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[4164] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Remove roles and move everything to mapped capabilities. * First pass at admin-side forum capability manager. * Deprecate moderator, anonymous, and participant roles and associated functions. * Deprecate add/remove role/cap functions. * More cap mapping needed for users that are not explicitly blocked. * Adds cap check to forms for topic-tag adding/editing. * See #1939
[4165] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Reference correct function in bbp_add_caps() * See #1939
[4166] johnjamesjacoby Topic Tags: * When posting a topic or reply, check that user can assign tags to topics. * If user cannot assign tags, and topic-tag value is not set, use existing topic tags.
[4167] johnjamesjacoby Forums: * Remove superfluous is_super_admin() login in bbp_has_forums(). * Capes always pass current_user_can() checks unless specifically not allowed, which is the intended behavior here.
[4168] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Remove negative 'blocked' cap and use positive 'participate' cap instead. * Replaces old 'bbp_participant' role nicely.
[4169] johnjamesjacoby Bozons: * Add bozo post_status and function helper. * For 'bozo' capability.
[4170] johnjamesjacoby Bozos: * Add bbp_is_user_bozo() function to bbp-user-functions.php. * Note that neither anonymous nor inactive users can be bozos, as they already either can or cannot post, and should not be allowed to post uncontrollably. This behavior differs from bbPress 1.x, where a bozo could also be a spam user.
[4171] johnjamesjacoby Bozos: * Add bozo post status to bbp_has_topics() and bbp_has_replies() if current user is a bozo.
[4172] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Tweak CSS for capability UI to fix layout issues with varying height divs.
[4173] johnjamesjacoby Bozo: * Map 'bozo' caps to disallow for moderators. * Move inactive user check out of bbp_is_user_bozo() and into bbp_map_meta_caps().
[4174] johnjamesjacoby Bozo: * Use correct bbp_get_bozo_post_status() function when registering post status.
[4175] johnjamesjacoby Bozo: * Change post status to 'bozo' on creation/edit if user is a bozo. * Modifies create/edit handlers for topics and replies.
[4176] johnjamesjacoby Stand tall, little T.
[4177] johnjamesjacoby Doing it wrong: * Protect users from the effects of incorrectly manipulating the bbPress instance. * Uses _doing_it_wrong() in place of wp_die(), in bbPress::__clone() and bbPress::__wakeup() magic methods.
[4178] johnjamesjacoby Bump version numbers to 2.1, when singleton and magic methods were introduced.
[4179] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Add 'participate' capability to admin role defaults. * Rearrange bbp_global_access_role_mask() to check logged in and member of blog before inactive. * Default to WordPress Subscriber role in bbp_global_access_role_mask(). * Addresses issue where users don't get proper default caps masked to them.
[4180] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Remove bbp_masked capability when setting the user role. * Do not set a fake role in bbp_global_access_role_mask(). * Rename variable in bbp_global_access_role_mask() to be more literal. * Add note to phpdoc of bbp_global_access_role_mask().
[4181] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_register subaction: * Switch bbp_init priority to init 0. * Hook bbp_register to bbp_init, prority 0. * Hook _register_ actions onto bbp_register. * Registers post types, taxonomies, post statuses, shortcodes, and topic views early, so they are available ahead of 'init' action. * Fixes plugin dependency issue with bbPress objects not being registered when they are needed.
[4182] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Bail if in network admin. * Prevent modifying blog caps in network admin area.
[4183] johnjamesjacoby Queries: * Remove query name settings from BBP_Shortcodes. * No longer used.
[4184] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Bring back bbp_add_caps() and bbp_remove_caps(). * Remove role mask, and more aggressively add registered user to site with default role when user visits the site for the first time. * See #1942.
[4185] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Rename global role masking to bbp_set_current_user_default_role(). * Update phpdoc and action usages. * See #1942.
[4186] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Update phpdoc for bbp_set_current_user_default_role(). * See #1942.
