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[3964] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Lose EOF ?>. * Clean up EOF newlines. * Fixes #1850.
[3965] johnjamesjacoby Missed two EOF ?> in index.php files. See r3964; #1850.
[3966] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * First pass at updating subversion properties. * Remove text/x-php mime types. * Remove text/css mime types. * Remove invalid sv:mime-type property. * See #1851.
[3967] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Add $Id$ Subversion keyword to bbpress.php. * See #1851.
[3968] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compat: * Trim off left-slash from template name to prevent duplicate slashes.
[3969] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compatibility: * Invert bbp_is_theme_compat_original_template() check in bbp_template_include_theme_compat(). * Fixes issue with root template files being skipped over. * Fixes #1854.
[3970] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compatibility: * Uncomment post_author for forum edits in bbp_template_include_theme_compat().
[3971] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compatibility: * Allow root level templates to bypass the_content overriding if child/parent templates are found. * Introduces two functions and new theme_compat functionality, that modifies bbp_get_query_template() to tell bbp_locate_template() to not override the_content. * Reverts r3969. * Fixes #1854 correctly.
[3972] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compatibility: * Update lead-topic footer text to match header text.
[3973] johnjamesjacoby Feeds: * Use query_posts() in bbp_request_feed_trap(). * Provides example on potential use-case in bbPress core. * Removes need to reference $wp_query global directly.
[3974] johnjamesjacoby Feeds: * Add 'feed' query-var to bbp_request_feed_trap() queries.
[3975] johnjamesjacoby Feeds: * Do not append topic and reply revision information to feeds.
[3976] johnjamesjacoby Feeds: * Never separate the lead topic when viewing a feed. * Add is_feed() check to bbp_show_lead_topic().
[3977] johnjamesjacoby Update post ID comment in loop-single-reply.php.
[3978] johnjamesjacoby Favorities: * Add $topic_id param to bbp_user_favorites_link() to allow overriding link. * Check reply post-type, and use topic ID if link is displayed there.
[3979] johnjamesjacoby Template Tags: * Introduce functions for getting the forums and topics archive URL's. * Use functions where appropriate.
[3980] johnjamesjacoby Template Tags: * Clean up function order and phpdoc from r3979.
[3981] johnjamesjacoby Use non-echo template-tag for topics archive in bbp_has_topics. See: r3979.
[3982] johnjamesjacoby Versions: * Bump to 2.1-r3981. * Bump requires/tested in readme.txt to 3.4.
[3983] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compatibility: * Move root-level templates into an /extras folder in bbp-theme-compat. * Revert extra logic introduced in r3971. * Theme compat can still allow for theme packs with root template files this way. * Replace reverted logic with 1 variable check, if a bbPress template file was found in the loader process. * See: #1854
[3984] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compatibility: * Revert bbp_get_query_template() logic introduced in r3971. * See: #1854.
[3985] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compatibility: * Add feedback template part for when there are no replies in the specific view.
[3986] johnjamesjacoby SVN properties: * Add EOL native to new feedback-no-replies.php template part. * Fixes #1851.
[3987] johnjamesjacoby Twenty Ten: * Sync bbp-twentyten template and CSS to bbp-theme-compat. * CSS Tweaks. * Add feedback-no-replies.php.
[3988] johnjamesjacoby User Edit: * Rework bbp_check_user_edit() to redirect by default, and make users earn the ability to edit other users. * Fix issue where non-admin users of multisite networks cannot edit their own profiles. * Fixes #1855.
[3989] johnjamesjacoby Bump plugin version to 2.1-beta-1. Update readme.txt.
[3990] johnjamesjacoby Languages: * Update bbpress.pot. (plugin branch)
[3991] johnjamesjacoby Admin Images * Add 2x support for admin menu icons. * Props chexee. * See: #1839.
[3992] johnjamesjacoby Admin Images * Update admin CSS to WordPress core standard. * See #1839.
[3993] johnjamesjacoby Admin Images: * Fix background size, so images scale correctly. * See #1839.
[3994] johnjamesjacoby Admin Images: * Better align menu icons. * Add version to images using bbp_get_version() * See #1839.
[3995] johnjamesjacoby Admin Images: * Revert accidental CSS menu position tweaks. * See #1839.
[3996] johnjamesjacoby Notifications (1.1 branch): * Check post_status before notifying subscribers, in bb_notify_subscribers(). * Fixes #1479. * Props jkudish.
[3997] johnjamesjacoby Bozo Plugin (1.1 branch): * Cast return value as array to suppress debug notice. * Fixes #1646. * Props !GautamGupta.
