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11/20/2013 07:50:55 PM (8 years ago)

Forum Subscriptions - Allow users to subscribe to new topics in specific forums.

  • Code largely lifted from existing Topics Subscriptions, and is based largely on forum-subscriptions.2.diff from mordauk, with edits for code consistency across bbPress components.
  • Refactor existing ambiguous function names into base functions for both forum and topic subscriptions.
  • Include new functions for getting and outputting subscriptions.
  • Modify user-subscriptions.php to show subscribed forums. This includes a modification to content-single-forum.php to include the "Unsubscribe" link if looking at a user profile page.
  • Modify templates/default/bbpress-functions.php to enqueue new JS file to handle forum subscription ajax.
  • Rename HTML element classes from bbp-topic-action to bbp-row-actions to better accommodate forum subscriptions (and any future actions.)
  • BuddyPress tested, JJJ approved.
  • See #2299. Props mordauk, netweb for the considerable effort.
  • More to do here, largely from forum-subscriptions.3.diff
1 edited


  • trunk/includes/topics/functions.php

    r5078 r5156  
    22012201 * @since bbPress (r2652)
    22022202 *
    2203  * @param int $topic_id Topic ID to remove
     2203 * @param int $topic_id Get the topic id to remove
     2204 * @uses bbp_get_topic_id To get the topic id
    22042205 * @uses bbp_get_topic_favoriters() To get the topic's favoriters
    22052206 * @uses bbp_remove_user_favorite() To remove the topic from user's favorites
    22322233 * @since bbPress (r2652)
    22332234 *
    2234  * @param int $topic_id Topic ID to remove
     2235 * @param int $topic_id Get the topic id to remove
    22352236 * @uses bbp_is_subscriptions_active() To check if the subscriptions are active
     2237 * @uses bbp_get_topic_id To get the topic id
    22362238 * @uses bbp_get_topic_subscribers() To get the topic subscribers
    22372239 * @uses bbp_remove_user_subscription() To remove the user subscription
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