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[3164] johnjamesjacoby Use correct return value in bbp_suppress_private_forum_meta()
[3165] johnjamesjacoby Fix regression introduced in r3159 causing topic and reply widgets to output type cast errors. Also remove ability for private or hidden topics/replies to peek through on widgets when viewing your own profile as a registered non-admin. See#1516.
[3166] johnjamesjacoby Fix possible errors when no counts are available or requested.
[3167] johnjamesjacoby Add single view shortcode, and add single views to theme compatibility. Fix issue with theme compat where error could occur if output buffer content was somehow empty.
[3168] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue in single-forum.php where the forum_id was incorrectly retrieved in certain situations.
[3169] johnjamesjacoby Consolidate theme compat functions and add more verbose phpdoc where appropriate. Use template_include filter instead of template_redirect action, and add support for incorrect usage of add_theme_support( 'bbpress' ). See #1524.
[3170] johnjamesjacoby Make forums settings section descriptions more verbose. Separate root slug section from single slugs. Add section for future RSS feed topics/replies per page.
[3171] johnjamesjacoby First pass at RSS feeds. See #1422.
[3172] johnjamesjacoby Add template tags for forum RSS links. See #1422.
[3173] johnjamesjacoby Switch bbp_template_include action into a filter, and move it down into the filters section of bbp-core-hooks.php. Also add more verbose descriptions to bbp_template_include and bbp_request_feed_trap filters. Fixes #1524. Props greenshady.
[3174] johnjamesjacoby Remove bbp-core-update.php from project, as it is no longer used.
[3175] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect variable reference in bbp_template_include() when editing a topic and theme supports bbPress.
[3176] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect variable check on reply post_content when editing a reply
[3177] johnjamesjacoby Fix missing hidden reply title field in bbp_reply_form_fields()
[3178] johnjamesjacoby Theme compat CSS tweaks for forms, fieldsets, legends, labels, and inputs.
[3179] johnjamesjacoby Security sweep and code clean-up through bbp-reply-functions.php. See #1514.
[3180] johnjamesjacoby More security sweep and code clean-up through bbp-topic-functions.php. Also fix incorrect variable usage in bbp_update_topic_reply_count() and bbp_update_topic_last_active_time(). See #1514.
[3181] johnjamesjacoby Add general post meta functions to bbp-general-functions.php. More consolidation to do here later.
[3182] johnjamesjacoby Add archive pages to bbp-twentyten theme
[3183] johnjamesjacoby Add archive slug options to bbp-core-options.php
[3184] johnjamesjacoby Add theme compatibility for forum and topic archives.
[3185] johnjamesjacoby Add generic forum root slug to breadcrumb if WordPress page does not exist
[3186] johnjamesjacoby Improve support for forum and topic archives pages, and improve explanations on forums settings slugs section. Remove archive-reply.php from bbp-twentyten.
[3187] johnjamesjacoby Add topic archive pagination support to bbp_has_topics()
[3188] johnjamesjacoby Allow existing pages to override forum and topic archive slugs.
[3189] johnjamesjacoby Ensure that author avatars appear at the top of the reply area, for theme compat.
[3190] johnjamesjacoby Move theme compatibility code out of bbp-general-template.php and into bbp-core-compatibility.php. Swap out require_once() usages for require() through out project where appropriate.
[3191] johnjamesjacoby Hide recount tool menu behind admin class variable, as forum recounts are hugely costly when done site wide and should not be so readily available.
[3192] johnjamesjacoby Move a few theme compatibility helper functions out of bbp-general-functions.php and into bbp-core-compatibility.php
[3193] johnjamesjacoby Clean up whitespace and comment out Green admin UI styling since it will need a refresh when WordPress 3.1 ships anyways.
[3194] johnjamesjacoby First pass at a stand-alone to plugin converter. Props !GautamGupta and Nightgunner5. See #1523.
[3195] johnjamesjacoby Fix duplicate notice issue in admin recount screen.
[3196] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect reference in last active recount walker
[3197] johnjamesjacoby Bump version to 2.0-beta-1, and add stable tag to readme.txt
[3198] johnjamesjacoby Update .pot file in plugin branch
[3199] johnjamesjacoby Check for subforum count in bbp_list_forums() before running expensive IN queries on each forum.