[3998] johnjamesjacoby Admin Settings: * Turn settings sections into multidimensional array, keyed by ID. * Allows sections to be filtered, changed, rearranged, etc...
[3999] johnjamesjacoby Replies: * Update bbp_get_reply_position_raw() to protect against debug notices from a totally missing reply position.
[4000] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Remove need for eval() call. * Code clean-up. * Type cast POST rows to integer.
[4001] johnjamesjacoby bbPress 1.1 Converter: * Test removing post_position = 1 check from topics, which is preventing spam/trashed topics from being converted. * Add reply position to replies. * Inline doc clean-up.
[4002] johnjamesjacoby Admin Settings: * Move sections and settings into procedural functions in bbp-settings.php. * Allows filtering of sections and fields without checking for faux-capabilities. * Enables easier settings section and field manipulations, as well as adding or editing of future settings.
[4003] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Pinking shears. * Run $field_list through array_unique() to remove duplicate fields. * Properly internationalize converter output strings.
[4004] johnjamesjacoby bbPress 1.x Converter: * More phpdoc. * Optimize post_position field mappings for topics and replies, to now properly convert trashed topics with no replies. * Pinking shears.
[4005] johnjamesjacoby bbPress 1.x Converter: * Remove commented out post_position code.
[4006] johnjamesjacoby bbPress 1.x Converter: * Add poster IP address to topic meta. * Inline doc tweaks.
[4007] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Call bbconverter_run() inside bbconverter_start() to avoid code duplication.
[4008] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Use type "password" on DB password input field. * Fixes #1858.
[4009] johnjamesjacoby Update bbp_is_custom_post_type() to allow passing post information.
[4010] johnjamesjacoby Use correct $the_post variable in bbp_is_custom_post_type(). See r4009.
[4011] johnjamesjacoby Cache: * When updating bbPress post content, prevent cache invalidation of its children. * Fixes #1859. * Hat tip wonderboymusic.
[4012] johnjamesjacoby Cache: * Update phpdoc for BBP_Skip_Children::pre_post_update() * See #1859.
[4013] johnjamesjacoby Bump plugin branch to release candidate 1.
[4014] johnjamesjacoby Languages: * Update bbpress.pot.
[4015] johnjamesjacoby Tag 2.1-rc1
[4016] johnjamesjacoby Settings: * Remove duplicate 'page' array item from fields, and use 'page' from section parent. * See #1862.
[4017] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: * Run topic and reply edits through Akismet, to thwart editing spam during the edit window. * Fixes #1860.
[4018] johnjamesjacoby Settings: * Register settings to page, not section ID. * Fixes bug causing settings not save. * Fixes #1862.
[4019] johnjamesjacoby Settings: * Use esc_sql to sanitize _bbp_theme_package_id setting. * Fixes #1862. * Hat tip michelwppi.
[4020] johnjamesjacoby Settings: * Use esc_sql to sanitize __bbp_topic_archive_slug setting.
[4021] johnjamesjacoby Bump version to 2.1-rc2.
[4022] johnjamesjacoby Tag 2.1-rc 2
[4023] johnjamesjacoby Nonces: * Introduce bbp_verify_nonce_request() to check nonces on theme-side requests. * See #1863.
[4024] johnjamesjacoby Nonces: * Use bbp_verify_nonce_request() to prevent the awkward wp_die() experience in forums. * Add nonce checks to subscriptions and favorites. * More aggressive returns on edit/new forum/topic/reply nonce and capability checks. Prevents surplus processing when we already know nothing more should happen. * Bail early if bbp_has_errors() rather than wrapping around it. * Fixes #1863.
[4025] johnjamesjacoby Editing: * Bail early if forum/topic/reply ID is missing. * Put message back that was accidentally removed in r4024.
[4026] johnjamesjacoby Fix spelling error in bbp_new_forum_handler(). Props cnorris23.
[4027] johnjamesjacoby Bump versions to 2.1-rc3
[4028] johnjamesjacoby Languages: * Update bbpress.pot.
[4029] johnjamesjacoby Tag 2.1-rc3
[4030] johnjamesjacoby Languages: * Switch 'buddypress' textdomains to 'bbpress' * See #1866.
[4031] johnjamesjacoby Queries: * Allow bbp_is_query_name() to accept empty values, similar to get_query_var(). * See #1865.
[4032] johnjamesjacoby Update phpdoc for bbp_is_query_name() references.
[4033] johnjamesjacoby Widgets: * Remove 'bbp_widget' checks. * Turn widgets into new WP_Query's to prevent stomping main forum/topic/reply queries. * Fixes #1867. * See #1865.
