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Changeset Author Message
[3664] johnjamesjacoby Unused global clean-up in bbp-topic-template.php.
[3665] johnjamesjacoby Prevent shortcodes from stomping globals too early. Fixes #1717.
[3666] johnjamesjacoby Go live with bbp_query_post_parent__in() filter.
[3667] johnjamesjacoby Remove BuddyPress group forum styling from bbp-twentyten theme. We'll be relying on default styling for 2.1. See #1669.
[3668] johnjamesjacoby When fully deleting a topic, all replies should be deleted also. Fixes #1718.
[3669] johnjamesjacoby First pass at forum trash/untrash/delete actions and functions for BuddyPress group forums. See #1669.
[3670] johnjamesjacoby Add checks to bbp_pre_get_posts_exclude_forums() to prevent accidental override of wp-admin post_rows. Fixes #1719.
[3671] johnjamesjacoby Consolidate 'template_redirect' actions onto 'bbp_template_redirect' and add a more detailed note about them. Also rename tag 'manage' function to 'edit' to match other components.
[3672] johnjamesjacoby More verbose descriptions and whitespace clean-up in bbp-core-hooks.php.
[3673] johnjamesjacoby Add more verbose note about sanitization in bbp_filter_anonymous_post_data().
[3674] johnjamesjacoby Allow additional anonymous data to be automatically saved on reply and topic update any prevent any possible debug notices with missing core values in the process.
[3675] johnjamesjacoby Remove $terms copy-pasta from bbp_edit_forum_handler()
[3676] johnjamesjacoby Use get_the_author_meta() rather than the $post global in topic and reply forms.
[3677] johnjamesjacoby Tweaks to form-forum.php HTML to better match existing form templates.
[3678] johnjamesjacoby Add forum author functions, and rename bbp_get_forum_parent() to bbp_get_forum_parent_id(). See #1669.
[3679] johnjamesjacoby Introduce functions and code to help create new forums from within the theme: * Turn on forum-form shortcode * Add supplemental actions for saving forum extras on new/edit * bbp_save_forum_extras() function to handle forum metadata saving * See #1669
[3680] johnjamesjacoby Add missing '_post_extras' actions to new topic/reply handlers. See #1669.
[3681] johnjamesjacoby Add 'bbp_save_forum_extras' action to new/edit forum extras. See #1669.
[3682] johnjamesjacoby Tweak empty forum-description feedback. See #1669.
[3683] johnjamesjacoby Use bbp_save_forum_extras() in forum metabox and cast 'parent_id' POST value as int. Also fix possible accidental assignments in bbp-forum.php.
[3684] johnjamesjacoby Add 'bbp_save_forum_extras' action to 'bbp_forum_attributes_metabox_save' action. See r3683.
[3685] johnjamesjacoby Refactor bbp_admin_settings_help() to use add_help_tab() and set_help_sidebar(). See #1699.
[3686] johnjamesjacoby Refactor forum/topic/reply contextual help, shamelessly sampled from the !WordPress 'post' content type. See #1699.
[3687] johnjamesjacoby Hook missing forum contextual help in. See #1699.
[3688] johnjamesjacoby Add attributes to forum/topic/reply contextual help. Props Mamaduka. Fixes #1699.
[3689] johnjamesjacoby Move 'bbp_setup_current_user' action off of 'bbp_init' and onto 'set_current_user.' See #1722.
[3690] johnjamesjacoby Tweak new template action names in content-single-topic-lead.php. Fixes #1724.
[3691] johnjamesjacoby Remove Genesis compatability. Fixes #1729.
[3692] johnjamesjacoby Add 'bbp_after_setup_actions' action to bbPress::setup_actions() to allow class actions to be manipulated. Fixes #1730.
[3693] johnjamesjacoby Add missing .bbp-topic-author and .bbp-topic-content CSS for when bbp_show_lead_topic is true. Fixes #1728.
[3694] johnjamesjacoby Use bbp_get_forum_visibility() instead of bbp_get_forum_status() in bbp_template_include_theme_compat(). Fixes #1731.
[3695] johnjamesjacoby Add missing globals to bbp_edit_user_handler()
[3696] johnjamesjacoby Fix a bunch of possible accidental inline assignments in bbp-user-functions.php.
[3697] johnjamesjacoby Fix more accidental inline assignments in bbp-user-functions.php (see r3696). Also use $wbdb in bbp_make_ham_user() and use array_keys() since we do not use any blog details here.
[3698] johnjamesjacoby Add publish_* caps to bbp_map_meta_caps() and remove from associated _user_can functions. Also and add inline doc, and some code clean-up to bbp-core-caps.php.
