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Changeset Author Message
[2564] johnjamesjacoby Adjustments to get replies running. More to do here.
[2565] johnjamesjacoby Cleanup wp_debug errors. Fixes #1335, #1336, #1338, #1339, and #1340.
[2566] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1333 props anthonycole
[2567] johnjamesjacoby First pass at Voices. Fixes #1330. Props !GautamGupta
[2568] johnjamesjacoby Adjust @since phpdoc for previous Voices commit.
[2569] johnjamesjacoby Update voices documentation
[2570] johnjamesjacoby Switch to get_the_author_meta to remove deprecated notice.
[2571] johnjamesjacoby Rearrange _id logic to account for sub-forums and hierarchical replies.
[2572] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where loop content could poison parent forum/topic function return values.
[2573] johnjamesjacoby Revert part of 2572.
[2574] johnjamesjacoby Fix function names. First pass at reply and topic forms. Variable type cast fixes. Introduce current_user functions. Rename bbp_post template part to bbp_reply. Rename pagination functions to fit context. Lots of other tweaks.
[2575] johnjamesjacoby Add pagination for forum
[2576] johnjamesjacoby Bring back 1 reply text
[2577] johnjamesjacoby Bring back 1 reply text.
[2578] johnjamesjacoby First pass at improved admin interface. Adds ability to add and edit user from within admin.
[2579] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where the_content would display on incorrect post_type's
[2580] mdawaffe [2502] breaks post ordering for non-trivial ORDER BY statements. Fix by reordering according to the returned value from the query or cache. Fixes #1301.
[2581] johnjamesjacoby Add folder for bbp-default theme
[2582] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp-admin folder and placeholders for settings and tools related code.
[2583] johnjamesjacoby Improvements to post form handling and bbp-twentyten theme.
[2584] johnjamesjacoby Better support for custom topic tag slug
[2585] johnjamesjacoby Typo in custom topic tag slug
[2586] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1321. Also add checks to topic_id and forum_id functions.
[2587] johnjamesjacoby Improve page-bbp_front.php
[2588] johnjamesjacoby Fix missing global
[2589] johnjamesjacoby Adjust breadcrumb template tag functions for future use.
[2590] johnjamesjacoby Add topic_author template tags. Improve admin rows.
[2591] johnjamesjacoby Improvements to twentyten child theme. Abstract out some topic_author functions.
[2592] johnjamesjacoby Introduce sticky and super sticky functions for future use.
[2593] johnjamesjacoby Move included files into bbp-includes. First pass at meta caps (hat tip greenshady)
[2594] johnjamesjacoby Move bbp_loader.php into includes. Rename run-file to bbpress.php. Remove references to 1.2 version and replace with 'plugin'
[2595] johnjamesjacoby Simplify load sequence.
[2596] johnjamesjacoby Replace constants with $bbp global. Rename 'post type' references to 'content type.' Various human readability fixes.
[2597] johnjamesjacoby Revert to colloquial barbarisms (content type/post type)
[2598] johnjamesjacoby Remove bbp-custom code.
[2599] johnjamesjacoby Move loader functions out of needless class, and whitespace fixes.
[2600] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_forum_dropdown to New Topic form when not viewing a specific forum.
[2601] johnjamesjacoby Introduce page-bbp_topics, and rename New Topic template to Create Topic
[2602] johnjamesjacoby Rename bbp-templatetags to bbp-template
[2603] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1329
[2604] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1357 by rearranging the activation and deactivation procedures.
[2605] johnjamesjacoby Revert accidentally deleted uninstall procedure from r2604
[2606] johnjamesjacoby Add missing table row tags to single-bbp_topic.php
[2607] johnjamesjacoby Add missing table row tags to loop-bbp_replies.php
[2608] johnjamesjacoby Move capability add/remove into bbp-caps.php
[2609] johnjamesjacoby Unset post_parent if forum_id is empty
[2610] johnjamesjacoby bbp-twentyten improvements: Normalize classes, show pagination on topics, show forum per topic when viewing recent, center some column contents
[2611] johnjamesjacoby Reduce width of author area and center contents
[2612] johnjamesjacoby Give some color to the table heads and foots
[2613] johnjamesjacoby Move bbp-admin.php into /bbp-admin/ directory. Also introduce bbp-tools page for performing recounts, and bbp-functions.php to stash admin specific functions in.
