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[5014] johnjamesjacoby Clean-up to Example.php converter. Props netweb. Fixes #2134.
[5013] johnjamesjacoby Responsive styling to default templates. Huge props mercime. Fixes #1933.
[5012] johnjamesjacoby Allow topic form shortcode to accept a forum_id attribute. Props netweb, GautamGupta. Fixes #1649.
[5011] johnjamesjacoby When saving a user's profile, their 'admin_bar_front' setting is accidentally wiped out by edit_user(), because the form field does not exist in bbPress's template parts. In bbp_edit_user_handler(), check if the user has this setting; if so, add it to the $_POST superglobal to allow edit_user() to function normally. Fixes #2364. Props imath.
[5010] johnjamesjacoby In bbp_get_dropdown(), remove the hard-coded post_status checker, and trust bbp_pre_get_posts_normalize_forum_visibility() to do its job. We still pass 'post_status' as null, so that get_posts() gets passed the results of bbp_parse_args(). Also, remove 'sort_column' array key from when this used get_pages(), and rely on 'orderby' for get_posts() instead. In bbp_pre_get_posts_normalize_forum_visibility(), remove empties and duplicates from the $post_stati array. Fixes #2354.
[5009] johnjamesjacoby Introduce additional forum/topic ID validation when posting new topics and replies. Prevents empty/negative/non-existent post_parent. Fixes #2363.
[5007] johnjamesjacoby Additional CSS resets to improve theme compatibility for search and list items. Props jaredatch. Fixes #2283.
[5006] johnjamesjacoby Make sure that topics and replies in private/hidden forums are excluded from the "insert links" dialogue window. Hat tip jaredatch. See #2334.
[5005] johnjamesjacoby Use the correct array index string in bbp_get_breadcrumb() ( 'current_text' VS 'pre_current_text' ). Props mrcl. Fixes #2361.
[5004] johnjamesjacoby Use the correct filter ID string in bbp_get_forum_pagination_count(). Props mrcl. Fixes #2362.
[5002] johnjamesjacoby Constans album spatium. Consistent whitespace handling of foreach usages.
[5001] johnjamesjacoby For inline code blocks in topics and replies, ensure they are vertically positioned in the middle of their respective lines of text. Fixes issue where code snippets were top-aligned based on paragraph line-height. See #2350.
[5000] johnjamesjacoby Revert part of r4995 that introduced strict comparisons in bbp_get_time_since() against return values of floor(), which returns a float. See #2358.
[4999] johnjamesjacoby Since search requests get existing data, and do not post new data, revert part of r4997 and switch request method back to "get". Add hidden 'action' field to form-search.php template-part, and move 'bbp_search_results_redirect' action from 'bbp_post_request' to 'bbp_get_request'. Fixes issue with request not redirecting properly, and uses more accurate form method. See #2337.
[4998] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_find_mentions_pattern() function to make it easier to change the pattern to match usernames against. Helpful for non-latin characters. Also add additional filter to bbp_find_mentions() to allow for late filtering of results. Props aliso. Fixes #2226.
[4997] johnjamesjacoby Make search results page use pretty permalinks if they are enabled: * Change search form method from "get" to "post" * Move 'bbp_search_request_redirect' action to 'bbp_post_request' to avoid recursion. * Tweak bbp_search_request_redirect() to check for pretty permalinks, and remove now superfluous recursion checks. * See #2337.
[4996] johnjamesjacoby Replace generic stdClass usages with correct object types. Fixes debug notices with bbp_get_displayed_user_field() when requesting non-existing fields or when there is no displayed user, by allowing the magic __get() methods of the WP_User class to bail if the field is not set. Also prevents similar issues with main query loops. Fixes #2359.
[4995] johnjamesjacoby Use strict comparisons where possible (excluding the converter code, as it needs dedicated testing.) See #2358.
[4994] johnjamesjacoby Use bbPress functions for getting the reply and topic author ID instead of using get_the_author_meta( 'ID' ). Allows for strict comparisons and uses bbPress's filters for the related functions.
