clean_post_cache()`.
[6845] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: use `$reply_id` instead of `$topic_id` so `bbp_get_reply_url()` works correctly. This change ensures that notification links go directly to the reply, not the topic, and not a 404. Fixes #3213. See #3214.
[6844] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: first pass at back-compat for pre-2.6 subscriptions and favorites Introduces a `BBP_User_Engagements_Back_Compat` class with the necessary inverted methods to add/remove engagement relationships. Needs testing, and `get_query()` left todo. See #3211.
[6843] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: documentation improvements to various strategy classes. See #3211.
[6842] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: move common classes out of abstraction.php. See #3211.
[6841] johnjamesjacoby Users: use returning variant of anonymous data functions (instead of echo'ing) This change makes sure that anonymous user data (name & url) is not prematurely put out to the page when a topic or reply was authored by an anonymous user. (See r6741 where email was similarly corrected.) Props wpdennis. Fixes #3212.
[6839] johnjamesjacoby General: Bump to RC6, and related unimpactful changes * Docs & whitespace * Update packages * Update stable tag * Add changelog section for 2.6 (TBD)
[6838] johnjamesjacoby Anonymous: Don't use `esc_html__()` in combination with HTML tags. Props wpdennis. Fixes #3210.
[6837] johnjamesjacoby Forms: include forum/topic ID in nonce checks. This change adds in missing object IDs, fixing a bug causing form content to be lost when an error had occurred. Props wpdennis. Fixes #3209.
[6835] johnjamesjacoby Login: Do not prematurely escape `$redirect_to` in `bbp_logout_url()`. This change fixes a bug causing the redirect URL to be escaped before it's encoded. Props nevis2us. Fixes #3199.
[6834] johnjamesjacoby Converter: UX improvements to import experience: * Move Monitor to upper-right * Move actions into Monitor * Make database fields read-only when importer is running * Add a spinner See #3207 for inspiration.
[6833] johnjamesjacoby Converter: Remove unused argument in `clean()` method usage. See #3207.
[6832] johnjamesjacoby Converter: make a few `private` properties `protected` so subclasses can reach them. This change fixes a bug causing the e107v1 converter to fail. Props wpdennis. Fixes #3207.
[6831] johnjamesjacoby Build: update various out-of-date packages.
[6830] johnjamesjacoby Subscriptions: simplify edit logic for getting `checked()` value. Props wpdennis. See #3206.
[6829] johnjamesjacoby Subscriptions: cast function results to `(int)` so strict comparisons pass. This change fixes a bug where subscription checkboxes and UI elements could show/use incorrect values. Props wpdennis. Fixes #3206.
[6828] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: enforce `absint()` on function parameters in engagements API. Also fixes a bug causing an `array_search()` to erroneously fail. See #3206.
[6827] johnjamesjacoby Counts: Introduce a cacheable parent/type/status wrapper, filter helpers. This change introduces a common query function for totalling up all counts by type & status, and caching the results for later usages. By doing this, we can avoid running multiple queries for the same public or non-public counts. Also uses `bbp_number_not_negative()` in a few places where negative counts are never allowed.
[6826] johnjamesjacoby Replies: use existing `reply_to` value if none is passed. This change fixes a bug that would cause the reply hierarchy to be broken when non-moderator users would edit their existing replies within the allotted editing period. Props wpdennis. Fixes #3205.
[6824] johnjamesjacoby Search: update `bbp_get_search_terms()` to only accept a string. This change prevents non-string payloads from being encoded & trimmed.
[6823] johnjamesjacoby Activation: avoid creating initial content more than once. This change adds an `_bbp_flag_initial_content` option key to check against, to avoid creating the starter content more than one time. It also stores `bbp_get_default_options()` in a local static variable to avoid recreating the same array multiple times. Because of the way plugin activation and site creation work, `is_multisite()` checks are used to avoid fatal errors.
[6822] johnjamesjacoby Template: add `is_multisite()` check to `bbp_is_site_public()`. This change avoids a potential fatal error if this core function is used directly.
[6821] johnjamesjacoby Help: Update Forums & Topics help text. * Tweak action order * Grammar improvements * Add "Close" action to forums
[6820] johnjamesjacoby Converter: remove `safe_mode` check from `BBP_Converter::maybe_set_memory()`. This was deprecated in PHP 5.3.0 and removed in 5.4.0. Instead, this change employs the following: * Moves keys and values into a filterable array * Looks for disabled functions and avoids them * Adds error control operators as needed
[6819] johnjamesjacoby Prefer `sanitize_html_class()` over `esc_attr()`. This change uses the correct formatting function in places where potentially untrusted class strings are ran through `array_map()`.
[6817] johnjamesjacoby Users: make sure "Forum Role" is next to "Site Role" in User's List Table. This change comes with a CSS tweak to keep the role column at 15% width, and bumps the asset version accordingly.