[2614] johnjamesjacoby Fix function name
[2615] johnjamesjacoby First pass at topic, reply, and voice counts. In this first pass, forum replies and forum voices are not working. Also forum counts will be skewed if there are subforums, and reply counts will be skewed if hacking threaded replies. @todo: Use walker and children/ancestors
[2616] johnjamesjacoby Only show topic admin links if user has caps
[2617] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_allow_anonymous function
[2618] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_ready action to bbp-loader.php
[2619] johnjamesjacoby Remove @todo
[2620] johnjamesjacoby Add current_ variables to $bbp global
[2621] johnjamesjacoby Look in 'bbpress' subfolder of WP_LANG_DIR for global language files
[2622] johnjamesjacoby Check caps on new topic and new reply forms
[2623] johnjamesjacoby Improved error messages for users that are not logged in.
[2624] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect $_POST reference; props ryangannon
[2625] johnjamesjacoby User cap checks on reply and topic handlers.
[2626] johnjamesjacoby Rename private functions and fix themes url.
[2627] johnjamesjacoby Add a ton of template tags for last topic, last reply, and associated authors
[2628] johnjamesjacoby Update freshness with new links functions
[2629] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect cap check
[2630] johnjamesjacoby Prefix core meta with underscore inside recount functions
[2631] johnjamesjacoby Whitespace cleanup to bbpress.php
[2632] johnjamesjacoby Fix forum reply recount and remove old code
[2633] johnjamesjacoby Rearrange recount items to be top-down forums, topics, replies
[2634] johnjamesjacoby Support for pretty pagination links
[2635] johnjamesjacoby Rearrange time and date
[2636] johnjamesjacoby Add screenshot to bbp-twentyten child theme (hat tip original Twenty Ten theme)
[2637] johnjamesjacoby Add license to bbp-twentyten theme
[2638] johnjamesjacoby Add bbpress tag to theme, along with tags from Twenty Ten
[2639] johnjamesjacoby Add readme.txt and make adjustments to plugin meta at top of bbpress.php
[2640] johnjamesjacoby Add license.txt to plugin root
[2641] johnjamesjacoby Add author URI to bbpress.php
[2642] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect doc
[2643] johnjamesjacoby Admin nag notice about theme. Add skeleton for settings page. Move tools menu creation into main admin class.
[2644] johnjamesjacoby Move hooks and actions into _setup_actions
[2645] johnjamesjacoby Change phpDoc and rearrange functions in the order they are called
[2646] johnjamesjacoby Follow my own rules in BBP_Admin
[2647] johnjamesjacoby Remove typo from r2646 props nacin
[2648] johnjamesjacoby Replace $_GET['post_type'] references with $typenow global in admin. Props nacin
[2649] johnjamesjacoby Remove duplicate action reference
[2650] johnjamesjacoby Windows local-install friendly themes_dir. Fixes #1358 in a really ugly way but works for all OS's
[2651] johnjamesjacoby Adjustments to admin area CSS for icons32 and WP 3.1
[2652] johnjamesjacoby First pass at user favorites. Props !GautamGupta via Google Code In
[2653] johnjamesjacoby First pass at widgets. Props Jason K via Google Code In
[2654] johnjamesjacoby Better pagination verbiage
[2655] johnjamesjacoby Clean up loop-bbp_topics code from adding favorites feature
[2656] johnjamesjacoby Make error message ambiguous since it is also used in non-forum contexts
[2657] johnjamesjacoby Fix error that can happen when attempting to view a single reply
[2658] johnjamesjacoby Move ajax handling of favorites into theme. Clean up other favorites related code. More to do.
[2659] johnjamesjacoby Move ajax handling of favorites into theme. Clean up other favorites related code. More to do.
[2660] johnjamesjacoby Make favorites work without needing AJAX. Add Topics Created to author page. Adjust some CSS. Rename favorite links to permalinks. Clean up author.php.
[2661] johnjamesjacoby Switch destination links
[2662] johnjamesjacoby Add some primitive styling to favorites links
[2663] johnjamesjacoby Adjust author.php and associated CSS
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