[4992] johnjamesjacoby Use wp_update_post() in bbp_update_reply_position(), instead of $wpdb->update(). Ensures that post caches are cleared when manually updating a reply position via its menu_order property. See #2351.
[4991] johnjamesjacoby Normalize topic and reply admin method names. Some of them were still prefixed from back when all admin methods were in 1 mega-class.
[4990] johnjamesjacoby In the _insert_ and _handler_ functions, do some one-time-use variable clean-up, and add some brackets for improved readability.
[4989] johnjamesjacoby Practice late escaping in bbp_get_dropdown() to make it more clear that attributes are escaped.
[4988] johnjamesjacoby Move $postarr arrays into their respective calls to wp_update_post().
[4987] johnjamesjacoby When super sticky topics exist in private or hidden forums, they currently always appear in topic-index listings, even when the current user cannot access them. This changeset adds 'post_parent__not_in' to the super-sticky post query parameters, to exclude topics that are within private/hidden forums the current user cannot access. Fixes #2173.
[4986] johnjamesjacoby When posting long single lines of code (meaning pre tags are not used to aid in formatting) they will break onto several lines if they are longer than the container element allows. This changeset tweaks the CSS to allow code tags to scroll, and limit the width to 95%. Fixes #2350.
[4985] johnjamesjacoby Remove capability pre-check from admin links functions. Remove duplicate trash-removal logic that's done inside the respective trash-link generating functions. Fixes inconsistent nested capability checks within admin link functions. See #2348.
[4984] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect filter name in bbp_get_user_profile_edit_link().
[4983] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bbp_get_displayed_user_field(). See #1999.
[4982] johnjamesjacoby Remove duplicate escaping from user-details.php, now that fields are automatically sanitized for display. See #1999.
[4981] johnjamesjacoby Use raw user-data values in bbp_edit_user_handler(). See #1999.
[4980] johnjamesjacoby Revert accidental test field change from r4979. See #1999.
[4979] johnjamesjacoby Add $filter parameter and supporting phpdoc to bbp_displayed_user_field() && bbp_get_displayed_user_field() to allow more accurate sanitization of displayed user field values. Remove superfluous isset() check. Use 'edit' parameter in form-user-edit.php. See #1999.
[4978] johnjamesjacoby Use the forum content in search results, and not the_excerpt() to avoid recursed calls to 'the_content'. See #2343.
[4977] johnjamesjacoby Remove esc_attr() from bbp_get_displayed_user_field(), and practice late escaping where appropriate instead. See #4959.
[4976] johnjamesjacoby Try theme compat without adding and removing all of the filters from the_content. Now that theme compatibility has matured, this may not be necessary anymore. See #2343.
[4975] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compatibility improvements: * Introduce helper functions to set and check a located root template, to aid in turning off theme-compat. * Introduce bbp_do_theme_compat() which checks if we're in the main loop, and the $post global has been primed with theme-compat dummy data. * Use WP_Post in bbp_theme_compat_reset_post(), and clean up this function a bit. * Set theme_compat active to false after bbp_replace_the_content() has started, to avoid recursing through nested 'the_content' filter usages. * Refactor output buffering used in bbp_replace_the_content() to clean up shortcode usages. * See #2343.
[4974] johnjamesjacoby Replace the_content() with bbp_forum_content() where appropriate. Fixes recursion issues introduced in r4792, as part of
[4973] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_is_single_topic() check to topic pagination count, before using threaded count output. Fixes issue where threaded output would incorrectly appear on user profile replies. See #2340.
[4972] johnjamesjacoby Tweak theme compatibility to hook to loop_start and loop_end, to maximize compatibility with third party plugins and existing WordPress themes. Props r-a-y for the proof of concept with BuddyPress.
[4971] johnjamesjacoby Allow the search feature to be toggled on and off. Introduces new setting and supporting function to get and override the option easily in third party plugins. Fixes #2342.
[4970] johnjamesjacoby Topic and reply admin links don't work correctly from search results pages yet, so remove the output and logic from default template parts.
[4969] johnjamesjacoby Pluralize user settings ID to match existing naming conventions.
