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Changeset Author Message
[2464] johnjamesjacoby Tap tap tap... Is this thing on?
[2465] johnjamesjacoby Fix inline docs
[2466] johnjamesjacoby Fix wrong topics slug
[2467] johnjamesjacoby Slug fixes
[2468] johnjamesjacoby Singular slugs and add reply slug
[2469] johnjamesjacoby Singular/plural filter fixes (see r2468)
[2470] johnjamesjacoby Copy paste owns me.
[2471] chrishajer Multiple fixes for email subscriptions. Note the template changes in kakumei. Probably fixes #1268. Big props to dimadin and !GautamGupta
[2472] chrishajer Forgot to add in new functions.php files for kakumei and kakumei-blue. Fixes #1268. Props !GautamGupta
[2473] chrishajer Add class to super sticky posts. Fixes #1309. Props mr_pelle
[2474] chrishajer Revert mistakenly changed db-version. Props !GautamGupta
[2475] chrishajer Correct function name and add information to cookies for anonymous posting. Fixes #1311. Props !GautamGupta
[2476] johnjamesjacoby Add textdomain loader, language folder, and .pot placeholder.
[2477] johnjamesjacoby “Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.” props petemall
[2478] johnjamesjacoby Fix casing on function names and phpdoc
[2479] johnjamesjacoby Clean up admin area code. Move actions outside of init. Add phpdoc to admin area. Rename a few functions for consistency sake.
[2480] PeteMall Use sprite image for top level admin menu icons.
[2481] PeteMall Fix top level admin menu icons.
[2482] PeteMall Add custom screen icons.
[2483] PeteMall Fix incorrect screen_icons on default post_type pages.
[2484] PeteMall Show forum title, description and topic count on forums admin page.
[2485] johnjamesjacoby Rename files and directories from bb- to bbp-. Add topics loop functions. Fix forum/topic post row columns. Add functions and filters files.
[2486] johnjamesjacoby Actually add files mentioned in r2485
[2487] johnjamesjacoby Fix phpDoc from r2485. Fix unclean arg type for option values.
[2488] johnjamesjacoby Whitespace cleanup of forum/topic loop args
[2489] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1312 props GautamGupta
[2490] PeteMall Set width for new columns and consolidate row_action functions.
[2491] PeteMall Add bbp_topic_forum_ID and bbp_get_topic_forum_ID template tags.
[2492] PeteMall Update bbp_get_topic_forum to use bbp_get_topic_forum_ID.
[2493] PeteMall Add edit and view row_actions on topics admin page.
[2494] PeteMall Rename bbp_get_topic_forum_ID to bbp_get_topic_forum_id for consistency.
[2495] PeteMall Remove quick edit, add freshness column and utilize excerpt view on topics page.
[2496] johnjamesjacoby Output value, not array
[2497] johnjamesjacoby Fixes wrong post type count. props Nightgunner5.
[2498] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect filter names. props GautamGupta
[2499] johnjamesjacoby Force counts to pick up all descendants of proper post type.
[2500] johnjamesjacoby Why echo loudly when you can return quietly? props GautamGupta
[2501] mdawaffe bbPress uses term_taxonomy_id as the tag's ID. BackPress uses term_id as the tag's ID. When removing a tag, the two ids were getting confused resulting in set_object_terms() being called with the incorrect IDs. That incorrect call to set_object_terms() resulted in 'random' tags being applied to a topic after deleting a tag.
[2502] chrishajer Fix order of posts and remove duplicates, using a regex. Fixes #1301. Props Nightgunner5
[2503] chrishajer Loop correctly through term objects; pass objects by reference. Fixes #1313. Props to bobrick
[2504] chrishajer Add do_action to _bb_delete_post(). Fixes #1317. Props r-a-y
[2505] johnjamesjacoby Add bbp-themes folder.
[2506] johnjamesjacoby Add constants for themes dir and url
[2507] johnjamesjacoby Register our own theme directory in WP
[2508] johnjamesjacoby bbp_loader.php cleanup (docs, whitespace, etc)
[2509] johnjamesjacoby More bbp_loader.php cleanup. Move activation/deactivation/uninstall sequence functions into loader class.
[2510] chrishajer Translate plugin names and descriptions properly before activation. Fixes #1318. Props Nightgunner5
[2511] chrishajer Fix multiple anonymous posting issues. Fixes #1310. Props !GautamGupta
[2512] johnjamesjacoby Fix topic/reply counts. Still more to do here.