[6816] johnjamesjacoby Intercept: return default value if an invalid number of args is parsed. Also pass a `$user_id` into favorites & subscriptions links functions. These changes together will prevent notices & errors in certain intercept conditions.
[6815] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: tweak notifications item IDs to provide a bit more context. This change also fixes a bug with hierarchical reply notifications. Props jpolakovic. Fixes #2834.
[6814] johnjamesjacoby Common: introduce `bbp_get_post_types()` and use where appropriate. Fixes #2769.
[6813] johnjamesjacoby Widgets: remove translation strings that only had placeholders in them. This change also switches output for the reply date option from `div` to `time` elements. Fixes #2851.
[6812] johnjamesjacoby Widgets: add `'customize_selective_refresh' to widgets. Props netweb. Fixes #2933.
[6811] johnjamesjacoby Subscriptions: prevent admin area topic updates from unsubscribing users. Fixes #3185.
[6810] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: prefer `empty()` check on `disable_blogforum_replies` setting. This fixes a bug causing some activity to not appear in relative activity streams. Fixes #3180.
[6809] johnjamesjacoby Converter: update phpBB importer to use `user_form_salt`. Props jrf. Fixes #3192.
[6808] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: add more `fully_loaded()` methods to component classes. This will allow an entry point for plugins to alter these classes how they see fit. Fixes #3192.
[6807] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: more efficient includes method. Props r-a-y. Fixes #3193.
[6806] johnjamesjacoby Templates: remove `action` attribute from several forms. This improves support for third-party implementations (shortcodes, BuddyPress, etc...) because template parts can be called from anywhere. Fixes #3030.
[6805] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: clean up new `get_profile_url()` method. See r6804.
[6804] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: updates to member profile URL filters: * Introduce methods for known user profile pages * Update public filter methods to use a private method This change uses new intercept hooks to make sure bbPress profile URLs are turned into BuddyPress ones instead. See #3814.
[6803] johnjamesjacoby Intercept: updates to `bbp_maybe_intercept()`: * Use `bbp_parse_args()` internally * Compare against known default return value * Use `call_user_func_array()` to avoid using `extract()` This change allows the intercept API to work a bit more smoothly with filters that have multiple arguments passed into them. Previous to this, those filters may have dropped their arguments, or otherwise not passed the proper arguments into their filter call. This fixes a regression related to BuddyPress profile URL overrides. See #3814.
[6802] johnjamesjacoby Tests: remove slashes from unpretty URLs before `#` anchor links.
[6801] johnjamesjacoby Tests: update default text to match what's new for 2.6.0.
[6796] johnjamesjacoby Tools: Update Editor Configuration. This change removes some file-types and stops trimming whitespace from markdown files. Fixes #3197. Props netweb.
[6795] johnjamesjacoby Templates: revert r6641 due to reports of styling breakage. This reverts back to the 2.5-type behavior of always making sure bbPress styling & scripts are available on all theme-side pages. We will revisit this enhancement again in a future release. See #3138. Props robin-w.
[6794] johnjamesjacoby Feeds: bring back accidentally deleted semi-colon from r6793.
[6793] johnjamesjacoby Feeds: use `esc_url_raw()` in topics & replies generator URLs. This brings generator tag handling up to par with recent WordPress changes.
[6792] johnjamesjacoby Counts: introduce sub-action for post status transitions. We'll use this for micro-managing child post counts on a per-type, per-status basis. See #1799.
[6791] johnjamesjacoby Admin: improve topic/reply row-action UX. This change includes more improvements to how topics and replies are toggled from an admin area list-table: * Move "Empty Spam" buttons to their own actions div * Allow spam/trash/approve/unapprove from any other status, so topics/replies can be more freely moved around * Add public/non-public functions for replies to match topics See #1799.
[6790] johnjamesjacoby Admin: improve topic/reply row-action UX. This change includes a few improvements to how topics and replies are toggled from an admin area list-table: * Make approve & not-spam links green to match comments UI * More specifically target admin area links to avoid conflicts with other post types * Make "Approve" a blanket "publish" action, meaning it will always publish a topic/reply even from spam or trash * Make sure "Not Spam" will restore to "pending" if it was previously not published * Bump CSS version See #1799.
[6789] johnjamesjacoby Converter: Call `bbp_setup_converter()` inside of `bbp_user_maybe_convert_pass()`. This change makes sure the admin-area converter files are included and instantiated from anywhere a user might be logging in from. This fixes a potential fatal error when trying to convert user passwords from old platforms to WordPress after a successful forum conversion has completed. Fixes #3191.
[6788] johnjamesjacoby Converter: add filter to `bbp_new_converter()`. This change makes it possible to include a custom converter class for the platform being converted from, especially useful if you've changed password storage schemas or want to handle data migration in a way that is specific to your needs. See #3191.
