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[4809] johnjamesjacoby Hide super sticky related output from group forums. Props imath. Fixes #2227.
[4808] johnjamesjacoby Rename bbp_pre_get_posts_exclude_forums() to bbp_pre_get_posts_normalize_forum_visibility(), to better describe what it does. bbp_pre_get_posts_normalize_forum_visibility() is a dual purpose function, responsible for normalizing the post_status and post_parent scopes of bbPress related forum queries, against the current users capabilities. This means it must include forums for capable users, and exclude them for incapable users. See #2221.
[4807] johnjamesjacoby In bbp_pre_get_posts_exclude_forums(), switch logic to remove statuses from existing queries rather than recalculating them completely. Hat tip alex-ye. Fixes #2221.
[4806] johnjamesjacoby Audit up widget code: * Add missing UI for some options. * Introduce methods for parsing widget arguments. * General code clean up. * Props alex-ye. * Fixes #2250.
[4805] johnjamesjacoby Remove meta query check from _bbp_has_replies_where(), add some brackets to improve readability. Addresses regression introduced in r4795. See #2221
[4804] johnjamesjacoby Remove outdated bbp_is_query_name() phpdoc references.
[4803] johnjamesjacoby Add topic-view for popular topics, and use it in page-forum-statistics.php rather than hardcoded query.
[4802] johnjamesjacoby Correct /users/template-tags.php inline doc typo. Props netweb. Fixes #2251.
[4801] johnjamesjacoby Correct closing HTML tag helper doc in content-single-topic-lead.php Props netweb. Fixes #2252.
[4800] johnjamesjacoby Add phpdoc file description block to form-user-roles.php. Props netweb. Fixes #2253.
[4799] johnjamesjacoby Remove unnecessary capability check for post-status trash fix. Props alex-ye. Fixes #2255.
[4798] johnjamesjacoby Fix typo in reply nonce error message. Props loki_racer. Fixes #2257.
[4797] johnjamesjacoby Use correct $_user_id variable in user_can() check in bbp_is_user_keymaster(). Props imath. Fixes #2256.
[4796] johnjamesjacoby Bump bbpress.pot.
[4795] johnjamesjacoby When searching forums, do not include posts that are outside of the logged in user's visibility scope. Also add some inline clarification to _bbp_has_replies_where() to help explain what some conditions are for. Hat tip alex-ye. Fixes #2221.
[4794] johnjamesjacoby Correct file description in content-statistics.php. Props alexvorn2. Fixes #2247.
[4793] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_get_dynamic_role_name() to handle getting a translated role name from the dynamic roles array. Use this to return a more accurate display role in bbp_get_user_display_role(). Hat tip alex-ye. Fixes #2248.
[4792] johnjamesjacoby Fix reversed post request check. See r4791.
[4791] johnjamesjacoby Introduce helper functions for determining the REQUEST_METHOD, and replace occurrences with these new functions. Cleans up inconsistent handling of requests through-out the project.
[4790] johnjamesjacoby Allow additional post-type CSS classes to be passed as a second parameter. Fixes #2242.
[4789] johnjamesjacoby Pass complete content into activity stream items. Create excerpt on output rather than input. Fixes #2237.
[4788] johnjamesjacoby Update bbp_get_forum_last_topic_title() to return an empty string if forum has no topics. Fixes #2238.
[4787] johnjamesjacoby In breadcrumb, skip crumb if parent is empty or an error.
[4786] johnjamesjacoby Merge topic/reply author with attributes metabox save action. Fixes bug causing freshness time to be incorrectly updated from within the dashboard. Props alex-ye. Fixes #2229.
[4785] johnjamesjacoby Typo in inline docs. See #2232.
[4784] johnjamesjacoby Multibyte support for excerpts and breadcrumbs. Hat-tip alex-ye. Fixes #2232.
[4783] johnjamesjacoby Replace is_super_admin() usages with bbp_is_user_keymaster() where appropriate. Fixes #2231.
[4782] johnjamesjacoby Move new topic sticky-check after 'bbp_new_topic' action, to ensure forum ID meta is saved via bbp_update_topic(). Also move sticky-check in edit-topic handler, so correct forum ID is used when moving a sticky topic. Props imath. Fixes #2230.
[4781] johnjamesjacoby Translate get_post_time() when used without humanization. Props alex-ye. Fixes #2222.
[4780] johnjamesjacoby Revert WordPress 3.6 slash-compat. See r4771, #WP21767.
[4779] johnjamesjacoby Tweak action order for early !WordPress 3.6 stripslashes support.
[4778] johnjamesjacoby In topic new/edit handlers, don't check unnecessary error conditions. Props alex-ye. Fixes #2220.
