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Changeset Author Message
[3264] johnjamesjacoby Update php doc for bbp_logout_url()
[3265] johnjamesjacoby Improve the current title area of breadcrumbs. Improve behavior of redirect field. Allow single topic shortcodes to use pagination, and properly redirect on new replies. Use wp_safe_redirect() in places where redirect_to fields are used. Move theme compatibility setup function out of main bbPress class and into bbp-core-compatibility.php. Move bbp_setup_theme_compat action off of after_setup_theme and into bbp_init. Add supplemental functions to get and set if theme compatibility is currently helping load pieces of the current page.
[3266] johnjamesjacoby Fix checked status of topic subscription form checkbox.
[3267] johnjamesjacoby Audit checked() usage. Correct reversed logic, add usage to topic widget, and test all usages to ensure functionality.
[3268] johnjamesjacoby Add reply ID to topic term filters. Props cnorris23.
[3269] johnjamesjacoby Add humans.txt to bbPress 2.0
[3270] johnjamesjacoby Allow breadcrumb separator to be translated. Remove spaces from separator and use str_pad instead.
[3271] johnjamesjacoby Bump the numberposts limit in bbp_reply_metabox to 250, but allow the args to be filtered so large forums have a way to adjust the query. Fixes #1512.
[3272] johnjamesjacoby Use correct _get_ function in reply post rows. Fig a bug introduced in r3260.
[3273] johnjamesjacoby Add a global plugins variable to main bbPress global class. bbPress plugins can use this to store global information, rather than instantiating their own separate globals.
[3274] johnjamesjacoby Reply "View" action link should link to reply URL and not the permalink for the reply, since not all themes will support single reply views. Unset the "View" link if user is viewing trash and does not have proper caps.
[3275] johnjamesjacoby Add spam checks to new topic and reply handlers. If topic/reply is spam to start, add the proper meta_status in the event it was a false positive.
[3276] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect variable declaration, causing anonymous replies to fail.
[3277] johnjamesjacoby Remove duplicate "replies" in forum description. Props Fartlek.
[3278] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue causing admin post row nonce checks to fail due to incorrect load order. Add Akismet support to core, which will take advantage of the Akismet plugin for WordPress if it is activated. Props Nightgunner5 for original Aksimet concept.
[3279] johnjamesjacoby Add topic-tag support to breadcrumbs
[3280] johnjamesjacoby Add values to global bbPress object vars. Adjust bbp_is_user_home() function to work with empty() rather than isset()
[3281] johnjamesjacoby Theme compat adjustments for user profile edit fieldsets and labels.
[3282] johnjamesjacoby Move 'bbp_user' and 'bbp_view' into bbPress global vars, so they can be referenced by external plugins more easily and require less maintenance to change if needed later.
[3283] johnjamesjacoby Rename 'general' component and related files to 'common'
[3284] johnjamesjacoby Move loader functions into bbp-core-hooks. Add bbp_new_site action, which is used to create roles, caps, and options when a new site is created on a multisite installation. Remove is_site_admin() check from bbp_allowed_themes() to ensure bbp-twentyten is available for all sites.
[3285] johnjamesjacoby Add filter that allows breadcrumb to be manipulated immediately before extraction.
[3286] johnjamesjacoby Prevent poisoning of forum/topic/reply data when marking posts as trash/spam. Fixes issue where anonymous user data would get purged when post status was changed from an admin area post-row.
[3287] johnjamesjacoby Don't create post revisions when changing a topic/reply status (open/close/spam/unspam). Update phpdoc in forum open/close.
[3288] johnjamesjacoby Use 'bbp_admin_init' instead of 'admin_init' in BBP_Admin::_setup_actions()
[3289] johnjamesjacoby Add forum and topic archive body classes to bbp_body_class()
[3290] johnjamesjacoby Add forum and topic archive titles to bbp_title() filter. Rearrange logic to match existing order in other functions.
[3291] johnjamesjacoby Use pre_get_posts to filter out hidden forum content instead of using multiple calls to bbp_exclude_forum_ids(). This ensures that no hidden or private forum content leaks out into widgets, profiles, and views, and also limits the liability of future plugins from needing to exclude those forum_id's manually. The behavior of bbp_exclude_forum_ids() has changed to handle the gathering of forum ID's to be excluded, with the optional parameter to return results in different formats.
