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[2864] johnjamesjacoby Add Retro Gravatar option. Fixes #1468. Props !JohnConners.
[2865] johnjamesjacoby Speeling fixes
[2866] johnjamesjacoby Capital P... Dangit! Props westi.
[2867] johnjamesjacoby Add $post_id param to bbp_is_ checks in bbp-general-template.php
[2868] johnjamesjacoby Add squiggly brackets around variables in query in bbp_check_for_duplicate. Add query functions for getting child count and last_id from any parent_id.
[2869] johnjamesjacoby Use correct $parent_id variable name in bbp_get_public functions
[2870] johnjamesjacoby Update forum functions with normalized counts and return values. Begin rename of last_active functions to last_active_time, and introduce last_active_id functions
[2871] johnjamesjacoby Add more strict post_type check to bbp_get_reply_id. Add avatar to revision log. Add more fancy reply_author_link function to include avatar and/or name.
[2872] johnjamesjacoby Add more strict post_type check to bbp_get_topic_id. Add avatar to revision log. Add more fancy topic_author_link function to include avatar and/or name. Add single topic description function. More renames from last_active to last_active_time, and introduction of last_active_id functions
[2873] johnjamesjacoby Swap voices and replies columns in loop-bbp_topics.php. Add more fancy author links with avatars and names, and use new bbp_author_link function
[2874] johnjamesjacoby Introduce general author avatar functions for use with last_active_id in forums and topics.
[2875] johnjamesjacoby Use new bbp_author_link function in loop-bbp_forums.php, to show username and avatar of last forum post_id
[2876] johnjamesjacoby Use more strict post_type check in bbp_get_forum_id. More renaming of last_active functions to last_active_time in bbp-forum-template.php. Introduce last_active_id functions. Introduce single forum description function.
[2877] johnjamesjacoby Adjust order by and direction of bbp_get_public_child_last_id
[2878] johnjamesjacoby Adjustments to bbp-twentyten to use new functions and include updated styling for them.
[2879] johnjamesjacoby More renaming of last_active to last_active_time, this time in bbp-wdigets. Also use enhanced bbp_reply_author_link function to include user gravatar.
[2880] johnjamesjacoby Validate forum and topic ID's in bbp_get_reply_topic_id and bbp_get_reply_forum_id functions
[2881] johnjamesjacoby Add avatar styling to topic revision log
[2882] johnjamesjacoby Switch position of template_notices in user-edit.php in bbp-twentyten theme
[2883] johnjamesjacoby Some adjustments to bbp-topic-template.php. Allow capable users to view trashed or private topics on request. Use new author_link function in topic revisions. Do not return a no-break space in bbp_get_topic_admin_links.
[2884] johnjamesjacoby Remove reply and voice count from single-bbp_topic.php. It will be moved into the topic description.
[2885] johnjamesjacoby More renaming of last_active to last_active_time, this time in bbp-admin.php
[2886] johnjamesjacoby Add wp_cache_add_global_groups() to _setup_globals action to cache future custom queries.
[2887] johnjamesjacoby Fix verbiage in comment from r2886
[2888] johnjamesjacoby Show the forum of super sticky topics when outside of the forum the sticky belongs in.
[2889] johnjamesjacoby Introduce hidden topic functions for viewing trashed topics inside the current forum. Add this ability to the forum description area.
[2890] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where subforums were limited to 5
[2891] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_get_public_child_ids function to retrieve an array of post_id's from any other post_id. Add 'bbpress' cache group to wp_cache_get calls so that cached values are actually returned.
[2892] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_is_reply_trash function. Use bbp_is_topic_trash function in bbp_get_reply_admin_links to prevent manipulating replies from within a trashed topic, which greatly increases the risk of skewing topic and reply counts.
[2893] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_is_topic_trash function. Clean up sticky sql query in bbp_has_topics.
[2894] johnjamesjacoby Change @sinces on bbp_author_link functions, and include additional code to support getting the author link and avatar when the post_type is unknown.
[2895] johnjamesjacoby First pass at forum, topic, and reply count routines. In this first iteration, counts are purposely overly sensitive resulting in more hits to the database than ultimately will be necessary in the final iteration. The process of recounting and realigning last_active_id and last_active_time is made difficult by being restricted to using the post_parent column for post relationships. Future versions may use syncopated taxonomies, mptt, or some other method to lighten this load. This first pass also relies heavily on the WordPress API wherever possible, and only uses custom queries in an attempt to limit memory usage. There me additional benefits from sub-queries and/or self joins. Would love to have more eyes on this specifically.
[2896] johnjamesjacoby Update topic labels to be more descriptive
[2897] johnjamesjacoby Remove selected code from bbp_get_dropdown as it's no longer needed.
