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[2964] johnjamesjacoby Take extra precautions to ensure admin menus are positions directly above 'Appearance' and set the menu_position of each post_type
[2965] johnjamesjacoby Fix bug where sub forums would not be visible when created, as they lack the required postmeta values for topics/replies, and parent forums would not have updated subforum counts.
[2966] johnjamesjacoby Fix hard coded post_type in bbp_admin_menu_order, and prepate separator skip routine for possible multiple separators.
[2967] johnjamesjacoby Introduce functions, styling, and theme support for pagination links within individual topics while displaying the forum loop.
[2968] johnjamesjacoby Add support for bbp_show_load_topic() in bbp_get_topic_pagination() and adjust mid_size and end_size default values
[2969] johnjamesjacoby Check for bbp_show_lead_topic() and adjust verbiage from "Replies" to "Posts" and show favorites/subscription links if set to false
[2970] johnjamesjacoby Adjustments to login and register forms to improve behavior and functionality. Various documentation fixes. Rename _bbp_topic_status meta to _bbp_status, and add migration routine to updater. Sanity checks on $wp_query in bbp_pre_get_posts. Fixes #1476, #1493. Props !GautamGupta for original diff.
[2971] johnjamesjacoby More clean-up to bbp_pre_get_posts. Fixes #1450.
[2972] johnjamesjacoby Improve logic behind setting the current_forum/topic/reply_id global variables
[2973] johnjamesjacoby Do not include $wp_rewrite->front in user profile url. Fixes #1489.
[2974] johnjamesjacoby Full audit of user/topic/reply/view permalinks. Use $wp_rewrite->using_permalinks() method in place of $wp_rewrite->permalink_structure. See r2973
[2975] johnjamesjacoby Remove incomplete bbp_insert_topic() function
[2976] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where post form values would disappear when editing or creating a new topic. Addresses topic portion of #1466.
[2977] johnjamesjacoby Rename $wp_query param in bbp_pre_get_posts to $posts_query to avoid conflict with $wp_query global. Use $posts_query->get() in place of get_query_arg() to prevent errors in rare cases where $wp_query global is not set. Fixes #1493 again.
[2978] johnjamesjacoby Bail out of bbp_pre_get_posts if suppress_filters argument is set.
[2979] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect variable returned in bbp_has_topics() filter, and improve inline documentation.
[2980] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_is_query_name() function to make checking the '_bbp_query_name' query variable easier, and use this function through-out. Fix bug where topic and reply widgets would selfishly listen to pagination query vars. Fix bug when viewing a single topic, replies widget would only show replies from that topic.
[2981] johnjamesjacoby Remove existing references to forum_voice_count functions. Fixes #1494.
[2982] johnjamesjacoby Rename "#reply" ID to "#post' for easy backwards compatibility with stand-alone permalinks.
[2983] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where new replies were not updating '_bbp_last_reply_id' meta under certain circumstances.
[2984] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_reply_position() functions to help calculate reply permalinks and topic freshness links. Fixes #1495.
[2985] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bbp_get_reply_url() and fix issue where trashed replies and view=all would cause malformed URLs.
[2986] johnjamesjacoby Center vertical alignment of revision logs in topics and replies.
[2987] johnjamesjacoby Limit single forum topic pagination end_size to 3, and add inline comment to $total bump.
[2988] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect variable used in bbp_update_reply_forum_id() causing _bbp_forum_id meta value to be set to incorrect value in certain conditions.
[2989] johnjamesjacoby When splitting or merging topics, update the forum/topic meta values for each individual reply being moved. Fixes issue where reply meta values would fall out of sync when splitting or merging topics.
[2990] johnjamesjacoby Update '#topic-' ID hash to '#post-' for improved backwards compatibility with stand alone bbPress.
[2991] johnjamesjacoby Add ability to filter topics and replies on a per forum basis to match stand alone functionality.
[2992] johnjamesjacoby Improve inline documentation in bbp_update_forum_last_reply_id() and remove unneeded empty variable check. Also cast some variables as integers when comparing their values to be safe.
[2993] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1496. Documentation clean-up. Fix incorrect references to split/merge. Fix incorrect post_field usage where post_parent was used rather than post_type. Fix incorrect function usage for querying topic id's from a forum. Props !GautamGupta
[2994] johnjamesjacoby Abstracts the add/remove capability functions to remove duplication. Removes 'edit_users' capability from Forum Moderator role as it's reserved for admin/super admin respectively. Fixes #1488. Props !GautamGupta for initial patch.