[3292] johnjamesjacoby Mind any existing meta queries. Fix regression introduced in r3291.
[3293] johnjamesjacoby Add extra 'bbpress' class to special bbPress admin menu separator, so it does not get trimmed off when WordPress 3.2 cleans up trailing separators.
[3294] johnjamesjacoby Fix bug allowing trashed topics and replies in wp-admin to be visible to users without proper caps.
[3295] johnjamesjacoby Fix issues with creating/editing topics and replies from within wp-admin. Fixes #1544.
[3296] johnjamesjacoby Remove unused admin topic save handler function. See r3295
[3297] johnjamesjacoby Adjust topic exists check on topic_attributes_metabox_save() and update inline doc in both topic and reply metabox save functions. See r3295.
[3298] johnjamesjacoby Update topic voice recount query to include lead topic post authors. Fixes #1543.
[3299] johnjamesjacoby Revert part of r3195. Fixes #1532. Props GautamGupta.
[3300] johnjamesjacoby Fix bbp_recount_topic_replies() to include topics with 0 replies.
[3301] johnjamesjacoby Remove the create topic form from view shortcodes.
[3302] johnjamesjacoby Rename "no" template parts to "feedback" and add new "Already Logged In" feedback part. Add login, register, and lost password shortcodes. Rename single tag shortcode to prevent conflict with all-tags shortcode.
[3303] johnjamesjacoby Remove legacy behavior for profile topics queries. Add filters to _is_ profile functions to allow profile queries to be customized.
[3304] johnjamesjacoby Fixes to forum and topic archive links. Always set has_archive to archive slug settings. Use get_post_type_archive_link() where appropriate instead of relying on home_url( $slug ). Add bbp_get_page_by_path() function to theme compat, to check for pretty permalinks first. Introduce default 'page_for' options, which will provide a more straight-forward method of assigning WordPress pages to bbPress functionalities.
[3305] johnjamesjacoby Add missing default tag/topic-tag slug change from bbp-settings.php
[3306] johnjamesjacoby Add UI feedback for possible slug and post type collisions.
[3307] johnjamesjacoby Proper singular/plural bases for capability_type in forum/topic/reply CPT's.
[3308] johnjamesjacoby Round 2 of Akismet updates. Fixes #1553. Props cnorris23.
[3309] johnjamesjacoby Inline doc fixes, whitespace clean-up.
[3310] johnjamesjacoby Remove unused bbp_new_forum_admin_handler() function, and move $parent_id check into metabox_save(). Fixes #1555. Props DJPaul for original catch.
[3311] johnjamesjacoby Huge theme compatibility audit. This normalizes all of the function names, template files, actions, and globals surrounding theme compatibility.
[3312] johnjamesjacoby Normalize archive pages and include content-archive template parts for topics and forums.
[3313] johnjamesjacoby Fix bug where old stick-to-front topics might get pushed past first page.
[3314] johnjamesjacoby Link to reply URL and not single reply permalink in topic subscription emails.
[3315] johnjamesjacoby Code cleanup from r3313.
[3316] johnjamesjacoby Unset $sticky_posts when topic rearranging is finished in bbp_has_topics().
[3317] johnjamesjacoby Don't show Sticky links in wp-admin if topic is spam or trash.
[3318] johnjamesjacoby Add "Empty Spam" buttons to admin area topics and replies list tables.
[3319] johnjamesjacoby Bump bbp-twentyten version to 1.2.
[3320] johnjamesjacoby Bump bbPress 2.0 version to Beta 3.
[3321] johnjamesjacoby Update inline doc and filter names in new bbp_get_topic_split_template() and bbp_get_topic_merge_template() functions.
[3322] johnjamesjacoby Fix typos in forum archive and front page templates pointing to content-archive-forums.php instead of content-archive-forum.php.
[3323] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where bbp_is_user_home() would always return true, due to improper type casting.
[3324] johnjamesjacoby Add optional topic_id param to bbp_get_reply_position(), and use it where appropriate.
[3325] johnjamesjacoby Audit the usage of 'view=all' and create helper functions to handle frequent query arg checks and adjustments. Removes the need for passing $count_hidden between functions.
[3326] johnjamesjacoby Check appropriate cap in bbp_get_forum_topics_link(). See r3325.
