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[6315] johnjamesjacoby Forums: Introduce `bbp_list_forums_subforum_classes` filter, to allow filtering of sub-forum links. Props gordielachance. Fixes #2760.
[6314] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compat: Revert part of r5470, causing user profiles to output comment sections. Fixes #3050. See #2545.
[6313] johnjamesjacoby Common: Update `bbp_rel_nofollow_callback()` to match latest approach in WordPress. bbPress continues to have its own version to support this on output vs. pre-save. Fixes #3067.
[6312] johnjamesjacoby Moderation: Maybe add `view=all` query-arguments to view links in row actions. Fixes #2938.
[6311] johnjamesjacoby Engagements: First pass at engagement user functions. Also update favorite/subscription documentation where inaccurate. See #3068.
[6310] johnjamesjacoby Voices: Only update voice counts when saving or deleting. Prevents overzealous recalculations of voice counts when it's not necessary or applicable. Props thebrandonallen. See #1799.
[6309] johnjamesjacoby Favorites/Subscriptions: Pagination & `redirect_to` clean-up. * PHPDoc & inline doc * Prefer `urlencode()` over `esc_url()` for `redirect_to` query argument * Corrections to forum & topic subscription loop logic, since they're both listed on the same page See #3065.
[6308] johnjamesjacoby Favorites/Subscriptions: Add paged data to permalinks when in the loop. Also add`redirect_to` parameters to links if passed in. Fixes #3065.
[6307] johnjamesjacoby Favorites/Subscriptions: Add `redirect_to` parameters to links if viewing relevant user profile pages. See #3065.
[6306] johnjamesjacoby Feeds: Call `get_wp_title_rss()` in replies feeds. See #3064. Missed in r6304.
[6305] johnjamesjacoby Favorites/Subscriptions: Look for a `redirect_to` destination in handlers. See #3065.
[6304] johnjamesjacoby Feeds: Allow feed titles to be filtered (using the WordPress filter name.) Also removes redundant conditional in replies feed. Props SergeyBiryukov. Fixes #3064.
[6303] johnjamesjacoby Hidden: Remove "+ " string portion from output from hidden content. This is a carry-over from bbPress 0.x, is superfluous in the given context, and previously could have presented misleading results if a negative value was presented. Fixes #3059.
[6302] johnjamesjacoby Common: Introduce `bbp_number_not_negative()` and use it in the following ways: * Register the relevant meta-data keys for posts & users, so updated values can never be invalid * Filter return values for existing database values that might be invalid on existing installs * Use in place of `intval()` or `(int)` casts where negative values should not exist This has the added benefit of introducing the `bbp_register_meta` hook, for future meta-data registrations (of which bbPress has much of.) We'll concentrate on counts for 2.6, and integrate IDs and timestamps in future releases. See #3059.
[6301] johnjamesjacoby Common: Switch from `absint()` to `intval()` to avoid integer inaccuracies. See #3059.
[6300] johnjamesjacoby Pagination: prefer `intval()` for numeric values, and always format numbers used for display.
[6299] johnjamesjacoby Common: prefer `intval()` over `absint()` for reply IDs in form fields.
[6298] johnjamesjacoby Common: Move formatting functions into `formatting.php`.
[6297] johnjamesjacoby Meta: Missed `bbp_get_user_topic_count_int` in r6296. Props @thebrandonallen. See #3059.
[6296] johnjamesjacoby Meta: Filter `_count_int` and enforce integer values. Also use convenience functions for forum post counts, to ensure proper filters are ran against all meta values. See #3059.
[6295] netweb Theme Compat: Use tabs not spaces for indentation in `BBP_Theme_Compat`
[6294] netweb Users: Add missing asterix from PHPDoc block in `bbp_make_spam_user()`
[6293] netweb Converters: Fix PHPDoc indentation in `Invision.php`
[6292] netweb Update: Uses tabs not spaces for indentation in `bbp_add_activation_redirect()`
[6291] netweb Docs: Fix typo in `bbPress::*_query::have_posts()` PHPDoc `@uses` references. Props SergeyBiryukov. Fixes #3061.
[6290] johnjamesjacoby Topic: update phpdoc for `bbp_get_topic_last_reply_id()` and `bbp_get_topic_last_active_time()`. Props SergeyBiryukov. Fixes #3060.
[6289] johnjamesjacoby Queries: Return empty array if no parent ID or no post-type are passed. See #3059.
