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Changeset Author Message
[2764] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1423. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2765] johnjamesjacoby Check proper 'moderate' cap on topic/reply admin actions. Fixes #1432.
[2766] johnjamesjacoby Remove debug code.
[2767] johnjamesjacoby Missed a spot. See r2765.
[2768] johnjamesjacoby Introduce tag management utilities. Fixes #1424. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2769] johnjamesjacoby Introduce forum statistics; fixes #1427. Introduce method to limit number of pages in topics query. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2770] johnjamesjacoby Introduce forum statistics dashboard widget. Fixes #1438. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2771] johnjamesjacoby Attempt to sort by menu_order rather than post_title.
[2772] johnjamesjacoby Sort by menu_order on forums widget
[2773] johnjamesjacoby Do not show title or widget HTML if there is nothing to display.
[2774] johnjamesjacoby Proper version compare check.
[2775] johnjamesjacoby Remove incorrect 'else' check.
[2776] johnjamesjacoby Better user edit and registration file inclusion checks.
[2777] johnjamesjacoby Remove admin notice. Fixes #1440.
[2778] johnjamesjacoby Adjust padding on content areas, and restrict image widths from breaking layout. Fixes #1441.
[2779] johnjamesjacoby Remove moderator caps on deactivation. Fixes #1445. Props cnorris23
[2780] johnjamesjacoby Introduce _content functions for topics and replies. Introduce our own allowed_tags for handling HTML. Add nofollow to links in content. Properly sanitize topic and reply slugs. Fixes #1426, #1389, #1411. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2781] johnjamesjacoby Remove diff that was accidentally added to project.
[2782] johnjamesjacoby Introduce topic and reply revisions, complete with optional logging and reason for editing. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2783] johnjamesjacoby Map read_ caps for forums/topics/replies. Also revert r2779 since we remove the moderator role completely. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2784] johnjamesjacoby Allow capable users to mark topics as sticky/super sticky on creation/edit. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2785] johnjamesjacoby White noise.
[2786] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp-options.php to project for options specific code. Improve admin settings area, adding slugs, posts per page, and enable/disable favorites, subscriptions, and anonymous posting. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2787] johnjamesjacoby Introduce _get_ functions for forums, topics, and replies. Fixes #1415. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2788] johnjamesjacoby Better handling of title attributes. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2789] johnjamesjacoby Introduce views API into plugin. Allows for creating specific topic views with code rather than with templates. The 'no-replies' view is included as default. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2790] johnjamesjacoby Split apart bbp-functions.php into smaller, more manageable files. Also fix missing global on subscription removal. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2791] johnjamesjacoby Backport clean_url fixes to 0.9 branch.
[2792] johnjamesjacoby Decode special characters when editing topics/posts [0.9 branch]
[2793] johnjamesjacoby Use new action hooks for forum/topic/reply column headers
[2794] johnjamesjacoby Use new action hooks for forum/topic/reply column headers
[2795] johnjamesjacoby Remove references to 'the loop' in phpDoc in functions where the loop isn't required
[2796] johnjamesjacoby Check the topic_id and reply_id when appending revision logs
[2797] johnjamesjacoby Correct cap on Add User admin menu, and add cap check to submenus. Fixes #1368
[2798] johnjamesjacoby Remove logged_in and anonymous posting checks to prevent conflicts when anonymous posting is toggled after posts have been entered by anonymous users. Fixes #1367
[2799] johnjamesjacoby Fix ajax tag adding/removing. Fixes #1327
[2800] johnjamesjacoby Use correct table column when deleting terms. See #1353
[2801] johnjamesjacoby Do not attempt to translate an empty string. Fixes #1420
[2802] johnjamesjacoby Clean up index.php. Number format friendliness. Add some comments. Fixes #1370 props !JohnConners
[2803] johnjamesjacoby Correctly check for WP_Error and correctly load anonymous user cookie data/avatar. Fixes #1452. Props !GautamGupta
[2804] johnjamesjacoby Disallow uncapable users from creating topics in closed forums. Fixes #1452. Props !GautamGupta
[2805] johnjamesjacoby Add @todo messages to admin forum/topic recounts, and minor tweaks to recount queries
[2806] johnjamesjacoby Adjust topic and reply counts up the subforum tree. Fixes #1320. Props !GautamGupta
[2807] johnjamesjacoby Use 'code' CSS class for slug settings
[2808] johnjamesjacoby Improve bbp_list_subforums function with additional formatting args
[2809] johnjamesjacoby Run strip_tags and trim on topic and reply excerpts. Fixes #1448.
[2810] johnjamesjacoby Normalize bbp-twentyten theme files. Introduce bbp_tab_index functions for forms. Rename some page- files to action- since they are not page templates. Introduce bbp_login and bbp_register place-holders in bbp-twentyten theme.
[2811] johnjamesjacoby Add missing phpDoc from r2810. Assign a default tab_index value to try to avoid conflicts.
[2812] johnjamesjacoby Normalize bbp-includes directory. Mostly documentation fixes. Introduce bbp-shortcodes placeholder.
[2813] johnjamesjacoby Adjust bbp_register template file to use template part in preparation for shortcode usage.
[2814] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_user_register template part placeholder
[2815] johnjamesjacoby Introduce lost password page. Introduce user_login and user_lost_pass template parts. Introduce supporting login and smart login redirect functions. Normalize submit containers across template forms. (@todo: register, activation, and lost password pages)
[2816] johnjamesjacoby Fix typo in Subscriptions phpDoc header. Props markmcwilliams
[2817] johnjamesjacoby Sanity checks on logout redirection global variables
[2818] johnjamesjacoby Resetting EOL style to native through-out plugin branch.
