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Changeset Author Message
[2664] johnjamesjacoby Tweak author.php and associated CSS
[2665] johnjamesjacoby Remove help message from author favorites.
[2666] johnjamesjacoby Fix previous topic pagination adjustments for author favorites
[2667] johnjamesjacoby Add reply_author functions. Improvements to bbp-twentyten theme.
[2668] johnjamesjacoby Add topic subscription ability. Fixes #1366 props !GautamGupta va Google Code-in
[2669] johnjamesjacoby Don't load CSS in admin
[2670] johnjamesjacoby First pass at anonymous posting. Fixes #1363 props !Kaspace from Google Code-in
[2671] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1372 props markmcwilliams
[2672] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1374
[2673] johnjamesjacoby Add missing subscribed forum topics template part code.
[2674] johnjamesjacoby Fix html doc
[2675] johnjamesjacoby Fix list of topics when viewing a topic tag
[2676] johnjamesjacoby Add bbPress logo to bbp-twentyten screenshot to help it stand out in the crowd
[2677] johnjamesjacoby Add style.css to bbp-default to hide broken theme notice.
[2678] johnjamesjacoby Zebra stripe the bbp-twentyten theme
[2679] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1383 props westi
[2680] johnjamesjacoby Prepare walker class. Improved paginated reply url links. Rename bbp_reply_topic function to bbp_reply_topic_title.
[2681] johnjamesjacoby Smart redirect on new reply in the event new reply creates new topic page
[2682] johnjamesjacoby Fix redirect bug when posting new reply from middle of paginated topic
[2683] johnjamesjacoby Use post_meta for topic freshness.
[2684] johnjamesjacoby Better latest reply handling for forums and topics
[2685] johnjamesjacoby Add new topic form to forum index. Fixes #1379 props dudd, markmcwilliams
[2686] johnjamesjacoby Add anonymous posting option to forum settings
[2687] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1387
[2688] johnjamesjacoby First pass at user profiles and front-end user editing. Fixes #1364 props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in. Split bbp-template.php into smaller files. Rename 'profile-' pages to 'user-'. (This is the Ultra Magnus of changesets.)
[2689] johnjamesjacoby Remove deprecated template file.
[2690] johnjamesjacoby Move hidden form fields on edit user page into bbp_edit_user_form_fields()
[2691] johnjamesjacoby Allow capable admins to view other users' topic subscriptions.
[2692] johnjamesjacoby Move special query_vars into dedicated functions
[2693] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where adding as favorites or subscribing would error if user did not have existing favorite or subscription
[2694] johnjamesjacoby Clean up favorites and subscription adding code
[2695] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_no_replies template page to list topics without replies
[2696] johnjamesjacoby Improve query count in bbp_get_reply_url
[2697] johnjamesjacoby Clean up setting of current_user variable
[2698] johnjamesjacoby Improve topic and reply pagination verbiage
[2699] johnjamesjacoby Fix references to user slug
[2700] johnjamesjacoby Introduce BBP_Component class. Change alternate class to even/odd.
[2701] johnjamesjacoby Clean up some old phpDoc
[2702] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1383 again. Native eol-style on new files. Props westi for svn autoprops.
[2703] johnjamesjacoby Improve current_user_id and displayed_user_id functions. Also remove Page Template ability from User templates.
[2704] johnjamesjacoby Rename sticky option keys
[2705] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1391 props elfin
[2706] johnjamesjacoby Fix typo in r2705
[2707] johnjamesjacoby Test shorter topic-tag slug 'tag' for conflicts with WordPress core.
[2708] johnjamesjacoby Improved sub-forum lists inside bbp_forums loop.
[2709] johnjamesjacoby Remove rogue extra space
[2710] mdawaffe the bb_forum_slug cache group should store forum IDs not forum objects
[2711] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1399 props !GautamGupta
[2712] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1400 props !GautamGupta
[2713] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1401 props !GautamGupta
[2714] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1403 props !GautamGupta
[2715] johnjamesjacoby Don't output topic admin links if not actually in a topic. Props !GautamGupta
[2716] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1402 props !GautamGupta
[2717] mdawaffe make sure we're always reading from the correct user meta key
[2718] mdawaffe recalculate a user's meta in case we're pulling from a value cache on another site
[2719] mdawaffe get_recent_user_replies() was returning the first post in each topic, not the last. I'm not sure how this ever worked: Switch to MAX( post_id ) and ignore post_time for now.