[6288] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compat: Add `is_` parameters to various query-reset procedures. This ensures the state of the `wp_query` global is what someone can safely expect for it to be. It also is used through-out WordPress as a way to auto-assign body classes and various other environmental tweaks. Fixes #3055. Props sergeybiryukov.
[6287] johnjamesjacoby Topics: Fix list-table arguments. * `singular/plural` are not labels * Set `ajax` to `false` since this does not use ajax Props mordauk.
[6286] johnjamesjacoby Tools: Update file paths for tools unit tests. Props thebrandonallen. Fixes #3056.
[6285] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: Use correct hook type for `bp_modify_page_title` filter. Props thebrandonallen. Fixes #3057.
[6284] johnjamesjacoby General: Remove `()` around `require` construct calls, and breathing room around some `!` usages.
[6283] johnjamesjacoby Tools: Move tools tab functions into `tools.php`.
[6282] johnjamesjacoby Tools: Break `tools.php` up into separate files. See #3052.
[6281] johnjamesjacoby Tools: Separate `wp_usermeta` clean-up from database upgrade routines. Clean-up should be run after upgrades, not during. This way all results can be verified by the admin. See #3052.
[6280] johnjamesjacoby Tools: Map `bbp_tools_upgrade_page` capability to minimum admin capability. See #3052.
[6279] johnjamesjacoby Tools: Introduce new "Upgrade Forums" tools section. * Uses some awesome trickery to reuse as much of the "Repair Forums" API as possible * Introduces a few new functions to handle the output of the new screen * Removes hard-coded referencs to `bbp-repair` page, to allow usage on any relevant page (including new `bbp-upgrade`) * Makes components & overhead lists smarter, and only includes items relevant to the current view Fixes #3052.
[6278] johnjamesjacoby Tools: Update some reset text in `bbp_admin_reset_page()`.
[6277] johnjamesjacoby Tools: Rename page functions with `_page()` suffix. Previous function names were more ambiguous than intended, and because these functions are only called internally, there is no harm in renaming them.
[6276] johnjamesjacoby Tools: Use new `bbp_get_tools_admin_pages()` function when removing mock admin-pages. Fixes bug where third-party tools pages would not get removed.
[6275] johnjamesjacoby Tools: Add phpdoc for `bbp_get_admin_repair_tool_registered_components()`.
[6274] johnjamesjacoby Tools: Unify the tab/link experience: * Introduce function to get tools pages * Trust capability checks in core WordPress functions, and remove our own bespoke pre-checks * Add tool-box to `wp-admin/tools.php` linking to tools the user has access to This change promotes exposure to bbPress's tools pages, and makes adding third-party tools pages easier. See: #2959.
[6273] johnjamesjacoby Forums: Add `howto` text to `bbp_moderator_assignment_metabox()`. See #459.
[6272] johnjamesjacoby General: hyphenate "meta-box" in documentation to sooth spell-checkers.
[6271] johnjamesjacoby Admin: Rename list-table file for future autoloading of classes.
[6270] johnjamesjacoby Fix typos in core options documentation.
[6269] johnjamesjacoby Topics: get a fresh value for `redirect_to` when trashing/untrashing/deleting. Fixes a bug where trashing a topic theme-side would redirect to the prefetched topic URL and 404. (In the case of trashed topics, since WordPress 4.7, the slug receives a `__trashed` suffix, changing the topic link.) Fixes #3051.
[6268] netweb Build Tools: Update PostCSS Autoprefixer from v6.6.1 to v6.7.0
[6267] netweb Build Tools: NPM modules in `package.json` should only use semantic versioning `~` ''minor'' versions, rather than `^` ''major'' versions. This changeset will help avoid the pitfalls of upstream NPM modules breaking our build due to a release of a new major version for which bbPress has not yet tested against.
[6266] netweb Build Tools: Update stylelint to v7.7.1 and `.stylelintrc` to stylelint-config-wordpress v9.1.1
[6265] netweb Capabilities: Fix inline docs copy pasta introduced in [5852] See #2685
[6264] johnjamesjacoby Subscriptions: Do not send emails when `$user_ids` is empty. Also reorder some logic to optimize the users loop. Fixes #2863. Props thebrandonallen.
[6263] johnjamesjacoby Admin: Fix restoring/trashing topics & replies. Fixes #2734. Props tharsheblows, thebrandonallen, netweb.
