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[4730] johnjamesjacoby Improvements to vBulletin importer. Props netweb. Fixes #1991.
[4729] johnjamesjacoby A picture is worth a thousand words. Hat tip netweb. See #2183.
[4728] johnjamesjacoby Improvements to the SimplePress5 converter. Props netweb. See #2182.
[4727] johnjamesjacoby Improvements to the Mingle converter. Props netweb. See #2182.
[4726] johnjamesjacoby Improvements to the phpBB converter. Props netweb. Fixes #2182.
[4725] johnjamesjacoby Invision converter improvements. Props netweb. Fixes #2181.
[4724] johnjamesjacoby When calculating the child forum count, check all post ID's with matching parents instead of only public ones. Helps fix bug causing private and hidden forums to not appear. In the future, this could be handled better, without hardcoded post status checks. See #2085.
[4723] johnjamesjacoby On single forum view, do not check for forum count when trying to query sub forums. Fixes #2085.
[4722] johnjamesjacoby Tweak BuddyPress activity action text to bring them closer together in lists (typically sorted alphabetically.)
[4721] johnjamesjacoby Rearrange the way map_group_forum_meta_caps() is used. See #2089.
[4720] johnjamesjacoby In BuddyPress's loader, setup components in priority 7, to get them in before activity actions are registered. Props r-a-y. Fixes #2176.
[4719] johnjamesjacoby Whitespace cleanup in BuddyPress activity.php. See #2176.
[4718] johnjamesjacoby Introduce Vanilla converter tool. Props netweb. Fixes #2179.
[4717] johnjamesjacoby Supplemental removal of group forum capability mapping after group forum is displayed. See #2140.
[4716] johnjamesjacoby Map group forum meta caps directly to 'bbp_map_meta_caps' filter to avoid recursion. Also remove BuddyPress 'topic' action check, to allow single group-forum capability map to work correctly. Fixes #2140.
[4715] johnjamesjacoby In favorite/subscription handlers, default redirect to get_permalink( $topic_id ) if no other match is found. Fixes #2160.
[4714] johnjamesjacoby Improve usage of make_clickable filter on topic and reply content. Fixes #2149.
[4713] johnjamesjacoby Bump trunk stable tag in readme.txt and add 2.2.4 changes. Bump DB version to match 2.2.4.
[4712] johnjamesjacoby Tag 2.2.4.
[4711] johnjamesjacoby Bump 2.2 branch version to 2.2.4. Includes readme.txt changes.
[4710] johnjamesjacoby Prepare query variables in converter callbacks. Also add some brackets for readability. Props Maty. (2.2 branch)
[4709] johnjamesjacoby Prepare $username in bbp_user_maybe_convert_pass(). Props Maty. (2.2 branch)
[4708] johnjamesjacoby Audit form field functions. Cast some $_POST values. Props Maty. (2.2 branch)
[4707] johnjamesjacoby Prepare query variables in converter callbacks. Also add some brackets for readability. Props Maty.
[4706] johnjamesjacoby Prepare $username in bbp_user_maybe_convert_pass(). Props Maty.
[4705] johnjamesjacoby Audit form field functions. Cast some $_POST values. Props Maty.
[4704] johnjamesjacoby Add missing topic-tag code in bbp_admin_reset_handler(). Props netweb. Fixes #2096.
[4703] johnjamesjacoby Updates to phpBB converter: * Cleaned whitespace and updated inline docs and phpdoc for consistency accross all import tools. * Fixed '_bbp_forum_parent_id' * Added Forum topic count -> '_bbp_topic_count' * Added Forum reply count -> '_bbp_reply_count' * Added Forum total topic count -> '_bbp_total_topic_count' * Added Forum status -> '_bbp_status' * Fixed Forum dates -> to_type = 'forum' and to_fieldname = 'post_date' * Fixed Forum dates -> to_type = 'forum' and to_fieldname = 'post_date_gmt', * Fixed Forum dates -> to_type = 'forum' and to_fieldname = 'post_modified' * Fixed Forum dates -> to_type = 'forum' and to_fieldname = 'post_modified_gmt' * Added Topic reply count -> '_bbp_reply_count', * Added Topic total reply count -> '_bbp_total_reply_count' * Added Topic date -> '_bbp_last_active_time' * Added Topic author ip -> '_bbp_author_ip' * Added phpbb user ICQ -> '_bbp_phpbb_user_icq' * Added phpbb user MSNM -> '_bbp_phpbb_user_msnm' * Added phpbb user Jabber -> 'jabber' * Added phpbb user Occupation -> '_bbp_phpbb_user_occ' * Added phpbb user Interests -> '_bbp_phpbb_user_interests' * Added phpbb user Signature -> _bbp_phpbb_user_sig',' * Added phpbb user Location -> '_bbp_phpbb_user_from' * Added phpbb user avatar filename -> '_bbp_phpbb_user_avatar' * Added function callback_topic_reply_count * Added function callback_html (Strips custom phpBB 'magic_url' and 'bbcode_uid' first from $field before parsing $field to parser.php) * Added bbPress @mentions to converted phpBB [quote] BBCodes * Props netweb. * Fixes #1884.