[4187] johnjamesjacoby Updater: * Make bbp_is_update() more verbose for easier debugging. * Update version updater function to remove deprecated roles, and flush the capabilities.
[4188] johnjamesjacoby Users: * Add options and functions for user favorites and subscriptions slugs.
[4189] johnjamesjacoby Users: * Update behavior of is functions for favorites and subscriptions to use parsed query variables. * Introduce functions for getting the rewrite ID's.
[4190] johnjamesjacoby Users: * Update main bbPress class and bbp_parse_query() for updated favorites and subscriptions behavior.
[4191] johnjamesjacoby Users: * First pass at updating bbp-theme-compat for new favorites/subscriptions template behavior. * Removes query name usage from templates.
[4192] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Enforce negative capabilities in user_profile_update() by using add_cap( $cap, false ); * Remove new-role dance from capability reset, as bbPress capabilities are still added to each individual role as needed.
[4193] johnjamesjacoby Options: * Visually section off user slugs in bp_get_options().
[4194] johnjamesjacoby Queries: * Revert r4183 as it's still needed for shortcodes and _is_ functions. * Fix incorrect ob_start() method in display_breadcrumb().
[4195] johnjamesjacoby User Options: * Update phpdoc for bbp_add_user_options() * Pass $user_id into action when adding and removing options.
[4196] johnjamesjacoby User Edit: * Load grant/revoke super admin functions if they are not available. * Remove empty user role check, as all users will have default roles going forward. * Tweak input/label CSS when editing a user profile.
[4197] johnjamesjacoby User Edit: * Tweak capabilities CSS. * Also include RTL styling.
[4198] johnjamesjacoby Updater: * Move bbp_is_deactivation() check out of bbPress class, and into bbpress-functions.php loader. * Enables all functions and actions to run at deactivation time, allowing caps to be removed, etc... * Re-enable network updater for capable users. Check if bbPress is active before running versioner. * Introduce bbp_delete_rewrite_rules() to force a flush on the following page-load without priming rules on the current one.
[4199] johnjamesjacoby Trunk: * Delete /trunk/readme.txt warning. * Clean out /trunk to copy /branches/plugin history over.
[4200] johnjamesjacoby Delete /trunk so /branches/plugin/ can be copied into it.
[4201] johnjamesjacoby Copy /branches/plugin/ to /trunk/
[4202] johnjamesjacoby Versions: * Remove inline comments in bbpress.php.
[4203] johnjamesjacoby Scripts: * Create empty .min files where warranted. * Rejig green admin scheme CSS files to use .min.
[4204] bumpbot Compress scripts/styles: -2.1.2-4204.
[4205] johnjamesjacoby Remove branches/plugin. * Copied to /trunk in r4201
[4206] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Use current_user_can( 'read' ) instead of is_user_member_of_blog() in bbp_set_current_user_default_role(). * Fixes issue where auto-role would not apply on single site, or multisite if user had orphaned caps.
[4207] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Update bbp_get_user_display_role() to use special capabilities.
[4208] johnjamesjacoby Options: * Wrap some options loops in array_keys() to prevent making unnecessary $value variables.
[4209] johnjamesjacoby Core Functions: * Simplify logic in bbp_has_errors().
[4210] johnjamesjacoby Cache: * Update bbp_clean_post_cache() to use $_post instead of $post. * Clean up post parent cache cleaning logic
[4211] johnjamesjacoby Classes: * Clean up BBP_Walker_Dropdown::start_el()
[4212] johnjamesjacoby Shortcodes: * Move shortcode registration into bbPress class to mirror other internal dependencies. * Introduce bbp_register_shortcode() function, hooked to 'bbp_register'
[4213] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: * Clean up logic in strip_mentions_on_edit() method.
[4214] johnjamesjacoby i10n: * Deprecate 'bbpress_locale' filter. * Rearrange mofile loading priority, to include global file location before plugin directory one.
[4215] johnjamesjacoby i10n: * Add domain property in setup_globals(). * Cleanup bbPress::load_textdomain().
