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[5565] johnjamesjacoby Add `'suggest'` to `replies` script prerequisites.
[5564] johnjamesjacoby Add `'suggest'` to `common` script prerequisites.
[5563] johnjamesjacoby Convert template notices from paragraph tags to unordered lists. Improves accessibility by hinting there may be several notices on the page. Props Karl Groves, netweb. FIxes #2637.
[5562] johnjamesjacoby Missed removing a tabindex usage. See #2714.
[5561] johnjamesjacoby Deprecate `tabindex` functions and their usages. Props joedolson. Fixes #2714.
[5560] johnjamesjacoby Match up arguments with parent class method to avoid notices. Props boonebgorges. Fixes #2718.
[5559] johnjamesjacoby Update to newer slashing functions, as our minimum requirement is WordPress 3.6. Also add filters to topic-title & topic-tags form fields. See #2719.
[5558] johnjamesjacoby Improve form field output sanitization when posting theme-side forum/topic/reply content. Thanks planetzuda. See #2719.
[5553] johnjamesjacoby Add support for `ins` HTML tag, to supplement existing `del` tag support. Props danielbachhuber.
[5534] johnjamesjacoby Better ABSPATH check in `bbpress.php` stub loader.
[5513] johnjamesjacoby Simplify topic & reply author role markup arguments, with backpat support. Props netweb. Fixes #2557.
[5512] johnjamesjacoby Slightly refactor `bbp_format_buddypress_notifications()`: * Return original `$action` if not `bbp_new_reply`. * Reduce indentation to accommodate new `$action` check. This fixes a bug where checking for new reply notifications could cause future notification filter checks to fail. Props Faison. Fixes #2665.
[5511] johnjamesjacoby In our BuddyPress Groups `display_forums` method, `break` out of switch statement rather than `return`. This prevents malformed markup caused by not allowing the method to continue on. Hat-tip boonebgorges, netweb. Fixes #2595.
[5510] johnjamesjacoby Only allow direct modification of reply forum meta when there is a mismatch with the topic forum. This prevents moderators and keymasters from creating mismatches and leaves the tool available only for repairs (usually after a migration from a different platform.) Fixes #2270.
[5509] johnjamesjacoby Administrative support for un/approving replies. Props netweb. See #2645.
[5508] johnjamesjacoby Add default theme compat styling for pending topics and replies. Props netweb. See #2645.
[5507] johnjamesjacoby Preliminary template support for un/approving replies. Props netweb. See #2645.
[5506] johnjamesjacoby Preliminary function support for un/approving replies. Props netweb. See #2645.
[5505] johnjamesjacoby Add pending status to search results for capable users wishing to view all results. Props netweb. See #2645.
[5504] johnjamesjacoby Preliminary template support for un/approving topics. Props netweb. See #2645.
[5503] johnjamesjacoby Preliminary function support for un/approving topics. Props netweb. See #2645.
[5502] johnjamesjacoby Add pending topics to forum hidden topic counts. Props netweb. See #2645.
[5501] johnjamesjacoby Update phpdoc blocks in forum template functions. Props netweb. See #2645.
[5500] johnjamesjacoby Clean up core `actions.php`. Props netweb. See #2645.
[5499] johnjamesjacoby Enable forum status and visibility functions to check ancestry by extracting existing logic into new helper functions. Props alex-ye, netweb. Fixes #2303.
[5498] johnjamesjacoby Update widget description in `BBP_Topics_Widget` to include topic newness. Props netweb. Fixes #2531.
[5497] johnjamesjacoby Improve ID and classification in `form-topic.php` when forum is closed or user cannot create new topics. Props netweb. Fixes #2574.
[5496] johnjamesjacoby Embetter Orwellian Newspeak used to describe sticky topics in `admin/topics.php`. Props netweb. Fixes #2622.
[5495] johnjamesjacoby Add reply status section to `form-reply.php`. Props netweb. Fixes #2644.
[5494] johnjamesjacoby Tweak `bbp-author-ip` styling, removing the font family and ensuring long IP addresses break correctly. Props netweb. Fixes #2675.
[5493] johnjamesjacoby Allow `class` attribute for `pre` tags in `bbp_kses_allowed_tags()`. Props netweb. Fixes #2657.
[5492] johnjamesjacoby Missed a 'Reply To' reply title update. See r5490.
[5491] johnjamesjacoby In `bbp_split_topic_handler()` remove `$reply_position` cheater code, and rely on `bbp_update_reply_position()` to recalculate the correct position in the hierarchy after `wp_update_post()` has finished. Props netweb. Fixes #2624.
[5490] johnjamesjacoby Remove remaining 'Reply To' references in reply `post_title`'s. (Now that posts can have empty titles, this is no longer necessary. It also yielded undesired single reply slugs, though they are only exposed to moderators and keymasters.) Hat tip netweb.
