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Changeset Author Message
[3364] johnjamesjacoby Fix missing textdomains in bbp-admin/bbp-replies.php. Fixes #1577. Props dimadin.
[3365] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where closed forums still allowed new topics to be created in certain situations.
[3366] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where closed forums and topics still allowed new replies to be created in certain situations.
[3367] johnjamesjacoby Adjust the bbPress Theme Compatibility admin nag to make more sense to less advanced users.
[3368] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where wide pre tags would skew width of topic tables.
[3369] johnjamesjacoby Allow Akismet global key to be set. (trunk)
[3370] johnjamesjacoby Fix MySQL installation error with table type MYISAM in 5.5 and above. Props !DJPaul. Fixes #1486. (trunk)
[3371] johnjamesjacoby Allow manually setting the offset and number of topics to retrieve. Props boonebgorges.
[3372] johnjamesjacoby Fix uninstantiated $bbp global in bbp_theme_compat_set_theme(). Props nacin.
[3373] johnjamesjacoby Fix missing quotes in bbp_get_paged(). Fixes #1582. Props sorich87.
[3374] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where bbpress.css styling could bleed into pages it does not belong in. Introduces 'bbp_enqueue_scripts' hook as needed for dependencies.
[3375] johnjamesjacoby String consistency. Fixes #1584. Props ramiy.
[3376] johnjamesjacoby Rename remaining functions prefixed with an underscore.
[3377] johnjamesjacoby Revert r3369.
[3378] johnjamesjacoby Introduce UI for 'Allow Global Access' setting for multisite installations. Functionality to follow.
[3379] johnjamesjacoby Set $bbp->current_user as byref of $current_user.
[3380] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_global_access_role_mask() to assign the default_role and meta-caps to the current user when viewing a global forum in a multisite installation. Say that three times fast.
[3381] johnjamesjacoby Only overload global access caps if user does not have existing caps.
[3382] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_add_error() and bbp_has_error() functions to handle error adding and checking, and use through-out project. Rejig functions with early GET and POST checks to bail early rather than wrap routine in an if statement. Fixes issue where removing favorites and subscriptions from user profile pages would redirect incorrectly. Fixes issue where spamming and trashing topics and replies would not force view=all in some cases.
[3383] johnjamesjacoby Change bbp-forum-info class to bbp-forum-content in same places. Fixes #1590. Props sorich87.
[3384] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp_is_topic_tag() to is_bbpress() check. Fixes #1581. Props sorich87.
[3385] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect sanity check in bbp_edit_user_handler()
[3386] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where pagination on topic tag page was not working. This uncovered underlying issues with how posts and globals were reset as part of theme compatibility. Fixes #1589.
[3387] johnjamesjacoby Allow previously set $redirect_to override in bbp_logout_url(). Fixes #1580.
[3388] johnjamesjacoby Translation tweak to form-reply.php. Fixes #1584. Props ramiy.
[3389] johnjamesjacoby Move bbp-twentyten JS and ajax into proper hook. Make topic.js aware that favorites can be disabled.
[3390] johnjamesjacoby Decomplicate bbPress includes procedure. Fixes #1570. Props andy.
[3391] johnjamesjacoby Remove create_function() usage from widgets. Introduce bbp_widget_init piggy-back action to allow dependent plugins to add widgets only if bbPress is active. Fixes #1579.
[3392] johnjamesjacoby Map to 'do_not_allow' cap if user is marked as spam or deleted. Fixes #1568. Props sorich87.
[3393] johnjamesjacoby Remove unused user-posts.php template file from bbp-twentyten.
[3394] johnjamesjacoby Reset the post data at the end of each have_posts loop.
[3395] johnjamesjacoby First pass at adding BuddyPress activity stream awareness to new topic and new reply creation. Rename $bbp->plugins to $bbp->extend for clarity. Rename bbp-core-akismet.php to bbp-extend-akismet.php to match new nomenclature. Fix debug notices with loop queries where they were set to arrays rather than stdClass.
[3396] johnjamesjacoby Do not create BuddyPress activity stream entries for public or hidden forums.
[3397] johnjamesjacoby Add missing word "forum" in new topic activity stream action text.
[3398] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_is_site_public() function, and use it to prevent BuddyPress activity stream additions for new topics and replies if entire site is private.