[2898] johnjamesjacoby Quick post_id sanity check in anonymous_metabox.
[2899] johnjamesjacoby Grammar fixes in warning messages in bbp-twentyten. Props scribu.
[2900] johnjamesjacoby Various style improvements to reply and topic table row padding and borders.
[2901] johnjamesjacoby Switch bbp_get_breadcrumb to use get_post_ancestors() potentially saving a few queries in certain situations.
[2902] johnjamesjacoby Breathing room
[2903] johnjamesjacoby Add _bbp_super_sticky_topics to bbp_add_options so it is autoloaded, reducing query count by 1 on each page load.
[2904] johnjamesjacoby Add _bbp_db_version to autoloaded options, as we will need a method for future database updates.
[2905] johnjamesjacoby Normalize all post_meta values by removing the _forum, _topic, and _reply prefixes off of them where appropriate. There is no point in having them be unique to the post type as it only duplicates the code needed to perform requests. Future trimming to follow. Introduce bbp-update.php file, which is used to update existing installations to the new meta_key names from this revision.
[2906] johnjamesjacoby SVN add bbp-update.php from previous revision
[2907] johnjamesjacoby Abstract forum updating code out of bbp_update_topic_walker and into bbp_update_forum. Use that new function in the new bbp_move_topic_handler function, which handles the moving of a topic from one forum to another and makes sure the forum counts stay accurate.
[2908] johnjamesjacoby Fix @since and @param or bbp_update_forum
[2909] johnjamesjacoby Add _bbp_forums_per_page option to autoloaded settings resulting in 1 less query per page load.
[2910] johnjamesjacoby Default $meta_value to null in bb_delete_usermeta() to play nicely with BackPress WP_User::delete_meta(). Props mdawaffe.
[2911] johnjamesjacoby Change subscription checkbox text if the post is the current users or someone else's. Fixes #1462.
[2912] johnjamesjacoby Clarify subscription notification email text. Props designsimply, hanni, westi. Fixes #1472.
[2913] johnjamesjacoby Do not load forums-loop template part if there are no subforums to show.
[2914] johnjamesjacoby Decouple bbp_is_ functionality from bbp_get_{post_type}_id functionality, and use correctly through-out. Add ability to show all forums regardless of post_parent, and fix forums widget to use this functionality correctly.
[2915] johnjamesjacoby Prevent fatal error on WordPress 3.0 installs from $wp_query not being setup before this loop is created.
[2916] johnjamesjacoby Basic WordPress 3.0 compat in bbp_get_title for taxonomy
[2917] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where profiles of user_login's with spaces or periods could not be viewed. Fixes #1475. Props Nightgunner5.
[2918] johnjamesjacoby Add function for updating the anonymous reply count of a topic. Uncomment new topic redirection.
[2919] johnjamesjacoby Use correct _last_active_time function. Props @wonderboymusic via Twitter.
[2920] johnjamesjacoby Update a forums subforum count when the forum_update function is called. Also adjust the subforum count update function to use bbp_forum_query_subforum_ids()
[2921] johnjamesjacoby Fix nested span on bbp_reply_admin_links() in loop-bbp_replies.php. Fixes #1455.
[2922] johnjamesjacoby Clean up @todo's
[2923] johnjamesjacoby Add ancestor walkers to update_reply functions for topic and forum
[2924] johnjamesjacoby Switch $topic_id to $forum_id in bbp_update_reply_forum_id()
[2925] johnjamesjacoby Change 'Forums' to 'Forum' in forums loop template file.
[2926] johnjamesjacoby Add specific classes to body_class. Fixes #1478.
[2927] johnjamesjacoby Add missing @since phpdoc to bbp_body_class function
[2928] johnjamesjacoby Unset $args['post_parent'] to prevent '0' value conflict with topics widget.
[2929] johnjamesjacoby Add sanity checks to _forum_id and _topic_id functions in bbp-reply-template.php. Add filter to bbp_is_reply_trash().
[2930] johnjamesjacoby Tag bbPress 1.0.3 from 1.0 branch
[2931] johnjamesjacoby Add BackPress svn:external to 1.0.3 tag
[2932] johnjamesjacoby Bump version to 1.0.3 in 1.0.3 tag
[2933] johnjamesjacoby Add checks to supplemental topic and reply actions to make sure those actions are only called on those kinds of objects. Also perform sanity check on $args['post_parent'] before attempting to unset it in bbp_has_topics()
[2934] johnjamesjacoby Clean up the default topic status code in bbp_has_topics()
[2935] johnjamesjacoby Rename the 'ignore_sticky_topics' flag to 'show_stickies' and reverse logic to default to true instead of false. This is more natural behavior in the logic that we are turning something off with the word 'false' rather than ignoring stickies with the word 'true'
[2936] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect field name in form-bbp_user_register.php in bbp-twentyten. Props Nightgunner5.