[4034] johnjamesjacoby Languages: * Add missing textdomains. * Fixes #1866. * Props daveshine.
[4035] johnjamesjacoby Languages: * Move 'bbp_load_textdomain' action to 'bbp_loaded' from 'bbp_init.' * Loads early to allow widget titles to be translated. * Fixes #1797. * Props daveshine, cnorris23.
[4036] johnjamesjacoby Widgets: * Properly hide private and hidden forums and their content from widgets. * This was removed accidentally in r4033. * Fixes #1868.
[4037] johnjamesjacoby Widgets: * Fix layout issue introduced in r4036. * Fixes #1872.
[4038] johnjamesjacoby Widgets: * Improve popular topics widget performance on large installations. * Allow topics widget to be ordered by newness, popularity, or freshness.
[4039] johnjamesjacoby Widgets: * Clean up bbp_reset_query_name() usages.
[4040] johnjamesjacoby Documentation * Fix out of date phpdoc for bbp_get_reply_position().
[4041] johnjamesjacoby Caches: * Introduce bbp_clean_post_cache() to handle cleaning custom queries and post ancestors. * Audit use of _pre_ and _post_ forum/topic/reply actions and locations. Reposition and pass parents as needed. * Add 'bbp_clean_post_cache' action to necessary _pre_ and _post_ actions. * Fixes #1861.
[4042] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: * Pass additional post information on topic/reply edit, to prevent Akismet from nooping it. * Revert part of r4041; put actions back before bbp_is_error() calls. * Replace some missing revision numbers. * Fixes #1869.
[4043] johnjamesjacoby Bump to 2.1-rc4.
[4044] johnjamesjacoby Languages: * Update bbpress.pot.
[4045] johnjamesjacoby Tag 2.1-rc4
[4046] johnjamesjacoby Admin Menus: * Fix issue where bbPress top-level admin-menu positions could conflict with other plugins. * Set menu_position on post-types to 555555. * Refactor bbp_admin_menu_order() to reposition all available custom menus above the second separator. * Fixes #1876.
[4047] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Stop pre-loading database information in converter. * Originally to ease testing during 2.1 development. * Fixes #1879. * Props Omicron7.
[4048] johnjamesjacoby Spelling Police: * First pass. * Fixes #1881, #1880. * Props netweb.
[4049] johnjamesjacoby Twenty Ten: * Add missing reference to feedback-no-replies.php template. * Props tungdo.
[4050] johnjamesjacoby Non Scriptio Continua.
[4051] johnjamesjacoby HiDPI: * Add 2x icons for icon32's. * Fixes #1839.
[4052] johnjamesjacoby HiDPI: * Tweak CSS for 2x icon32's. * See #1839.
[4053] johnjamesjacoby Admin: * Add nonce checks and additional sanity checks to converter, to prevent it being loaded or accessed outside of the converter screen. * Use 'load-' actions to conditionally load admin components on their respective screens. * Remove post_type checks that are no longer needed as a result of conditionally loading each component. * Use get_current_screen() to fill in any extra post_type checks. * Sweep through converter, make output more clean, add output method, and store last query in the DB in case of failure.
[4054] johnjamesjacoby Admin: * Fix inverted $typenow check for replies. * See r4053.
[4055] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Update verbiage of clean and restart checkboxes. * Audit usage of sync_table(), and make sure table is created correctly. * When deleting posts, check correct array items.
[4056] johnjamesjacoby Update humans.txt. * Add netweb. * Change JJJ's favorite food.
[4057] johnjamesjacoby Settings: * Use 'number' input type where appropriate.
[4058] johnjamesjacoby Settings: * Smarter boundaries on new 'number' input types. * See r4057.
[4059] johnjamesjacoby Performance: * Add 'numeric' to applicable meta-queries to avoid casting as char. * Remove meta-queries, and use post_parent where possible. * Introduce _bbp_has_replies_where() filter, attached to 'posts_where' which is responsible for adding the lead topic to the results. This avoids having to use a costly meta-query, potentially resulting in full table scans. * Audit meta-queries, and tweak where needed. * Fixes #1885. * Props vibol for investigation.
[4060] johnjamesjacoby Languages: * Update bbpress.pot file.
[4061] johnjamesjacoby Performance: * Filter 'posts_request' to allow use of FORCE INDEX when replies are queried that should include the topic post also. * See: #1885, r4059.
[4062] johnjamesjacoby Replies: * Add table prefix to _bbp_has_replies_where(). * See: #1885.
[4063] johnjamesjacoby Replies: * Missed a 'wp_posts' reference in _bbp_has_replies_where(). * See: #1885.
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