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[4264] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compat: * Add 'bbp_add_template_locations' filter to 'bbp_locate_template' filter. * Add array_unique() to bbp_add_template_locations() to remove possible duplicates.
[4265] johnjamesjacoby Post Ancestors: * Cast return value of get_post_ancestors() as an array. * Check if results of get_post_ancestors() are empty before attempting to iterate through them. * Fixes issues with looping through orphaned forum content. A rare, but possible occurrence.
[4266] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: * Remove advanced group forum admin UI; go with feature parity of existing bbPress 1.1 installations for a v1. * Remove support for multiple forums/groups combinations. Assume the first item in the array is the only one. * Adds some canonical redirection to group forum content. * Maps forum content links to group forums when needed. * Add support for editing of topics and replies within group forums. * Some more to do here, but closing in on completeness. * Huge props jmdodd, * Fixes #1906. * See #1669.
[4267] johnjamesjacoby Feeds: * Fix feed generation time for topics and replies. * Fixes #1993. * Props SteveAtty.
[4268] johnjamesjacoby Subscriptions: * Allow for custom headers in subscription emails. * Fixes #1992. * Props gawain.
[4269] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compat: * Prefix the bbp-default container and content div ID's with 'bbp-'
[4270] johnjamesjacoby "topic" instead of "forum" in admin helper text. Props !DanielJuhl. Fixes #1995.
[4271] johnjamesjacoby vBulletin Converter: * Code formatting improvements. * Update meta keys for _bbp_user_id and _bbp_forum_id. * See #1991.
[4272] johnjamesjacoby vBulletin Converter: * Update inline docs * See #1991.
[4273] johnjamesjacoby Fix old bbp-includes references in phpdoc.
[4274] johnjamesjacoby User Edit: * Introduce bbp_user_edit_after() to handle additional core actions on profile edit. * Hat-tip jakemgold for noticing they were missing.
[4275] johnjamesjacoby User Edit: * Switch form-user-edit.php enctype to 'multipart/form-data' * More easily enables plugins to interface with binary data, uploads, etc... * Hat-tip jakemgold.
[4276] johnjamesjacoby User Edit: * Hook bbp_user_edit_after() on to 'bbp_user_edit_after' action. * Hat-tip jakemgold.
[4277] johnjamesjacoby Reply Titles: * Attribute 'maxlength' not allowed on hidden fields. * See #1996.
[4278] johnjamesjacoby Form Actions: * Use the_permalink() as a form action in forum/topic/reply forms. * See #1996.
[4279] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Use esc_attr_e() in place of _e() is some obvious places. * See #1999.
[4280] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Straighten the teeth in template-tags.php. * Add braces to all of the things. * Hat-tip westi the dentist.
[4281] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * More politely cast arrays in settings sections and fields. * Use esc_html__() on some admin strings. See #1999. * Clean up bbp_converter_setting_callback_platform().
[4282] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Update mapped caps in map_settings_meta_caps(). * Fixes missing !BuddyPress and Akismet settings on single-site installations. * Fixes #2000.
[4283] johnjamesjacoby Template Locations: * Revert part of r4264. * Fix regression where bbPress was pulling in files from unexpected locations. * Fixes #1994.
[4284] johnjamesjacoby Template Locations: * Revert part of r4283. * Keep filter on bbp_get_template_part, remove from bbp_locate_template. * Refixes #1994.
[4285] johnjamesjacoby Update @since for admin suggest helpers.
[4286] johnjamesjacoby Strings: * Fix "forum" references that should be "topic." * Fixes #2004.
[4287] johnjamesjacoby Strings: * Add tips for topic stickiness in admin. * Props netweb. * See #2004.
[4288] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Introduce bbp_edit_user_forums_role() and rename bbp_edit_user_role() to bbp_edit_user_blog_role(). * See #1939.
[4289] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Introduce bbp_set_user_role() and add $context parameter to bbp_get_user_role(). * See #1939.
[4290] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Add support for forum specific roles in core/capabilities.php. * See #1939.
[4291] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Tweak phpdoc and cast type on return of bbp_use_advanced_capability_editor(). * See #1939.
[4292] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Remove trailing whitespace in core/capabilities.php. * See #1939.
[4293] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Introduce bbp_get_wp_roles() and use in place of $wp_roles global. * See #1939.
[4294] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Introduce bbp_get_default_role() in core/options.php and set default option value. * See #1939.
[4295] johnjamesjacoby Shortcodes: * Fix incorrect post_type reference in shortcodes inline doc. * Fixes #2003.
[4296] johnjamesjacoby Shortcodes: * Fix incorrect post_type reference in widgets inline doc. * Fixes #2007.