[2937] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where topics widget would only show topics created by the author when viewing that users profile.
[2938] johnjamesjacoby Set query names on forums and replies widgets to prevent conflicts with user profile pages.
[2939] johnjamesjacoby Use 'any' for post_parent in bbp-widgets.php to avoid conflict with '0' value.
[2940] johnjamesjacoby Use get_posts() in bbp_has_topics() so stickies can try to hit the DB object cache. Also rejig the post_parent to use 'any' instead of '0' to avoid query conflicts, and set default $post_parent variable ahead of time.
[2941] johnjamesjacoby Revert part of r2940 and instead use bbp_is_forum() to check if 'any' or bbp_get_forum_id() should be used in default post_parent in bbp_has_topics()
[2942] johnjamesjacoby Lighten the mood when editing a user, and use the light-blue .info styling instead of the yellow .message styling.
[2943] johnjamesjacoby Change 'bbp-twentyten' theme from child to parent and include all of the standard twentyten theme files. Also wrap function_exists() checks around all functions in bbp-twentyten to allow them to be overloaded. Remove the 'bbp_' prefix form/topic/reply post types and include a routine in the database updater to handle this. The new post_type's are 'forum', 'topic', and 'reply' respectively. Rename 'bbp_topic_tag' taxonomy ID to 'topic-tag' and include a routine in the database updater to handle this. Change underscores in theme files to hyphens and remove 'bbp' prefix where applicable to comply with WordPress file standards. Update possible template file location options in bbp-general-functions.php for all standard template files. Include option for 'bbpress' or 'forums' subfolders inside the theme directory. This takes advantage of a known anomaly in the get_template_part() function that allows a subfolder to be passed.
[2944] johnjamesjacoby Add filter to 'allowed_themes' to force the 'bbp-twentyten' theme to appear, even if not explicitly enabled via the network theme interface.
[2945] johnjamesjacoby Rejig the updater
[2946] johnjamesjacoby Make the updater check for version numbers greater than what is set in the DB. Alligator open to the left John; to the left.
[2947] johnjamesjacoby First pass at allowing topics and replies to be created via their respective "New" screens in wp-admin. @todo - metaboxes to match new core functionalities
[2948] johnjamesjacoby Limit topic drop down to most recent 50 topics when attempting to post a reply from within wp-admin, as this will not be the primary method of replying and loading all topics will very quickly lead to memory issues.
[2949] johnjamesjacoby Clean up some @todo's and add some missing inline documentation to bbp-topic-functions.php.
[2950] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bbp_topic_notices() and add ability for custom notices to be filtered.
[2951] johnjamesjacoby Fix bug in bbp_update_forum_hidden_topic_count() where trashed topics would not update the hidden topic count.
[2952] johnjamesjacoby Move revision log updaters from -template files to -function files with other updaters. Update phpDoc in functions that previously ran sanity updates if fields did not exist. Mark @todo's in places where sanity meta updates still exist, and mark for investigation for eventual removal.
[2953] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect inline documentation in bbp_new_reply_admin_handler()
[2954] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_show_lead_topic() function in bbp-general-functions.php, the purpose of which is to act as a switch between traditional and new single topic display layouts.
[2955] johnjamesjacoby Introduce supporting topic and reply functions for new bbp_show_lead_topic() functionality. Also use this new functionality in the bbp-twentyten theme.
[2956] johnjamesjacoby Add some flair to the .form-allowed-tags in new topic and new reply forms.
[2957] johnjamesjacoby Carry over the view=all query arguments into other appropriate forum/topic/reply links on the forum pages. This eliminates the inconsistent user experience of asking to view trashed/spammed topics or replies, and being taken to pages where you cannot see those topics/replies.
[2958] johnjamesjacoby Update the admin-separator routines to play friendly with BuddyPress, Jetpack, and other plugins that directly modify the amin area menu order.
[2959] johnjamesjacoby Prevent double separators in certain conditions where other plugins may also be attempting to add them.
[2960] johnjamesjacoby Check the previous item for separation rather than the current item
[2961] johnjamesjacoby Revert previous admin menu separator sanity checks until it can be researched further.
[2962] johnjamesjacoby Fix bug where closed topics and replies were excluded from queries. Also add grey color to text of closed topics in forum view.
[2963] johnjamesjacoby Add has_archive and show_in_nav_menus support for post types in bbpress.php. Also adjust the menu_position to include proper numeric values rather than ineffective strings.
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