[3699] johnjamesjacoby Code formatting improvements to bbp-user-template.php.
[3700] johnjamesjacoby Return passed value if not applicable in bbp_admin_custom_menu_order()
[3701] johnjamesjacoby Code clean-up in bbp-functions.php: * Remove unused $bbp globals * Add defaults to optional bbp_filter_sample_permalink() params * Avoid accidental inline assignments
[3702] johnjamesjacoby Code clean-up in bbp-common-functions.php: * Avoid accidental inline assignments * Add bbp_get_global_post_field() function, for use in forms and editing
[3703] johnjamesjacoby Do not unset $post global in bbp_replace_the_content(). This is no longer needed, and has the potential to cause more harm than good, as many plugins and themes expect the $post global to exist after the loop has completed, even on "fake" paged like bbPress's.
[3704] johnjamesjacoby Clean-up bbp-common-template.php: * Remove unused globals * Use bbp_get_global_post_field() * Avoid accidental inline assignments
[3705] johnjamesjacoby Fix check in bbp_get_view_query_args() and add filter at the end.
[3706] johnjamesjacoby Update phpdoc for bbp_get_view_query_args()
[3707] johnjamesjacoby Code clean-up to template tags. Add more helpful classes to loop rows. Cast some more retvals. Fixes #1727.
[3708] johnjamesjacoby Code clean-up in bbp-topic-template.php.
[3709] johnjamesjacoby Code clean-up in bbp-reply-template.php.
[3710] johnjamesjacoby Code clean-up in bbp-forum-template.php.
[3711] johnjamesjacoby Do not bail early in bbp_is_user_subscribed() or bbp_is_user_favorite(), thus allowing them to be properly filtered.
[3712] johnjamesjacoby Fix regression in bbp_is_user_favorite() from r3711.
[3713] johnjamesjacoby Move return values into variables for easier debugging in bbp-user-template.php.
[3714] johnjamesjacoby Global $post usage clean-up: * Use bbp_get_global_post_field() where appropriate, core WP functions otherwise * Replace local $post variables with $post to avoid stomping the global * Audit usage of bbp_get_global_post_field() and make sure we are providing the correct context * Fixes #1733.
[3715] johnjamesjacoby Avoid inline variable assignments in bbp-reply-functions.php.
[3716] johnjamesjacoby Avoid inline variable assignments and cast appropriate retvals as int in bbp-forum-functions.php.
[3717] johnjamesjacoby Separate bbp-core-compatibility.php into smaller, less-confusing parts: * bbp-theme-compatibility.php - the API that makes existing themes compatible * bbp-template-functions.php - functions used to find and load bbPress templates * bbp-template-loader.php - similar to the WordPress template loader, it handles the logic of what template to display * Move commonly used functions into bbp-common-functions.php * Update bbpress.php to require() new files
[3718] johnjamesjacoby Add description to Group Forums Parent setting. Remove check for forums not being active, as this will be handled by migration later. See #1699.
[3719] johnjamesjacoby Tweak Akismet setting description, as Group forums are now scanned by Akismet also.
[3720] johnjamesjacoby Improvements to BuddyPress User Forums styling. See #1669.
[3721] johnjamesjacoby Filter links to user subscriptions and favorites, and return them to their BuddyPress profile equivalents. See #1669.
[3722] johnjamesjacoby Remove 'Remove' list-item from loop-topics.php template, as it causes issues with tableless layout.
[3723] johnjamesjacoby In BuddyPress group forum extension, use raw forum slug option to avoid including the forum prefix. See #1669.
[3724] johnjamesjacoby Fix current_*_id globals so they are used instead of set. Also fix issue with _edit permalinks still using home_url() instead of normal _permalink() functions, and cleanup some whitespace. Fixes #1734.
[3725] johnjamesjacoby Revert part of r3703 as it was causing comment forms and page edit links to reappear in some themes. Instead, introduce bbp_reset_post_data() and use it when the_content has been replaced and the $post global has been unset.
[3726] johnjamesjacoby Rename bbp_reset_post_data() to bbp_theme_compat_reset_post_data() to properly separate it from other functions.
[3727] johnjamesjacoby Add error handling to bbp_new_forum_handler() if forum parent is completely missing from POST request.
[3728] johnjamesjacoby Move is_super_admin() checks to allow return values to be filtered in bbp-user-template.php.
[3729] johnjamesjacoby Remove tertiaries in gettexts in revision_log template tags. Fixes #1735. Props jmdodd.
[3730] johnjamesjacoby Remove accidental whitespace from r3729. Antiprops johnjamesjacoby.
