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[3864] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Remove _converter_ from metakey names * Clean up code in base converter classes * Converter now partially functional * See #1820
[3865] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Add translate_status method to bbPress 1.x * Map topic and reply statuses to bbPress 2.x schema * Passes correct post status so spam/trashed posts are not alive again * See #1820
[3866] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Remane 'translate' methods to 'callback' to avoid confusion with i18n functions * Improve maps of bbPress 1 converter * Fix incorrectly named keys in other converters * Whitespace and phpdoc fixes * See #1820
[3867] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Clean up phpBB field maps * See #1820
[3868] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Add counts to bbPress 1.x forum and topic conversions * Run reply content through callback_html * See #1820
[3869] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Decode HTML entities in callback_html method * Fixes issues with bbPress 0.9 (and any legacy software that stored HTML pre-encoded) * See #1820
[3870] johnjamesjacoby Tweak theme compat CSS to allow single reply pages to have matching styles as single topics.
[3871] johnjamesjacoby Tweak theme compat CSS to ensure topic and reply avatars are always centered.
[3872] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Tabulate the recount and converter menu items * See #1820
[3873] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Set topic ID for topics * Add inline doc to convert_table() method * Tweak bbPress 1.x field mapping * See #1820
[3874] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Use $_POST rows in process_callback() method so math matches * See #1820
[3875] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Group Forum tools into h2 tabs * See #1820
[3876] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Tweaks to converter process * Rename "Recount" to "Repair" and point everything to it as needed * Add two new repair tools to recalculate the forum ID and topic ID for each post, based on the post_parent values * See #1820
[3877] johnjamesjacoby Update some phpdoc in bbp-admin
[3878] johnjamesjacoby Tweak admit repair page text and description.
[3879] johnjamesjacoby Only apply borders to top of elements in theme compat, for consistency sake.
[3880] johnjamesjacoby Only allow users that can edit other users to change a users role.
[3881] johnjamesjacoby Only allow users that can edit other users to change a users role, and do not allow them to change their own role.
[3882] johnjamesjacoby Update input-buttons to button-buttons in theme compatability.
[3883] johnjamesjacoby Tweak bbp-core-options.php to not create variables where they are not needed.
[3884] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Fix issue with reply titles in bbPress 1.x * Fix issue with reply topic in bbPress 1.x * Rename "Recount" to "Repair" through wp-admin * Introduce "Reset Forum" tool * See #1820
[3885] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Add total topic and reply counts to bbPress 1.x forum converter * Fixes issue with forum counts in non-hierarchical forum setups * See #1820
[3886] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Remove extra "Found" text from converter process * See #1820
[3887] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Fix incorrect callback to 'bbp_admin_repair_freshness' * See #1820
[3888] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Add wpspin gif to top most conversion feedback * See #1820
[3889] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Add last active time to topics based on topic_time * See #1820
[3890] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Add user_topic_count repair function * Fix incorrect meta key in user_reply_count repair function * See #1820
[3891] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Add user_nicename, user_status, and user_display_name to bbPress 1.x importer * See #1820
[3892] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compat: * Fix form class on last password template part. * Tweak form/widget styling to be more consistent.
[3893] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Remove commented cruft from bbPress 1.x converter * Improvements to ajax and spinner * See #1820
[3894] johnjamesjacoby Converter: * Filter admin menu for tabbed Tools navigation * See #1820
[3895] nacin Issue a Last-Modified header in rss.php in the proper HTTP-date format per RFC 1123. The parameter documentation of bb_send_304() requires an HTTP-date, so only fixing the caller. Incorrect: 2012-05-10 00:49:56 Correct: Tue, 15 Nov 1994 08:12:31 GMT
[3896] westi Make sure the redirect url is a string before we try and handle it.
[3897] johnjamesjacoby Admin: * Allow admin screens to be overridden by switch or capability. * Always allow for is_super_admin(). * Fixes #1822.
[3898] johnjamesjacoby Breadcrumbs: * Add classes to breadcrumb items that were missing them (forum|topic|reply|topic-tag) * Fixes #1821. * Props netweb for original patch.
[3899] johnjamesjacoby Core: * Add new bbp-core-functions.php file to bbp-includes. * Move functions out of bbp-common-functions.php and into bbp-core-functions.php and bbp-topic-template.php. * Paves way for bbPress function map API.
[3900] johnjamesjacoby Remove indentation from bbp_get_user_favorites_topic_ids().
[3901] johnjamesjacoby Breadcrumbs: * Wrap separator in a span if it exists. * Shorten $breadcrumbs variable to $crumbs for improved readability. * Fixes #1821 again. * Props netweb for original patch.