[4216] johnjamesjacoby Single topics: * Force is_home to false in bbp_has_replies() * Maybe set is_single to true if viewing a single topic. * Fixes bug where WP_Query::parse_query() incorrectly assumes is_home() when multiple post_types are queried. * Fixes #1947.
[4217] johnjamesjacoby Topic Tags: * Change shortcode ID for single topic tags. * Update topic tag theme compat code to ensure topic-tag edit form works where needed.
[4218] johnjamesjacoby wp_get_single_post(): * Deprecated in !WordPress 3.5. * Use get_post() instead.
[4219] johnjamesjacoby Caps: * Prevent users from seeing their own caps if allowed in wp-admin.
[4220] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compat: * Use theme directory functions instead of constants in bbp_locate_template(). * Fixes #1950. * Props mordauk.
[4221] johnjamesjacoby Verbiage: * Remove "at this time" in feedback areas where it's not a time based restriction. * Removes from theme compat and bbp-twentyten.
[4222] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Remove experimental Bozo functionality. We can use the 'participate' to prevent forum participation without creating topics or replies. * Introduce functions to reset, save, and remove user capabilities. * Use these functions in both theme-side and admin-side profiles. * Add capabilities to bbp-twentyten theme. This will be moved into the stand-alone bbp-twentyten theme soon'ish.
[4223] johnjamesjacoby Themes: * Sunset bbPress (Twenty Ten) theme as included theme. * Remove code associated with register theme directory. * Still available in the official theme repository. * See:
[4224] johnjamesjacoby Themes Compat: * Move /bbp-theme-compat/ to /bbp-themes/bbp-default/ * Update paths and uri's.
[4225] johnjamesjacoby Themes Compat: * Move /bbp-theme-compat/ to /bbp-themes/bbp-default/ * Update paths and uri's.
[4226] johnjamesjacoby Simplify password reset hint text.
[4227] johnjamesjacoby User Edit: * Use $name variable instead of literal 'name' text in form-user-edit.php. * Fixes issue with displaying and saving extra user contact methods. * Fixes #1955. * Props piecheff.
[4228] johnjamesjacoby First pass at improving user profiles: * Sections: topics created, replies created, favorites, subscriptions, and edit. * Include template-parts, template-tags, functions, rewrite rules/tags, and primitive API's for new profile sections. * Tweak CSS for new functionalities. * See: #1939
[4229] johnjamesjacoby User Profile templates: * Change "Topics Created" to "Topics Started" to not be confused with "Replies Created"
[4230] johnjamesjacoby Bump.
[4231] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compat: * Do not set script charset, since we are sot setting a src. * Fixes #1959. * Props plescheff.
[4232] johnjamesjacoby Template Locator: * Move parent/child/fallback out of loop * Fix parent/child loader issue, where child theme templates still loaded the parent. * Updates made to bbp_locate_template() only. * Regression from earlier 2.2 changes.
[4233] johnjamesjacoby User Profiles: * Fix padding on user profile avatar. * Update RTL CSS for user profiles. * Props jaredatch. * Fixes #1960.
[4234] johnjamesjacoby Settings: * Tweak verbiage to make it more clean what each setting does. * Fixes confusion with "Global Access" and how it works. * Fixes #1904.
[4235] johnjamesjacoby Settings: * Simplify role translation in bbp_admin_setting_callback_global_access(). * Prevents repeatedly reassigning new value to existing $default_role variable. * See: r4234.
[4236] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Introduce sub-action for saving a users profile. * Hook capability saving functions to this new action. * Remove duplicate admin routine from /bbp-admin/bbp-users.php. * Remove hardcoded capability saving from bbp_edit_user_handler(). * Add edit_user capability checks to cap save and reset functions. * Fixes bug when caps would be lost when a user saves their own profile. * Fixes #1963.
[4237] johnjamesjacoby Bump version.
[4238] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bbp_current_author_ua().
[4239] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bbp_make_ham_user() and bbp_make_spam_user().
