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Changeset Author Message
[4564] johnjamesjacoby Add support for private post statuses in topics and replies loops. Fixes #2088.
[4565] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Add brackets to some updater functions.
[4566] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Remove 1 time use variable from version bump.
[4567] johnjamesjacoby Bump 2.2 branch to 2.2.3.
[4568] johnjamesjacoby Tag 2.2.3.
[4569] johnjamesjacoby Update readme.txt to match 2.2 branch.
[4570] jmdodd Move `bbp_notify_subscribers` to priority 11. * Fixes #2038.
[4571] jmdodd Use $r['topic_id'] to set initial $topic_id value. * Fixes #2098.
[4572] jmdodd Introduce function bbp_is_forum_group_forum(). * Fixes #2100.
[4573] johnjamesjacoby bbp_get_dropdown(): * Use get_pages() instead of get_posts(). * Pass walker and disabled_categories array items into get_pages(). * Fixes #2102.
[4574] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_is_reply_edit() check to bbp_get_topic_id(). * Addresses bug where topic subscription status would show incorrect value. * Props ethitter. * Fixes #2093.
[4575] johnjamesjacoby Fix missing tab-index on topic-type select element.
[4576] johnjamesjacoby Iterate on #1917. * Remove fullscreen editor from teeny editor buttons. * Introduce tabfocus plugin, with some approximate values. * Props ethitter. * Note: theme-side tinymce tabfocus still not working as intended.
[4577] johnjamesjacoby Do not use hashes in tabfocus_elements array values. See #1917.
[4578] johnjamesjacoby When spamming or hamming a user, return true/false if action was successful. This will aid in future user moderation tools.
[4579] jmdodd Introduce dedicated forum search. * Search forums, topics, and replies. * Add new search functions, including bbp_has_search_results(). * Provide templates for search results. * Fixes #1575.
[4580] bumpbot Compress scripts/styles: 2.3-bleeding-4580.
[4581] jmdodd Replace esc_attr() with urlencode() when adding search terms query args. * Fixes #2110.
[4582] jmdodd Add RTL CSS support for search introduced in #1575. * Props netweb. * Fixes #2109.
[4583] jmdodd Fix .bbp-search-content CSS copy pasta typo. * Props netweb. * Fixes #2111.
[4584] jmdodd Bump version.
[4585] bumpbot Compress scripts/styles: 2.3-bleeding-4585.
[4586] jmdodd Shortcode iteration for search introduced in #1575. * Fix bbp-search shortcode. * Introduce bbp-search-form shortcode. * Fixes #2107.
[4587] johnjamesjacoby Use correct bbp_get_time_since() function in _post_date() template tags for topics and replies. Fixes #2114.
[4588] johnjamesjacoby In bbp_time_since(), do not noop $newer_date variable when passed to bbp_get_time_since(). Fixes #2115.
[4589] johnjamesjacoby Add list-item styling inside topic and reply content. Props netweb. Fixes #2113.
[4590] johnjamesjacoby More precise list-item CSS. See #2113.
[4591] johnjamesjacoby Remove 'switch_blog' hook for bbp_set_current_user_default_role(). Causing issues with multisite creation. Fixes #2103.
[4592] johnjamesjacoby Add additional phpdoc note to _bbp_reinit_dynamic_roles(). See #2103.
[4593] johnjamesjacoby Move root template check to below reset_post blocks. Fixes incorrect 404 and corrects header statuses when using root templates. See #1478.
[4594] johnjamesjacoby In loop-single-reply/topic templates, replace "post-ID" with correct post type for query. Fixes issues with duplicate element ID's. Fixes #1980.
[4595] johnjamesjacoby In bbp_admin_reset_handler(), use correct bbp_remove_caps() function. Props netweb. Fixes #2097.
[4596] johnjamesjacoby Tweak CSS for forum content description. * Fixes margin issues introduced with search functionality. Also rearrange forum description and sub-forum lists in loop-single-forum.php.
