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Changeset Author Message
[3464] johnjamesjacoby Break single loop elements into separate template parts in bbp-twentyten for easier ajaxifying.
[3465] johnjamesjacoby Tweaks to the readme.txt and humans.txt files.
[3466] johnjamesjacoby Fix verbiage in comment in bbp-languages/index.php.
[3467] johnjamesjacoby Update Akismet extension to include private http_post() function to pass a unique user agent. (This method can be removed when Akismet allows for the user agent to be filtered.) Fixes #1615.
[3468] johnjamesjacoby Add functions for versions to bbp-common-functions.php and use them through-out. Update PHPDoc and remove globals accordingly.
[3469] johnjamesjacoby Introduce method to set the wp-admin path depth difference. Fixes #1617.
[3470] johnjamesjacoby Reverse the admin.css and admin-2.css relative image depth.
[3471] johnjamesjacoby Introduce convenience functions for global $wp_rewrite usage.
[3472] johnjamesjacoby Revert r3471 as it introduced added layer of complexity and potentially confusing function names.
[3473] johnjamesjacoby Add activity stream at-name mentions to BuddyPress extension.
[3474] johnjamesjacoby Add activity stream at-name mentions to BuddyPress extension when editing topics and replies. See r3473.
[3475] johnjamesjacoby Replace 'bp_forums_strip_mentions_on_post_edit' filters with custom class method to prevent load order issues with BuddyPress forums component.
[3476] johnjamesjacoby Only use at_name filters when BuddyPress activity component is active.
[3477] johnjamesjacoby Do not setup BuddyPress if in maintenance mode. Fixes #1619.
[3478] johnjamesjacoby Audit default usage value of '_bbp_forums_per_page'
[3479] johnjamesjacoby Fix mixed line endings in interface.js. (trunk)
[3480] johnjamesjacoby Clean up bbp-twentyten/functions.php
[3481] johnjamesjacoby Bump to 2.0-rc-4.
[3482] johnjamesjacoby Update bbpress.pot file.
[3483] johnjamesjacoby Fix duplicate action name in form-topic.php.
[3484] johnjamesjacoby Add backwards compat for BuddyPress members component to strip_mentions_on_edit()
[3485] johnjamesjacoby Hide favorites link(s) if favorites are not active.
[3486] johnjamesjacoby Fix bb_get_option() when requesting 'url' Props _ck_. Fixes #1624. (0.9 branch)
[3487] johnjamesjacoby Add sanity checks and code clean-up on Akismet extension to prevent debug notices or malformed results. Also fix issue where post_parent was always being reported for topics in check_post().
[3488] johnjamesjacoby When moving a sticky topic to a new forum, forum sticky meta was not refreshed. Fixes #1626.
[3489] johnjamesjacoby Use bbp_get_all_child_ids() instead of bbp_get_public_child_ids() in bbp_move_topic_handler(). Fixes #1627.
[3490] johnjamesjacoby Turn off canonical on paged pages and singulars to allow shortcode pagination to work. Fixes #1628.
[3491] johnjamesjacoby Add missing tabindex's to edit profile page. Add missing button classes to buttons and button'esque links.
[3492] johnjamesjacoby Add 'sep' argument to topic and reply author links. Pass line breaks in loops. Fixes #1610.
[3493] johnjamesjacoby Add BuddyPress 1.5 root slugs to settings slug conflict checker.
[3494] johnjamesjacoby Enhancements to core slug conflict checker. Add context to item args te better hint where conflict is.
[3495] johnjamesjacoby Improve the forum prefix settings description.
[3496] johnjamesjacoby Introduce Genesis theme framework compatibility class. * Fixes error messages thrown by bbPress theme compatibility when using Genesis. * Moves extension loading onto 'bbp_ready' action in bbp-core-hooks.php to ensure bbPress has initialized. * Adds missing post data to bbp_theme_compat_reset_post() to prevent debug notices. * Fixes table width when in theme compatibility mode. See #1622. Props jaredatch for original patch.
[3497] johnjamesjacoby Revert part of r3487 and use post_parent for Akisment permalink parameter.
[3498] johnjamesjacoby Remove debug cruft from r3497.
[3499] johnjamesjacoby Update bbp_notify_subscribers() to use bbPress API's. Fixes issues where mail might get sent on spam topics/replies, or not at all.
[3500] johnjamesjacoby Remove Genesis navigation after the post loop has finished. See #1622. Props jaredatch.
[3501] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue when topics and replies are flagged as spam/trash where they would still update last active data for ancestors. Fixes #1631. Fix issue when trashing and deleting a topic, replies may not be properly queried and updated. Fixes #1629.
[3502] johnjamesjacoby Fix duplicate BuddyPress activity stream component actions for replies.
[3503] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where BuddyPress activity stream items could still be created for non-public forums when using sub-forums. Fixes #1630.
[3504] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_is_user_active() and bbp_is_user_inactive() to help with spammed and deleted user checks. See #1630 and r3503.
[3505] johnjamesjacoby API adjustments: * Refactor _status_ vars into callable functions. * Audit usage of $bbp global. * Perform get_class() checks on extensions to avoid errors if global $bbp is overloaded. * Bump DB version to 175.
[3506] johnjamesjacoby Update remaining 'spam' and 'trash' post_status references to use _get_ functions.
[3507] johnjamesjacoby Allow theme compatibility to be extended more completely. Move contents of bbp-twenty-ten's functions.php into a class, which extends the new BBP_Theme_Compat class.
[3508] johnjamesjacoby Add TextDomain and DomainPath to plugin header. Props !Viper007Bond for the reminder.