[3399] johnjamesjacoby Separate actions and filters in BBP_BuddyPress class. Introduce activity_can_comment() and activity_get_permalink() filters to force bbPress's activity stream items to behave exactly like they do currently with group forums.
[3400] johnjamesjacoby Add BuddyPress activity stream styling to bbp-twentyten theme, and bump script version in functions.php.
[3401] johnjamesjacoby Add missing assignment of 'bbp_forum_create' action in BBP_BuddyPress class.
[3402] johnjamesjacoby Allow BuddyPress profile URLs to override bbPress profile URLs in an inexpensive way.
[3403] johnjamesjacoby Bump to RC2
[3404] johnjamesjacoby Bump the bbpress.pot file to RC 2
[3405] johnjamesjacoby Set overflow to auto on .bbp-topic-content and .bbp-reply-content.
[3406] johnjamesjacoby Bump script versions in bbp-twentyten.
[3407] johnjamesjacoby Version the theme compat CSS, and add overflow: auto; to RTL styling.
[3408] johnjamesjacoby Revert r3407 and r3405 and move overflow styling into correct locations.
[3409] johnjamesjacoby When creating a BuddyPress activity stream entry, save the activity ID to post meta so it can be conveniently edited or deleted later.
[3410] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_make_spam_user() and bbp_make_ham_user() functions to loop through the sites of a user and spam/unspam their topics and replies as needed. (BuddyPress 1.5 compatible)
[3411] johnjamesjacoby Use bbp_get_displayed_user_id() where applicable. Address issue where editing a user profile page would cause global error messages.
[3412] johnjamesjacoby Default to the current user ID in bbp_is_user_deleted()
[3413] johnjamesjacoby Improves multisite user role and capability masking for global forums.
[3414] johnjamesjacoby Use get_current_blog_id() rather than $wpdb->blogid
[3415] johnjamesjacoby Extrea duplicate admin menu separator prevention.
[3416] johnjamesjacoby Add option for toggling topic revision logging on and off.
[3417] johnjamesjacoby Add actions to bbp-twentyten template files for forums, topics, and replies. See #1538.
[3418] johnjamesjacoby Update PHPDoc for get_current_blog_id() usage
[3419] johnjamesjacoby Introduce BBP_Updater class to more accurately handle conditions where activation hooks might not fire on multisite installations, and to flush rewrite rules at the appropriate time on updates. Fixes #1569.
[3420] johnjamesjacoby Ensure that default role exists, and default to 'read' cap if it does not.
[3421] johnjamesjacoby Activation Fixes: * Remove activation/deactivation hooks in favor of more robust updater logic * Introduce functions for catching activation/deactivation from the plugins screen(s), bumping the DB version, and detecting the version change * Add more verbose explanation of plugin dependant hooks in bbp-core-hooks.php * Remove extra call to flush_rewrite_rules() in bbp-settings.php * Bump DB version to 155 * Bump plugin version to RC 3
[3422] johnjamesjacoby Add missing bbp_get_topic_tag_template() function.
[3423] johnjamesjacoby Sanity check $wp_roles and set if not already set.
[3424] johnjamesjacoby More useful phpDoc for bbp_sanitize_val() and bbp_get_sanitize_val()
[3425] johnjamesjacoby Hide potential variable not defined debug notice. Fixes #1560. Props !GautamGupta.
[3426] johnjamesjacoby Sanity check nickname in bbp_edit_user_display_name() to prevent potential debug notice. Fixes #1597. Props !GautamGupta.
[3427] johnjamesjacoby Move 'bbp_setup_updater' action off of 'bbp_init' and late onto 'bbp_ready' to ensure alterations to the permastruct have settled. Fixes issue where a bbPress update would flush the rewrite rules too early on bbPress update. See #1569.
[3428] johnjamesjacoby 'Right Now' metabox tweaks for WordPress 3.2 dashboard styling. Fixes #1599. Props !GautamGupta.
[3429] johnjamesjacoby Override canonical redirect when editing topics and replies. Fixes #1594.
[3430] johnjamesjacoby Remove hierarchical check against private/hidden forum types. Fixes issue where a user needed to be able to view private forums in order to view hidden forums. See #1576.