[3731] johnjamesjacoby First pass at network updater. See #1725.
[3732] johnjamesjacoby Use _n() for plural topic and reply counts. Fixes #1605. Props pavelevap for initial patch.
[3733] johnjamesjacoby Add 'bbp_after_setup_theme' piggy back hook to bbp-core-hooks.php.
[3734] johnjamesjacoby Move theme compat template files out of bbp-themes and into bbp-theme-compat folder. This avoids confusion with complete bundled theme also acting as the fallback.
[3735] johnjamesjacoby Tweak theme compat styling
[3736] johnjamesjacoby Fix possible accidental assignments in bbp-theme-compat/bbpress-functions.php
[3737] johnjamesjacoby Fix possible recursion issue in bbp_get_forum_ancestors() by casting post_parent as int.
[3738] johnjamesjacoby Update phpdoc for bbp_get_reply_topic_id()
[3739] johnjamesjacoby Introduce helper functions to allow the root directory for bbPress templates to be filtered. Props !MrMaz for idea.
[3740] johnjamesjacoby Clean up whitespace and remove some cruft from r3739.
[3741] johnjamesjacoby Tweak template location filter names to match filters constructed in bbp_get_query_template(). See r3739.
[3742] johnjamesjacoby Remove slashes from bbp_get_template_locations(), update doc for bbp_add_template_locations(). See r3739.
[3743] johnjamesjacoby Clean up whitespace and formatting in template loader functions. See r3739.
[3744] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_add_template_locations() filter to bbp_get_template_part() to allow parts to filtered too, and update bbp-theme-compat theme to use this. See r3739.
[3745] johnjamesjacoby Remove hard coded template part directories from shortcodes and theme compatibility. See r3739.
[3746] johnjamesjacoby Next pass at BuddyPress Group Fourms integration: * Filter forms to prevent fields from appearing * Output new field data where needed on above forms * Better integration with group create and edit screens * Tweak forum/group ID functions to return arrays when needed * Flesh out display_forums() method * See #1669
[3747] johnjamesjacoby Use correct parent field attributes in bbp_forum_form_fields()
[3748] johnjamesjacoby Use bbp_redirect_to_field() in form_fields() functions. See #1669.
[3749] johnjamesjacoby Remove topic_ prefix from topics admin methods.
[3750] johnjamesjacoby When setting a forum as public, always check private and hidden forum options and remove forum_id if needed. Fixes #1757.
[3751] johnjamesjacoby Use proper function in bbp_get_the_content(). Fixes #1731.
[3752] johnjamesjacoby Rearrange filtering of $forum_parent_id in bbp_new_forum_handler(). See #1669.
[3753] johnjamesjacoby Add autoembed to topics and replies. * Includes admin setting to toggle on/off (default on) * Introduce option function to get the setting globally * Hooked into bbp_init so can be overridden as needed * Fixes #1752 * Props jaredatch for original patch
[3754] johnjamesjacoby Add 'bbp_setup_theme' piggy-back action to !WordPress's 'setup_theme' action.
[3755] johnjamesjacoby Split bbp-core-hooks.php into two files: * bbp-core-actions.php * bbp-core-filters.php * Update bbpress.php to load new files * Update phpdoc
[3756] johnjamesjacoby Addend '-update' to admin menu ID's * Prevents "Dashboard" from being open when viewing bbPress settings * Avoids namespace collisions elsewhere in UI
[3757] johnjamesjacoby Remove single-site 'Update Forum' menu, as single sites are updated automatically. * @todo - Automate multisite installs per site if needed
[3758] johnjamesjacoby Turn bbPress into a singleton. * Introduce bbpress() function to get the bbPress instance * Replace all $bbp global references with calls to bbpress() * Update bbPress class with matching singleton private static $instance variable and public static method * Fixes #1759.
[3759] johnjamesjacoby Add 'bbp_request' piggy-back filter to WordPress's 'request' filter. * Maybe exclude private and hidden forums from forum post feed * Fixes #1758 * Props scribu
[3760] johnjamesjacoby Remove slug variables from bbPress class and rely on options and object cache going forward. * Net performance and memory usage win * Removes class variables that are already in object cache * Reduces code duplication * Fixes #1760
[3761] johnjamesjacoby Use bbp_get_view_slug() in bbp_get_view_url(). See #1760.
[3762] johnjamesjacoby Introduce functions for getting the unique rewrite ID's for user/view/edit. * Use new functions where needed * Clean up variable usages in bbPress class * See #1760
[3763] johnjamesjacoby Add body.rtl styling to bbp-admin.php inline CSS instead of brearking in and out of PHP to use is_rtl().
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