[2720] johnjamesjacoby Fix anonymous user links. Fix single reply template. Abstract out user profile/website links. Fixes #1408. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2721] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1397
[2722] johnjamesjacoby Rename bbp_get_modified_date function to bbp_convert_date since we no longer use the modified_date for freshness.
[2723] johnjamesjacoby Change bbp_convert_date description
[2724] johnjamesjacoby Clean up admin forum/topic/reply columns.
[2725] mdawaffe _bb_get_cached_data() was using the wrong callback
[2726] mdawaffe get_forum() is deprecated. use bb_get_forum()
[2727] johnjamesjacoby First pass at topic moderation links for Trash, Open/Closed, and Spam. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2728] johnjamesjacoby Fix spelling error on bbp_edit_profile
[2729] johnjamesjacoby Introduce functions for getting and validating a user_id, and use them through-out project.
[2730] johnjamesjacoby Fix broken favorites and subscriptions (from previous commit)
[2731] johnjamesjacoby Better default permalink support
[2732] johnjamesjacoby Remove paged=1 from pagination links when default permalinks are set
[2733] johnjamesjacoby Handle situation where all topics have replies when viewing the bbp_no_replies page.
[2734] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1377, #1390, #1412, #1378. Error handling on form submission, and better anonymous user handling. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in.
[2735] johnjamesjacoby Improve fieldset reply notice when topic is closed but user can still reply.
[2736] johnjamesjacoby Improve widget code. Add topic/reply ordering. Props !GautamGupta
[2737] johnjamesjacoby First pass at using WordPress Settings API for admin settings. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2738] johnjamesjacoby Correct @since docs
[2739] johnjamesjacoby Properly prepare bb_get_forum. Fixes #1414. Props nbachiyski.
[2740] johnjamesjacoby Add spam/trash actions for replies + theme support for spam/trash replies for admins. Improve spam/trash actions for topics. Admin column CSS clean-up. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2741] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1361. Introduce 'Forum Moderator' role. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2742] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bb-login.php to prevent potential redirection exploit.
[2743] johnjamesjacoby Fix bb_get_user to prevent 'Invalid argument' errors.
[2744] johnjamesjacoby Clean up post type registration code. Allow capable users to view trashed/spammed topics. Fixes #1346. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in.
[2745] johnjamesjacoby Do not allow trash-to-spam or spam-to-trash status changes; prevents issues with rogue topics/replies.
[2746] johnjamesjacoby Introduce forum type/status/visibility using post_meta. This hides the built in WordPress equivalents as a temporary hack until custom WP post statuses are more flexible. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in.
[2747] johnjamesjacoby Fix @since's from r2746. Use correct 'read_private_forums' cap where appropriate.
[2748] johnjamesjacoby Revert extra voice-counts in single-bbp_topic.php that reappeared in r2746
[2749] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1435 props !GautamGupta
[2750] johnjamesjacoby Improve widgets. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2751] johnjamesjacoby Add reply_excerpt code from r2750. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2752] johnjamesjacoby Move excerpt functions under reply_content functions.
[2753] johnjamesjacoby Rename bbp-filters.php to bbp-hooks.php, and move a majority of actions/filters into it. Introduce ability to edit topics/posts from front-end of theme, and consequently introduce page-bbp_edit.php. Also includes various phpDoc clean-up. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2754] johnjamesjacoby Introduce sticky/super-sticky topics. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2755] johnjamesjacoby Update BackPress external to use new bbpress-1.0-backpress branch. Props westi
[2756] johnjamesjacoby Introduce topic split/merge functionality. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2757] johnjamesjacoby Fix @sinces from r2756
[2758] johnjamesjacoby "...pursuing a career in the custodial arts." phpDoc fixes and code clean-up. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
[2759] johnjamesjacoby Adjust BackPress includes paths in 1.0 branch.
[2760] johnjamesjacoby Backport bb-login.php changes from trunk to 1.0 branch.
[2761] johnjamesjacoby Revert r2759 and correct path in r2755. Props westi
[2762] johnjamesjacoby Update svn:ignore rules to include .htaccess and 'my-' directories.
[2763] johnjamesjacoby Introduce duplicate topic/reply detection. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code-in
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