[2995] johnjamesjacoby Remove thumbnail and excerpt from custom post type supports arrays, and add revisions to forums. Topic/reply thumbnails and excerpts will make great plugins for themes that support this in the future.
[2996] johnjamesjacoby Clean up forum type setting functions. Add function to support hidden forum visibility type. Remove unneeded $bbp global references. Fix incorrect variable name in bbp_update_forum_last_active_id().
[2997] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_query_post_parent__in() function for future use with private and hidden forums. Props nacin.
[2998] johnjamesjacoby Clean up forum visibility template tags. Include functions for checking each visibility state, as well as retrieving the raw value.
[2999] johnjamesjacoby In bp_has_topics(), check that $sticky_posts exist before attempting to loop through them.
[3000] johnjamesjacoby Fix topic pagination on non single-forum and non-user pages by setting post_parent back to 0 after being set to 'any'.
[3001] johnjamesjacoby Suppress super stickies from no-replies template page.
[3002] johnjamesjacoby Remove get_pages() usage from bbp_get_dropdown() and stick to using get_posts() regardless of post_type.
[3003] johnjamesjacoby Adjust forum visibility dropdown to work with new 'hidden' option. Pass $post->ID through metabox do_actions. Remove CSS comments in bbp-admin.php to prevent syntax highlighting errors in certain IDE's and web based syntax highlighting scripts.
[3004] johnjamesjacoby Add '_bbp_private_forums' and '_bbp_hidden_forums' to list of autoloaded site metas. These will be used later to assist in visibility based topic and reply queries.
[3005] johnjamesjacoby Add missing <tbody> close tag to loop-forums.php
[3006] johnjamesjacoby Fix duplicate referer field in topic/reply fieldsets if user has unfiltered_html capability.
[3007] johnjamesjacoby Better private forum support in single-forum.php and single-topic.php.
[3008] johnjamesjacoby Improvements to forum visibility checking, template tags, and ensuring that template tag filters also pass the $forum_id for proper enhancement.
[3009] johnjamesjacoby Add hooks to page-forum-statistics.php to allow it to be extended. Fixes #1499. Props !Nightgunner5 for original patch.
[3010] johnjamesjacoby Replace underscores in admin dashboard widget ID with hyphens. Move clearing br outside of update_plugins cap check to prevent display issues for normal users.
[3011] johnjamesjacoby Pass the forums current visibility through to the functions responsible for changing them. This prevents querying post_meta and object cache for current visibility state, helpful for removing from private and hidden forum site meta.
[3012] johnjamesjacoby Move 'bbp_register_textdomain' to priority 2 on 'bbp_init' action. Fixes #1497. Props !GautamGupta for original patch.
[3013] johnjamesjacoby Update forum visibility updater functions to add/remove forum_id from site meta arrays when appropriate.
[3014] johnjamesjacoby Add meta_query's to topic and reply widget queries. See #1470.
[3015] johnjamesjacoby Add meta_query's to bbp_get_user_topics_started() to exclude hidden forums. See #1470.
[3016] johnjamesjacoby Tweak the forum, topic, and reply template loops to support hidden forums. This uses advanced meta_query's to restrict results based on the expected context, user capabilities, and forum visibility. Fixes #1470.
[3017] johnjamesjacoby When merging two topics together, the destination topic post_date cannot be after the source topic or any merged replies. Fixes #1502. Props !GautamGupta for original patch.
[3018] johnjamesjacoby Add 'orphan' post status. See #1469.
[3019] johnjamesjacoby Whitespace fix in admin _setup_actions()
[3020] johnjamesjacoby Introduce views widget to show list of registered views in sidebar. Props !GautamGupta.
[3021] johnjamesjacoby Update @since's in views widget. Fixes #1449.
[3022] johnjamesjacoby Adjust capability checks on forum queries to show private forums but still prevent non-capable users from posting to them.
[3023] johnjamesjacoby Add theme support for bbPress in bbp-twentyten
[3024] johnjamesjacoby Add !is_user_logged_in() check to bbp_allow_anonymous() check in form-topic.php
[3025] johnjamesjacoby Fix bug where switching visibilities could cause a misalignment of hidden/private site values.