[2513] johnjamesjacoby Fix phpdoc error
[2514] johnjamesjacoby Introduce Walker class (from WP page Walker) plus main class cleanup
[2515] johnjamesjacoby Use classes the right way, at least until php 5 support comes around
[2516] chrishajer Add favicon to bb-admin. Fixes #1303. Props mr_pelle
[2517] chrishajer Add optional $user_id for subscriptions (useful for plugins). Further fixes #1268. Props dimadin
[2518] chrishajer Add binary favicon.ico, not the HTML for the page (oops.) Fixes #1303
[2519] johnjamesjacoby Add topic pagination
[2520] johnjamesjacoby Admin area code clean-up
[2521] johnjamesjacoby Surprise! bbPress colors in your WordPress admin! (traditional wp-content dir required for now...)
[2522] johnjamesjacoby Missed a few spots...
[2523] johnjamesjacoby Mute the wphead border just a bit
[2524] johnjamesjacoby Make admin theme links a little brighter green.
[2525] mdawaffe finally fix 3 year old note: use join instead of IN(...) for tagged topics/posts in BB_Query
[2526] mdawaffe remove debug code that slipped into [2525]
[2527] mdawaffe bring back ghetto $tagged_topic_count used by tag_pages()
[2528] mdawaffe Relearn the ropes: bump version
[2529] mdawaffe bp_bbpress_cron_check get's loaded all the time anyway, so just load it up front
[2530] mdawaffe fix _bb_make_tag_compat() to work on array input. Make sure tt_id is always an (int). WS.
[2531] johnjamesjacoby Add contexts to localized strings, fix verbiage, and fix missing fieldset close tag. Fixes #1324.
[2532] johnjamesjacoby Adjust tabindexes on login and post/edit forms.
[2533] johnjamesjacoby Reverse tabindexes on login form for rememberme and submit.
[2534] johnjamesjacoby Do not link anonymous posters in admin posts area.
[2535] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1319.
[2536] chrishajer Properly update version in
[2537] mdawaffe To prevent meta duplication from race conditions, replication lag, etc., support sites that that choose to add a UNIQUE key to their meta table. We still need to support sites with the default keys, so don't get rid of the current if ( get ) { update } else { insert } just replace it with if ( get ) { update } else { insert on duplicate key update }
[2538] johnjamesjacoby Make bbPress admin area style links less minty.
[2539] mdawaffe Do not localize times in feeds: restore [2132]. Fixes #1092. See #1280.
[2540] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1326 props mr_pelle
[2541] johnjamesjacoby Add logic for forum and topic ID's
[2542] johnjamesjacoby Default to current forum. Cast return ID's as integers.
[2543] johnjamesjacoby Use post_modified_time for now. Needs API.
[2544] johnjamesjacoby Introduce functions for handling time since
[2545] johnjamesjacoby Make times play nicely with each other.
[2546] johnjamesjacoby Get some twentyten child theme files in. Some are placeholders, some are started.
[2547] johnjamesjacoby Fix reversed forum order.
[2548] johnjamesjacoby Finish tfoot in forum and front
[2549] johnjamesjacoby Add some _is_ logic, and better post_type and ID checks.
[2550] johnjamesjacoby Theme updates. Introduce template parts. Rename forum front template.
[2551] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect template comment
[2552] johnjamesjacoby Introduce bbp_replies template part. Fill in bbp_topic template emptiness.
[2553] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1315. Introduce topic reply template tags. Props !GautamGupta
[2554] johnjamesjacoby Correct @since's
[2555] johnjamesjacoby Fixes #1321 props markmcwilliams
[2556] johnjamesjacoby Add get_sidebar to template files
[2557] johnjamesjacoby Replace 'topic_reply' references with 'reply' (this includes the post_type ID)
[2558] johnjamesjacoby Rename single topic_reply template file to match new post_type ID
[2559] johnjamesjacoby Fill in some blanks on taxonomy-bbp_topic_tag template file
[2560] johnjamesjacoby Fill in single-bbp_reply template file
[2561] johnjamesjacoby Fix reply order. Fix missing globals.
[2562] johnjamesjacoby Fix incorrect return value
[2563] johnjamesjacoby Hierarchical false on replies for now
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