[5489] johnjamesjacoby In `bbp_merge_topic_handler()` delete last and count metas, and update the reply position after call to `wp_update_post()`. Fixes bug where merging two topics with odd timestamps could result in orphaned or incorrect meta data and hierarchy positioning. Props netweb. Fixes #2528.
[5488] johnjamesjacoby Change behavior of `bbp_check_for_moderation()` so empty `moderation_keys` no longer skips `max_links` check. Props netweb. See #2546.
[5487] johnjamesjacoby Dedicated filters to allow manipulating of users who will receive subscription emails. Hat tip roysmyth. Fixes #2627.
[5486] johnjamesjacoby Pass `$topic_id` and `$forum_id` to relevant favorites and subscriptions filters. Hat tip DJPaul. Fixes #2651.
[5485] johnjamesjacoby Add brackets to comparison in `bbp_is_single_forum()`.
[5478] johnjamesjacoby In the `form-topic.php` template part, check for 'bbp_get_forum_title()` before outputting an empty title. Props jreeve. Fixes #2625.
[5477] johnjamesjacoby In `bbp_has_topics()` bring back `$default_topic_search` variable to prevent debug notices.
[5476] johnjamesjacoby In `_bbp_has_replies_where()` remove the `post__not_in` check and add extra search/replace arguments for more complex queries. Improves support for popular privacy plugins that frequently use `post__not_in`. Props mikelopez. Fixes #2609.
[5475] johnjamesjacoby Use `exclude` instead of post__not_in, in `bbp_get_forums_for_current_user()`.
[5474] johnjamesjacoby Correct inline doc in `bbp_forum_get_subforums()`.
[5473] johnjamesjacoby In `bbp_admin_repair_forum_topic_count()` include hidden topics in repair tool. Props thebrandonallen. Fixes #2680.
[5472] johnjamesjacoby Use `wp_get_user_contact_methods()` in `bbp_get_user_contact_methods()`. See #2570.
[5471] johnjamesjacoby Use "Unfavorite" in `bbp_get_user_favorites_link()`. Fixes #2604.
[5470] johnjamesjacoby In `bbp_theme_compat_reset_post()` also set `is_singular` to value of `is_single`. Improves query compatibility with themes and other plugins. Props Mat Lipe. Fixes #2545.
[5469] johnjamesjacoby Whitespace and brackets in main `bbPress` class.
[5468] johnjamesjacoby Only add the `s` argument to global forum search queries if search-terms exist. See #2607, #WP11330, [WP28623] [WP28612], [WP28804].
[5467] johnjamesjacoby Only add the `s` argument to queries if `rs` or `ts` are set in their respective topics & replies queries. See #2607, #WP11330, [WP28623] [WP28612], [WP28804].
[5466] johnjamesjacoby Simpify `ABSPATH` checks to pass coding standard sniffers that look for brackets on comparisons.
[5465] johnjamesjacoby In `bbp_do_ajax()` use `get_option( 'html_type' )`.
[5462] johnjamesjacoby Use the correct `EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS` const.
[5445] johnjamesjacoby Add missing brackets to core functions.
[5444] johnjamesjacoby Breathing room for `!` usages in Search component.
[5443] johnjamesjacoby Breathing room for `!` usages in Topics component.
[5442] johnjamesjacoby Breathing room for `!` usages in Users component.
[5441] johnjamesjacoby Bracketize extensions, and missed a spot in the admin.
[5440] johnjamesjacoby Brackets and code formatting improvements to admin component.
[5439] johnjamesjacoby Remove rogue semicolon.
[5438] johnjamesjacoby Bracketize core component.
[5437] johnjamesjacoby Bracketize common component.
[5436] johnjamesjacoby Bracketize users component.
[5435] johnjamesjacoby Bracketize forums component.
[5434] johnjamesjacoby Phpdoc corrections to topic dropdown functions.
[5433] johnjamesjacoby Bracketize search component.
[5432] johnjamesjacoby Bracketize topics component.
[5431] johnjamesjacoby Bracketize replies component.
[5423] johnjamesjacoby Add object references to `bbpress()` and `bbPress` document blocks.
[5420] johnjamesjacoby Update a few documentation blocks in `common/functions.php` that had missing or incorrect references.
[5417] johnjamesjacoby Add default value for `$user_id` to prevent debug notice when sending subscription notifications. Props mordauk. Fixes #2620.
[5413] johnjamesjacoby Deprecate `bbp_notify_subscribers()` for new `bbp_notify_topic_subscribers()` function, to better match `bbp_notify_forum_subscribers()` introduced in 2.5.
[5412] johnjamesjacoby Add some missing brackets. See #2494.
[5411] johnjamesjacoby Delete trashed and spam topic-meta when performing untrash or unspam actions. Hat tip netweb. See #2494.
[5410] johnjamesjacoby Correct `bbp_stuck_topic` phpdoc. See #2494.