[4297] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Update bbp_set_user_role() and bbp_get_user_role() to only work with bbPress forums roles. * See #1939.
[4298] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Use correct $roles variable in bbp_get_user_role(). * See #1939.
[4299] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Add setting callback for default_role. * Update verbiage for auto-role/global-access. * See #1939.
[4300] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Do no call bbp_add_caps() on activation anymore. * This is handled by new forums roles. * See #1939.
[4301] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Update BBP_User_Admin to use roles UI instead of capabilities. * Leave capabilities in for now, but hidden behind a switch function. * See #1939.
[4302] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Update bbp_edit_user_blog_role() and bbp_edit_user_forums_role() to use appropriate functions to get role arrays. * See #1939.
[4303] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Introduce 'bbp_profile_update' sub-action. * Use in place of piggy-backed admin user profile actions. * See #1939.
[4304] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Filter out bbPress roles from editable_roles array. * Introduce bbp_filter_blog_editable_roles() and hook to 'editable_roles'. * See #1939.
[4305] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Introduce bbp_user_register() and bbp_profile_update() sub-actions. * See #1939.
[4306] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Update bbp-default templates to support new roles UI. * See #1939.
[4307] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Always show roles UI; only show capabilities if switch is on. * See #1939.
[4308] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Update bbp_profile_update_capabilities() to include saving forums roles. * When saving a role, remove any individual forums capabilities that were set. * Add some legacy caps to primary group, so they are correctly removed. * See #1939.
[4309] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Add label to admin user role UI, to match !WordPress core convention. * See #1939.
[4310] johnjamesjacoby Version: * Bump to beta 1. * Update bbp_version_updater() for new db version (216)
[4311] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Update bbp_map_primary_meta_caps() to block for inactive users, and check cap for active users. * See #1939.
[4312] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Use bbp_get_current_user_id() in bbp_set_current_user_default_role(). * See #1939.
[4313] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Add 'blocked' capability for Blocked role. * See #1939.
[4314] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Revert r4313. * Remove negative 'blocked' capability; use not 'spectate' instead. * See #1939.
[4315] johnjamesjacoby Settings: * Hide theme compat package selection setting if only 1 package is registered.
[4316] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Enforce blocked logged in users by showing them a 404 if they cannot spectate. * See #1939.
[4317] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Use correct 'bbp_set_user_role' filter name. * Reset user caps when setting auto-role. * See #1939.
[4318] johnjamesjacoby Bump version.
[4319] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Remove caps before setting new role in bbp_profile_update_capabilities(). * See #1939.
[4320] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Remove all previous forums roles in bbp_set_user_role(). * Use direct array intersection instead of bbp_get_user_role(). * Fixes issue where users can have more than 1 forum role. * See #1939.
[4321] johnjamesjacoby Rewrites: * Introduce unique rewrite tags and rules for user topics and replies. * Fixes conflict with topic and reply post type rules. * Fixes bug where user topics and replies pages were not working on some installations.
[4322] johnjamesjacoby Pagination: * Fix bug where topics started, favorites, and subscriptions pagination would link to the root of a users profile.\ * Fixes incorrect filters on topics and replies URL's.
[4323] johnjamesjacoby Mentions: * Add username @-mention filters. * Automatically links to profiles when @username is used in a topic or reply content area.
[4324] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compat: * Introduce bbp_get_template_stack() and bbp_register_template_stack(). * Used to provide an accurate hierarchy to individual template locations. * Also enables an unlimited number of parent/child template relationships to be registered. * See #1968.
[4325] johnjamesjacoby Template Tags: * Check for edit when calling _is_ single forum/topic/reply. * See #1968.
[4326] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compat: * Reverse the look-up of bbp_locate_template() and check $template_names first. * When a template is located, break out of both loops. * See #1968.
[4327] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compat: * Only iterate through bbp_get_template_stack() one time per call to bbp_locate_template(). * See #1968.
[4328] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compat: * Remove single- fallback from forum/topic/reply/topic-tag edit templates. * See #1968.
[4329] johnjamesjacoby Update Domain Path in bbpress.php to /languages/.
[4330] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Remove advanced capabilities code, template part, and UI helpers. * This has been replaced by the forums roles selection. * See #1939.
[4331] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Revert part of r4258. * Cast as int instead of using absint() * Fixes regression that broke existing bbPress plugin (hierarchical replies.) * Fixes #2008.
[4332] johnjamesjacoby Breadcrumb: * More flexible HTML output for breadcrumb. * Adds ability to modify HTML before/after separator, current, and each crumb. * Hat-tip netweb for inital patch. * Fixes #2009.
[4333] johnjamesjacoby Cleanup: * Move a few files out of /core and into /common. * Includes: widgets, shortcodes, classes. * Update bbpress.php to use new paths.