[3200] johnjamesjacoby Remove read_forum meta cap check from bbp_user_can_view_forum(). Fixes bug where users with no role in a multisite installation could not read public forum content.
[3201] johnjamesjacoby Fix bug in theme compatibility where $forum_id could get wiped out. Also add more default template options, to allow custom forum catch-alls without modifying existing templates or elaborate hooks and filters.
[3202] johnjamesjacoby Remove superfluous h2 tags. Props ramly. Fixes #1529.
[3203] johnjamesjacoby Apply editable_slug filter on form_options. Introduce bbp_form_option() functions to handle the output. Fixes #1526. Props ramly.
[3204] johnjamesjacoby Add RTL support to breadcrumbs. See #1528.
[3205] johnjamesjacoby Add RTL support to bbp-twentyten. See #1528. Props ramly. Also do not enqueue theme compat CSS when in admin area.
[3206] johnjamesjacoby Revert 3139. Move .pot file back into bbp-languages folder for improved GlotPress integration. Props vanillalounge, westi.
[3207] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp-form class to bbp-twentyten fieldsets, and simplify CSS for fieldsets and their elements. For theme compat.
[3208] johnjamesjacoby Use the raw_url on login redirect if one is passed. Otherwise check if $url both empty or is sending the user to admin_url(), and default to home_url() to prevent users from being bounced into the admin area unexpectedly. See #1530.
[3209] johnjamesjacoby Use bbp_update_forum() in bbp_recount_rewalk() admin recount function. See #1534.
[3210] johnjamesjacoby If user has unfiltered_html capability, add notice to the top of topic and reply forms and hide the form-allowed-tags section.
[3211] johnjamesjacoby Remove unused archive slugs from bbp_add_options()
[3212] johnjamesjacoby Rearrange settings in bbp_add_options() into more accurate sections.
[3213] johnjamesjacoby The root forum no longer requires a WordPress page - the archive-forum.php template file will take care of this going forward.
[3214] johnjamesjacoby In the beginning, there was cold, white, empty, space... in bbp-admin.php.
[3215] johnjamesjacoby Allow site options to pass a default value if none exists.
[3216] johnjamesjacoby phpDoc in bbp-core-options.php for changes made in r3215
[3217] johnjamesjacoby Move _bbp_include_root option into single slug area, to more accurately mirror the order of the settings page. Include more detailed description of what it does.
[3218] johnjamesjacoby If settings fields are empty, automatically revert them to their defaults. This adds an additional parameter to bbp_form_option() function to pass the default value.
[3219] johnjamesjacoby Remove empty spaces at the end of topic and reply count statistic strings, for i18n. Also properly explode them instead of hard coding pipes.
[3220] johnjamesjacoby Improve RTL support in Right Now dashboard widget. Fixes #1536.
[3221] johnjamesjacoby Allow Topic Form shortcode to work on pages or any other single template. Fixes #1535.
[3222] johnjamesjacoby Allow just-in-time manipulation of topic and reply data before creating or editing them. See #1477.
[3223] johnjamesjacoby Rename just-in-time filters for editing topics and replies. Copy pasta. See r3222.
[3224] johnjamesjacoby Improved support for forum archive template. Fix issue in forum archive where post loop was processed rather than the actual bbPress forum loop.
[3225] johnjamesjacoby Second round of bbPress standalone importer updates. Props !GautamGupta. See #1523.
[3226] johnjamesjacoby Add topic pagination support for pages or any single post, for improved shortcode support. Fixes #1533.
[3227] johnjamesjacoby Sanity check on user roles to prevent error if user does not have a role assigned to them.
[3228] johnjamesjacoby Fix subforum sort ordering. Props anointed.
[3229] johnjamesjacoby Fix sort order in bbp_get_dropdown(). Props anointed.
[3230] johnjamesjacoby Add some post status checks to the bbp_get_dropdown() function, and properly use the bbp_exclude_forum_ids() function only with non-forum queries.
[3231] johnjamesjacoby Show hidden forums in the admin all list.
[3232] johnjamesjacoby Add missing variable definition for $meta_query in bbp_exclude_forum_ids().
[3233] johnjamesjacoby Normalize the user template files. Add wrapper around user.php template content.