[4702] johnjamesjacoby Use correct bbp_group_is_banned() function. Props r-a-y. Fixes #2150.
[4701] johnjamesjacoby Allow moderation and blacklist to be bypassed based on function parameters. Props tlovett1. Fixes #2154.
[4700] johnjamesjacoby Update bbp_redirect_to_field() to not use home_url(), and instead use super globals. Props alex-ye. Fixes #2155.
[4699] johnjamesjacoby Add forum search to is_bbpress(). See #2165.
[4698] johnjamesjacoby Add forum search to body class. Props alex-ye. Fixes #2165.
[4697] johnjamesjacoby Decode blogname in notification emails. Props netweb. Fixes #2172.
[4696] johnjamesjacoby Remove array_reverse() usage in breadcrumb output. Props alex-ye. Fixes #2124, #2166.
[4695] johnjamesjacoby Introduce tool for repairing each forum's sticky topic ID's. Props gawain. Fixes #2157.
[4694] johnjamesjacoby Fix broken single forum feeds by avoiding get_page_by_path(). Props alex-ye. Fixes #2167.
[4693] johnjamesjacoby Improvements to SimplePress5 importer. Props netweb. Fixes #2164.
[4692] johnjamesjacoby Introduce Mingle converter. Props netweb. Fixes #2163.
[4691] johnjamesjacoby Add elseif's to bbp_body_class() to avoid running each function when it's not necessary. Also, some code clean-up. Fixes #2168.
[4689] johnjamesjacoby Filter topic and reply content code trick and encoding before priority 10. Fixes third party plugin compat when filtering content. Hattip mordauk.
[4686] johnjamesjacoby Add missing $. Props r-a-y. Fixes #2148.
[4685] johnjamesjacoby When querying topics, use similar logic post_status/perm for stickies. See r4673. Fixes #2146.
[4684] johnjamesjacoby Bring per RSS page settings back, using correct cap key.
[4683] johnjamesjacoby Set correct '_bbp_allow_global_access' default in settings template tag. Fixes issues with it being off on new installs.
[4682] johnjamesjacoby Tighten up whitespace on bulk user dropdown to better match WordPress core. Fixes #2145.
[4681] johnjamesjacoby Only show BuddyPress Group settings section when viewing bbPress settings for a BuddyPress root blog. Note that using bp_is_root_blog() includes support for BuddyPress's Multiblog mode.
[4680] johnjamesjacoby Fix copy pasta from topic display name fix. See #2141.
[4679] johnjamesjacoby Display Names: * Add seems_utf8() checks to topic and reply display names. * Improve handling of display name link title text. This is a regression from removing extract() usages. * Fixes #2141.
[4678] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Allow keymaster role to use Forums tools and save Forums settings. * Fixes #2139.
[4677] johnjamesjacoby In bbp_get_user_replies_created(), only query for the reply post type. Fixes issue with topics appearing commingled in the replies created profile page.
[4676] johnjamesjacoby Fix copy pasta inline doc from r4675.
[4675] johnjamesjacoby When posting a new reply that does not have a 'publish' post status, only add it to topic-meta pre-spam/trash arrays if the topic status matches. Avoids accidental revealing of unpublished replies when toggling the topic status later.
[4674] johnjamesjacoby When spamming a topic, save the currently published replies in topic meta and trash them. This prevents rogue replies from appearing in user profiles and searches that have no live parent topic. Also add similar logic to new reply handler, to add reply to topic meta if replying to a previously spammed topic. This is rare, as the ability is restricted to capable users, but must be done to keep meta synchronized.
[4673] johnjamesjacoby Rejig the post_status logic in bbp_has_topics() and bbp_has_replies() to use the 'perm' query variable when appropriate. This allows unfamiliar topic and reply statuses to work as intended. Also allows post authors to view their own private content. Fixes #2088.
[4672] johnjamesjacoby Nicename Usage: * Introduce template tags for getting and displaying a user nicenames. Helpful for themes that want easier access to @mentions data. * Improve mention filters to use 'slug' instead of 'login.' Fixes possible mismatches when login and nicename are different.
[4671] johnjamesjacoby Enqueue jQuery in default templates, to fix issue with head scripts not having jQuery available in shortcodes, or places where TinyMCE might be pulled into the theme.
[4670] johnjamesjacoby Users on single-site installations can have all-numeric usernames, causing profile URLs like '/forums/users/55555/' to be parsed incorrectly. In bbp_parse_query(), check the 'permalink_structure' option before checking if the 'bbp_user' WP query variable is not numeric. This has the potentially negative side-effect of not being able to use the query-var with a numeric user ID when using pretty permalinks, but that was never intended behavior anyways. Fixes #2136.
[4668] johnjamesjacoby I don't see nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind.