[6262] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: Update `bbp_format_buddypress_notifications()` with new parameters. * Prefer `$component_action_name` over less reliable `$content` * Parameters match BuddyPress 2.6.0 and higher signature * Mild function clean-up Fixes #3036.
[6261] johnjamesjacoby Assets: Remove `screen` restriction on default template pack styling. Improves styling when printing and third-party plugins (like Autoptimize.) Props thebrandonallen. Fixes #3012.
[6260] xknown branch 1.2: Fix infinite loop in `xmlrpc.php`
[6259] xknown Fix infinite loop on xmlrpc.
[6258] johnjamesjacoby Templates: Add `ABSPATH` checks to default template parts. This helps avoid leaking error messages on certain server configurations, and ensures that if these individual PHP files are somehow accessed directly (without first loading WordPress) nothing unexpected will happen. See r5465.
[6257] johnjamesjacoby Tools: Correct revision for topic-tag recount tool. See #3043.
[6256] johnjamesjacoby Tools: Add tool to recount topics in each topic-tag. * Add callback function for the recount itself * Add translation for component list * Update a few tool titles to better represent what they do * Update tool-orders to fit new tool in the middle See #3043.
[6255] johnjamesjacoby StyleLint: Prefer shorthand CSS Colors.
[6254] johnjamesjacoby Topic Tags: Introduce `bbp_update_topic_tag_count()` and include public/closed statuses in counts. Fixes #3043.
[6253] johnjamesjacoby Theme Compat: Improved Twenty Seventeen support: * Add supplemental `bbpress-wrapper` class to `#bbpress-forums` div elements * Remove box-shadow styling form bbPress's `entry-content` section links * Provides middle-of-the-road targeting of bbPress template content, for complex styling relationships where ID's may be too powerful and classes may not have existed previously
[6252] johnjamesjacoby Admin: Alternate row styling for list tables. * Remove `admin_head` methods in forums/topics/replies classes * Move styling into `admin.css` * Bump asset version
[6251] johnjamesjacoby Tag 2.6-beta-2.
[6250] johnjamesjacoby Breathing room for `!class_exists()` checks, and bump to 2.6-beta-2.
[6249] johnjamesjacoby Fix typos in more documentation.
[6248] johnjamesjacoby Forms: Audit & normalize form-field sanitization. * Make sure they all work the same * Use filters in `core/filters.php` where appropriate * Add `absint` filters for numeric values * Add filters for per-forum moderator text field * Remove any accidental duplicate escaping
[6247] johnjamesjacoby Fix pagination typo.
[6246] johnjamesjacoby Replies: Update `bbp_thread_replies()` to skip user profile pages. * Move from core/options to replies/functions, since this isn't directly an option * Add `! bbp_is_single_user_replies()` check to force `false` if so * Update threaded replies pagination to re-include verbiage. Fixes #3002.
[6245] johnjamesjacoby Replies: Add `@since` and link to ticket from r6244. See #3039.
[6244] netweb Topics: Fix misspelled `bbp_get_topic_last_reply_*` filters. * Update `bbp_get_topic_last_reply_title()` to use `bbp_get_topic_last_reply_title` * Includes a fallback for any plugins or themes that use `bbp_get_topic_last_topic_title` * Fix PHPDocs `@uses` PHPDocs for `bbp_get_topic_last_reply_permalink` and `bbp_get_topic_last_reply_url` Props SergeyBiryukov. Fixes #3039.
[6243] johnjamesjacoby Upgrade: Introduce `bbp_is_large_install()` to abstract `wp_is_large_network()` which is a multisite-only function. See #2959.
[6242] johnjamesjacoby Upgrade: Do not automatically run the upgrade routine on large installations with many users. This is basically a no-brainer, and exactly what we've gone through across all of the network already. See #2959.
[6241] johnjamesjacoby Users: more `bbp_get_current_user_id()` usages, and docs to explain why it's not used in some places.
[6240] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: In `functions.php`, prefer `bp_loggedin_user_id()` over `get_current_user_id()`. This allows BuddyPress filters & functionality to drive the decision making process (rather than WordPress proper) to improve integration with third-party BuddyPress plugins & themes that may rely on BuddyPress in these instances.