[2819] johnjamesjacoby Stop XMLRPC from complaining when bbPress is activated. Remove needless isset() checks in bbp_get_user_id(). Fixes #1458
[2820] johnjamesjacoby Prevent possible variable not set notice (branch)
[2821] johnjamesjacoby Prevent possible variable not set notice (trunk)
[2822] johnjamesjacoby Hide the revision log in admin topics and replies. Fixes #1451 props !GautamGupta
[2823] johnjamesjacoby Fix login smart redirect. Fixes #1460, #1459. Props !GautamGupta
[2824] johnjamesjacoby Fix excerpt length counts and use … instead of '...' Fixes #1456. Props !GautamGupta
[2825] johnjamesjacoby Sticky styling is not just for the front page.
[2826] johnjamesjacoby Deemphasize the admin links when viewing a single topic.
[2827] johnjamesjacoby Login widget, and various supporting styles and functions for a smarter redirect. Fixes #1464, #1465. Props !GautamGupta for original patches.
[2828] johnjamesjacoby Add anonymous user data editing ability to topics and replies. Fixes #1409. Props !GautamGupta
[2829] johnjamesjacoby Fix @since revision numbers
[2830] johnjamesjacoby If topic is being permanently deleted, redirect back to forum.
[2831] johnjamesjacoby When topics are deleted, recalculate the associated forum last active time. This includes possible subforums and walks up through parent forums setting the correct time.
[2832] johnjamesjacoby Additional empty forum check to delete last active and last topic_id meta.
[2833] johnjamesjacoby Add actions to user-edit.php in bbp-twentyten to allow customizing of the edit profile page. Fixes #1410.
[2834] johnjamesjacoby Topics widget should not show stickies out of order.
[2835] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where stickies and super stickies were overwriting the position of normal posts in the loop.
[2836] johnjamesjacoby Documentation for new sticky topic code.
[2837] johnjamesjacoby Clean up merge and split template files. Only show certain options if other topics exist within the current forum. Add class for general informational messages.
[2838] johnjamesjacoby Adjust message styling in bbp_topic_tag.php to use new .info class
[2839] johnjamesjacoby Use correct bbp_user_profile_link function in login widget
[2840] johnjamesjacoby Add an extra 20px of width to the content area.
[2841] johnjamesjacoby Rearrange the reply and new topic elements in bbp-twentyten. Adjust the fieldset top padding and fieldset message styling.
[2842] johnjamesjacoby Bump new reply avatar size up to match new topic avatar size.
[2843] johnjamesjacoby Update login widget to use correct url and link functions.
[2844] johnjamesjacoby Let there be life! Show avatars for 'started by' post meta, and show last poster avatar and profile link in freshness columns. Swap out is_int checks for is_numeric in places where the value passed is numeric, but may be cast as a string from previous routines. Also introduce file for further development of the green admin style.
[2845] johnjamesjacoby No follow on all user links, and follow up with stripslashes for good measure.
[2846] johnjamesjacoby Fix spelling error in loop-bbp_topics. s/replie/reply
[2847] johnjamesjacoby Adjust the horizontal padding of numeric table cells.
[2848] johnjamesjacoby Use API functions for forum topic/reply recounts. By doing this we're sacrificing performance to get more accurate counts specifically for subforum situations. This will probably need to be revisited in the future when a proper Walker can be used.
[2849] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect filter name on bbp_get_subscriptions_permalink
[2850] johnjamesjacoby White noise in bbp_get_user_subscriptions
[2851] johnjamesjacoby Cast return values as (int) where appropriate. Adjust _last_ functions to be more friendly with anonymous user data. Test some logic with _last_ forum/topic/reply where if reply_id does not exist, fall back to topic_id. Remove various strict empty string checks as they should no longer be needed.
[2852] johnjamesjacoby Remove needless (int) cast in bbp_get_forum_subforum_count
[2853] johnjamesjacoby Check for valid topic and reply ID's on topic_author functions.
[2854] johnjamesjacoby Use correct _topic_ function to check user subscription status in form-bbp_reply.php in bbp-twentyten
[2855] mdawaffe Revert a piece of [2800]. bbPress (unlike WordPress), uses term taxonomy IDs as tag IDs instead of term IDs. I cannot reproduce the reported destroy tag bug, but I would not be surprised if there are still some bugs around this term taxonomy ID v. term ID mess. See #1353
[2856] johnjamesjacoby Use correct author name function in replies widget
[2857] johnjamesjacoby Fix phpDoc in bbp_get_forum_voice_count
[2858] johnjamesjacoby Rename topic_id, forum_id, and reply_id global vars to _post_type to more accurately describe what they are. Include template functions to retrieve those values, and use them through-out the project. Normalize component updater functions and remove surplus calculations from them. Temporarily unhook filters from split/join/deletion actions until new routines can be created to handle forum and topic recounts.
[2859] johnjamesjacoby Fix some find/replace errors from r2858
[2860] johnjamesjacoby Add ability for capable users to edit anonymous topic/post user data. Fixes #1463.
[2861] johnjamesjacoby When editing a topic/post, hide subscription container for anonymous users.
[2862] johnjamesjacoby When editing a topic/post, check for author_id() in bb_is_user_subscribed instead of the current_user. Fixes #1462.
[2863] johnjamesjacoby Normalize tag management files. Use bb_die() where applicable. Swap out destroy_tag verbiage to comply with boolean delete_term results.
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