[5409] johnjamesjacoby Introduce `bbp_get_do_not_reply_address()` function, and use in subscription notification functions. Also add filters to make changing these values easier for advanced setups. Fixes #2618.
[5408] johnjamesjacoby Abstract new topic-transition reply helper-functions onto action hooks for easier testing and replacement/extension by third party plugins. See #2494.
[5407] johnjamesjacoby Add phpdoc to `bbp_trash_topic_replies()` from r5406. See #2494.
[5406] johnjamesjacoby Split secondary topic spam/trash/unspam/untrash actions into separate functions to be used during topic status transition. See #2494.
[5405] johnjamesjacoby When topics are marked as spam, remove them from all favorites, subscriptions, and unstick them. Fixes cases where spammed topic ID's are left behind in various meta values. Fixes #2621.
[5404] johnjamesjacoby Correctly compare source & destination topic `post_date` values in `bbp_merge_topic_handler()`. Fixes issue where incorrect post would be updated when merging older topics into newer ones. Also update the reply position for all newly relocated replies. Hat-tip netweb. Fixes #2528.
[5403] johnjamesjacoby Normalize Favorite and Subscribe links for Forums and Topics so they are visually linear to the breadcrumb. Hat-tip netweb. Fixes #2575.
[5402] johnjamesjacoby Travis Updates: * Switch to a 'shallow' Git clone of the official WordPress Git repo for faster WordPress upstream checkout. * The addition of the fast_finish: true flag in the build matrix will mark the build passed or errored as soon as a single build job has failed. Previously the build status was not reported until ALL tests had completed regardless of status. * Moves the 'build configuration' to before_install allowing non-bbPress test configuration to report as errored (MySQL database creation, and WordPress Git checkout etc). When a failure occurs in this section the build is marked as errored which is a more accurate description in that the environment we are setting up has failed and not the actual bbPress tests we are testing. * Introduces PHP 5.6 and HHVM testing into the build matrix, both of these are allowed to fail in that they will not be included in the overall build job failed, errored, or passed build status. This allows bbPress testing to play nice with these alpha/beta version of PHP/HHVM until stable and officially released. Props netweb. See #2542.
[5401] johnjamesjacoby De-deprecate `bbp_remove_roles()` and use it in: `bbp_admin_reset_handler()`, bbp_do_uninstall()`, and `bbp_version_updater()`. Fixes bug where old bbPress role data could still exist in `wp_user_roles`. See #2065. Fixes #2580.
[5400] johnjamesjacoby Fix references to topics in phpdoc for reply status dropdown functions. See #2463.
[5399] johnjamesjacoby Normalize metabox UI across Forums, Topics, & Replies. Hat-tip netweb. Fixes #2463.
[5398] johnjamesjacoby Update admin area reply-to to use `bbp_reply_to_dropdown()`. Fixes #2617.
[5397] johnjamesjacoby If a reply is a reply to another reply, display the parent reply information in the form legend with the topic title. Props netweb. Fixes #2509.
[5396] johnjamesjacoby Add editable reply-to field in `form-reply.php` for moderators when editing replies. See #2617.
[5395] johnjamesjacoby Reduce unnecessary complexity and flexibility in `bbp_get_reply_to_dropdown()`. Since this is a purpose built form field, explicit filtering of arguments is not necessary. See #2617.
[5394] johnjamesjacoby Smarter ancestor detection in `BBP_Walker_Reply_Dropdown`. See #2617.
[5393] johnjamesjacoby Prevent empty array value in `bbp_get_reply_ancestors()`. See #2617.
[5392] johnjamesjacoby Force integer value in `bbp_has_topics()` for reply position. Fixes bug when there are more than 1,000 replies. Props DrPepper75. Fixes #2615.
[5391] johnjamesjacoby Pass `$reply_id` into calls to `bbp_validate_reply_to()` and remove `reply_query` references in `BBP_Walker_Reply_Dropdown`. Fixes invalid `bbp_reply_id` value output in `form-reply.php`. See #2617.
[5390] johnjamesjacoby Introduce `bbp_get_reply_ancestors()` function to help with reply hierarchy dropdown. Also conveniently wraps logic incase we ever move to a real hierarchical post type. See #2617.
[5389] johnjamesjacoby Introduce `BBP_Walker_Reply_Dropdown` to help with reply hierarchy dropdown. Also update other Walker class extensions and associated documentation to be a bit more accurate and reliable. See #2617.
[5388] johnjamesjacoby Tweak `bbp_get_dropdown()` to allow an array of custom posts to be used. See #2617.
[5387] johnjamesjacoby Tweak `bbp_get_dropdown()` to allow an array of custom posts to be used. See #2617.
[5384] johnjamesjacoby Update `grunt-wp-i18n` to 0.4.5. Fixes calls to `date()` for local installations without timezone identifiers.
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