[4334] johnjamesjacoby Add some brackets to improve code readibility in update.php.
[4335] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Introduce bbp_get_user_role_map() to more intelligently map !WordPress roles to bbPress roles. * Use bbp_get_user_role_map() in bbp_set_current_user_default_role(). * See #1939. * Fixes #2010.
[4336] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Switch default value of global access to 1. * Fixes confusion about why users are not automatically added to forums. * See #1939.
[4337] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Use bbp_get_default_role() in bbp_get_user_role_map(). * See #1939.
[4338] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Add "Forum Role" column to single-site users list. * Fixes issue where there was no immediate way to see what users had what forums role at a glance. * Props jmdodd. * Fixes #2012.
[4339] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * PHP5'ize list table BBP_Users_Admin methods. * See #2012.
[4340] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Use bbp_get_user_role() to get the user's forums role. * Update bbp_set_user_role() to return false if trying to set a role the user already has. * Remove foreach loop to remove existing roles, since there's no way to naturally have more than one. * See #1939.
[4341] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Add tool for remapping site users to the expected forums role. * Does not remove existing !WordPress core roles. * See #1939, #2010.
[4342] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Remove 'bbp-' prefix from parser.php include. * Props nexia. * Fixes #2013.
[4343] johnjamesjacoby Tools: * Cleanup repeat variable assignments. * Unset variables in costly loops to free up some resources. * Remove one-time-use variables.
[4344] johnjamesjacoby Tools: * Break bbp_admin_repair_user_roles() loop into 1000 user chunks. * Fixes issue where we were querying and returning too many rows at a time.
[4345] johnjamesjacoby Tools: * Remove empty( $users ) check in bbp_admin_repair_user_roles(). * Handled by while() loop. * Tweak inline doc in bbp_admin_repair_user_roles().
[4346] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Move status and role user functions out of users/functions.php and into users/capabilities.php. * See #1939.
[4347] johnjamesjacoby Trailing whitespace clean-up in: includes/admin/
[4348] johnjamesjacoby Admin Settings: * If a setting is manually overridden, disable it. * Introduces bbp_maybe_admin_setting_disabled() helper function. * Update bbp_dropdown with 'disabled' parameter to allow disabling based on option.
[4349] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Remove most capability mappings to 'participate' cap. * Update bbp_set_current_user_default_role() to dynamically map a logged in user if global access is turned off. * Provides alternative to users being granted a database role without taking any action. * This makes bbPress work similarly to comments, though a decision needs to be made regarding profile pages for these "anonymous" users.
[4350] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Hook bbp_add_forums_roles() to 'bbp_setup_theme' since it's before user init. * Add anonymous role to dynamic role loader. * Fixes issues with roles not being mapped correctly on new installations.
[4351] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Get correct capabilities for anonymous role in bbp_get_editable_roles(). * These are currently the same, though will change in future versions.
[4352] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Rename bbp_get_editable_roles() to bbp_get_dynamic_roles(). * This new function name better represents bbPress's approach to secondary user roles, in that these roles are no longer intentionally saved to the database. * See #1939.
[4353] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Update inline doc for 'spectate' VS 'participate'. * See #1939.
[4354] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Rename 'anonymous' role to 'visitor' to avoid confusion with logged-out anonymity. * Renames functions, keys, filters, et all. * See #1939.
[4355] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * When transitioning a user role, avoid giving them the visitor role unless explicitly intended. * See #1939.
[4356] johnjamesjacoby Bump.
[4357] bumpbot Compress scripts/styles: 2.2-beta1-4357.
[4358] johnjamesjacoby Bail out of admin actions when deactivating bbPress. Prevents admin options and display actions from interfering with the deactivation process.
[4359] johnjamesjacoby Suggest: * Add hidden and private status's to forum suggestions. * Sanity checks on suggestion results and improve readability. * Refixes #1901.
[4360] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Only setup the default current user role when the current user has been byref copied into bbPress's instance. * Fixes issue where some core actions are suppressed during the deactivation process, causing an action order conflict with current_user. * Fixes #1939.
[4361] johnjamesjacoby Add filter to bbp_verify_nonce_request() to allow hot-swapping of the request match.
[4362] johnjamesjacoby Topic Split: * When splitting a topic off into an existing topic, use the same kludge from topic-merge, and rejig the post_date by 1 second. * This keeps topics and replies in the correct order after splitting part of a topic, into another topic. * Props jmdodd. * Fixes #2015.
[4363] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Introduce bbp_user_has_profile() function in /users/capabilities.php. * Use this function to suppress links to a profile of a user with no role on the site. * Replaces some logic in bbp_parse_query() for setting user profile query variables. * See #1939.
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