[3327] johnjamesjacoby Remove deprecated reference to $count_hidden in bbp_toggle_reply_handler(). See r3325.
[3328] johnjamesjacoby Add 'view_item' to Topic Tag taxonomy. Props cnorris23. Fixes #1556.
[3329] johnjamesjacoby Clean up plugins_url global and usages. Props cnorris23. Fixes #1557.
[3330] johnjamesjacoby Remove double breadcrumb from create topic page template.
[3331] johnjamesjacoby Remove garbage 'native' text at top of content- and single- files. Props schrepel.
[3332] johnjamesjacoby Add some brackets to improve readability in bbp-reply-template.php
[3333] johnjamesjacoby Put main actions into a loop. Fix incorrect filter on bbp_edit ID. Rename main register_textdomain function back to load_textdomain to match existing conventions.
[3334] johnjamesjacoby Add php5 visibilities to main bbPress class.
[3335] johnjamesjacoby Ensure $bbp global is in $GLOBALS
[3336] johnjamesjacoby Add missing 'bbpress' textdomain. Fixes #1562. Props cnorris23.
[3337] johnjamesjacoby Fix display of non-english characters in sample permalink. Fixes #1559. Props cnorris23.
[3338] johnjamesjacoby Add php5 visibilities to bbPress admin class.
[3339] johnjamesjacoby Add missing semi-colon in bbpress-rtl.css.
[3340] johnjamesjacoby Alas, poor mdawaffe! I knew him, 1.0...
[3341] johnjamesjacoby Remove BBP_VERSION global constant. Update readme.txt. Bump plugin branch to RC 1.
[3342] johnjamesjacoby Do not show lead topic twice if no replies are found in single topic shortcode.
[3343] johnjamesjacoby Clean up admin components and loader code.
[3344] johnjamesjacoby Audit usage of all _is_ functions. Introduce _is_single_ functions for post types, and use where applicable. Add query names to shortcodes. Fix improper favorite/subscribe links when used within a shortcode. Organize admin actions and filters in bbp-core-hooks.php.
[3345] johnjamesjacoby Move the topic tag form template part out of bbp_has_topics() check, and rely normal 404 handling if tag does not exist.
[3346] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where topic tags could not be renamed or reslugged.
[3347] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue in form-topic-tag.php where tag slug was appearing in name field.
[3348] johnjamesjacoby Topic tag audit. Split topic tag edit form into its own template file. Rename the topic_tag_id global to topic_tag_tax_id. Add missing topic tag template tags and functions.
[3349] johnjamesjacoby Add _insert_ functions for forums, topics, and replies. Audit (forum/topic/hidden) meta key and updater function names and and normalize them where needed. (Existing installs will need to run recounts, or let them adjust themselves naturally as new topics and replies come in.)
[3350] johnjamesjacoby Remove completed @todo's and fix incorrect filters on core ID's
[3351] johnjamesjacoby Fix phpDoc and rogue whitespace. Props cnorris23. Fixes #1563.
[3352] johnjamesjacoby Remove is_super_admin checks from edit topic/reply link functions. Fixes #1566.
[3353] johnjamesjacoby Use esc_url_raw() instead of sanitize_url() in bbp_get_topic_permalink()
[3354] johnjamesjacoby Adjust the check-order of pagination permalinks in bbp_has_topics(), allowing shortcode usage pagination to work. Fixes #1567.
[3355] johnjamesjacoby Add functions to check user status, if spammer or deleted.
[3356] johnjamesjacoby Remove _core_ prefix from function names introduced in r3355.
[3357] johnjamesjacoby Update docs in user_status functions to indicate bool return vals
[3358] johnjamesjacoby Add plugin basename to $bbp global
[3359] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bbPress::setup_actions()
[3360] johnjamesjacoby Change size of metabox input boxes from 38 to 25, to prevent them from being wider than the parent element.
[3361] johnjamesjacoby Fix pagination issues when using topics shortcode on front page. Also use pagination_base instead of 'page'. Fixes #1567, #1573. Props scribu.
[3362] johnjamesjacoby Set the post_type to topic in bbp_pre_get_posts() when viewing a topic tag. Fixes issue where topics of tag were not visible in some installations. Fixes #1547. Props cnorris23.
[3363] johnjamesjacoby Limit length of forum and topic slugs to 200 chars in 1.x importer. Fixes #1564. Props cnorris23.
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