[3509] johnjamesjacoby Bump to 2.0 RC 5
[3510] johnjamesjacoby Bump readme.txt to 2.0 RC 5 and add 2.0-rc-5 section.
[3511] johnjamesjacoby Update bbpress.pot in bbp-languages.
[3512] johnjamesjacoby Fix formatting in plugin header for Text Domain and Domain Path. Props !Viper007Bond.
[3513] johnjamesjacoby Whitespace fix in header. Props !Viper007Bond again. See r3512.
[3514] johnjamesjacoby Use correct while loop format in single-reply-edit.php and single-topic-edit.php in bbp-twentyten. Props jghazally.
[3515] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where subscription emails were not being sent in some circumstances.
[3516] johnjamesjacoby Code formatting improvements to 'pre_get_posts' actions. Remove unused $bbp globals.
[3517] johnjamesjacoby Bump 0.9 branch version to
[3518] johnjamesjacoby Tag bbPress
[3519] johnjamesjacoby Fix mixed line endings in interface.js. (1.0 branch)
[3520] johnjamesjacoby Bump 1.0 branch version to 1.0.4.
[3521] johnjamesjacoby Update BackPress svn external to point to (1.0 branch)
[3522] johnjamesjacoby Update BackPress svn external to point to (trunk)
[3523] johnjamesjacoby Tag bbPress 1.0.4.
[3524] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect text in subscription label when editing a post. Fixes #1462. Props dimadin. (trunk)
[3525] johnjamesjacoby Tag bbPress 1.1.
[3526] johnjamesjacoby Create bbPress 1.1 Branch.
[3527] johnjamesjacoby Bump version in trunk to 1.1 until 1.2 clean-up begins.
[3528] johnjamesjacoby Delete 1.1 tag (added instead of copied)
[3529] johnjamesjacoby Delete 1.1 branch (added instead of copied)
[3530] johnjamesjacoby Rebranching 1.1
[3531] johnjamesjacoby Update new 1.1 branch to use 1.1 BackPress external
[3532] johnjamesjacoby Retagging 1.1 (See r3529)
[3533] johnjamesjacoby Switch BackPress external from 1.1 branch to 1.1 tag
[3534] johnjamesjacoby Delete tag (added instead of copied)
[3535] johnjamesjacoby Retagging (See r3435)
[3536] johnjamesjacoby Bump plugin version to 2.0
[3537] johnjamesjacoby Create 2.0 branch
[3538] johnjamesjacoby Tag bbPress 2.0
[3539] johnjamesjacoby Set $the_core_slugs static to empty array in bbp_form_slug_conflict_check()
[3540] johnjamesjacoby Introduce functions for topic/reply per-page settings, to prevent divide by zero errors if setting is saved as '0' string.
[3541] johnjamesjacoby Check query name in bbp_is_single_view(). Fixes #1651. Props !GautamGupta for original patch.
[3542] johnjamesjacoby Remove stray quote from login widget. Fixes #1644. Props markmcwilliams.
[3543] johnjamesjacoby Use get_post_class() to fix premature echo of forum/topic/reply post classes. Fixes #1650.
[3544] johnjamesjacoby Code formatting improvements to bbp_toggle_reply_handler() and prevent possible debug notice on $failure.
[3545] johnjamesjacoby Code formatting improvements to bbp-topic-functions.php and prevent possible debug notices.
[3546] johnjamesjacoby Bump plugin branch version to 2.1-bleeding.
[3547] johnjamesjacoby Tweak user template parts to move hr tags into content-single-user.php.
[3548] johnjamesjacoby Pass $reply_id correctly into bbp_get_reply_id() in bbp_notify_subscribers()
[3549] johnjamesjacoby Remove clever code from bbp-user-template.php. Introduce helper functions for accessing forum creation form. Pass user_nicename in profile URL functions. Fixes #1659 (plugin)
[3550] johnjamesjacoby Remove clever code from bbp-core-compatibility.php. Add query var for editing forums from within the theme to bbp_pre_get_posts().
[3551] johnjamesjacoby Remove clever code from bbp-forum-template.php. Add first round of forum form template functions.
[3552] johnjamesjacoby First round of BuddyPress Groups integration: * Moves BuddyPress extension activation to bp_include action * Adds form-forum.php template part
[3553] johnjamesjacoby Add filters to _is_ functions. Add forum form field function. Use bbp_get_user_id() in bbp_title().
[3554] johnjamesjacoby Add is_user_logged_in() check to bbp_is_user_home(). Fixes #1655, props valendesigns. (plugin)
[3555] johnjamesjacoby Remove unused $is_edit param in anonymous user data function, and clean up some whitespace.
[3556] johnjamesjacoby Do not reverse the breadcrumb order when RTL. Fixes #1653.
[3557] johnjamesjacoby Do not check is_rtl() for breadcrumb separator direction. See #1653.
[3558] johnjamesjacoby Remove clever code from bbp-topic-template.php. Tweak text in bbp_get_single_topic_description()
[3559] johnjamesjacoby Move BuddyPress extension loader to bbp-core-hooks.php.
[3560] johnjamesjacoby Use correct current_action() function in BuddyPress extension user_profile_url() method. Fixes incorrect URL's for Forum sub-actions.
[3561] johnjamesjacoby Move favorites and subscriptions handlers off of template_loader action and on to bp_actions in BuddyPress extension.
[3562] johnjamesjacoby Check for active BuddyPress Group component before registering Forum extension.
[3563] johnjamesjacoby Abstract Forum metabox dropdown builders into template tags to be used in front-end editor.
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