[3234] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrectly located reply-form template part in single-topic.php.
[3235] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrectly located topic tag list and single topic description in single topic shortcode.
[3236] johnjamesjacoby Consolidate topic form access checks.
[3237] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect variable usage in topic merge portion of bbp_replace_the_content()
[3238] johnjamesjacoby Whitespace fix in bbp_template_include();
[3239] johnjamesjacoby Invert the topic order in stand alone importer, so that new post ID's are in the correct order. Props danieljuhl. See #1534.
[3240] johnjamesjacoby Improved trash support for new topics/replies. If the parent of a new topic/reply is in the trash, automatically trash the new topic/reply. In the case of new trash replies, add that reply to the _bbp_pre_trashed_replies array, so that it is restored when the topic is restored. This bug comes about because capable users can reply to trashed topics. Also handle view=all redirect when posting new topics/replies.
[3241] johnjamesjacoby Commit bomb of updates to breadcrumb logic: Switch from parameters to a parse args array. Switch from template part to function. Add before/after HTML arguments. Add missing breadcrumb to reply-edit, view, and topic-tag templates. Add home link logic. Add filters on breadcrumb items. Add quick-bail filter at the beginning of breadcrumb function.
[3242] johnjamesjacoby Tweak the topic and reply styling. Move the author name underneath the avatar. Wrap author IP address in div for theme compat. Move permalink to upper right corner and include ID with hash.
[3243] johnjamesjacoby "Exit" if accessed directly, not "Redirect" - all included php files
[3244] johnjamesjacoby Bump readme.txt and add Beta 2 to changelog.
[3245] johnjamesjacoby Add an index.php file to every folder, with a note not to modify core files. In the languages and themes folders, include additional reminder that custom files will be lost during bbPress updates and where custom files should be located.
[3246] johnjamesjacoby Introduce max length attribute on topic and reply titles. This includes a hidden setting (default 80) that can be filtered or adjusted.
[3247] johnjamesjacoby Exclude forums, topics, and replies from site wide post and page search. We have our own search queries for each post type, and it's not currently possible to adjust the look of individual search results on the fly via theme compatibility.
[3248] johnjamesjacoby Add missing pagination to view.php. Also swap out "Oh no!" text with no-topics template part in view.php.
[3249] johnjamesjacoby Add menu_name and all_items labels to custom post type registrations, for WordPress 3.2 compat.
[3250] johnjamesjacoby Commit bomb of improvements to the breadcrumb. Checking for topic views, forum and topic archives, and do not check if the root slug is included in the URL. Add breadcrumb to forum archive and topic archive, since they exist one level deeper than the "Home" page. Add template tags to handle the forum/topic archive titles, which use a corresponding page title if one exists, and fallback to the post type label 'name' if not.
[3251] johnjamesjacoby Allow WordPress pages to overload forum and topic archive pages. Introduce bbp_reset_all_filters() and bbp_restore_all_filters() functions to handle specific bypassing of the_content filter for theme compat. Introduce bbp_is_topic_archive() and bbp_is_forum_archive() functions to help with bypassing archive pages.
[3252] johnjamesjacoby Spit shine the breadcrumb code to play nicely with root forum archive pages.
[3253] johnjamesjacoby Remove incorrect is_home from wp_query when viewing a single topic view.
[3254] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_is_forum_archive() check to bbp_has_topics() to prevent $in_forum from being set.
[3255] johnjamesjacoby Add just in time filtering to topic terms when saving and editing a reply.
[3256] johnjamesjacoby Fix missing @since revision, update phpdoc, and variable clean-up for bbp_author_metabox(). Props eagle-eyed duck_
[3257] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect parameters in bbp_query_post_parent__in(). Props mouratidis.
[3258] johnjamesjacoby Revert r3257 for something more elegant.
[3259] johnjamesjacoby Prevent forum root in breadcrumb if viewing a page in place of the forum archive.
[3260] johnjamesjacoby Improve support for orphaned topics and replies in admin post rows by displaying "No Forum" and "No Topic" if parents have been deleted.
[3261] johnjamesjacoby Better support for forum categories in forum description template tag.
[3262] johnjamesjacoby Add missing forum_id's to category checks in forum description
[3263] johnjamesjacoby Remove old phpdoc comment
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