[3431] johnjamesjacoby Perform correct cap check in bbp_forum_enforce_private(). See #1576 and r3430.
[3432] johnjamesjacoby Change hidden post status from protected to private, as we are now handling forum privacy scope manually. Fixes #1576.
[3433] johnjamesjacoby Move bbp_pre_get_posts_exclude_forums() to bbp-forum-functions.php.
[3434] johnjamesjacoby Additional sanity check in bbp_pre_get_posts() for forum queries, to hide forums the user is not capable of seeing. See #1576.
[3435] johnjamesjacoby Feed me 2.0! Improvements to feeds, allowing to filter by topic, reply, and defaulting to all. Works with single forums, topics, and their related content.
[3436] johnjamesjacoby Update the green admin style for WordPress 3.2.
[3437] johnjamesjacoby Fix primary button background image location in green admin color scheme.
[3438] johnjamesjacoby Add admin_dir var to $bbp->admin global, and use it in BBP_Admin class. Add filter to importer path to allow override. Fixes #1598. Props !GautamGupta for original patch.
[3439] johnjamesjacoby Move 'bbp_setup_updater' action to 'bbp_admin_init' so update only runs when accessing wp-admin. See #1569. Props nacin.
[3440] johnjamesjacoby Add register and lost password link options to the login widget. Fixes #1587.
[3441] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect class on lostpass link in login widget.
[3442] johnjamesjacoby When restoring a trashed topic, reverse the pre-trashed replies array and restore them chronologically so correct topic freshness is calculated. Fixes #1600.
[3443] johnjamesjacoby Fix issue where topic pagination was not linking to topic when permalinks were unpretty. Fixes #1604.
[3444] johnjamesjacoby Speeling and phpdoc fixes. Fixes #1602. Props cnorris23.
[3445] johnjamesjacoby She seems to have an invisible touch, yeah. Fixes #1603. Props cnorris23.
[3446] johnjamesjacoby Introduce functions to get the topic/reply author email address, and use on anonymous post form.
[3447] johnjamesjacoby Obey the blacklisted keys in discussion settings when creating or editing topics or replies. Introduces bbp_check_for_blacklist() function in bbp-common-functions.php, and bbp_current_user_ua() in bbp-user-functions.php.
[3448] johnjamesjacoby Clean up forum widget UI. Fixes #1521.
[3449] johnjamesjacoby Tweak bbp-twentyten form field CSS
[3450] johnjamesjacoby Allow custom redirects in login, register, and lost pass forms.
[3451] johnjamesjacoby Allow default options to be overloaded from within the $bbp->options array ala bbPress 1.x.
[3452] johnjamesjacoby Setup option filters earlier on bbp_init so plugins don't need to worry about load order. See r3451.
[3453] johnjamesjacoby Fix bug in user_status checks allowing spam/deleted users to create topics and replies.
[3454] johnjamesjacoby When marking a topic as spam, remove its topic-tags and store them in post meta so they can be added again if needed. Disable bbp-twentyten topic-tag inputs to prevent capable users from resetting topic tags on spam topics.
[3455] johnjamesjacoby Ask and ye shall receive. Remove the logged in user avatar from the topic and reply forms in bbp-twentyten. Tweak the textarea's of those forms to fill the width of the bounding fieldsets.
[3456] johnjamesjacoby Fix debug warning when topic has no tags. Fixes #1607. Props !GautamGupta.
[3457] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect variable usage in topics widget. Also clean up code so it's easier to understand. Fixes #1606. Props !GautamGupta for original patch.
[3458] johnjamesjacoby Change dashboard metabox header descriptions. Fixes #1599.
[3459] johnjamesjacoby Use disabled() in topic and reply forms. Remove duplicate breadcrumbs on single reply edits. Fixes #1608. Props !GautamGupta.
[3460] johnjamesjacoby Clean up pagination count code and add notes for translators. See #1605.
[3461] johnjamesjacoby Fix the usage of bbp_is_user_home(). Fixes #1609.
[3462] johnjamesjacoby Change behavior of bbp_is_topic_tag() to not include when editing a tag. Improvements to topic tag edit logic, and display Edit link in breadcrumb.
[3463] johnjamesjacoby Align the topic edit input fields with their labels. Rename duplicate tag-name form field to tag-existing-name. Fixes #1612.
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