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Changeset Author Message
[3064] johnjamesjacoby Adjust the theme compat admin nag to only appear when viewing Appearance -> Themes
[3065] johnjamesjacoby Move theme compat message into dashboard widget
[3066] johnjamesjacoby Allow just-in-time filtering of forums/topics/replies queries
[3067] johnjamesjacoby Remove nested ternary operator in bbp_get_dropdown()
[3068] johnjamesjacoby Allow $none_found custom message in bbp_get_dropdown()
[3069] johnjamesjacoby Remove search_form() from no-topics, no-forums, and view templates, as it was causing conflicts in some themes.
[3070] johnjamesjacoby Prevent hr styling from applying to admin area
[3071] johnjamesjacoby Clean up the main bbPress and BBP_Admin classes. Add php5 constructors for future compatibility.
[3072] johnjamesjacoby Remove the tr:hover style as it conflicts with certain themes and theme compatibility.
[3073] johnjamesjacoby Flush the rewrite rules when bbPress is activated and deactivated
[3074] johnjamesjacoby Flush rewrite rules when the admin settings page is saved
[3075] johnjamesjacoby Convert bbp-twentyten into a child theme for twentyten, reducing the size of the plugin file by almost half, eliminating code duplication, and avoiding inadvertently forking the twentyten theme only to support bbPress.
[3076] johnjamesjacoby Prevent login from hi-jacking wp-login.php
[3077] johnjamesjacoby Move bbp-css and bbp-images into bbp-admin folder, since they only contain an admin style and the admin icons.
[3078] johnjamesjacoby Move bbp-css and bbp-images into bbp-admin folder, since they only contain an admin style and the admin icons.
[3079] johnjamesjacoby Add "Hidden" post status for future use with forums.
[3080] johnjamesjacoby Clean up the shortcode output buffer methods.
[3081] johnjamesjacoby Remove reference to bbp_login_url() function
[3082] johnjamesjacoby Add remaining references to hidden post status in bbpress.php
[3083] johnjamesjacoby Resort rules in bbPress::generate_rewrite_rules()
[3084] johnjamesjacoby Enqueue the default style.css for twentyten parent template now that bbp-twentyten is a child theme again.
[3085] johnjamesjacoby Revert most of r3054. $wp_query needs to be explicitly checked to guarantee we are not checking the $post global from a different internal loop. Change from post_meta based _bbp_visibility to custom forum post status for private and hidden forums. This allows for easier exclusion without the need for slower meta queries. Add wp_reset_postdata() through-out loop and template files where the post global might have been altered by an external plugin. Add bbp_exclude_forum_ids() function, to explicitly exclude forums based on user capabilities.
[3086] johnjamesjacoby Improve theme compat CSS for topic/reply fieldsets
[3087] johnjamesjacoby Reset the post data in the _unset_globals() shortcode function
[3088] johnjamesjacoby Switch meta font size from em to px for theme compat
[3089] johnjamesjacoby Reset the img.avatar float to none for theme compat
[3090] johnjamesjacoby Make the img.avatar CSS a little more specific so not to conflict with most blog posts, comments, widgets, etc...
[3091] johnjamesjacoby More tweaks to avatar styling. Revert r3089/r3090 in favor of something specific to bbPress templates and widgets that guess at container ID's, since some themes are very specific about their avatar positioning.
[3092] johnjamesjacoby Remove table td styling for theme compat
[3093] johnjamesjacoby Do not enqueue topic.js for theme compat as it requires jQuery be loaded for all themes (topic subscriptions and favorites degrade gracefully)
[3094] johnjamesjacoby Remove empty bbp-default theme
[3095] johnjamesjacoby Split bbp-admin.php up into smaller, more manageable parts for forums, topics, replies, users, and metaboxes. Add checks for ABSPATH to each file so that they cannot be accessed outside of WordPress. Adjust the location of the admin menu separator based on use caps and visible menus.
[3096] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bbp-admin.php and bbp-users.php after recent separation
[3097] johnjamesjacoby Add custom admin post messages to forums, topics and replies. Fixes #1507. Props ryanimel for original patches, cnorris23 for refresh.