[3902] johnjamesjacoby Common: * Audit _is_ functions and make sure they return and filter correctly. * Add descriptions to phpdoc headers of common files.
[3903] johnjamesjacoby Formatting: * 'elseif' not 'else if' in bbp-template-functions.php * Ignore my OCD.
[3904] johnjamesjacoby Group Forums: * PHP5ize the classes. * Rearrange some methods. * Allow BBP_BuddyPress class to be modified after load. * Code formatting fixes.
[3905] johnjamesjacoby bbPress::setup_globals() * Add filters to: basename, plugin_dir, plugin_url, themes_dir, themes_url, and lang_dir. * Props tott. * Fixes #1824.
[3906] johnjamesjacoby Theme Actions: * Swap incorrect before/after actions in topic-lead and loop-single-reply templates. * Props sorich87. * Fixes #1825.
[3907] johnjamesjacoby Remove some overly descriptive inline doc from bbpress.php.
[3908] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: * Change BBP_Forums_Component methods to public. * These should probably be made protected at some point.
[3909] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: * Change BBP_Forums_Groups_Component methods to public. * These should be allowed to be protected by BuddyPress core later.
[3910] johnjamesjacoby Use get_users() in bbp_get_total_users() to avoid a direct database query. See #1826. Props tott.
[3911] johnjamesjacoby User Options: * Introduce bbp-user-options.php to handle all user option related code. * Add $user_options array to main bbPress class to allow for easy, static, per-user option overrides. * Tweak action order for option and user_option overrides in bbp-core-hooks.php. * Replace all appropriate user_meta calls with user_option calls to automatically prefix keys with blog ID. * Update favorites, subscriptions, and topic/reply count option keys to be per-blog in multisite configurations. * Fixes #1826.
[3912] johnjamesjacoby Redirects: * Tweak topic and reply form fields to include redirect_to field. * Fix redirect logic in single items after editing. * Remove forum_id from new reply hidden fields, and calculate on handler based off of topic ID (to prevent mismatches.) * Fixes #1829.
[3913] johnjamesjacoby Redirects: * Remove redirect_to fields from edit form field functions, and trust handler logic to do its job. * See #1829.
[3914] johnjamesjacoby Updater: * Fix network admin core update URL. * Fixes #1830.
[3915] johnjamesjacoby Admin: * Add missing quotes to icon URL css in BBP_Admin::admin_head().
[3916] johnjamesjacoby Admin: * Mark some methods as static where appropriate in BBP_Admin class.
[3917] johnjamesjacoby Main Class: * Mark main bbPress class as final, and some methods as static.
[3918] johnjamesjacoby User Edit: * Add missing bbp_is_user_home_edit() function and use where appropriate. * Add bbp_is_user_home_edit() checks to is_bbpress() and body class.
[3919] johnjamesjacoby Redirects: * Always use wp_safe_redirect() in bbPress. * Nothing should/will redirect off-site.
[3920] johnjamesjacoby Bump version to 2.1-r3920.
[3921] johnjamesjacoby Use trailingslashit() in bbp_locate_template() to prevent double slashes.
[3922] johnjamesjacoby Template Loader: * Add missing single and archive functions. * Add checks for these templates to loader filter.
[3923] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compatibility: * Only run bbp_template_include_theme_compat() on main loop.
[3924] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compatibility: * Improvements to head script and RTL/LTR css enqueuing. * Backwards compat for get_current_theme(). * Fixes #1832.
[3925] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compatibility: * Skip extra enqueue_scripts logic for multiple _is_ checks. * Clean up get_current_theme() check. * See #1832.
[3926] johnjamesjacoby bbp_has_topics(): * Smarter defaults for topic-search and stickies, and both params together. * Rearrange default arguments to improve readability.
[3927] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compatibility: * Introduce bbp_is_theme_compat_original_template() and bbp_set_theme_compat_original_template() functions, to allow the template loader to properly use custom post type templates. * Refactor BBP_Theme_Compat to use magic methods. * Reorder bbp_template_include_theme_supports() to put _edit() checks before single/archive checks, to prevent them from being stomped. * Clean up BBP_Theme_Compat usage to work with refactored approach. * Fixes #1833.
[3928] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compatibility: * Clean up bbpress-functions.php for Twenty Ten and Default theme packages. * Simplify bbp_register_theme_package() to accept an array or a BBP_Theme_Compat object. * Update bbPress::register_theme_packages() to use new style above.
[3929] johnjamesjacoby Update the phpdoc in bbp_template_include_theme_compat() to more accurately describe how overriding the_content works.
[3930] johnjamesjacoby Only filter shortcode queries if query is not already set. Also, use correct filter names.