[6787] johnjamesjacoby Links: Add `$cap` to `bbp_get_view_all` filter. See #3195.
[6786] johnjamesjacoby Stats: Whitespace adjustments to some statistics functions. See #3196.
[6785] johnjamesjacoby Converter: remove `WP_SETUP_CONFIG` constant setting from converter process. This introduces a helper database class to avoid directly connecting to the external database. Instead, we'll attempt to control that connection, and provide feedback to the user in the event a connection cannot be made. The `WP_SETUP_CONFIG` was causing calls to the options API to fail, resulting in broken calculations and invalid offsets. This commit includes some general load order clean-up, which also fixes a regression causing fatal errors when attempting to upgrade converted user passwords from the old platform. It also fixes the condition where boundaries being converted would display beyond their maximums. Fixes #3191.
[6784] johnjamesjacoby Titles: error if forum/topic/reply title is too long. This change introduces `bbp_is_title_too_long()` and adds error messages to related forms if titles are too long. Fixes #3189.
[6783] johnjamesjacoby Caps: Check for `$args[0]` and bail if empty. This change avoids debug notices when single forum/topic/reply capability checks are done without having passed in a post ID. Props espellcaste, chriscct7. Fixes #3190.
[6782] johnjamesjacoby Common: avoid debug notices in `bbp_past_edit_lock()`. Props SergeyBiryukov. Fixes #3188.
[6781] johnjamesjacoby Activation: Use a user-option instead of user-setting or transient. User settings won't trigger without a proper page redirect, which plugin activation does not do (yet.) Also update docs to be less about the API and more about the intention of the code.
[6780] johnjamesjacoby Activation: improvements to activation procedure. * Replace transient usage with a user setting. This removes 1 additional query from through-out WordPress admin. * Use `bbp_admin()` helper function when referring to `bbpress()->admin` to take advantage of magic loading * Move activation redirection off of general `bbp_admin_init` hook and onto the relative `activate_` hook, which reduces some useless processing - we only ever want to redirect in from a predictable user flow * Move some admin-only functions back into the core component, to ensure they are available when bbPress is activated for the very first time * Introduce wrapper for `bbp_create_initial_content()` to avoid action argument pollution * Juggle some action-hook orders to make initial content creation work again * Add more checks to current user when automatically changing or assigning roles, including keymasters on fresh installations Overall, this results in a more predictable activation experience, and makes things easier to unhook or extend later.
[6779] johnjamesjacoby Actions: consolidate `bbp_template_notices` actions into a group.
[6778] johnjamesjacoby Template Notices: unbreak these. This change adjusts the `bbp_template_notices` action hooks and priority to ensure user, login, and topic notices continue to appear. It also removes the unstyled and unique `updated` class on one of them, which Twenty Seventeen uses as a way to hide elements.
[6777] johnjamesjacoby General: user escaped GetText variant where no HTML is ever allowed in strings. This change brings a few dozen strings up to par with the others, and ensures that strings are escaped on their way into the runtime environment.
[6776] johnjamesjacoby Admin: update `esc_notice()` usage to map `WP_Error` content. See r6775.
[6775] johnjamesjacoby Admin: update forum/topic/reply toggle notices to use `bbp_admin()->add_notice()`. This changes the source hooks so notices are created earlier (and not just-in-time as toggles occur.) It also introduces an `esc_notice()` method to restrict the allowed HTML tags in notice messages down to a very finite set (completely avoiding all types of hi-jacks at a lower level.)
[6774] johnjamesjacoby Documentation: fix a bunch of random ambiguous or incomplete phpdoc.
[6773] johnjamesjacoby Admin: update some inline docs from r6772.
[6772] johnjamesjacoby Admin: enforce row-action order for forums, topics, and replies. This change introduces a known (and filterable) sort-order to row-action keys, allowing for a more logical flow to better match Posts, Pages, and other WordPress core objects. With slight variations, the flow is: Edit, Stick(to front), Un/approve, Open/Close, Delete/Trash, Spam, View. Previous to this change, these `row_actions()` filters were only appending or overwriting keys, which introduced an unnecessary administration variation with no real benefit.
[6771] johnjamesjacoby Admin Notices: remove `create_function()` usage from tools feedback. This change removes the last remaining deprecated function call for full PHP 7.2 support, while also making admin area notices a bit more flexible in the process. Notices are now stored in an `bbpress()->admin->notices` array, and are output to the page via the `bbp_admin_notices` sub-action. This ensures that they'll only be made visible when bbPress is active, and keeps them contained to places where bbPress is already hooked in. It was also previously possible for any user to dismiss the database upgrade notice, even if they were not capable of seeing it, so this is now fixed as well.