[4777] johnjamesjacoby Ensure network admins can always view group forum forms. Props thebrandonallen. Fixes #2214.
[4776] johnjamesjacoby Use correct array key in BBP_Forums_Group_Extension::display_forums(). Props thebrandonallen. Fixes #2215.
[4775] johnjamesjacoby Pass $r instead of $args in ending filters. Ensures correct array of arguments is available to filters. These were skipped as part of #2056. Props alex-ye. Fixes #2218.
[4774] johnjamesjacoby Add Search title to current_text in bbp_get_breadcrumb(). Props alex-ye. Fixes #2218.
[4773] johnjamesjacoby Move bbp_add_forums_roles() to 'bbp_after_setup_theme' action. Fixes issues with role names not being translated in some areas. Fixes #2219.
[4772] johnjamesjacoby Load bbp_login_notices() on 'bbp_head' so text is properly translated. Props alex-ye. Fixes #2217.
[4771] johnjamesjacoby Preliminary support for WordPress 3.6 slash approach. (For easier on-going development.)
[4770] johnjamesjacoby Bail out of converter if there is no request method. Fixes #2113.
[4769] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress Groups: * Simplify group forum display logic. * Use bbp_has_ functions to preload posts. Reduces overhead of calling get_posts() and then creating new WP_Query() object later. * Use bbPress's front-end nonce verification logic to avoid wp_die'ing theme-side. * When editing a BuddyPress group's forum settings, allow network administrators to modify the group connection. * Fixes #2201, #2202.
[4768] johnjamesjacoby Use esc_attr_e() in form-search.php. Props paulgibbs. Fixes #2212.
[4767] johnjamesjacoby Update bbpress.pot. Fixes #2208.
[4766] johnjamesjacoby Fix speeling of replationships in admin tools. Props netweb. Fixes #2209.
[4765] johnjamesjacoby When editing a reply from wp-admin, do not restrict post_parent to 0. Fixes issue where the forum of a reply could become out-of-sync when edited via wp-admin.
[4764] johnjamesjacoby Add missing textdomains to _nx_noop() in bbpress.php. Props alex-ye. Fixes #2200.
[4763] johnjamesjacoby Use the correct variable name in bbp_add_template_stack_locations(). See r4762.
[4762] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compatibility: * When locating template files, filter 'bbp_get_template_stack' rather than 'bbp_get_template_part' * Fixes bug where using bbp_locate_template() directly would result in missing subdirectory locations.
[4761] johnjamesjacoby When using 'post__not_in' or 'post__in' query variables in single topic views, do not attempt to force the query index in _bbp_has_replies_where(). Fixes #2195.
[4760] johnjamesjacoby Add missing textdomain's for admin component. Props daveshine. Fixes #2197.
[4759] johnjamesjacoby Backport roles improvements to 2.2 branch. * bbp_add_forums_roles() now returns the modified roles global. * Hardening around saving a user's role when editing their profile. * Call bbp_add_forums_roles() in a few places to make sure roles are added before using add_role() or set_role().
[4758] johnjamesjacoby In bbp_profile_update_role(), add additional checks to prevent accidental role changes.
[4757] johnjamesjacoby Add textdomain to _doing_it_wrong() feedback in bbp_setup_current_user().
[4756] johnjamesjacoby Use correct bbPress version number in doing_it_wrong() usage in bbp_setup_current_user().
[4755] johnjamesjacoby Add _doing_it_wrong() feedback to bbp_setup_current_user(), to help debug role and capability issues when the current user is prematurely loaded.
[4754] johnjamesjacoby In bbp_get_user_blog_role(), use bbp_add_forums_roles() instead of accessing WP_Roles directly. Fixes issue where WP_Roles could be loaded without bbPress's roles correctly added in time, causing default role to be added without correct allcaps for user.
[4753] johnjamesjacoby Make bbp_add_forums_roles() return the $wp_roles global, for future use when looking for the WP_Roles object later.
[4752] johnjamesjacoby When calling WP_Roles->add_role() directly, make sure that bbPress's roles and caps have been added. Addresses a bug related to the $wp_roles global being created too soon, or when attempting to add a role before $wp_roles has been properly initialized.
[4751] johnjamesjacoby Bump to 2.3 Beta 2.
[4750] johnjamesjacoby Remove 'bbp_encode_bad' filter on topic/reply content. Fixes issues with double encoding.
[4749] johnjamesjacoby Add a note about bbcodes and smilies to welcome screen. Props netweb. Fixes #2192.
[4748] johnjamesjacoby Reprioritize autoembeds to before make_clickable(), to fix broken autoembeds. Fixes #2192.