[3098] johnjamesjacoby Adds missing $bbp global to bbp_recount_topic_hidden_replies() function. Fixes $#1508. Props cnorris23.
[3099] johnjamesjacoby Update bbp_get_form_topic_subscribed() function to work with both the post author and the current user.
[3100] johnjamesjacoby More aggressive CSS on topic/reply revision log for theme compat
[3101] johnjamesjacoby Topic tags are now self policing. Previously any member could add topic tags but only moderators could remove them. Also save reply form values if error occurs while posting a reply. Fixes #1466. Props cnorris23 for original patch.
[3102] johnjamesjacoby Missed a spot from r3098. Fixes possible empty reply_content error when editing a reply.
[3103] johnjamesjacoby Force forums, topics, and replies tables to clear the pagination floating above it, for theme compat.
[3104] johnjamesjacoby Move all theme compat functions to the bottom of bbp-general-template.php
[3105] johnjamesjacoby Remove links to topic tags from topic form.
[3106] johnjamesjacoby Split user template files up into parts for shortcode usage.
[3107] johnjamesjacoby Remove duplicate user template notice
[3108] johnjamesjacoby Add theme compat for user profiles, profile editing, topic and reply editing, and other topic moderation functions.
[3109] johnjamesjacoby Add improved breadcrumb support to bbp-twentyten, shortcodes, and theme compat. Add improved topic-tag support for theme compat. Add missing topic-tag template tags.
[3110] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrectly located forum description in single forum shortcode.
[3111] johnjamesjacoby Add support for topic tags to theme compat.
[3112] johnjamesjacoby Add in missing support for topic-tag shortcode query.
[3113] johnjamesjacoby Pass topic-tag as array for compliance with shortcode attributes. Add topic-tag tax check to bbp_has_topics() before resetting post data.
[3114] johnjamesjacoby Try to kill comments_template() output on pages where bbPress theme compat has intercepted the_content().
[3115] johnjamesjacoby Remove new topic form from forums index page template. Also add some actions to the front page templates to allow the form to be hooked back in. Fixes #1509.
[3116] johnjamesjacoby Replace incorrect query args ('post_author' with correct 'author'.) Fixes #1511. Props cnorris23.
[3117] johnjamesjacoby Add forum post type back to nav menus. Props christopher-jon.
[3118] johnjamesjacoby Remove reference to $post global in bbp_replace_the_content()
[3119] johnjamesjacoby Add contextual help to forums, topics, replies, and settings. Fixes #1510. Props ryanimel for original patch.
[3120] johnjamesjacoby Switch author IP address from anonymous only to a meta value on every topic and reply. Includes additional template tags, theme compat adjustments, and admin meta box adjustments. Fixes #1505.
[3121] johnjamesjacoby Remove table cell padding from r3120 as it conflicts with theme compatibility.
[3122] johnjamesjacoby Remove td specific class fix from r3120 so styles also apply to th's.
[3123] johnjamesjacoby Prefix topic and reply author classes with #content for theme compatibility.
[3124] johnjamesjacoby Fix bug in topic/reply revisions where log was 1 revision behind.
[3125] johnjamesjacoby Prevent forum and topic ID's from being poisoned by functions that attempt to make calculations out of turn. Also prevent incorrect assignment of parent topic and forum ID's when posting from admin area. Fixes #1433.
[3126] johnjamesjacoby Fix lost password page template and related functions. Fix duplicate template notices on theme forms. Fixes #1491.
[3127] johnjamesjacoby Prevent "create topic" form from showing if current user cannot create topics or there are no public forums to create topics in. Fixes #1443.
[3128] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect topic voice count routine, causing all topics to only show 1 voice. This will auto correct existing topics as new replies are created in them.
[3129] johnjamesjacoby Whitespace fix from r3128. CDO
[3130] johnjamesjacoby Add forum root to breadcrumb if root slug is equal to the path of an existing page. Update field CSS styling to play more nicely with theme compatibility. Replace breadcrumb titles with breadcrumb template part.