[4240] johnjamesjacoby TinyMCE: * Use teeny-weeny editor to prevent extra buttons from appearing. * Fixes #1870. * Props jaredatch.
[4241] johnjamesjacoby Editor: * Additional output escaping on textarea attributes. * Revert accidental indentation change from r4240. * See #1870.
[4242] johnjamesjacoby Users: * In bbp_parse_query, bail if displayed user is not a member of current blog, or no longer active.
[4243] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: * Set a default message if there is no response from Akismet servers. * Prevents debug notices and polluted Akismet results in post meta.
[4244] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Separate capabilities into files for their respective components. * Add minimum capability to topic views. (Assume no cap is public.) * Make bbp_map_meta_caps a subaction, and move it to bbp-core-dependency.php. * Introduce component meta map functions in each -caps.php file. * Update bbp_current_user_can_see() to use capabilities instead of being a boolean switch. * Working towards removing the need to add/remove caps to existing roles, allowing them to be strictly per user as needed.
[4245] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress Activity: * Ensure activity stream items are updated when editing topics and replies. * Delete activity stream items when deleting topics and replies. * Props jmdodd. * Fixes #1753.
[4246] johnjamesjacoby Prevent double escaping of $post_content when editing topics and replies, and add phpdoc block to remind everyone not to put it back again.
[4247] johnjamesjacoby Remove references to post_category in theme compat. * Fixes #1952.
[4248] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Move bbp-admin into bbp-includes/admin. * Introduce includes_dir and includes_url bbpress() vars. * Adjust BBP_Admin include paths. * See: #1975.
[4249] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Move bbp-includes files into respective subdirectories. * Adjust include paths. * Remove superfluous inline file descriptions. * See: #1975.
[4250] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Remove bbp- prefixes from admin files. * Adjust include paths. * See #1975.
[4251] johnjamesjacoby Add missing HTML closing tag helper doc. Fixes #1921. Props jaredatch.
[4252] johnjamesjacoby Add index.php warning files in new bbp-includes folders. Fixes #1975.
[4253] johnjamesjacoby Add magic "__call" method to bbPress class, to prevent fatal errors when invalid bbpress() methods are used.
[4254] johnjamesjacoby bbp_get_total_users(): * Use count_users() instead of get_users(). * Fixes #1982, #1984.
[4255] johnjamesjacoby Topic and Reply Editing: * Fix issue with "Edit" admin links having 'view=all' argument incorrectly positioned. * Fix issue with post_status being set back to public when editing. * Conditionally set post_status to pending if needs moderation. * Fixes #1977.
[4256] johnjamesjacoby User Profiles: * In theme compat, force the header status back to 200 if not deliberately set to 404. * Fixes #1973.
[4257] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compat: * Pass integer into status_header() instead of string. * See #1973.
[4258] johnjamesjacoby Number Formatting: * Introduce $integer parameter to template-tags to switch filter for integer usage. * Use absint() where appropriate when getting counts. * Smarter int type casting. * Fixes bug where calculations were being done against formatted strings. * Fixes #1974.
[4259] johnjamesjacoby Dropdowns: * Revert back to text inputs for topic and forum ID's in metaboxes. * Fixes memory issues when loading thousands of posts. * Fixes #1878. * See #1901.
[4260] johnjamesjacoby Suggest: * First pass at adding autocomplete to forum and topic ID's. * Adds ajax.php to bbp-includes/admin/. * Updates metabox inputs back to type 'text'. * @todo phpdoc and inline doc, and nonce checks. * See #1901.
[4261] johnjamesjacoby Suggest: * Combine admin/ajax.php into admin/admin.php. * Tweak metabox output and CSS. * Adds phpdoc and inline doc. * Fixes #1901
[4262] johnjamesjacoby Paths: * Remove "bbp-" prefixes on root level directories. * Rename 'themes' to 'templates' to discourage clever people from putting "themes" in there. * Update paths and URLs in bbpress.php.
[4263] johnjamesjacoby Update variable order and inline doc in bbpress.php. See r4262.
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