[4667] johnjamesjacoby Remove call to bbp_topic_admin_links() from form-reply.php. These links are a bit out of context here now, and are duplicated from the lead topic post.
[4666] johnjamesjacoby Improve margins on TinyMCE quicktags. Includes RTL.
[4665] johnjamesjacoby Don't wrap nested pre/code tags in additional new-lines.
[4664] johnjamesjacoby Preformatted blocks do not need top margin; it's trumped by the preceding paragraph tag.
[4663] johnjamesjacoby Better CSS support for code tags nested in pre tags.
[4661] johnjamesjacoby Do not directly call BBP_Forums_Component::setup_nav(), as it causes the current_user to be loaded prematurely due to is_user_logged_in() calls.
[4660] johnjamesjacoby Improved margins for author and content of single topic views. Also fixes single topic RTL margins.
[4659] johnjamesjacoby Make .bbp-author-name elements display inline-block, to allow them to properly center in the available space.
[4658] johnjamesjacoby Use _wp_specialchars() instead of deprecated wp_specialchars().
[4657] johnjamesjacoby Fix bug causing reply revisions not to save correctly. Also tweak default revision CSS to be more aggressive, so it does not get nooped by content OL/UL/LI styling.
[4656] johnjamesjacoby Reprioritize revision log appending filters to 99, to avoid possibly escaping the full HTML output. Fixes #2131.
[4655] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_get_redirect_to() to handle getting the request variable. Use this new function where appropriate.
[4654] johnjamesjacoby Update bump count functions to use integer values. See #1799.
[4653] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_deregister_template_stack(), to allow plugins to manipulate the template stack in real-time.
[4652] johnjamesjacoby Put a more positive spin on our usage of magic methods in the bbPress class.
[4651] johnjamesjacoby Add missing col class to welcome screen. Fixes #2132.
[4649] johnjamesjacoby Add br tags to allowed array in bbp_encode_bad() function. Prevents existing line breaks from being encoded if ported from bbPress 1.1.
[4648] johnjamesjacoby Remove debug cruft from bbp_get_reply_post_date().
[4647] johnjamesjacoby Fix topic and reply time since to use the correct parameters for get_post_time().
[4646] johnjamesjacoby Update CSS for new search form ID.
[4645] johnjamesjacoby Tweak search form to include classes and tab indexes.
[4644] johnjamesjacoby Add some CSS to inline code elements. Tweak the pre/code CSS also. (Includes RTL)
[4643] johnjamesjacoby Add paragraph tags to $allowed tags array in bbp_encode_bad() so they are not accidentally encoded from bbPress 1.1 migrations.
[4642] johnjamesjacoby Formatting: * Rename kses.php to formatting.php. * Port bbPress 1.1 code and pre tag handling. Comes with filters and callbacks to allow code wrapped in pre & code elements, and backticks. * Revert r4641, r4640, * See #1967.
[4641] johnjamesjacoby More thorough regex for pre and code tags and HTML entities. Props Corey Worrell. See #1967.
[4640] johnjamesjacoby Improve the output of code between pre and code HTML tags. Fixes #1967.
[4639] johnjamesjacoby Introduce SimplePress 5 importer. Props netweb. Fixes #2074.
[4638] johnjamesjacoby Don't parse smilies in bbPress 1.x converter. Props netweb for testing. Fixes #1874.
[4637] johnjamesjacoby Revert r4625, as it could cause spam topics to become published. Will need to rethink/revisit this in 2.4. See #2125.
[4636] johnjamesjacoby Tweak content filter priorities to more closely match WordPress core order.
[4634] johnjamesjacoby Add missing type in @return phpdoc tags for current user group status checks. See #2119.
[4633] johnjamesjacoby Introduce functions for getting and caching the current users current group status. Use these new functions in the Group Forum extension, to remove dependency on $groups_template global. Fixes bugs where regular users could not create content in private/hidden groups. Hat-tip boonebgorges. Fixes #2119.
[4632] johnjamesjacoby Allow tabbing into and out of TinyMCE. Fixes #1917.
[4631] johnjamesjacoby Fix broken markup in loop-search-forum.php template part.
[4630] johnjamesjacoby Fix regression causing search query_var to break 404 handling in bbp_parse_query. See r4618.
[4629] johnjamesjacoby Add magic unset method to main bbPress class.
[4628] johnjamesjacoby Fix content display issues in .bbp-user-section container (includes RTL). Props jaredatch. Fixes #2067.
[4627] johnjamesjacoby In phpBB converter, use topic_status to make sure topics stay closed after conversion. Props netweb. Fixes #2123.
[4626] johnjamesjacoby Add jmdodd to humans.txt team, and readme.txt contributors.
[4625] johnjamesjacoby In bbPress 1.x converter, use topic_open to make sure topics stay closed after conversion. Props netweb. Fixed #2125.
[4623] johnjamesjacoby Improve default pagination styling (includes RTL). Hat-tip corsonr. Fixes #2124.
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