[3131] johnjamesjacoby Add missing breadcrumb template part references in shortcode and single-forum.php
[3132] johnjamesjacoby Fix shortcodes for single topics and forums. Add shortcode for topic tag cloud. Rename single topic tag shortcode function to more accurately describe what it does.
[3133] johnjamesjacoby Cast return values of bbp_get_hidden_form_ids() and bbp_get_private_forum_ids() to prevent debug notices when both of these values exist but are single values or empty strings.
[3134] johnjamesjacoby Fix topic and reply edit locking. Props christopher-jon.
[3135] johnjamesjacoby First round of security sweeps and final code clean-up. Includes new/edit topic functions, topic merge, and some strtoupper() checks on REQUEST_METHOD. See #1514.
[3136] johnjamesjacoby More security sweep and final code clean-up on bbp-topic-functions.php. See #1514.
[3137] johnjamesjacoby In the single topics loop, wrap topic meta items in spans for easier styling for theme compat.
[3138] johnjamesjacoby Switch topic-meta nowrap off of container and onto new individual spans, for theme compat.
[3139] johnjamesjacoby Remove bbp-languages folder since language packs will get wiped out when automated plugin updates come through. Move bbpress.pot file into the root project folder to help it get slurped when it hits WP extend.
[3140] johnjamesjacoby Add body.single to fieldset clear for theme compat
[3141] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where splitting a topic in half would result in the new lead topic post to be missing in some circumstances.
[3142] johnjamesjacoby Wrap topic freshness author in span to prevent wrapping of avatar and username, for theme compat.
[3143] johnjamesjacoby Move shortcodes into object variable, and add php5 constructor. This allows bbPress plugins to filter existing shortcodes, and/or add new ones.
[3144] johnjamesjacoby Clean up shortcode class phpDoc
[3145] johnjamesjacoby Prefix various files in bbp-includes folder with 'core' to identify them as required core files. Update bbpress.php to point to these new filenames.
[3146] johnjamesjacoby Tweaks to the readme.txt
[3147] johnjamesjacoby More tweaks to the readme.txt
[3148] johnjamesjacoby Check for different _get_meta_sql function names (since we are using it prematurely in WP 3.1)
[3149] johnjamesjacoby Fix bug where reply revision author would incorrectly show the original reply author.
[3150] johnjamesjacoby Remove flush_rewrite_rules actions in bbp-core-hooks.php, as they are being called too early in the stack causing the rules to be flushed before the custom rules are added.
[3151] johnjamesjacoby Remove references to deprecated bbp_anonymous_ip meta key as IP address is now saved for all users topics/replies. Fixes #1505. Props Coolkevman.
[3152] johnjamesjacoby Clean up functions.php of bbp-twentyten
[3153] johnjamesjacoby Stop including the old updater script, in preparation for file removal before adding into WP extend.
[3154] johnjamesjacoby Fix user profile styling conflicts when bbp-twentyten is the active theme.
[3155] johnjamesjacoby Change the filter used on _bbp_root_slug from sanitize_title to esc_url_raw, to allow for a page path with slashes.
[3156] johnjamesjacoby Don't build a meta query if there are no forums to exclude.
[3157] johnjamesjacoby Fix incomplete inline doc
[3158] johnjamesjacoby Use esc_sql in place of esc_url_raw for now, as esc_url_raw doesn't work correctly for single slugs.
[3159] johnjamesjacoby Flesh out current-user topic-form access functions with more appropriate hierarchy of checks. Fix #1516.
[3160] johnjamesjacoby Add preliminary password protected support to single forums and single topics, including theme compatibility.
[3161] johnjamesjacoby Singular/Plural fixes on forum and topic descriptions. Fixes #1515. Props !GautamGupta.
[3162] johnjamesjacoby Improve support of suppressing private forum meta data. Fixes #1522. Props !GautamGupta.
[3163] johnjamesjacoby Use correct return variable in bbp_suppress_private_author_link()
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