[4968] johnjamesjacoby Split "Main" settings up into "User" and "Features" - also tweak fancy editor verbiage to add more context.
[4967] johnjamesjacoby Consolidate global-access and default role into 1 line-item in forum settings.
[4966] johnjamesjacoby Add topic reply link template functions. See #2340.
[4965] johnjamesjacoby In bbp_update_reply_to(), allow $reply_to to be 0 and delete if it's being set to empty. See #2340.
[4964] johnjamesjacoby In bbp_update_reply_to(), allow $reply_to to be 0 and delete if it's being set to empty. See #2340.
[4963] johnjamesjacoby Tweak threaded reply setting to more closely match threaded comments, and add the default settings to the options array. Fixes issue with 0/1 level deep not matching intended behavior. See #2340.
[4962] johnjamesjacoby When adding the reply_to link, only add onclick if threaded replies are enabled. See #2340.
[4961] johnjamesjacoby Allow registering of settings that don't need callbacks or titles. See #2340.
[4960] johnjamesjacoby Only show allowed tags when not using the fancy editor or user does not have unfiltered_html cap. Also remove function_exists() check for wp_editor().
[4959] johnjamesjacoby Use esc_html_e() in extensions. See #1999.
[4958] johnjamesjacoby Use esc_html_e() in user template functions. See #1999.
[4957] johnjamesjacoby Use array_keys() in user option filter functions when looping through default user options.
[4956] johnjamesjacoby Remove double escaping for bbp_get_displayed_user_field() usages, and update phpdoc for spam/ham user functions.
[4955] johnjamesjacoby Use correct bbp_get_displayed_user_id() function in bbp_make_ham_user().
[4954] johnjamesjacoby Remove double escaping of user display name for theme compat reset post.
[4953] johnjamesjacoby Use esc_html__() instead of esc_attr__() is two common template functions.
[4952] johnjamesjacoby Escape output of translation strings where appropriate. Refresh some escaping approaches. See #1999.
[4951] johnjamesjacoby Allow both get and post requests in bbp_is_ajax().
[4950] johnjamesjacoby In admin, escape output of translated text where appropriate. Also review and refresh existing escaping approaches. See #1999.
[4949] johnjamesjacoby Use printf() instead of echo'ing sprintf() in admin.php.
[4948] johnjamesjacoby Audit title attributes, and remove instances where they would match template-tag contents. Fixes #2318.
[4947] johnjamesjacoby Add missing allow_revisions setting in bbp_get_default_options().
[4946] johnjamesjacoby Fix the version.
[4944] johnjamesjacoby Hierarchical replies: * Introduce setting, option, functions, JS, CSS, and Walker class to support hierarchical replies. * Tweak functions where saving the additional reply_to meta data is necessary. * Add meta data field in dashboard to show the reply_to ID. * There will likely be more tweaking necessary, as we test this further and get more eyes on the code. * Fixes #2036. * Props jmdodd for this huge effort.
[4943] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_make_clickable() and use it in place of make_clickable() filter. Fixes issues with making links clickable inside pre and code blocks. Fixes #2335 (2.3 branch)
[4942] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_make_clickable() and use it in place of make_clickable() filter. Fixes issues with making links clickable inside pre and code blocks. See #2335 (trunk)
[4941] johnjamesjacoby In the BuddyPress extension, use slug helper functions to define navigational elements. This will allow customization of slugs in profiles to integrate with BuddyPress 1.8 rewrite rules. Also use the BP_Component slug rather than hardcoded 'forums' in the event this slug becomes customizable in the future.
[4940] johnjamesjacoby Check for both forum/topic archives when setting 'bbp_show_topics_on_root' query arg. Fixes paged 404's in configurations where a !WordPress page is used in place of the normal Forum archive. See #1500.
[4939] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_settings_user_slugs section to mapped capabilities method. See #1500.
[4938] johnjamesjacoby s/Base/Root. See #1500.
[4937] johnjamesjacoby Tweak include_root Settings verbiage to hopefully provide more context. See #1500.
[4936] johnjamesjacoby Correct typo that snuck in after testing. See #1500.