[4597] johnjamesjacoby In bbp_list_forums(), remove check for subforums meta, and trust the subforums query to do the work. In the subforums query, avoid using get_posts() and use a new WP_Query object instead. Also fix some return value type-casting. Fixes #2085.
[4598] johnjamesjacoby Improved styling for inner topic and reply content elements, merged with recent changes and includes RTL. Props jaredatch. Fixes #2054.
[4599] johnjamesjacoby Revert part of r4594, and move #post ID to bbp-reply-header element. Fixes regression with not being taken to #post-ID on reply publish and edit.
[4600] johnjamesjacoby s/compatability/compatibility - Fixes #2108. Props xibe.
[4601] johnjamesjacoby In bbp_add_forums_roles(), use $role_id instead of literal translated role name. Fixes #2105.
[4602] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress Groups: * In maybe_unset_forum_menu(), also check for current groupmeta. * Props r-a-y. * Fixes #2094.
[4603] johnjamesjacoby Clear float for #bbp-topic-hot-tags in default CSS. Fixes #2062.
[4604] johnjamesjacoby Add forum specific kses allowed tags to common component. Tweak topic and reply content filters to use these new kses functions.
[4605] johnjamesjacoby Clean up phpdoc block for bbp_kses_allowed_tags().
[4606] johnjamesjacoby Filter the TeenyMCE buttons to remove buttons that users cannot use. Maybe allow images; commented out for now.
[4607] johnjamesjacoby Filter the TinyMCE quicktags buttons to remove buttons that users cannot use.
[4608] johnjamesjacoby In bbp_template_include_theme_compat(), bail early if is_buddypress(). Fixes #2104.
[4609] johnjamesjacoby Add additional form permissions to BuddyPress group forums, to prevent banned and non-members from posting to groups they are not part of. Props r-a-y. Fixes #2095.
[4610] johnjamesjacoby Clean up phpdoc for bbp_get_total_users(). See #1799.
[4611] johnjamesjacoby Add some brackets to improve readability in /topics/functions.php. See #1799.
[4612] bumpbot Compress scripts/styles: 2.3-bleeding-4612.
[4613] johnjamesjacoby Introduce toggle_group_forum() method to handle saving of enable_forum group setting. Fixes issue with setting not being saved when creating a new group. Props boonebgorges. Fixes #2122.
[4614] johnjamesjacoby Fix favorite/subscription links when viewing a group forum. Use bbPress _is_ functions instead. Props jmdodd. Fixes #2120.
[4615] johnjamesjacoby Simplify favorites link logic and output, to match subscriptions link functionality. Fixes #2118.
[4616] johnjamesjacoby When viewing BuddyPress member profile pages, set the $wp_query variables to indicate if viewing favorites or subscriptions.
[4617] johnjamesjacoby Use correct 'is-subscribed' class instead of 'is_subscribed' for subscriptions link.
[4618] johnjamesjacoby Search Tweaks: * Add support for search root page. * Add search root page to breadcrumb. * Tweak search form CSS. * See #1575.
[4619] johnjamesjacoby RTL CSS tweaks for search. See #1575.
[4620] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrectly floated topic tags page content. See #2062.
[4621] johnjamesjacoby RTL improvements for pagination arrows and breadcrumb order. See #2124.
[4622] johnjamesjacoby Aaaaand use array_reverse() correctly. See #2124.
[4623] johnjamesjacoby Improve default pagination styling (includes RTL). Hat-tip corsonr. Fixes #2124.
[4624] bumpbot Compress scripts/styles: 2.3-bleeding-4624.
[4625] johnjamesjacoby In bbPress 1.x converter, use topic_open to make sure topics stay closed after conversion. Props netweb. Fixed #2125.
[4626] johnjamesjacoby Add jmdodd to humans.txt team, and readme.txt contributors.
[4627] johnjamesjacoby In phpBB converter, use topic_status to make sure topics stay closed after conversion. Props netweb. Fixes #2123.
[4628] johnjamesjacoby Fix content display issues in .bbp-user-section container (includes RTL). Props jaredatch. Fixes #2067.
[4629] johnjamesjacoby Add magic unset method to main bbPress class.
