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11/09/2019 05:35:42 AM (5 years ago)

Counts (meta-data): full audit of forum/topic/reply, public/non-public counts.

This commit is the result of a full count audit, exposing multiple inconsistencies and voids in relation to how public and non-public counts are (re)calculated.

For instance, hidden forum replies are not counted at all, until now. By introducing a new Repair tool, hidden forum reply counts are now counted.

In addition, there were multiple bugs with topic & reply moderation, where the act of approving or unapproving topics or replies would cause the numbers to be inaccurate, or where topics & replies being caught in moderation were still increasing public counts.

It was also possible to, as a Key Master, publicly reply to unapproved topics, which was a completely unanticipated side-effect of allowing Key Masters to do pretty much anything. Going forward, the default reply status is the topic status, but is still beholden to all existing moderation settings and user role capabilities. This results in a more sane user experience, and prevents the unusual circumstance of there being "0 topics and 30 replies" in public-facing forums.

Certain count increase/decrease actions have been reprioritized to avoid collisions and race conditions, proving once again that ya gotta get up to get down.

See #2838. Fixes #1799.

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  • trunk/src/includes/users/engagements.php

    r6876 r6923  
    417417    // Is a topic
    418418    } elseif ( bbp_is_topic( $topic_id ) ) {
     420        // Bail if topic isn't published
     421        if ( ! bbp_is_topic_published( $topic_id ) ) {
     422            return;
     423        }
    419425        $author_id = bbp_get_topic_author_id( $topic_id );
    420426        $topic_id  = bbp_get_topic_id( $topic_id );
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