[4747] johnjamesjacoby Remove invalid @uses for subforum count. See #2191.
[4746] johnjamesjacoby Remove deprecated subforum prevention code. Though it's not directly supported, preventing it isn't necessary either. See #2191.
[4745] johnjamesjacoby Update the What's New page.
[4744] johnjamesjacoby When updating the BuddyPress root group forum, also update the post_name. Hat tip netweb. See #2089.
[4743] johnjamesjacoby Improvements to bbPress 1.x converter inline documentation. Props netweb. fixes #2189.
[4742] johnjamesjacoby Fix bug preventing nested forums from being available when creating topics/replies from wp-admin. Props alex-ye. Fixes #2186.
[4741] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue with user profile replies pagination. Props r-a-y. Fixes #2190.
[4740] johnjamesjacoby Reorder topic and reply content code filters to fix entity issue inside code blocks.
[4739] johnjamesjacoby Now that mentions are in bbPress core, remove the extra mention code in the BuddyPress activity extension. Fixes #2185.
[4738] johnjamesjacoby Remove "bbp-mention-link" class from bbp_mention_filter() links. Fixes bug where copy/pasting previous post content into TinyMCE causes duplicate topic/reply check to not match correctly. See #2185.
[4737] johnjamesjacoby Change topic and reply content filter order to move 'bbp_mention_filter' just behind 'make_clickable' since mentions are an extention of it. See #2185.
[4736] johnjamesjacoby Reverse single/double quote usage in bbp_mention_filter(); also use sprintf() to place variable data. See #2185.
[4735] johnjamesjacoby Prepare query in bbp_check_for_duplicate(). See #2185.
[4734] johnjamesjacoby Update bbpress.pot.
[4733] johnjamesjacoby Normalize svn props for .php files, and add missing index.php to /includes/search/ directory.
[4732] johnjamesjacoby Bump trunk to 2.3-beta1.
[4731] johnjamesjacoby When repairing BuddyPress group forum relationships, also sync up the group forum status. Fixes #2089.
[4730] johnjamesjacoby Improvements to vBulletin importer. Props netweb. Fixes #1991.
[4729] johnjamesjacoby A picture is worth a thousand words. Hat tip netweb. See #2183.
[4728] johnjamesjacoby Improvements to the SimplePress5 converter. Props netweb. See #2182.
[4727] johnjamesjacoby Improvements to the Mingle converter. Props netweb. See #2182.
[4726] johnjamesjacoby Improvements to the phpBB converter. Props netweb. Fixes #2182.
[4725] johnjamesjacoby Invision converter improvements. Props netweb. Fixes #2181.
[4724] johnjamesjacoby When calculating the child forum count, check all post ID's with matching parents instead of only public ones. Helps fix bug causing private and hidden forums to not appear. In the future, this could be handled better, without hardcoded post status checks. See #2085.
[4723] johnjamesjacoby On single forum view, do not check for forum count when trying to query sub forums. Fixes #2085.
[4722] johnjamesjacoby Tweak BuddyPress activity action text to bring them closer together in lists (typically sorted alphabetically.)
[4721] johnjamesjacoby Rearrange the way map_group_forum_meta_caps() is used. See #2089.
[4720] johnjamesjacoby In BuddyPress's loader, setup components in priority 7, to get them in before activity actions are registered. Props r-a-y. Fixes #2176.
[4719] johnjamesjacoby Whitespace cleanup in BuddyPress activity.php. See #2176.
[4718] johnjamesjacoby Introduce Vanilla converter tool. Props netweb. Fixes #2179.
[4717] johnjamesjacoby Supplemental removal of group forum capability mapping after group forum is displayed. See #2140.
[4716] johnjamesjacoby Map group forum meta caps directly to 'bbp_map_meta_caps' filter to avoid recursion. Also remove BuddyPress 'topic' action check, to allow single group-forum capability map to work correctly. Fixes #2140.
[4715] johnjamesjacoby In favorite/subscription handlers, default redirect to get_permalink( $topic_id ) if no other match is found. Fixes #2160.
[4714] johnjamesjacoby Improve usage of make_clickable filter on topic and reply content. Fixes #2149.
[4713] johnjamesjacoby Bump trunk stable tag in readme.txt and add 2.2.4 changes. Bump DB version to match 2.2.4.
[4712] johnjamesjacoby Tag 2.2.4.
[4711] johnjamesjacoby Bump 2.2 branch version to 2.2.4. Includes readme.txt changes.
[4710] johnjamesjacoby Prepare query variables in converter callbacks. Also add some brackets for readability. Props Maty. (2.2 branch)
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