[3931] johnjamesjacoby Try to use get_queried_object() in single topic-tag queries, to maximize object cache usage.
[3932] johnjamesjacoby Add class to loop-single-topic.php template for single topic links to make themm easier to style independently. (bbp-twentyten/bbp-theme-compat)
[3933] johnjamesjacoby Space.
[3934] johnjamesjacoby Reply Position Improvements: * Add _update_ and _raw functions for reply positioning. * Use these functions through-out the codebase as needed. * Maintains the existing bbp_get_reply_position() behavior, so it's backwards compatible. * Fixes #1840.
[3935] johnjamesjacoby Use correct $default_post_status variable for sticky topics.
[3936] johnjamesjacoby Narrow the scope of .bbp-topic-permalink styling in bbp-theme-compat.
[3937] johnjamesjacoby Revert part of r3936 and use correct parent class for reply permalinks.
[3938] johnjamesjacoby Reply Position: * Fix issue with new reply_position logic when posting a rew reply. * Bump the position by one if lead topic is in the replies loop. * Fixes #1841.
[3939] johnjamesjacoby Akismet * Allow $post_data to be manipulated in BBP_Akismet::check_post(). * This opens the door to overriding the Akismet result based on any other criteria later (for third party plugins.)
[3940] johnjamesjacoby Reply Position/URL: * Updates to bbp_get_reply_url() to simplify some logic. * Move $wp_rewrite global to only where it's needed. * Move reply position bump to bbp_get_reply_position(). * Fixes #1842. Props WCMKE.
[3941] johnjamesjacoby Reply Position/URL: * Always cast the return value of bbp_get_reply_position() as an integer. * See #1842.
[3942] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compatibility: * Fix issues with 'the_content' and bbp_replace_the_content() causing infinite loops, duplicate filters, no filters, etc... * Add 'the_content' adds/removes to BBP_Shortcode where needed. * Remove unneeded calls to do_shortcode(). * Fixes #1844.
[3943] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compatibility: * Add support for plugin-bbpress.php and generic.php in the root template hierarchy. * See:
[3944] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities: * Add 'read_private_forums' capability to all registered user roles. * This can still be conditionally modified by other plugins (namely BuddyPress for Private Group Forums.) * Fixes #1845.
[3945] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities & Settings: * Introduce bbp_admin_show_ui() function to handle fine-grained control of available settings screens and sections. * Fixes #1846. * See #1826.
[3946] johnjamesjacoby Capabilities & Settings: * Rename bbp_admin_show_ui() to bbp_current_user_can_see(). * Add detailed support for hiding admin settings sections. * Remove BBP_Admin UI override flags in lieu of new method. * See #1846.
[3947] johnjamesjacoby Default Options: * Clean up bbp_get_default_options() to make it easier to read.
[3948] johnjamesjacoby Versions: * Bump version to 2.1-r3947. * Set _bbp_db_version in bbp_get_default_options() to bbPress::db_version.
[3949] johnjamesjacoby Options: * Pinking shears on bbp_get_default_options(). * Remove db_version duplicate description.
[3950] johnjamesjacoby Topic Views: * Prevent possible byref object errors in bbp_register_view().
[3951] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Move preset bbPress class variables into bbPress::setup_globals() action. * Introduce magic get/set methods to handle main bbPress class variables. * Keeps by-reference bbPress->current_user outside of bbPress->data. * Reduces code duplication in bbPress class. * Fixes #1847.
[3952] johnjamesjacoby Bump version to 2.1-r3952.
[3953] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Fix incorrect @since phpdoc (rxxxx placeholders)
[3954] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Revert r3950 and move bbPress class arrays back into their own variables to prevent by-reference errors.
[3955] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Turn bbPress::extend into an stdClass in setup_globals. * Add phpdoc to bbPress::data variable with verbose explanation of how it works.
[3956] johnjamesjacoby Code Improvement: * Clean up bbPress::register_post_statuses() to not create variables.
[3957] johnjamesjacoby Bump branch to 2.0.3.
[3958] johnjamesjacoby Tag bbPress 2.0.3.
[3959] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compatilibilty: * Add theme hierachy check for default bbPress styling. * Use file_exists() checks in child & parent themes before enqueuing from theme compatibility. * Fixes #1849.
[3960] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compatilibilty: * Use trailingslashit() in default styling enqueue. * See #1849.
[3961] johnjamesjacoby Add deprecated filters back in, to new section at the bottom of bbp-core-filters.php.
[3962] johnjamesjacoby Admin: * Fix duplicate separator when user cannot see forum content. * Fixes #1848.
[3963] johnjamesjacoby Admin: * Move global declaration beyond cap checks in bbp_admin_separator().
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