[6770] johnjamesjacoby Metaboxes: show non-public replies in topic-replies meta/list box. This shows trashed/spam replies to capable users when editing a topic via WordPress admin, because if you're moderating a topic from here, chances are high you want to see everything - not just public replies.
[6769] johnjamesjacoby Metaboxes: parse arguments passed into `BBP_Topic_Replies_List_Table()` constructor. This allows conditional filtering & overloading of what the Replies list table displays.
[6768] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: Add relationship key and type to `bbp_user_engagements_interface()`. This allows for per-feature overloading of the engagement relationship type – useful if you want to store some data as a taxonomy, some data as meta, and other data in custom storage.
[6767] johnjamesjacoby Importers: `setup_globals()` is a public method. This change fixes a bug with the vBulletin importer causing it not to run. See r6766 for the vBulletin3 equivalent.
[6766] johnjamesjacoby Importers: `setup_globals()` is a public method. This change fixes a bug with the vBulletin3 importer causing it not to run.
[6763] johnjamesjacoby Converter: add inline documentation for `wp_insert_user()`. This change adds an inline reminder about what `wp_insert_user()` does internally, so our future selves know at a glance why else a user might be skipped.
[6762] johnjamesjacoby Options: allow default option cache strategy to be filtered, without causing an intercept. This change brings filter behavior back that was unintentionally removed in r6751.
[6761] johnjamesjacoby Options: Use new `$intercept` value in place of old `$strategy` value. This change fixes an undefined variable debug notice introduced in r6751.
[6760] johnjamesjacoby Common: introduce `bbp_get_url_scheme()` to simplify 'https' vs 'http' scheme concatenation. This change improves code flow and reduces complexity by eliminating the number of inline `is_ssl()` checks necessary when URLs are being generated.
[6759] johnjamesjacoby Reset: DRY out the `bbp_admin_reset_database()` logic. This change introduces a helper function for running queries and producing user feedback based on those results. It also introduces a `Skipped` result if the query is invalid or empty. Ultimately, this results in fewer repeated lines of code, fewer reused local variables, and an easier to understand code flow. An old, leftover routine for removing `forum-mod` taxonomy terms was also removed, as that approach was abandoned during the 2.6 development cycle but was missed when other refactoring was done.
[6758] johnjamesjacoby Ajax: introduce `bbp_ajax_headers()` abstracted from `bbp_do_ajax()`. This change makes it possible to send the proper & expected headers in custom theme-side AJAX implementations.
[6757] johnjamesjacoby Sub-actions: bail on completely invalid/empty get/post requests. This change ensures that non-empty actions (sanitized via `sanitize_key()`) will not make their way into the get/post request actions. This is in addition to similar checks added to AJAX requests in r6755.
[6756] johnjamesjacoby Inline documentation improvements from r6755.
[6755] johnjamesjacoby Ajax: send a proper `400` response when nothing happens. This change adds nocache and noindex headers to theme-side AJAX handling, adds support for pre-sanitized `$action` parameters, and checks that the action-hook actually has actions hooked to it before attempting to execute it. Similar to `admin-ajax.php` a `400` response is now returned when an AJAX request is attempted that does not have a handler.
[6754] johnjamesjacoby Moderation: pass `$content` into `comment_max_links_url` filter. This changes brings parity to changes made in WordPress 4.7.0. Fixes #3141.
[6753] johnjamesjacoby Duplicates: check `post_author` argument instead of current user. This change brings duplicate checking up to speed with flood and blacklist checks by preferring `user_can()` over `current_user_can()`, and plays a bit more friendly with anonymous author IDs. Props r-a-y. Fixes #3186.
[6752] johnjamesjacoby Intercept: invert comparison in `bbp_is_intercepted()`. I was testing it to make sure it worked correctly, and forgot to switch it back before r6751. See #3184.
[6751] johnjamesjacoby Intercept: first pass intercept API. This change introduces 3 new functions for generating a default intercept value and comparing against it in specific places. If the return value differs from the default intercept value, we know that function call was intercepted by a filter, and that value will become the new return value without executing the remaining part of the function. See #3184.
[6750] johnjamesjacoby Admin: split reset handler into 2 functions (handler and logic) This change improves compatibility with future WP CLI initiatives, specifically allowing removing all bbPress data. Fixes #3173. Props espellcaste.
[6747] johnjamesjacoby Update more engagements documentation. Fixes #3177. Props espellcaste.
[6746] johnjamesjacoby Update engagements documentation. Fixes #3176. Props espellcaste.
[6745] johnjamesjacoby URLs: Audit the usage of `trailingslashit()`. This change ensures that trailing slashes are only used at the end of URLs where they're expected, and avoids adding slashes at the end of URLs when permalinks are configured not to include them. See #3181.
[6744] johnjamesjacoby CSS cleanup from r6743.
[6743] johnjamesjacoby Styling tweaks for improved Twenty Seventeen theme support.
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