[6239] netweb Build Tools: Update `grunt-sass` from v1.2.0 to v2.0.0 * See * Bumps `node-sass` from v3.7.0 to v4.0.0 * See
[6238] netweb Build Tools: Update `grunt-contrib-jshint` from v1.0.0 to v1.1.0 * See
[6237] netweb Build Tools: Update PostCSS SCSS from v0.3.0 to v0.4.0 * See
[6236] netweb Build Tools: Update PostCSS Autoprefixer from v6.5.1 to v6.6.1 * See
[6235] netweb Administration: Remove duplicate props entry for 2.6 release.
[6234] netweb Administration: Second pass updating contributors and props list for 2.6 release.
[6233] netweb Administration: Initial pass updating contributors and props list for 2.6 release.
[6232] netweb Subscriptions: Update the forum and topic subscriptions 2.6 database update routine. Previously in r6193 the topic subscription update tool was renamed from `bbp_admin_upgrade_user_subscriptions()` to `bbp_admin_upgrade_user_topic_subscriptions()` to facilitate the addition of the forum subscription update tool `bbp_admin_upgrade_user_forum_subscriptions()`. This changeset updates the `bbp_version_updater()` 2.6 database update to run both the above upgrade tools. Props Fixes 3038. + bbp_admin_upgrade_user_forum_subscriptions();
[6231] netweb Tests: Rely on WP Core's version of `go_to()`. Our version of `go_to()`, inherited from BuddyPress was very messy, and since it was copied a few years ago, it has been refactored in WordPress. We can remove this duplication which makes for a cleaner method, and rely on the upstream version. This also helps avoid false positives in tools that check for use of deprecated WordPress functions. There was a conditional block in the old go_to() that was for compatibility with WordPress <3.9. See also: buddypress:changeset:11254 Fixes #3015. Props DJPaul, netweb.
[6230] johnjamesjacoby Tag bbPress 2.6-beta-1.
[6229] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: Prevent reading/publishing if group member is banned. Fixes #2905. Props thebrandonallen, r-a-y.
[6228] johnjamesjacoby Pagination: Use `preg_replace` to find & remove `page=1` query arguments. Fixes #2702. Props thebrandonallen, tharsheblows.
[6227] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: Improve pluralization of statistics strings. Fixes #2960. Props thebrandonallen, netweb.
[6226] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: Improve translatability of "(+ %d hidden)" strings. Fixes #3009. Props SergeyBiryukov.
[6225] johnjamesjacoby Akismet: Improve translatability of update-history strings. Fixes #3011. Props SergeyBiryukov.
[6224] johnjamesjacoby Feeds: Avoid duplicate site name in replies feed title. Fixes #2998. Props SergeyBiryukov.
[6223] johnjamesjacoby Moderators: Allow moderators to see topic/reply author IP addresses. Fixes #2975.
[6222] netweb Build Tools: Update Grunt and companion packages to the latest version. This changeset updates `grunt`, `grunt-exec`, and `grunt-legacy-utils` to the latest version. Run `npm install` in your terminal to install the updates above.
[6221] johnjamesjacoby Moderators: Update `bbp_get_moderator_forum_ids()` to use same approach as favs/subs. See #459, #2959, #2972.
[6220] johnjamesjacoby BuddyPress: Additional conditionals for group forum topic checks. Fixes #2974. Props r-a-y.
[6219] johnjamesjacoby Queries: Use `no_found_rows` where relevant. This prevents `SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS` usages in places where it is not used. Fixes #2972.
[6218] johnjamesjacoby Users: Remove `post__in` queries from favs/subs template loops. This is only recently possible thanks to `postmeta` storage, and should result in a not-insignificant performance boost for those user profile pages. See #2959.
[6217] netweb Unit Tests: Don't run BuddyPress PHPUnit tests on PHP 5.2.x Previously r6204 attempted to skip BuddyPress tests if the PHP version was less than 5.3.0, this didn't work as intended as BuddyPress was still being loaded, the change would have only skipped tests rather than completely excluding the BuddyPress PHPUnit test suite from running on PHP versions less than 5.3.0. This changeset reverts r6204 and separates the `grunt test` tasks into individual WordPress and BuddyPress PHPUnit Grunt tasks, this gives us the ability to explicitly exclude BuddyPress PHPUnit test suite from running on PHP 5.2. See also Fixes #3037.
[6216] johnjamesjacoby Users: Add `nopaging` to `WP_Query` usages. Fixes bug with favs/subs being limited to 10 results by default. See #2959.
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