[4935] johnjamesjacoby Allow topics to replace the forum archive: * Add condition to bbp_parse_args() and add a specific query variable early, and use this variable in bbp_is_forum_archive(). * Add condition to display_forum_archive() shortcode, to output topics if set. * Add forum archive check to bbp_has_topics(), to ensure pagination links are correct. * See #1500.
[4934] johnjamesjacoby Allow partial global/local .mo file loading in bbPress::load_textdomain(). Props strangerstudios.
[4933] johnjamesjacoby Move user base setting into new Users section. Tweak some verbiage to be more succinct. See #1500.
[4932] johnjamesjacoby First pass at settings and options redux: * Introduce toggle to break forum settings up into existing !WordPress settings pages. Off by default, this allows us to migrate easier later, should we decide to go this route. See #1500. * Introduce setting to handle the forum-root toggle. This eliminates the possible forum/topic archive slug conflict, if using topics archive as forum root. More to integrate here, including changing the main query and template part output. * Break user slugs into their own section, and allow favorites and subscriptions slugs to be edited. * Turn Forum Root into it's own section, and move topic/reply archive slugs into the new user section.
[4931] johnjamesjacoby Improve user logic in bbp_parse_query(), so that numeric user slugs display correctly even when pretty permalinks are enabled. Also eliminates duplicate get_userdata() call, and renames some variables to prevent accidental stomping.
[4930] johnjamesjacoby Use !WordPress core rewrite API to add rewrite tags, rules, and permalink structures. Replaces the need to merge rewrite rules directly into the $wp_rewrite array on permalink flush. In the future, much of this complexity can be turned into easier to use functions to add new profile pages, etc... Fixes #2336. See #2337.
[4929] johnjamesjacoby Fix @deprecated tag for bbp_generate_rewrite_rules(). See #2336.
[4928] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_search_results_url(), bbp_get_search_results_url(), and bbp_search_template_redirect(), to handle the new search results page routing. See #2337.
[4927] johnjamesjacoby Introduce paged rewrite ID and slug helper functions. See #2336.
[4926] johnjamesjacoby Introduce reply archive slug option. See #2336.
[4925] johnjamesjacoby Clean up overlapping default arguments in user_topics/replies_created functions.
[4924] johnjamesjacoby Add ignore_sticky_posts to bbp_has_forums() and bbp_has_replies() queries.
[4923] johnjamesjacoby Add no_found_rows and ignore_sticky_posts to widget queries.
[4922] johnjamesjacoby In bbp_pre_get_posts_normalize_forum_visibility(), run $post_types array through implode() and do an explicit comparison. Fixes issue with multi-type queries getting incorrect post-status query-vars.
[4921] johnjamesjacoby Use bbp_get_search_url() in bbp_get_breadcrumb() so that it works without pretty permalinks. See #2337.
[4920] johnjamesjacoby In bbp_is_search_results(), use $wp_query->bbp_search_terms instead of new bbp_is_search_results query-var. See #2337.
[4919] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_is_search_results() and use it in is_bbpress() and bbp_body_class(). See #2337.
[4918] johnjamesjacoby Add sub-actions for rewrite rules and permastructs. See #2336.
[4917] johnjamesjacoby Trim search shortcode search-terms. See #2337.
[4916] johnjamesjacoby In bbp_parse_args(), switch $defaults default from string to array, and add some brackets to improve readability. Also, only perform an array_merge() if the array to merge with is not empty.
[4915] johnjamesjacoby Pass an empty array into bbp_parse_args() in bbp_search_query().
[4914] johnjamesjacoby In bbp_parse_args(), switch $defaults default from '' to array(), and add some brackets to improve readability.
[4913] johnjamesjacoby Add filter to bbp_get_search_title().
[4912] johnjamesjacoby Add filter to bbp_get_search_terms().
[4911] johnjamesjacoby When activating bbPress, conditionally make the current user a Key Master, but only if they can already activate plugins, they are already a member of the current site, and they're not already a Key Master. Fixes activation issues some users experienced with old global access settings being turned off, preventing them from seeing bbPress configuration screens. (2.3 branch)
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