[3026] johnjamesjacoby Clean up _includes() and add 'shortcodes' to the list of included files.
[3027] johnjamesjacoby Fix activation notice to use current_theme_supports() and include a method to bypass the theme nag.
[3028] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_setup_theme_compat() function and action, which provide skeletal theme support for themes that do not explicitly support bbPress.
[3029] johnjamesjacoby Add theme_compat() function to main $bbp object to load the topic.js and bbpress.css from bbp-twentyten if the currently active theme does not explicitly add theme support for bbPress.
[3030] johnjamesjacoby Update @since for bbp_setup_theme_compat()
[3031] johnjamesjacoby Commit bomb of changes to bbp-twentyten to further abstract out template parts for improved shortcode usage and theme_compat for themes that do not explicitly support bbPress.
[3032] johnjamesjacoby Commit bomb, round 2. Similar to r3031, this includes a host of new functions for handling theme compatability for themes that do not explicitly support bbPress. Also introduces BBP_Shortcode class as handler for all shortcodes going forward.
[3033] johnjamesjacoby Fix bug from r3032 where new topic form did not display forum drop down when using forum-index shortcode.
[3034] johnjamesjacoby Improve theme compatability by using the active themes page.php template file to display the contents of a forum, topic, or reply.
[3035] johnjamesjacoby Add no topics/forums template parts to shortcode output
[3036] johnjamesjacoby Add reply form and single topic template parts to shortcode output
[3037] johnjamesjacoby Add missing new topic template part to single forum shortcode output
[3038] johnjamesjacoby Prevent comment form from appearing on intercepted theme compat template pages.
[3039] johnjamesjacoby Remove tr:hover styling from moderation links as it doesn't play nicely with all themes in compatability mode.
[3040] johnjamesjacoby Add forum/topic last activity sync function to recount tool. Fixes #1503. Props Nightgunner5.
[3041] johnjamesjacoby Update the template notices in form-reply.php and form-topic.php. Fixes #1481.
[3042] johnjamesjacoby Add reply form shortcode. Adjustments to shortcode strings, and remove topic form from forum and topic indexes, as it's possible to use both/all shortcodes on one page.
[3043] johnjamesjacoby Whitespace cleanup and more normalization of the bbp-shortcodes.php
[3044] johnjamesjacoby Fix bug in topics widget where topics in hidden forums could peek through if post_parent was set to 'any'
[3045] johnjamesjacoby Check that $post global exists to prevent errors and debug notices on genuine 404 pages.
[3046] johnjamesjacoby Bump the install DB version to 110
[3047] johnjamesjacoby Hidden forums are always hidden.
[3048] johnjamesjacoby Add caps for hidden forums. Add read_private_forums and read_hidden_forums caps to moderator role.
[3049] johnjamesjacoby Rename _unset_queries to _unset_globals in BPP_Shortcodes, and ensure shortcodes that use custom queries are unset before and after they run.
[3050] johnjamesjacoby Add missing tag list and description back into single topic shortcode display
[3051] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_set_404() function to bbp-general-functions.php for future use with theme compatability
[3052] johnjamesjacoby Add private and hidden forum handlers for shortcodes when user does not have proper caps
[3053] johnjamesjacoby Wrap forum visibility condition checks in their own parentheses for improved code readability
[3054] johnjamesjacoby Audit the usage of $wp_query global through out bbPress plugin and use core WP functions where possible instead.
[3055] johnjamesjacoby Fix bug with get_post_type() usage in bbp_forum_visibility check. Also tweak the white listed set of user caps.
[3056] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue with editing replies via the admin area.
[3057] johnjamesjacoby More adjustments for theme compatability layer. Rejigs the bbp_load_template function to also have theme compatability. Introduces bbp_user_can_view_forum() function as a method to check the scope of a users ability to view private/hidden forums, topics, and replies.
[3058] johnjamesjacoby Remove rogue inline php documentation.
[3059] johnjamesjacoby Improve user/forum visibility check and add some inline php documentation.
[3060] johnjamesjacoby Remember to exit after loading a found template file in bbp_load_template() when using theme compatability.
[3061] johnjamesjacoby Reduce the width of topic/reply textareas for improved theme compatibility.
[3062] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect variable reference in bbp_load_template()
[3063] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where jQuery dependency was not loaded properly when enqueueing theme compat topic.js
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