[4630] johnjamesjacoby Fix regression causing search query_var to break 404 handling in bbp_parse_query. See r4618.
[4631] johnjamesjacoby Fix broken markup in loop-search-forum.php template part.
[4632] johnjamesjacoby Allow tabbing into and out of TinyMCE. Fixes #1917.
[4633] johnjamesjacoby Introduce functions for getting and caching the current users current group status. Use these new functions in the Group Forum extension, to remove dependency on $groups_template global. Fixes bugs where regular users could not create content in private/hidden groups. Hat-tip boonebgorges. Fixes #2119.
[4634] johnjamesjacoby Add missing type in @return phpdoc tags for current user group status checks. See #2119.
[4635] bumpbot Compress scripts/styles: 2.3-bleeding-4635.
[4636] johnjamesjacoby Tweak content filter priorities to more closely match WordPress core order.
[4637] johnjamesjacoby Revert r4625, as it could cause spam topics to become published. Will need to rethink/revisit this in 2.4. See #2125.
[4638] johnjamesjacoby Don't parse smilies in bbPress 1.x converter. Props netweb for testing. Fixes #1874.
[4639] johnjamesjacoby Introduce SimplePress 5 importer. Props netweb. Fixes #2074.
[4640] johnjamesjacoby Improve the output of code between pre and code HTML tags. Fixes #1967.
[4641] johnjamesjacoby More thorough regex for pre and code tags and HTML entities. Props Corey Worrell. See #1967.
[4642] johnjamesjacoby Formatting: * Rename kses.php to formatting.php. * Port bbPress 1.1 code and pre tag handling. Comes with filters and callbacks to allow code wrapped in pre & code elements, and backticks. * Revert r4641, r4640, * See #1967.
[4643] johnjamesjacoby Add paragraph tags to $allowed tags array in bbp_encode_bad() so they are not accidentally encoded from bbPress 1.1 migrations.
[4644] johnjamesjacoby Add some CSS to inline code elements. Tweak the pre/code CSS also. (Includes RTL)
[4645] johnjamesjacoby Tweak search form to include classes and tab indexes.
[4646] johnjamesjacoby Update CSS for new search form ID.
[4647] johnjamesjacoby Fix topic and reply time since to use the correct parameters for get_post_time().
[4648] johnjamesjacoby Remove debug cruft from bbp_get_reply_post_date().
[4649] johnjamesjacoby Add br tags to allowed array in bbp_encode_bad() function. Prevents existing line breaks from being encoded if ported from bbPress 1.1.
[4650] bumpbot Compress scripts/styles: 2.3-bleeding-4650.
[4651] johnjamesjacoby Add missing col class to welcome screen. Fixes #2132.
[4652] johnjamesjacoby Put a more positive spin on our usage of magic methods in the bbPress class.
[4653] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_deregister_template_stack(), to allow plugins to manipulate the template stack in real-time.
[4654] johnjamesjacoby Update bump count functions to use integer values. See #1799.
[4655] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_get_redirect_to() to handle getting the request variable. Use this new function where appropriate.
[4656] johnjamesjacoby Reprioritize revision log appending filters to 99, to avoid possibly escaping the full HTML output. Fixes #2131.
[4657] johnjamesjacoby Fix bug causing reply revisions not to save correctly. Also tweak default revision CSS to be more aggressive, so it does not get nooped by content OL/UL/LI styling.
[4658] johnjamesjacoby Use _wp_specialchars() instead of deprecated wp_specialchars().
[4659] johnjamesjacoby Make .bbp-author-name elements display inline-block, to allow them to properly center in the available space.
[4660] johnjamesjacoby Improved margins for author and content of single topic views. Also fixes single topic RTL margins.
[4661] johnjamesjacoby Do not directly call BBP_Forums_Component::setup_nav(), as it causes the current_user to be loaded prematurely due to is_user_logged_in() calls.
[4662] bumpbot Compress scripts/styles: 2.3-bleeding-4662.
[4663] johnjamesjacoby Better CSS support for code tags nested in pre tags.
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